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   :: from Pinkbike@InterbikeSep 30, 2001
2002 Norco Bikes at Interbike 2002 Norco Bikes at Interbike
New to the Norco line is the full suspension Fluid and 4x4. Featuring the familiar four bar linkage found in the VPS line, these bikes fill the gap left between the long travel VPS' and the equally impressive hardtails. Big news is the Monster T option on the Team DH and VPS Shore. Norco has tweaked the 4hun hardtail and the two50 and one25 feature 4130 cromo frames that should stand up to any abuse the shore can dish out. With daylight becoming scarce these days, riders looking to extend their ride times should check out the BLT series of lights. The BLT lights put all the features found in the top end lighting systems in a super affordable package!
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   :: from Pinkbike@InterbikeSep 30, 2001
24 Bicycles 24 Bicycles
24 Bicycles of Aylmer, Quebec showed off an impressive pair of hardtails, the dual specific Pornking and the all around LeToy III. The LeToy looks to be extremely versatile as they had 3 built up at the booth in trials, dual and DH hardtail guise! 24 also took the time to show us no less than 3 models of pedals that looked more than able to make hamburger of any unprotected flesh! Fitting nicely with their product line was the Underworld headset, easily the beefiest headset I have seen to date! Check out the 24 Bicycles website for some of the coolest graphic work in the industry, the best of which we can't show here!
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   :: from Pinkbike@InterbikeSep 30, 2001
New Poll - from Interbike New Poll - from Interbike
The guys down at the Interbike show in Vegas bring to you this next poll. Who's got the hottest girls at Interbike 2001? Our female Interbike correspondent wanted to do a "hottest guys" column, but unfortunately that got umm...lost, somewhere in the paper work. Sorry.
Anyways, check out the contestants. We will be adding more to the list as the show progresses. Happy voting.

   :: from Mike PorterSep 30, 2001
Mountainspeed Mountainspeed
Mountainspeed is updating their 2002 lineup by making their entire 2002 chainguides including boomerangs and plates from "fatty" 5mm aluminum. They are also offering the LRP freeride guide with an e-type derailleur mount. However the best news for consumers is the entire MRP guide lineup has significant price reductions for the consumer!

Mountainspeed Photos
   :: from Pinkbike@InterbikeSep 30, 2001
News, Rumors and Innuendo... News, Rumors and Innuendo...
Where do we start? There is row upon row of booths, eye candy and hype! In the few booths we've had the chance to visit so far the 2002 product lines look better than ever. Airborne is hitting an LBS near you and finally has a full suspension bike available. With just 70mm of travel, Paka Wallup makes titanium FS XC an affordable proposition. Magura has one of the deepest disc brake product lines available and 2002 will see a 190mm rear rotor available for the Gustav as well as a stainless steel brake line option for their full line. The Magura/Rond fork line looks nice as well, but North American availability is still up in the air. Sun Race is targeting the DH scene with a 7 speed cassette with 8 speed spacing. They have replaced the inner cog with a "pie plate" that spins with the cassette eliminating chain jam between spokes and cassette. KORE has a new Double D DH bar available that while certainly heavy, carries a no questions asked, lifetime warranty against breakage and bending. Mountainspeed's line of chainguides is now made with the 5mm "fatty" plate and boomerang and retail pricing has dropped by a large margin. They are also making an E-Type LRP that looks super sweet. And finally, Honda will be marketing bikes in both the low and high end realm. The high end bikes are the familiar Mountain Cycle line of bikes painted red with the Honda and Woody logos adorning them. Stay tuned for more product news and photos should be available soon!

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   :: from Pinkbike@InterbikeSep 29, 2001
Interbike: On Dirt Demo Day Interbike: On Dirt Demo Day
Pinkbike? I've seen your website, you guys are f-ing crazy! Those were Gary Fisher's first words to us at the Interbike Outdoor Demo in Blue Diamond just outside of Las Vegas. The Expo area was filled with bikes from every conceivable manufacturer you could imagine. The usual expo attendees were there, Canadian manufacturers like Rocky Mountain, Kona, Devinci and Norco, as well as the big three, Specialized, Cannondale, and Trek. We were also able to ride bikes from smaller manufacturers like Arrow Racing, Evil, Chumba Wumba, Santa Cruz and Tomac. The part that most amazed me was the diversity of the crowd. In addition to the proliferation of lycra (some good, some not so good)in the XC and road crowd, alternative cycling disciplines such as recumbents, trikes, utility bikes, tandems, quad bikes, and even a child's sidecar were seen and demoed. This looks to be a freak show of gigantic proportion, I can't wait for the real show to start!

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   :: from Pinkbike@InterbikeSep 28, 2001
Hey Baby let's go to 'Vegas! Hey Baby let's go to 'Vegas!
Well kiddies, the van is packed. Camera and laptop are ready to go. We're off to Interbike until Tuesday. Be sure to check back daily as we'll have the scoop from the show posted throughout each day. Can't wait to get our hands on the 2002 goods! If you're at the show, look for the Pinkbike crew and say hi! I'll be the fuzzy headed dude with the Pinkbike tattoo on my calf!

   :: from mentalSep 27, 2001
Initial Impressions: Evil Security Chainguide Initial Impressions: Evil Security Chainguide
As any hardcore downhill racer or freerider can tell you, it's
no fun losing your chain while hammering out of a rough section,
or preparing for that huge wheelie drop. The popularity of these
cycling disciplines has made a booming business out of the chainguide
market. Until now, the North American market had a limited number
of passable guides available. The most notable included Mountainspeed
, Mr Dirt, and Black
. You can now add Evil
Security Guard to that list.

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   :: from PinkbikeSep 25, 2001
Mt 7 Psychosis 2001 video Mt 7 Psychosis 2001 video
You wanna see something cool? Well the Mt 7 Psychosis is one of the most demanding races out there. 20 minutes of pure downhill. You're surfing, you're dropping, trees, rocks, speed. This race has it all. Located in Golden B.C. Canada, Mount 7, is the place. Enough, said, check out the video (This is 42 MegaBytes so don't stream it but save it to your HD) from the race and heli biking in this great area. And if you want to take part in one of the craziest AND funnest events on the planet...we'll see you there next year.
   :: from PinkbikeSep 24, 2001
Jr Freeride Championship Results Jr Freeride Championship Results
Congrats to Rob Leland (U14) and Tedman aka TedDude (14-17) for winning the Jr Freeride Championships this Sunday at COP. TedDude, after mechanical difficulties hit his Super8, brought the victory home on another borrowed Super 8. Here are the results.
   :: from BVMBASep 24, 2001
The BVMBA is looking for Banff Residents to Participate in the Banff National Park Town site Focus Groups -
Stand Up, Speak Up and Ride Forever![Give Me Details!]
   :: from BVMBASep 24, 2001
BVMBA puts Together Operational Committees… BVMBA puts Together Operational Committees… Volunteers
In a recent meeting of the Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance, several working committees were struck. These committees will allow the organization to
complete the necessary work by spreading among a larger group of people. Committees will meet regularly, and committee chairs will also meet
occasionally. There are still several key people needed....Find out where you can help![read more!]
   :: from PinkbikeSep 23, 2001
The Showcase gaps The Showcase gaps
Saturday, a bunch of folks turned out to launch the nicest set of hits around. Check out the photos and also take a look at the video. Daver, of course decided that these gaps were no longer worthy of his mighty Rocky Mountain RM7 and started to clean these on his Snipes hard tail. Scary stuff kids.

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   :: from James OdaSep 23, 2001
Dirtworks Canada Dirtworks Canada
We started distributing frames from Whistler B.C four years ago
with Intense. We did this for a year and then found Dirt Works bicycles. We were blown away by what they offered in terms of performance and
durability and especially the ability to work with Dirt Works directly to fine tune
each frame for the Canadian market.

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   :: from Canada Olympic ParkSep 21, 2001
Junior Freeride Championships Junior Freeride Championships
Junior Freeride Championships! - Sorry no adults!

The event costs $10.00 and riders can pay/register at Guest Services until
10:30am on Sunday, September 23. Riders will also need to pick up a
wristband and sign a waiver form if one hasn't been signed this year.
Please remember if you need to sign a waiver you will require a parent or
legal guardian to sign it.

[Event Details]

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   :: from PInkbikeSep 20, 2001
Trip to Kimberley and Fernie from RCR Trip to Kimberley and Fernie from RCR
In addition to all the other great prizes tonight...this just in: Trip to Kimberley up for grabs at the Mountain Madness Extravaganza! Thanks again to the Resorts of the Rockies for giving out 2 trips, one to Fernie and one to Kimberley. See ya'll tonight.
   :: from PInkbikeSep 20, 2001
Only a few hours left Only a few hours left
The Mountain Madness party gets going tonight, Thursday September 20th, at 8pm, at the Back Alley, 4630 MACLEOD TR SW. You can still get cheap tickets at the shops or pay more at the door. The bands are here, Red Dawg is coming, we've got the Prizes, the beer is lined up and ready to go, we've sold a whack of tickets, and now all we need is YOU!

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   :: from RiotgirlSep 20, 2001
Stolen Bike Stolen Bike
Riotgirl had her bike stolen from downtown Calgary, in front of Canadian Blood Services. Please be on the lookout for it, it is described as follows:
'99 Brodie Dynamo, 18" black, serial no: H8L00376
A'98 crayola green Z2 Bam
Deore/LX components
519 rear wheel, 1.4" slick tires
Arch rival 50 brakes
suntour cranks and flat pedals
Ameoba handlebar with yellow grips
If you see anyone with a bike matching this, please contact riotgirl. And be sure to lock up your bikes and keep them in sight whenever possible, there's been a lot of this going on recently!

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   :: from Cory Read&TeamSep 20, 2001
Trans Canada Trail Adventure - The End Trans Canada Trail Adventure - The End

Here is the final episode of the Trans Canada Trail Adventure. In this 3 month long coast to coast epic, our friends rode more than 7000 kilometers. Re live it yourself through this 7 part series. Enjoy!

Sept 9th Update:

All is now said and done.
The summer adventure has come to an and.
All in all, it was an absolutely fantastic experience that none
of us will ever forget and well worth the time, money and effort
spent ten times over. [read more]

   :: from PinkbikeSep 19, 2001
Mountain Madness Extravaganza Tomorrow! Mountain Madness Extravaganza Tomorrow!
We're getting down to the crunch on this Mountain Madness Ski, Bike, and Board Extravaganza. It's going to be big, so if you don't already have your tickets, stop by The Bike Shop, Calgary Cycle, Ridley's Cycle, Spokes and Attire,
The Ski Cellar,
Techno Sport,
Bow Cycle, or Single Track to get your advance tickets, or tickets can be purchased at the door.
Remember, the event is this Thursday, the 20th, at 8:00 with events, including draw prizes, starting right away. Get your free beer with your ticket (provided by Big Rock) and enter to win one of the awesome prizes, including a trip to Vancouver and tour of the shore with Wade Simmons sponsored by Rocky Mountain Bicycles, and a pair of K2 AK Launcher skis, and many other prizes. Oh yeah, and if that's not enough to get you out, we'll be rockin' out to McGnarley's Rant and The Honeymans.
More info can be found on our extravaganza page. Come on out!
   :: from PinkbikeSep 18, 2001
There are road gaps....and then there's Yo'Mamma There are road gaps....and then there's Yo'Mamma
You've got Nelson, you've got Rossland, you've got Kamloops' Rose Hill, AND then you've gots the Calgary. Yep, the local Calgary scene ups the ante with Yo'Mamma and Bigwig. Check out more photos of the road gap.

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   :: from PinkbikeSep 18, 2001
Super 8's clean up at the DH6 Super 8's clean up at the DH6
Sunday, September 17, was the COP DH/Dual season ender in Calgay, Canada. Participants gathered from across the land to take part in
this final effort. The DH was staged as best of two runs which made
the whole day exciting and very stressful. Not for Dan Szgatti though,
as on his first run he clocked in an amazing 2:06.76 (fastest ever
on the course) placing him in the lead by almost 6 seconds. Dan
stated "I had a megla gnar run, yo. My Santa Cruz Super 8 was hooking
up real nice, and I'm totally stoked on the Avalanche shock which
kept me on the dirt ."

[Read more]
   :: from PinkbikeSep 17, 2001
Alison's Take Top Spots, Lopes and Chausson Crowne Alison's Take Top Spots, Lopes and Chausson Crowned
Alison Dunlap of the United States took home the Gold medal in Sunday's women's XC Worlds followed by Canada's Alison Sydor just 12 seconds back. Sabine Spitz of Germany will wear the bronze for her effort coming across the line 50 seconds behind.
In Dual Action on Saturday, it was all Lopes and Chausson. The two dominated the field with Lopes beating Cedric Gracia (who was arrested during the week) in the final and Bootes taking home the bronze. Anne-Caroline bested Katrina Miller (AUS) in the final, while Tara Llanes picked up bronze by beating Leigh Donovan who was finishing her racing career.
   :: from PinkbikeSep 17, 2001
Green Brings Home Gold Green Brings Home Gold
In a spectacular finish to an awesome season, Canada's Roland Green won Gold yesterday at the World Cup XC Championships in Vail, Colorado. Green and Michael Rasmussen (DEN) battled hard until the last lap when Green was able to open up a huge lead. Unfortunately Rasmussen flatted in the final lap and was overtaken by Thomas Frischknecht (SUI) and Christophe Sauser (SUI) who finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Surprisingly absent from the front of the pack was Miguel Martinez of France who didn't arrive until late Saturday night due to Tuesday's terrorist attacks. He finished a very disappointing 45th.
In the U23 Espoirs, Ryder Hesjedal was able to add a silver medal to the Relay Gold won on Thursday. He finished second to Julien Absalon of France.
   :: from PinkbikeSep 16, 2001
Vouilloz and Chausson Win Worlds Vouilloz and Chausson Win Worlds
True to form, French superstars Anne-Caroline Chausson and Nicolas Vouilloz, have added to their extensive collection of rainbow jersies after the DH Worlds on Saturday. After a somewhat disappointing season, Nico showed he's still got what it takes by beating the likes of Steve Peat (GBR) by 2.35 seconds, and World Cup Champion, Greg Minaar (RSA) by 2.64. Top Canadian was Dustin Adams of Kamloops in 22nd spot. Anne-Caro added her 10th World DH Title(in addition to her BMX and Dual titles) beating Fionn Griffiths (GBR) and retiring Leigh Donovan (USA). Canada Cup Champion, Barb Haley was the top Canadian woman in 16th place.
   :: from DaverSep 14, 2001
Bike Test: Snipes 30-06 Bike Test: Snipes 30-06
Snipes frames are based in Victoria, B.C. and are made by Jeff
Blair, a UVIC student and an avid rider. The frames are designed
to withstand the abuse of freeriding, big hucks, ripping downhills
at the ski hill, dirtjumping or whatever you throw at it.

[Read Review]
   :: from JenniferSep 13, 2001
Canada Wins Gold at Mountainbike Worlds Canada Wins Gold at Mountainbike Worlds
Jennifer passed this news along from the CBC Website.
CBC SPORTS ONLINE - Canada has won gold in the team relay event at the mountain bike world championships in Vail, Colorado on Thursday.

Chrissy Redden of Campbellville, Ont., Adam Coates of Saskatoon, and Ryder Hesjedal and Roland Green, both of Victoria, finished the race in a time of 1:35.13 to win.

Australia finished just .26 seconds behind Canada, with Spain taking the bronze.

[Read More]
   :: from PinkbikeSep 13, 2001
Avalanche Racing's New DHF-8 Fork Avalanche Racing's New DHF-8 Fork
We just heard from Craig over at Avalanche Racing that they've got some first ever pics of the new DHF-8 8" travel racing fork. This is the little brother to the massive MTN-8 fork that we've seen on a few DH monsters. Rumor has it that the DHF-8 is around 9 pounds (think Marzocchi Shiver) and will be a bit more within the reach of the average racer than the $3295 (US) MTN-8, though it'll still reflect the top-notch quality and support that Avalanche puts into every product. Check out the new photos here. These look like they'll be the DH racing forks to have when they're out!
   :: from PInkbike.comSep 12, 2001
Rocky Mountain Killer Prize Rocky Mountain Killer Prize
Just confirmed that Rocky Mountain will be in the house at the Mountain Madness Ski, Bike, and Board Extravaganza happening on September 20th at the Back Alley in Calgary, AB, Canada, giving away the killer draw prize. One lucky ticket holder will stumble away from the party with a round trip plane ticket for a weekend in Vancouver, a Rocky Mountain factory tour, and.....get this, a personal tour of the North Shore with no one other than Wade Simmons. Boys and girls, it just doesn't get any better than this.

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   :: from PinkbikeSep 12, 2001
Mountain Madness Ski, Bike, and Board Extravaganza Mountain Madness Ski, Bike, and Board Extravaganza
What are you doing on Thursday, September 20th? Come out and hang out at the Back Alley with the bikers,skiers and boarders from the land for the Pinkbike.com and Biglines.com Mountain Madness Ski, Bike, and Board Extravaganza. Join us for the best mountain sports party in Calgary. With over 500 tickets to be sold, you can expect it to go off big! Featuring great live bands, tons of prizes from many shops, ski and bike movies playing all night,and just an all around good time. Buy your tickets in advance at the places listed here and save big over the door prices. [ Read More ]

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   :: from PinkbikeSep 12, 2001
World Championships to Continue World Championships to Continue
VAIL, Colorado

—Following considerable discussion and careful consideration, organizers of the 2001 Mountain Bike World Championships have decided to amend the schedule for the event, continuing with the competition segment of the event, which is scheduled to continue in Vail through September 16.

[Read More]
   :: from Trevor ShpeleySep 11, 2001
Fallen riders memorial race Fallen riders memorial race
The fallen riders memorial race is a charity event to honour riders who have been taken by cars or accidents.

It will take place at Crystal MTN in Kelowna on Sept 16.
The mountain bike portion consists of a combined uphill/downhill time trial.For the road inclined there will be an uphill time trial up the crystal access road which is fully paved now.

Entry fees will be $15 and all net proceeds will go to bursaries for college bound CBC members.

There will be a BBQ in the afternoon after the event with good food at reasonable prices.

The MTN bike portion starts at 9:30 AM with riders leaving in no particular order. Sign up and head out when you are ready. Last start will be at noon.

The road timetrial will start at 10 AM.

There will be no pre reg (to save on costs) and hence will be no late fees. Registration will be quick and easy. Non-licensed riders will need to buy a $7 one event license.

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   :: from AcadianSep 11, 2001
Pacific Buys Schwinn Pacific Buys Schwinn
DENVER, CO :Minutes after declaring Pacific's $86 million bid
the winner in the Schwinn/GT cycling auction, Judge Sidney Brooks
evacuated the Federal Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado.
Federal buildings around the nation were evacuated shortly after
several terrorist attacks this morning

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   :: from NewsSep 11, 2001
NYC Twin Towers Destroyed NYC Twin Towers Destroyed
This morning multiple commercial jet liners were hijacked and piloted into several US targets. These kamikaze attacks hit both of the World Trade Center towers, collapsing them a short while later. One plane also crashed into the Pentagon building. News sites out there are really getting clogged up so here are some of the photos locally. Make sure to check out CNN, Pentagon.com, and Yahoo News, when the rush is over.

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   :: from COPSep 10, 2001
DH6, Dual and Trials  at COP this weekend DH6, Dual and Trials at COP this weekend
Canada Olympic Park will be hosting an ABA Downhill and Non-ABA Dual race on
Sunday, September 16. We will be having a senior men, junior men, under 14
men and women category for all unlicensed riders in the Downhill in addition
to the ABA categories!! The Dual will only have the categories senior men,
junior men, under 14 men and women as it is not an ABA event. The Dual will be on
a first come basis
with a maximum of 32 riders for the seniors, 32 for
juniors, 32 for under 14 and 32 for women.
Registration for the Downhill and Dual will close at 5pm on Saturday,
September 15. Here is the registration form. ($10 discount if in before Sept 13)No registrations will be accepted on the day of the event!!!
Itchy Fingers Trials Competition and demo will be held on Sunday September
16 at 1pm by the deck of the Daylodge. Registration will be at Guest
Services until 12:30pm with a cost of $10 to participate.

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   :: from Brent ShottSep 10, 2001
Do slippery pedals annoy you? Do slippery pedals annoy you?
After riding often on my $15 VP flats I have noticed there is no bite left. I wanted to solve this problem without spending $40+ for decent pedals.

[Read more]

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   :: from Mike KinradeSep 9, 2001
The Second Coming The Second Coming
Greeting from MPF Productions For those of you waiting for the release of "The Second Coming" the sequel to "Hidden Pleasures" our original release date was to be the middle of September, and while it will be ready by then, we won't be releasing it until the end of October. I know this seems to be a long time away, but we would be in heavy competition with "Fat Tire Fury", "Chain Smoke 2"
the new "Pedalfiles" and a few others. I would really like to release it right now, but my distributor has recommended that I wait, and believe me, the waiting is the hardest part. Let's just hope that you all think that it's worth the wait by then. Please accept this trailer with new footage as my deepest apologies.
If you have any questions or comments please let me know...

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   :: from PinkbikeSep 7, 2001
Fire Ban Lifted, Kananaskis Open! Fire Ban Lifted, Kananaskis Open!
Due to the cooler weather and recent rains, the total access ban reported last week has been lifted between Highway 1 and Waterton Park! Campgrounds, day use areas and all trails have opened in time for the weekend. Those looking towards the mountains may have noticed some of the fresh white stuff! Get out there and enjoy what is left of the summer while you still can!
   :: from PinkbikeSep 7, 2001
Dave Matthews Band Donates Bike Funds Dave Matthews Band Donates Bike Funds
Charlottesville, Virginia city council approved a plan to paint used bikes
and leave them around the city for public use, after learning that the Dave
Matthews Band
donated $4500US to get the program started. The band donated
the cash after seeing the success of similar programs seen while on tour in
Europe. The program will mirror those found in cities like Amsterdam,
Boulder, Colorado, and Portland, Oregon. The bikes, while far from performance
oriented, are usually painted a bright, unique color and are available to
everyone throughout the city. It would be nice to see similar programs
in some Canadian cities, perhaps we could paint them Pink?

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   :: from McMillanSep 6, 2001
Unnecessary Chaos movie site Unnecessary Chaos movie site
hi me and the rest of the guys at UNNECESSARY CHAOS videosthought we should be on your site. The site is under construction but all is fine, the movie teaser is done and UNNECESSARY CHAOS 2 should be for sale by january

   :: from PinkbikeSep 6, 2001
Pinkbike on the Ride Guide Pinkbike on the Ride Guide
If you want to see Pinkbike on TV, tune in nation wide to the RideGuide show on OLN (Outdoor Life Network) at 9:30am, 3:30pm and 9:30pm, Mountain time. The RideGuide features interviews with some of the Pinkbike crew, riding with Stephanie Nychka (Pinkbike team rider) at COP, and overall history and informaion about how it all started.

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   :: from Troy FenrichSep 5, 2001
The Great Canadian Adventure Race The Great Canadian Adventure Race
Adventure racing is the fastest growing endurance sport in North
America. The popularity of the sport is largely due to the unique
nature of the race. Every race course is different and every section
of the courses offer different challenges. Most all of the races
are held in the wilderness and many are multiple day events. This weekend in Edmonton, The Great Canadian Adventure Company is hosting a race in an urban venue!

[Read More]
   :: from PinkbikeSep 4, 2001
Kicking Horse Update Kicking Horse Update
Just got off the phone with organizers of the September 8th Kicking Horse Race in Golden BC. To give racers more preparation/practice time, the DH race will be pushed back 2 hours, to 1 pm on Saturday. This should allow riders plenty of time to drive out Friady night or even get an early start on Saturday morning. The Ascent is still running at 10am. Rumor has it, Scott Belton is organizing another heli drop on Mount 7 for interested riders on Sunday. Pinkbike was able to join his first drop [Full Story] and all who rode had the time of their lives. Due to construction at the Resort, camping is not permitted, but there are many good local campsites including Cedar Lake, the municipal and Spruce Grove. For those of you who may be less hardy, hotel/motel listings can be found here. See you at the race!
   :: from COPSep 3, 2001
COP Fall Race Series COP Fall Race Series
OK folks the COP Fall Race Series starts this week! Dual Slalom Mondays, Dual Eliminator Tuesdays, DH Wednesdays, and XC Thursdays. $14 gets you a hill pass and a race entry. All of these races are a lot of fun plus great to hone your skills. Remember that an overall champion is crowned at the end of the series so make sure to come out every week to defend your title. Last series Joel Demoskoff held the title for the Dual Eliminator and Dan Szgatti had the fastest time on the DH course (2:09).

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