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   :: from Alex EddingtonJun 29, 2001
Canmore trail closure facts Canmore trail closure facts
This link takes you to an article placed in the Canmore leader. If you're
interested in what's going on in Canmore, check it out!

Here are two more articles about the topic. Story1 and Story2
   :: from Aaron McConnellJun 28, 2001
Canmore’s Canada Day Parade Canmore’s Canada Day Parade
This Sunday, show your support for Mountain Biking in Canmore as part of the Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance’s entry in the Canmore Canada Day Parade! We hope to have a BIG, but non-confrontational presence in the festivities.

· The parade gathers just off Railway Avenue between 11 AM and Noon.

· We will be carrying a Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance Banner.

· Wear your helmet, but please avoid full face Helmets and armor.

· We need one or two people to volunteer to marshal the cyclists, email back to me to volunteer.

· Carnival atmosphere encouraged – bring your balloons, costumes, etc

· Families & Kids Welcome.

A big showing here will demonstrate to all of Canmore that Mountain Biking is a big part of the town, and will add clout when we negotiate on trail closures! Show up and bring a friend!

   :: from LelandsJun 28, 2001
More video More video
Here is another flick form some local kids. Fun stuff at COP and urban spots. Check out Maddy and the Lelands in this one. Some of these dudes are only 12 and 13 years old.

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   :: from Cory Read&TeamJun 28, 2001
Trans Canada Trail Adventure - Part 3 Trans Canada Trail Adventure - Part 3

June 27th Update:

One month has now almost completely gone by since the onset of
our adventure...and the trip is at temporary rest. The last update
left you all in Kelowna where we were staying with some wonderful
fellow cyclists who gave us a much needed break from our tents and
from the elements (i.e. a bed and a warm shower). From then we continued
up through the Okanagan Valley toward Vernon...but our first calamity
would slow our progress slightly. Paul got quite intimate with the
pavement of highway #97.
[Read more]

   :: from PinkbikeJun 27, 2001
More vids More vids
Here is a video that was put together and submitted a while back by some local dudes (Kevin, Pat, Eric) around town. Check it out the video

   :: from Tom BurkeJun 27, 2001
Panorama Quad chairlift is OPEN! Panorama Quad chairlift is OPEN!
Panorama Mountain Village is official open for mountainbiking. The high speed Quad Chair is OPEN from 1-5pm daily from now until September!

Info can be found at under SUMMER.

I just rode the easiest of the downhill trails called Easy Horse, and it is NOT easy by any means. Got my first big crash of the season over with, 3 sore limbs, but worth every drop of blood!

Here is the new trail map(580Kb)in PDF format.

   :: from elbry sandlandJun 27, 2001
Vandal Triple Crown Supercross Vandal Triple Crown Supercross
Vandal triple crown round two will take place on 14/15 July here in the UK. For Race forms go to
elbry sandland
   :: from PinkbikeJun 25, 2001
Mt7 Psychosis Race Results Mt7 Psychosis Race Results
This event gets better year after year. Imagine a 12Km downhill race through he roughest and steepest terrain on earth. The first kilometer of the race you are surfing down the mountain, between trees and just holding on for your life. Average time, 20 minutes. Best time 14:44. 200 plus racers and the price? One dislocated hip, broken arms and numerous other injuries. All in all the best race, hands down.
Here are the results and some photos of the race. Video to follow.
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   :: from MimoJun 25, 2001
Bow Valley Mountain bike alliance meeting tonight Bow Valley Mountain bike alliance meeting tonight
–at The Kabin Restaurant on Bow Valley Trail, across from the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge in Canmore - the meeting starts at 7 PM.
A picture is worth a thousand words


   :: from Cory Read&TeamJun 22, 2001
Trans Canada Trail Adventure - Part 2 Trans Canada Trail Adventure - Part 2
Here is an update from Cory and the team making their way acros Canada:

June 7th. We are now in Kelowna. We have been riding for seven
days now, only one of which, today, has seen no rain. And needless
to say, we all enjoyed the sunshine a bit too much and are now all
looking like a steamed lobster bike trip. But hey, that's what it's
all about!

[Read more]

   :: from Aaron McConnellJun 22, 2001
Meeting of the Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance Meeting of the Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance
This Monday, June 25th, 7pm - 9pm (Location: The Kabin Restaurant on Bow Valley Trail, across from the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge in Canmore)
Purpose: To determine the Alliance’s position on recent trail closures in the Canmore area.
Anyone who rides in the Bow Valley is invited to attend this special meeting. The purpose of the meeting is not to rant, but to cover the following topics:

- review of what has been closed and what is proposed

- review of the process that was followed in closing the trails in question

- determination of the Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance’s Position with respect to the closures

- discussion of action plan on position arising from new position
- Possible election of BVMBA-Canmore representative/spokesperson.

   :: from PinkbikeJun 21, 2001
Calgary Cycle Contest Calgary Cycle Contest
Ok the last contest has closed. A Santa Cruz Hoodie goes to Karen Gutrath from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and a Santa Cruz hat goes to James Earl from Washington, DC, USA
The next contest is for a SC Super 8 long sleeve and socks. Fill in the info and we'll pick a random name for the winner. Remember this is world wide, so whereever you are, you have the same chance to win as the next guy or girl.
Thanks to Calgary Cycle for sponsoring this contest.
   :: from Scott HicksJun 21, 2001
Mt. 7 Psychosis Update Mt. 7 Psychosis Update
Preparations are being finalized for this weekend's running of
the Mount 7 Psychosis DH Race! Remember, numbers are limited to
200 from the top (Excreamers) and just 100 from 5K (Good Timers).
Registration is from 5 - 9pm on Friday June 22nd in the Rodeo grounds
at the base of Mount 7.
Get your registration forms and more info.

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   :: from BenJun 20, 2001
Pinkbike chat Pinkbike chat
Well I hope some of you don't take it to mean that your whining in the forum made us do this (you could just ask nicely and offer suggestions), but we've set up a pinkbike chat using IRC at All you need to do is get yourself an IRC client like mIRC (if you're in windows) or snak (if you're using a mac). Try /join'ing #pinkbike once you get on. If you need help, please check this guide or google search for IRC help. Please respect this service so we can keep providing it to you!

[ Post your questions/comments here ]
   :: from shawn spomerJun 20, 2001
Chile Challenge, Angel Fire Dual Race Chile Challenge, Angel Fire Dual Race
The Chile Challenge at Angel Fire, New Mexico had a World Cup level Dual course! There were whoops, a mogul field, "the wall", double banked turns...everything you'd expect in a great dual. I witnessed at least 20 plus slams during practice and was a challenging course. Ian Heinsohn, of Razor Rock Racing, stepped it up by going for the 30 foot double. He did a great Carl Lewis impression by dropping the bike immediately on the first attempt, barely getting his body over the gap. His second attempt was close, but the wind kicked him sideways and though he cleared it, he couldn't recover and crashed hard. Rob Sears, owner of Razor Rock, followed and dialed it in. It was more for the crowd than the race, as no one was able to get it during racing. Congrats to Jon Watt and his victory!

Thanks to the Cycle Cyndicate and Angel Fire for the great course and great action!

Videos Here
   :: from MimoJun 19, 2001
Canmore Chainsaw Massacre Canmore Chainsaw Massacre
Dudes! I was riding up in Canmore last night, and guess what? Someone
has been sabotaging the trails.

And I don't mean just cutting down the stunts. They are actually cutting
trees down and filling in ALL of the trails on the south side with wood,
deadfall, debris and large rocks in order to prevent any possibility of
accessing the area at all.

[Read more]and comment
   :: from Chad McCallumJun 18, 2001
Nelson Road Trip Nelson Road Trip
Hi guys,
I’m planning a Rossland/Nelson road trip for about 8 riders and was wondering if you had ANY suggestions on Trails, Shops, Pubs, Campsites, etc. We are of the freeride/DH ilk and will be spending 7 days in the area. So far I have the names of a few trails in Nelson and have been referred to The Sacred Ride Bike Shop in Nelson for more specific trail info. Right now my main concern is where to camp. Most of the campsites in the surrounding areas seem to be explicit in their prohibition of bikes. Are there any sites that are actually bike friendly? Any info you could provide would be fantastic and greatly appreciated – even if it’s just a lead somewhere else. Place you comments here.

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   :: from Shaun BellJun 14, 2001
Chute Lake Trails Video Chute Lake Trails Video
Hi guys, I've got a new video from the Kelowna, BC area. Lots of logs and a
15' drop at the end. These are some pretty cool trails. Anyhow, here's the

Title Chute Lake Trails

Trails Dr. No, Honey Rider and Superbowel

Location Kelowna, BC

Riders Ryan Panel and Shaun Bell

Camera dudes same

Streaming link provided by Canopus.
   :: from PinkbikeJun 14, 2001
COP DH Wednesday COP DH Wednesday
COP (Canada Olympic Park) holds DH races every Wednesday night (7pm) so come out and ride and/or watch. Last night was no exception, and about 40 people showed up to rip it up. New record was set last night for the most female riders, as 6 beginner and experienced girls showed up to race.
New record was also set for the fastest time on the course, as Pinkbike's very own Radek Burkat ripped it up on the RM9 and put in a 2:11 on the course.
   :: from RadekJun 12, 2001
Pinkbike gets more power Pinkbike gets more power
Yup, it was that time again. The Pinkbike server needed a boost so we got a bigger, faster, and better box. Ben Shelton in Finland, and I in Calgary have spent the last couple of days getting everything ported over and now it should all be a go. There might be a few glitches while the DNSs across the world catch up, especially the atHome ones which are always a couple of days behind.
In any case the new specs are 800Mhz Pentium, 512Megs ECC RAM, 30Gig drive, running FreeBSD 4.1 OS along with Apache 1.3 and MySQL 3.23. All plugged into a 100Mbit/sec pipe to bring you all the goods quickly. Enjoy.
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   :: from Wade ViznaughJun 12, 2001
Revelstoke Mt. Mac Revelstoke Mt. Mac
Greetings from Revelstoke,
Here are the results from both the
Downhill and
Cross Country races.
   :: from shawn spomerJun 12, 2001
Chile Challenge Downhill Video, Angel Fire, NM Chile Challenge Downhill Video, Angel Fire, NM
The Chile Challenge at Angel Fire, New Mexico was one of the best races I've been to in a long time. Everyone was really
excited about the downhill and dual courses. The downhill had everything! Technical rock sections, cranky tight trees,
high speed ski run lines...EVERYTHING. Some riders were clocked at close to 50 mph in the fast sections.

Click Here for Video
   :: from Rod LelandJun 10, 2001
Trail map released for Fromme Trail map released for Fromme
Looks like the North Shore Mountain Bike Association has finally released a trail map for Mount Fromme. (Mount Seymour to follow in a few days)
All this after much controversy over how the spread of detailed trail locations leads to more traffic and therefore greater wear and tear of the trails.
Locals everywhere always like to guard their trails and argue that out of towners have less rights when it comes to riding in their area.
What do you think?

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   :: from Russ DayJun 10, 2001
2001 Test of Metal / Squamish Mountain Bike Festival 2001 Test of Metal / Squamish Mountain Bike Festival
Back again is the renowned 2001 Test of Metal cross-country
race held on the weekend long, new for this year, Squamish Mountain
Bike Festival from Friday June 22nd to Sunday June 24th. Offering
much more than in previous years, participants have the opportunity
to spend the weekend with fellow mountain bikers in the beautiful
town of Squamish located between Whistler and Vancouver B.C. on
highway 99. And get this. This year there is a separate "Freeride" category for XC riders with bikes weighing 31lbs or more. Nice! [Read More]
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   :: from Scott HicksJun 8, 2001
Mt. 7 Psychosis Update Mt. 7 Psychosis Update
heh guys... just wanted to let you know that all is coming along great with
the course final preps.

We have secured insurance for the event through Cycling BC. The cost of the
insurance will be over the 2 grand mark which will require an additional
registration cost for riders (ie, I did not want to comprimise cash prize
payouts). But... if a rider has a Cycling BC licence or an Alberta licence
(with a UCI number) the additional cost will be minimal. So please... if
you got one, bring it!


So... hopefully we'll see you guys in two weeks, should be crazy!
   :: from Shawn SpomerJun 7, 2001
Ironhorse Bicycle Classic in Durango Ironhorse Bicycle Classic in Durango
The Ironhorse Bicycle Classic in Durango, Colorado had hundreds of XC
riders, about 100 dual riders and about 7 or 8 trials competitors. The
Pro/Ex class only had 3 riders, but they still put on a great show.

Go Here to check out some of the trials action (video). Video of the dual action should be up soon.
   :: from Joyride ProductionsJun 6, 2001
Joyride Bikercross 2001 Joyride Bikercross 2001
Joyride BikerCross, will be held in Whistler, BC, July 3rd, 2001.

Joyride BikerCross 2001 will gather a posse of the world's best freeriders, pro downhill and dual slalom racers and unknown rock stars for one ripping day of mountain bike action and partying. The date is set for July 3rd and the location is Whistler Village, in the heart of Canada's freeriding mecca, Whistler, BC.

"BikerCross is the future of mountain bike competition," says Paddy Kaye, Joyride’s co-creator. "This fast-paced spectacle will showcase the amazing talents of the current rippers, the latest technology in the industry and cutting edge course designs."

The day will begin with an open freeride session on Whistler Mountain's Bike Park trails and tracks with the athletes, locals and spectators alike. At 3 PM, the racetrack closes down to the public and training begins.

The Joyride BikerCross 2001 main event begins at 5 PM. Four abreast will charge down the fall line in head to head action. Elimination is final as riders advance to the next heat. The track is like no other: steep, bermed and infested with gap jumps, hip jumps, rhythm jumps and tabletops. BC style obstacles like giant fallen trees and rocks to be taken at speed will be sprinkled throughout. These ingredients are a perfect venue for hot spectating action.

It is anticipated that some top pros will trickle in from the World cup events to be held at Grouse Mountain from July 5th- 8th. Other big names attending are legendary still photographers, cinematographers and writers that expose and document the burgeoning freeride movement. Already confirmed on the start list are Canada's best DH's Andrew Shandro and Dave Watson plus freeriding sensations Wade Simmons and Richie Schley. The best part is that the event has three categories: men, women and junior. Anyone can enter and anyone can win cash.

"Joyride is about celebrating a rider's ability to maneuver his or her rig with speed and precision through extreme circumstances," says Chris Winter, Joyride’s other co-creator. "We're really stoked about this race format."

Gravity, technology and athleticism will combine to make Joyride BikerCross 2001 a grassroots event with global impact. Fasten your seatbelts.

   :: from Derek ReichJun 6, 2001
Denali Electric Cycles Video Denali Electric Cycles Video
A friend and I created a video for Denali Electric Cycles for fun. I
believe that some of you guys met my friend at the cliffs in Bowmount Park
with his electric bike, as you have a picture of it on your site. Anyway we
flimed some fun shit with it in Shaganappi park and the cliffs and made a
little commercial. If you guys thinks its rad, can you put it on your
site? Any comments or questions email me back. Thanks!!

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   :: from Shawn SpomerJun 6, 2001
Denver Urban Assault Video Denver Urban Assault Video
Kent Setsma from Dirtfarm Magazine set up an urban session in downtown Denver this past Sunday night. Jarrod Bartlett and Dan Lundahl went off, hucking giant stair gaps and the infamous Littleton Hospital gap that is about 30 feet long!

Check It Out Here
   :: from StewJun 6, 2001
Single Speed Race Single Speed Race
This Sunday at COP, Single Track Cycle, presents the "Single Speed Race".
The course will comprise of the following: 2.1 km X 3 = 6.6km
Single speed and all mountian bikes welcome. Participant will choose the desired gear. Race starts Sunday June 10 @ 10:30 am pre-register @ 9:00 am (bike set up etc.)
Phone: 244-2464 for more info.

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   :: from mentalJun 5, 2001
Mount Mac Challenge DH and XC Mount Mac Challenge DH and XC
Mt. Mac Challenge at Powder Springs Resort in Revelstoke, B.C. A mountain bike racing experience. DOWNHILL JUNE 9. An estimated 1500 vertical feet of gnarly, steep twisting singletrack with winning times estimated in the 5 minute range. CROSS COUNTRY JUNE 10. A Great Demanding Course - Lots of Single Track. Pre ride not mandatory (except for peewee) but highly recommended due to the nature of the course.

RACE REGISTRATION Fri. June 8th at High Country Cycle and Sport (Revelstoke): 5 - 9 pm Sat. June 9th at Race site: DH 7:30 - 8:30am, XC 8 am to 4 pm

START TIME DH: Sat. June 9th Mandatory training 8:30 to 12:00 am
Race start 1:00 pm
XC: Sun. June 10th Race start 9:30 am

KIDS FUN RACE Following XC race Sunday - Register at Start/Finish area

SPECIAL FUN EVENT: FAT TIRE CRITERIUM on the streets of Revelstoke. Saturday June 9th at 6:30pm. Register at High Country Cycle and Sport

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   :: from PinkbikeJun 5, 2001
Cyclemenia II and DH5 race results Cyclemenia II and DH5 race results
Here they are. The race results from this weekend.
The event was great! Everyone I talked to had a blast and they can't wait to attend and race in upcoming events. I especially liked the dual course. Intimidating at first, but once you're in the heat of the battle you don't even think about the danger and just ride hard.
There was some carnage like always and hope everyone gets well soon. Also thanks to COP, all the exhibitors, spectators and of course all the participants.

Your Comments/Questions
   :: from PinkbikeJun 4, 2001
New Karpiel website New Karpiel website
Just in case some of you dudes were sleeping the last few weeks, the new Karpiel site is up and running. Before it was really difficult to find any information on those big ass bikes that Jan and the boys produce. Well now you can check them out in detail and also see some nice photos of Bender,Krispy and the other riders going big. Damn! that Karpiel Armagedon is a nice looking bike.

   :: from Bent DesignsJun 4, 2001
Bent Designs Contact Information Bent Designs Contact Information
New contact information for Bent Designs (read review) ! If you have any questions, contact or by phone at (604)904-0844. Just a quick update on Bent Armour: The more I (mental) use them, the happier I am with my purchase. They get more comfortable with each use and though I have yet to crash hard on them, I am sure they will protect me well. These pads stay put no matter how hard I am cranking!
   :: from Kelly SmithJun 3, 2001
Muddpuppy MTB race at Rabbit Hill in Edmonton. Muddpuppy MTB race at Rabbit Hill in Edmonton.

The Muddpuppy mountain bike race will take place on Saturday June
16 and Sunday June 17, 2001 in Edmonton, Alberta. Downhill and Dual
races as well as the dirt-jump contest will all take place on Saturday,
followed by the XC race on Sunday.[read more]

   :: from Mike BlarowskiJun 1, 2001
Trans Canada Trail Adventure - Part 1 Trans Canada Trail Adventure - Part 1
Today a group of friends departed on a journey of a lifetime. Starting from Stanley Park in Vancouver they will be following the Trans Canada Trail. The will pass through Kelowna, Vernon, Banff and Calgary, then continuing on to Swift Current where the trip will take a 1 week break. The journey will continue at the beginning of July following Highway #1 or a nearby alternative, all the way
through Manitoba, through Brandon, Winnipeg, into Ontario, and around lake superior, down to North Bay, through Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, and the gaspe' Peninsula, and then all over the Maritimes! They're expected to finish at the end of August. In the 3 months they will cover approximately 7750km+!

Read More
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