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   :: from Radek BurkatJan 31, 2002
PIMP - Video gallery PIMP - Video gallery
Here is something totally fresh for all of ya. PIMP - People in Mammoth Productions is dedicated to giving the spectator an upclose view of extreme mountain biking such as freeriding, dual slalom, downhill racing and all from the top venues.

They are offering quality video footage from some of the top events. My favorite was all the Red Bull Rampage footage.
So head on over and pay these boys a visit.
   :: from Red BullJan 31, 2002
Red Bull Ride Results Red Bull Ride Results
Twenty-three year old Andrew Mills from Australia, pulled off the biggest win of his mountain biking career by taking first place at the inaugural Red Bull Ride at Jindabyne yesterday. A near flawless final run gave Mills the win over Rampage winner, Wade Simmons , and World Cup Downhiller John Waddell. Sombrio Cartel rider, Dave Watson and Australian Shane Wode to fourth and fifth spots respectively. Wode also attempted an unprecedented-in-competition backflip on his mountain bike on his second and final run.Grant Mills and Wade Simmons were the only riders to attempt and land the 6 metre drop on the Jindabyne course. Four of the 13 international riders were injured on the rocky course, which drops 300 vertical metres over just one kilometre of trail. German superstar Tarek Rasouli walked away from a crash but was flown to Canberra for head and neck X-rays, while Japanese rider Shinichiro Kano retired hurt with gash on his foot requiring six stitches. Belgian Stijn Deferm was also hospitalized with concussion, while New Zealander Mark Johnston sustained leg injuries. No word on how Canadians Robbie Bourdon, Joe Schwartz and Thomas Vanderham finished, but we're expecting full results later this week!

   :: from Rebecca Gardner - Vancouver Show ManagerJan 31, 2002
Indoor North Shore at The Vancouver Outdoor Advent Indoor North Shore at The Vancouver Outdoor Adventure Show

The Show is fast approaching and we have an exciting line up of events in the
Arriba Bike Zone including the Mavericks Indoor North Shore, Advil Big Air,
AKA King of Bikes and Ryan Leech Pro Trials Show. Check out our website at www.nationalevent.com
for schedules (and registration forms for anyone interested in racing). Once
again we'll be giving out draw prizes for the amateur race participants.

For more information and to download registration forms check out the bike
zone page
in our events
section. Once again PinkBike will be present at the show. Make sure to check
out our booth - we would love to meet you! Cheers, Mike B.

   :: from Dominique ForcierJan 29, 2002
Atomic Laboratories now on Canuck trails. Atomic Laboratories now on Canuck trails.
Maverick Distribution and Yodo Distribution are proud to announce the introduction of Atomic Laboratories to the Crazy Canuck Trails.

Atomic Laboratories has been building a reputation with its super tough and diverse product line. Best suited for aggressive riding, the line consists of pedals, wheelsets, rims, hubs, stems, disc brakes and all are very popular on the Pro circuit today. In the future, look out for the new DHR clipless pedal developed by Steve Peat, and the transparent and super sturdy Ballistic pedal.

If you are looking for these products visit www.yodobike.com or call Yodo Distribution (514 948-2236) in the east and Maverick Distribution (780 498-2854) in the west.

   :: from mentalJan 28, 2002
Top Ten List Top Ten List
Top Ten Ways to Spend The Weekend After Cancellation of the Frozen Feet Festival
1. Drink yourself into oblivion in Field, BC with the rest of the racers who couldn't make it through the pass.
2. Cruise 17ave in the beautiful Chevrolet Avalanche courteously supplied by Shaganappi Chev Olds.
3. Bust waist deep pow at Lake Louise Ski Resort.
4. Party with the rest of the hearty souls who braved the weather at the Quarthouse on Saturday night.
5. Sleep off your hangover in Shaum's room at The Residence Inn.
6. Snowmobile the rockies on an Arctic Cat graciously given by Club RV.
7. Spend an hour racing 9 of your buddies at Grand Prix Cart racing.
8. Get your nipple pierced by Sean at Bushido.
9. Fly in from Vancouver and hustle the ladies bragging about your Shore style
10. Sit on your couch and cry!
   :: from mentalJan 25, 2002
Time For a Party Time For a Party
In an attempt to save face, we are hosting a huge industry party at the Quarthouse. It is located in the old Fox and Firkin North at 3064 32St NE. All bands originally planned for the festivities at Wintergreen will be strutting their stuff starting at 7pm and there will be a ton 'o swag to be found. Word has it, in a fit of guilt, Pinkbike will be buying a round for those who made the trek from out of town! The party starts at 7pm and there will be no cover for those who mention Pinkbike. Shaums March and the Pinkbike crew will be there, how about you? Once again, the party is at 3064 32St NE, Calgary starting at 7pm going until the wee hours. Highballs are just $1 until 10pm and $2 after that, while bottled beer is just $2.75. duNGoR was setting up as I left and the venue looks great. See you there!
   :: from mentalJan 25, 2002
Mountainbike City Picks up the Slack Mountainbike City Picks up the Slack
Trying to make the best of a bad situation, Mountainbike City, Balfa, Fox Shox, Atomic Laboratories and Ridge Sport have pooled their resources and will be having an open house at 2707 17 Ave SW in Calgary. Since they have all made the trip out for the (now cancelled) Frozen Feet Festival, they will be throwing out free tech support, answering all your questions, and letting you have a look at their latest, greatest products. Balfa's BB7, Two Step, Minuteman and Belair will be on display along with Fox Forx, Atomic Pedals, Ridge protective gear, and the new Kona's and Cannondale's.
   :: from mentalJan 25, 2002
Thanks to All our Sponsors Thanks to All our Sponsors
It is not without a heavy heart that we are forced to cancel the Frozen Feet Festival. We have been working on this since September last year, but Mother Nature has had her say. Without the huge support from local sponsors like Wintergreen, COP, Molson, The Residence Inn, Westjet, Shaganappi Chev Olds, The Calgary Airport Authority, Club RV, Acropolis Steel and all our local shops, we couldn't have come this far. Pinkbike is still working on alternative dates for the event, but will not make an announcement until we are certain what is happening. There will be a big party somewhere in town tomorrow night (Sat Jan26) with the bands, Pinkbike crew, competitors who made the trip and a ton 'o schwag to be given away. Stay tuned, we will make amends!
   :: from Radek BurkatJan 25, 2002
Frozen Foot Festival - CANCELLED Frozen Foot Festival - CANCELLED
This is the official word. It's cancelled!
We're all good to go on this side...BUT
the weather (snow) has put the festival on ice . Why?
Road closures springing up all over, a forecast for tomorrow of -39 deg C with wind chill, and even more snow this weekend.

So both Wintergreen and COP events are officially off. We've had a warm winter up till now, and if we had it just last weekend things would of been great. What can you do?

   :: from Radek BurkatJan 25, 2002
2002 Trophies 2002 Trophies
Remember the trophies at last year's Frozen Foot Festival? That was some heavy metal.
This year it's bigger and better. Here is a shot of this year's trophy. Thanks to Jeff and Acropolis Steel Industries for the fine work on these babies.
They are about 1.5 feet tall.
   :: from Radek BurkatJan 25, 2002
Waivers for the Frozen Foot Festival Waivers for the Frozen Foot Festival
Everyone will have to have these waivers signed to compete in the Frozen Foot Festival this weekend. Here are the forms. They will be available at the venue as well but if you are not of age, you will require a parent signature
COP Waiver
Wintergreen Waiver
   :: from Radek BurkatJan 24, 2002
Music at the Frozen Foot Festival Music at the Frozen Foot Festival
So here is your line up for this weekend...
Saturday@Wintergreen live bands are rockin you into the night starting at 5:30pm. Three bands will be playing...The Fonts, My Mother Grooves, and duNGor!
Sunday - prerecorded tunes only. No bands.

RIDer Profile – duNGor – slacker punk band

duNGor was formed by Cornelius Bungor duNGoR whose dream it was to form a mega hit boy band so that he could retire. Having seen the massive success of the Jackson 5 in the early 70’s, he felt it was time for an all white child band to make the big time.

[Read More]

   :: from mentalJan 24, 2002
Frozen Feet Festival Details Frozen Feet Festival Details
Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, come hell or high water the 2nd annual Frozen Feet Festival is a go! Riders competing in the Biker-X should be at Wintergreen Resort to register by 10am Saturday Jan 26. Big Air competitors must qualify at Wintergreen to advance into the finals at COP! Registration for the Big Air comp will take place at 4pm in the Lodge at Wintergreen. If you're not racing, be sure to come out and cheer on your favorite rider, check out the expo area, enjoy the bands and catch the crazy pyrotechnic show! Rob Stevens of CBC and The Ride Guide will be announcing the event and will most definitely entertain. Sunday's events get underway at 5pm at COP. Riders should enter at Guest Services to sign waivers and pay necessary fees. Then it's upstairs to sign up for individual events and onto the hill. Practise for the Top Speed and Jump-for-Distance gets underway around 5:30pm and the competition expo area, and trials demos get going at 6pm. No riders will be allowed onto the Big Air Tables until the completion of the other 2 events. If you have any questions about the event and our schedule, please call me at (403)708-8997.

Note: Riders under 18 MUST have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian at each venue. If your parent is unable to attend, we will have waivers available online tomorrow afternoon that must be signed, witnessed and brought to the hill!
   :: from mentalJan 24, 2002
Santa Cruz Fans... sneak a peak! Santa Cruz Fans... sneak a peak!
I just received word from Calgary Cycle that you can see the newest Santa Cruz goodies in store this week, and on the hill at the Frozen Feet Festival. The V10, 5th Element Bullit and Juliana are there waiting to be fondled by a caring fan. This is a limited time offer as the V10 continues it's cross country tour next Thursday. Call (403)277-3430 for details. You'll also see the V10 in action in the hands of Sun Race/Santa Cruz rider Jordie Lunn in the Biker-X.
   :: from PinkbikeJan 24, 2002
FFF Rider Profile: Dave Fleming FFF Rider Profile: Dave Fleming
Daver, The Chef, and now The Pinkbike Stud.

Born in North Vancouver, raised in Victoria B.C.

Likes to ride with Pinkbike and The B-Team

He can open a beer bottle with his teeth, grow a mullet in 3 months flat,
crash so hard his shoes blow off, and still have some useful riding tips for
us on "The Bike Show"

Rides for Snipes Bicycles, The Bike Shop, Burly Gear, and Pinkbike.com

He can usually be found trash talking around the trailer park cutting down
the Krazy Crew, Tedpunk the Hack, Danny "I hate myself" Laroche, Cro-"Too
Easy"-Mag, and Robbie "Nolander" who's been trash talked right into the

   :: from PinkbikeJan 24, 2002
FFF Rider Profile: Dylan Tremblay FFF Rider Profile: Dylan Tremblay
The man with the master plan. You may have seen him in Second Coming ripping it up with style. One of the most influencial riders out
there. He can do it all, and some things you've never heard or seen
of. Riding with this guy is an experience and something that everyone
can talk about for ages. The problem is that he'll bust something out
only when you're not looking, so keep your eyes on him. He's making the
long trip from Vancouver Island to be here, and just got his bike. The
frozen foot festival will be the first time on it. So he's pumped.
Dylan rides for Specialized Bikes, IDUN, and MPF Films
   :: from Aimee RowlesJan 23, 2002
Biker X Results are In Biker X Results are In
COP saw some intense racing action with over 125 racers showing up for the first race of Biker-X season. Many of Alberta's top riders showed up including Jasen Christensen, the Leland's, Dave Fleming, Dancing Eddy, Lil Shel, Bernard Pelletier and the unstoppable "mental" Mike Porter. Unfortunately all of them were eliminated early on and the winners were as follows:
Senior Men
1 Jason Jacobs
2 John Teghtmeyer
3 Darcey Lehr

Junior Men
1 Justin Willoughby
2 Jordan Yaremus
3 Greg H

U14 Men
1 Maddy Swanby
2 Dan Csokonay
3 Rob McPhalen


1 Stephanie Nychka
2 Cheryl Beattie
3 Makara Martin
   :: from Stewart LouisJan 22, 2002
Informal information session @ Single Track Cycle Informal information session @ Single Track Cycle
If you have any friends that are thinking about racing or are already racing
with another team or independently, drag them along to find out what Team Single
Track Cycle has to offer.
Single Track Cycle
1503 - 15 Ave. S.W. Calgary
When: Friday Jan 25, 2002 6:30 pm
Why: To recruit more members
What: Both Mountain and Road enthusiasts.
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to drop me a line
at louisn@cadvision.com or call me
at (403) 244-2464. Stewart Louis

   :: from mentalJan 21, 2002
UCI Schedule: Version II UCI Schedule: Version II
The UCI has tried to fill the void left when Leysin and Arai dropped their stops on the World Cup tour. Things are shaping up as follows:

May 18-19 XC#1 - Madrid (ESP)

May 25-26 XC#2 - Houffalize (BEL)
June 1-2 DH/4-X#1 - Fort William (GBR)

June 8-9 DH/4-X#2 - Maribor (SLO)
June 29-30 XC/DH/4-X#3 - Mont-Sainte-Anne (CAN)

July 6-7 XC/DH/4-X#4 - Grouse Mountain (CAN)
July 13-14 DH/4-X#5 - Telluride (USA)
September 7-8 XC#5/DH/4-X #6 - Les Gets (FRA)

This can (and most likely will) change at a moments' notice. We'll try to keep you up to date!
   :: from IngeeJan 21, 2002
X-i Racing X-i Racing
Some local rippers have started a new DH/DL/4X team here in Calgary. Currently consisting of 6 members and coached by Jeff Ingram. We will be attending races primarily within Alberta and BC. The Team name is Xi-Racing (pronounced cross I ) and we are still looking for a couple of new riders (Calgary locals only) if anyone is interested. You can check out our website at www.xi-racing.com and look for our riders at the upcoming Frozen Foot Festival.
   :: from Shelly ArnuschJan 21, 2002
FFF Rider Profile: Alexander Schmidt FFF Rider Profile: Alexander Schmidt
Zander, or “Xandros” was born in Nelson BC so he’s genetically hardcore. Even though he’s been living in Edmonton for a few years, he still rides like a Nelson boy. Zander hucks big, finesses crazy stunts, and DH’s like a maniac. Last January he busted his ankle Radek-style but it didn’t seem to faze him. He was impressive in the Mount 7 Psychosis and kept on rocking for the rest of the season. This is not surprising for someone that can bust up logs with a tiny hatchet, and fix anything mechanical with a zen-like calm. The dude is so hot he’s been known to strip off his pants and set them on fire. You heard me right girls!!! Zander is frequently spotted in the company of his mentor in madness, The Shepherd of Doom.
   :: from PinkbikeJan 21, 2002
Frozen Foot Judges Profile - Danny Laroche Frozen Foot Judges Profile - Danny Laroche
Frozen Foot Festival - Judge Profile

Originally hailing from the small redneck town of Creston BC, where
Kokanee Beer and rednecks in big trucks are the norm and biking isn't.
This Big Air judge is best known for his trash talking, arguing with
Daver and his endless excuses for why he isn't competing. With no
previous judging experience he is looking to put his name on the judging
map with this competition. He'll also be assisted in his judging duties
by Steve "I've got weak ankles" Critchlow , Robbie "Nolander"
and Radek Burkat.
Danny Laroche - Knee reconstruction

Steve Critchlow - Broken Ankle

Radek Burkat - Broken ankle and leg
Robb Thompson - TBD
   :: from Shelley ArnuschJan 21, 2002
FFF - Rider Profile FFF - Rider Profile
Frozen Foot Festival - Rider Profile

Dan SzgattiIf you pronounce Dan Szgatti right, it sounds like his name is Dancing Eddy. He is also known as Bockpecek for his trademark yellow Russian hockey jersey he got at Value Village for 50 cents. Dan is known for being wicked fast. ‘Round these parts, there ain’t no one faster than Dancing Eddy. He took home a second in last year’s FFF high speed contest and this year he’s out for blood. He likes to rip shit up and huck gaps. He’s spread a lot of downhill loving around with his generous attitude toward shuttling in his truck, the Bahama Blue. Dancing Eddy is also the cutest boy in the galaxy. Ah Yeah!
   :: from mentalJan 19, 2002
COP Winter Fat Tire Series Reminder COP Winter Fat Tire Series Reminder
Tomorrow is your first and last chance to tune up for the Frozen Feet Festival on the hill at Canada Olympic Park. The awesome staff at COP promise a gnarly Bikercross course through the terrain park and those (lucky enough) to be eliminated in the early running may be able to hit the tables that will be used for the Big Air finals of the Frozen Feet Festival. Sponsored by Ridley's and Big Rock there is sure to be a big bag 'o booty! Practice starts around 5:30pm and racing action begins at 7pm sharp! Come out and get your snow legs, James and Aimee never disappoint!
   :: from PinkbikeJan 18, 2002
FFF Rider Profile: Jordie Lunn FFF Rider Profile: Jordie Lunn
Jordie Lunn (a.k.a. man-child and J-Lo). Rides out of Parksville B.C. for
Sunrace/Santa Cruz, Camel Clutch Tactics, and Smith goggles/glasses. This young phenom ripped it on the NORBA circuit and finished 20th at the Grouse World Cup last season. He is
currently working with Craig Lunn and Darren Terhune on a new M.T.B. video called Run For Your Life. He can be found spending the off season training for the 2002 NORBA and World Cup sessions and finishing high school.
   :: from Martin WhiteleyJan 18, 2002
Global 2002 Team Announced Global 2002 Team Announced
The UCI Downhill Team of the Year for 2001, Global
, returns in 2002 with a strong line up of talented athletes
while still maintaining its focus on development and communication
through outreach programs and promotional work for the sport on
all continents.

[Read More]
   :: from El SantoJan 18, 2002
Trailriders Advocacy Group Trailriders Advocacy Group
Trailriders is a Southern California based Mountain Bike advocacy
group. Our wide-angle goal is to gain greater access to singletrack
in the Santa Monica Mountains (SMM), a priceless recreation resource
that bisects Los Angeles from the Pacific Ocean to downtown. By
a large margin, Mountain Bikers are the largest user group of the
SMM. However, currently less than 10% of the singletrack trails
in the SMM are legal to ride on a bike. Unfortunately, none of the
legal 10% are advanced DH or Freeride trails, although there are
numerous existing trails in the SMM that, although illegal, would
satisfy the DH/Freeride niche.

[Read More]
   :: from BSX WorldJan 18, 2002
Punk N' Drunk Party, Tiverton UK Punk N' Drunk Party, Tiverton UK
DMR Bikes and www.bsx-world.com are throwing a Punk N' Drunk party @ The Tube in Tiverton on the 24th on Jan, top guys from FMX, BSX and BMX will be there including freestyle champ J.Squibb and bicycle supercross champ Oggy along with UK magazine freerider Elbry. UK Mag Shred and MBUK will be there for a night of moshing before the season kicks off. More details check out www.bsx-world.com.
   :: from mentalJan 16, 2002
Global Racing design winners announced Global Racing design winners announced
Global Racing announced the winning design for their 2002 team bikes. Aaron Neumann's "globe" platform had him taking home the complete Orange MsIsle dual bike. Honorable mention goes to Matthew Bottomley and Russell Campbell who scored various Global schwag for their efforts.

View Top Three Entries
   :: from Russ DayJan 14, 2002
For sale: one tired unicycle guy! For sale: one tired unicycle guy!
Seems that the dudes over at Freeride Entertainment are back at it again. This time with a film featuring the world’s favorite unicycle lunatic and Norco Factory Trials Team rider, Kris Holm. Kris is shown riding the world in this conglomerate of short films from the familiar North Shore to locations in Mexico. The ensemble includes; “Skilletto” showing Kris riding Vancouver’s North Shore, trials and the edge of the Stawamus Chief in Squamish which was caught by the eye of Ripley's Believe it or Not, “Whitetrax” shot in Whistler where Holm rips up the ski runs, the recently released “Unizaba” that was shown at the Banff Mountain Film Festival that captured Kris riding down El Pico de Orizaba in Mexico, North America’s third highest peak, and clips from “Fat Tire Fury” including his rail ride on Vancouver’s Burrard Street bridge. Check out the teaser and info for both One Tired Guy and Unizaba. The movie runs for 25 minutes and also contains interviews, out-takes and bonus footage. Check back later for availability here at the secure Pinkbike store or visit your local bike shop.
   :: from Aimee RowlesJan 14, 2002
COP's Winter Fat Tire Race Series COP's Winter Fat Tire Race Series
The Winter Fat Tire race series will be held at Canada Olympic Park on
January 20, February 17 and March 24. Registration will be from
5:30pm-6:30pm with the races starting at 7:00pm. All participants MUST sign
a winter waiver at Guest Services when paying in order to race (note: you
will only have to sign one waiver for all of the winter races). If you are
under the age of 18 please bring a parent or legal guardian to sign for you.
The cost for the race is $10(men) and $5(women), and their will be four
categories: Women, Under 14 Men, Junior Men (14-17) and Senior Men. If you
have any questions please call Aimee or James at (403) 247-5457 or email
   :: from PinkbikeJan 13, 2002
FFF Rider Profile FFF Rider Profile
Frozen Foot Festival - Rider Profile

Tedman Parkinson...
is a very well rounded rider. For the small amount of time he's been riding he has accomplished more than many riders have taken years to accomplish. He picks up very quickly, while riding with riders such as Ron Penny, Dave Fleming, and Radek Burkat, who influence his riding a lot. His style of riding allows him to progress very quickly. One of his proudest accomplishments is getting first place overall at the Junior Freeride Championships in the fall. His favorite things to do is to dig at HFT. Although his bike is quite often not working he still manages to jump it, and on occasion land it. In the years to come he’ll be representing his sponsor Billy Silk-Screening very well. Being only 15, he still has many years to progress to a much higher level. But even now, he will still be able to kick everyone’s ass at the big air comp in the Frozen Foot Festival.
   :: from PinkbikeJan 13, 2002
FFF Rider Profile FFF Rider Profile
Frozen Foot Festival - Rider Profile

John Taplin
is a true cow-town tweaker, he goes for style and the occasional tricks. Armed with an XC bike and a bag full of tweaks (and the occasional nothing), he tries to defeat anyone and anything he possibly can. Being one of the best junior dual racers in calgary would have to be one of John's best accomplishments. He has gained much skill riding with fellow Krazy Crew members such as Krazy B, Krazy K, and Krazy Dub. This Tall, High-Flying Tweak Master is ready to let the shit hit the fan and go huge at the Festival.
   :: from PinkbikeJan 13, 2002
FFF Rider Profile FFF Rider Profile
Frozen Foot Festival - Rider Profile

Mike Kinrade
he lives in Nelson... is that enough? He also is the main man behind MPF Productions. Responsible for such film titles as Hidden Pleasures and Second Coming.

Not only a camera guy, producer, editor, but I also hear he rides... I think? Just kidding, Mike pulls off some of the gnarliest lines out there. Just back from the Red Bull Freeride Championships in Utah, look to see him push the competition further and higher.

Mike is sponsored by Norco Performance bikes, and MPF (of course)
   :: from PinkbikeJan 13, 2002
Tim Boyer Tim Boyer
Frozen Foot Festival - Rider Profile

Tim BoyerBetter known as destroyer. Those of you that have ridden with him know
why he is called that. Last visit to Calgary he attended the desperados

indoor challenge on a 1991 spot welded Peugeot. Later that day, a few
people were privileged to see him in action at the Bowness cliffs. The
bets were given one what was going to go on the bike, Timmy eyed it up,
finished off a tall can and stomped it, well the second time.

Tim rides for Specialized bikes, and MPF Productions.
   :: from PinkbikeJan 13, 2002
FFF Rider Profile FFF Rider Profile
Frozen Foot Festival - Rider Profile

Byron GreyOne of the most smooth and diverse riders I've seen. In his second year

of riding he landed a spot in SECOND COMING. Byron is also an Invermere

resident and some of you may have heard of him from having a mountain
bike park in his yard!
   :: from PinkbikeJan 13, 2002
FFF Rider Profile FFF Rider Profile
Frozen Foot Festival - Rider Profile

Mr. Shawn DennyWho the hell is Shawn Denny? many have asked this, and well to some it
all up... He's short, but funky. Shawn is the one man trials scene in
Nelson and is known to all the town folk as their entertainment while
walking down the streets, even the cops like Shawn, so much in fact that
they like to stop and talk to him once in a while. Probably because he
is such an amazing rider eh?

Shawn is sponsored by Norco, Etnies, and MPF Productions.
   :: from PinkbikeJan 13, 2002
FFF Rider Profile FFF Rider Profile
Frozen Foot Festival - Rider Profile

Darren Butler
originally a SASK. prairie boy. He moved to Invermere and helped
developed a low key riding scene into one that will never be forgotten
by anyone who passes through. Realizing that he needed to get a change
from the ordinary and the 30 dogs, 4 geese, 2 sheep, and a goat living
next door to him, he has recently moved to Van city and has blended into

the scene rather well. Will this small town hero show the big city crew

that Hicktown, Canada can take anyone on?.... only time will tell.

Darren rides for Norco Performance bikes, and MPF Productions.
   :: from Shaums MarchJan 11, 2002
Red Bull Freezride, Whitefish Montana Red Bull Freezride, Whitefish Montana
On February 16th and 17th 2002 on The Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana, Red Bull Energy Drink will be continuing the evolution in competitive mountain biking that it helped start at the Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, UT… Red Bull Freezride will be the first ever mountain bike competition to bring together the elements of free riding and technical park riding. Oh yeah... if we didn’t mention this yet... we’re doing it all on snow. The course will include wall hits, gaps, kickers, and table-tops, with a few more “urban” obstacles thrown in for ... well good measure.

[Read More]
   :: from mentalJan 10, 2002
King of Bikes King of Bikes
Remember that old BMX bike in the basement collecting dust? Dust it off, pump up the tires, throw it and the mountainbike in the truck and get ready to rip. The King of Bikes event is being held in conjunction with the Coor's Light Outdoor Adventure Show in Vancouver, BC on Feb 16 and 17, 2002. The two day event features head-to-head dual racing over a tight, technical BMX/Dual track with big doubles and fast berms. Day one will be on the BMX ride, day two on the MTB! Cash prizes for each day's winners, with the top "King of Dirt" belt and $350 going to the top rider. In between racing action, a DJ will spin some groovy tunes while Pros take time to sign autographs and give away some shwag. They also promise a ton-o-surprises over the weekend. Check out www.canadabmx.com for more information and a full schedule. If you're headed to the Outdoor Show, stop by the Pinkbike booth and say hi to the big gimp sitting on the couch! Check out events page for more information on the BikeZone at the Outdoor Adventure Shows.
   :: from PinkbikeJan 9, 2002
Spike Bike Spike Bike
This is probably some of the funniest stuff I have read in a long long time. Original stories were by ROBERT FISHELL written way back in 1989 when even I thought biking was a silly sport for 8 year olds.

Join Spike as he goes on a rampage to vindicate all those of us who have been cut off, run down, yelled at by all those drivers. Check out this excerpt
There wasn’t time for his expression to change, but I’ll bet he saw the backblast just before the warhead blew his car into small metal scraps. I had to carry the bike over them for sake of the tires.
Here is a link to some of the stories.
   :: from Radek BurkatJan 9, 2002
FFF - Rider Profile FFF - Rider Profile
Frozen Foot Festival - Rider Profile

Dustin Adams shines in a harcore city filled with numerous talented riders, Kamloops B.C. Kamloops is the place to be! The bitches roam free and the pulpmill poisons your brain. The little drunken gromit has become the fastest Canadian DH racer in only 5 years of competing! Guess it was his swollen balls and all the rye in his blood! Dustin has a smooth flowing almost cat like style. His style has been captured in a few films as well in the minds of all the girls he has slept with! Sorry girls! For more info on this guy check out his wicked clothing sponsor www.idun.tv or see his own web page at www.daracing.net!

Are YOU coming to the Frozen Foot Festival? Email in your wacked rider profile along with a photo, links, sponsors, rants about how much butt you're going to kick, etc. and you'll go live on Pinkbike.

   :: from Radek BurkatJan 9, 2002
FFF- Rider Profile FFF- Rider Profile
Frozen Foot Festival - Rider Profile

Preston Blackie steps to us from North Vancouver by way of Whitehorse Yukon. Where the cold northen winters mixed with an undeniable love for gnarly women, strong booze and mail order porn have transformed Preston into a finely tuned killing machine! Coming out of the darkness of cross country racing only three years ago, Preston has found a new love in the name of Free Riding! Quickly making a name for himself amongst the North Shore's hardest, Preston sets his tone on the mean streets of Van city where the endless possibilities for his technical style can be unleashed. The mayhem of Preston Blackie is well documented in; Pedalfiles, Sprung 5, Rubber Side Down, and all the North Shore videos, and always looking his best on and off his bike with the stylish help of Roach clothing. For any visual stimulation feel free to indulge apon www.photo-x.com and www.chrisdonahuge.com

Are YOU coming to the Frozen Foot Festival? Email in your wacked rider profile along with a photo, links, sponsors, rants about how much butt you're going to kick, etc. and you'll go live on Pinkbike.

   :: from Radek BurkatJan 8, 2002
Frozen Foot Festival Events and Info Frozen Foot Festival Events and Info
Here's a Frozen Foot Festival promo video and the official FFF (Frozen Foot Festival) pages. Side navigation on the FFF pages gives you all the detail on the event. Look for updates often in the FFF area over the next 2 weeks before the event. Online registration will open in a few days.

Make sure you check out the events and prize money. Total CASH awarded will be $3500, with 1st place in the big air taking home a whopping $1000 in cash.

Not to mention all the other swag and gear.
   :: from Radek BurkatJan 8, 2002
Pinkbike Frozen Foot Festival 2002 Pinkbike Frozen Foot Festival 2002
Less than 3 weeks away, the 2002 Pinkbike Frozen Foot Festival kicks off in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Big rig pilots from across the land are packing their bags and coming down for high flyin', super sonic, sub-zero hell on wheels. Riders such as Shaums March, Marla Streb, Dustin Adams, Preston Blackie and the Pedalfiles Crew, Superheros Randy Spangler, Brian Onofrichuck, Gareth Dyer...and many more. Of course locals including Ron Penny, Chris Benny, teenage sensation Smile Teddude, and others will be here to turn on the heat.
So book a flight, run, walk or show some leg and hitch-hike, just get here and prepare to party!
   :: from mentalJan 8, 2002
Lopes on a GT... again Lopes on a GT... again
Brian Lopes has chosen to ride a GT for the 2002 season. Having already signed with Fox Racing Shox and Oakley World Dual Champion, "Flyin" Brian decided to keep his relationship with GT. The company, recently purchased by Pacific, will provide Brian with frames and a truck for his Norba and World Cup travels. Stik, former wrench (and current husband) to Leigh Donovan, reported on stiksandstones he may accompany Lopes as his tech support for the season.
   :: from Sidd ThakoreJan 8, 2002
Wanna Be a Guinea Pig? Wanna Be a Guinea Pig?
Cyclists and Triathletes are needed for a study examining the effects of RESPIRATORY MUSCLE TRAINING on ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE.


Males 18 to 39 years old
Training with a cycling or triathlon club for a minimum of 1 year prior to the beginning of the study
No current chronic respiratory diseases (asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, etc.).

Study Involvement:

Recruited subjects will undergo VO2max testing, submaximal constant load testing, lactate testing, time trial testing and respiratory muscle training.
At no cost to subject:
Physiological testing with a detailed analysis of your current training status
Identifying areas of weakness, and suggestions for improvement
Possible performance improvement from respiratory muscle training

Please contact Sidd Thakore at 220-8949 or email at sthakore@ucalgary.ca if you have any questions or if you would like to participate in this study.
   :: from mentalJan 8, 2002
Race Face Extends Whistler Sponsorship Race Face Extends Whistler Sponsorship
Race Face Components has signed on a sponsors of the Whistler Mountain MTB park for 2002 and 2003. Craig Pollack, president of Race Face, had this to say about the park, "Whistler Mountain is a first class, world renown resort and they have done an amazing job over the last few years building up their MTB Park. The park is totally fun to ride in. They have been able to incorporate some of the "North Shore" type of riding that the Vancouver area is known for as well as a new breed of trails that are part single track, part BMX and part ski and snowboard terrain park. Even local riders are totally pumped to ride the Park." The park ridership has grown by over 50% per season over the last 3 years, with over 30000 rider visits on the slopes in 2001. The plans for the Park's future are awesome and will continue to aid in
establishing Whistler as one of the preeminent destination places to ride
along with other classics such as Moab. For the summer of 2002, lift
capacity will more than double by providing bike access to the Fitzsimmons
Chair. As well, several new trails will be developed designed to appeal to a
broad spectrum of the market. If you haven't hit Whistler yet, 2002 is the season to do it. One run down A-line and you won't want to go home!
   :: from Lars TribusJan 6, 2002
Red Bull Rampage, a Rider's Inside Line... Red Bull Rampage, a Rider's Inside Line...
On October 19-21 Red Bull Energy Drink hosted the country's first invitation-only, men's mountain bike freeride competition. The whole weekend was made possible by the hard work from the people at Red Bull, Global Event Management (the promoters of the winter X Games), Bike Zion, as well as many individuals. The contest was much like an extreme skiing contest. The course consisted of a mountainside, it was not timed, but did have a time limit of 4 minutes. Scoring was based on difficulty of line choice, flow, continuity and basically how big you can go, stick it AND make it look good. They had a diverse panel of jugdes including mountain bikers Greg Herbold, Shaums March and Josh Bender.

[Read More]
   :: from Radek BurkatJan 4, 2002
Extra clips from Second Coming Extra clips from Second Coming
Just got some new clips that ended up on the MPFilms, Secong Coming, cutting room floor. This is a sweet film that distinguishes itself from the rest by giving you the best big mountain riding out there. Yes, you have the huge hits, and the awesome tricks, but to see a rider straight line snow capped BC mountains is something else.

Check out some of the new clips and also Calgary footage that did not make it into the film and also the teaser. Pick up a copy of this flick hereand big thanks to the MPF crew.
   :: from Tony SantoroJan 3, 2002
Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park. Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park.
Boulder City, NV. -Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park consists of miles and miles of of amazing single track in the form of hardcore/technical XC trails and knarly World Cup caliber DH courses. Also a specific dirt jumping area. www.bchills.com
Team Big Bear from Snow Summit, California has recently taken over the hosting our race series. XC/DS/DH (info available for upcoming races at www.teambigbear.com)

Marla Streb, Lisa Sher, Elke, and a few other chicks filmed some scenes for one of the Kranked Videos on our DH runs & Bender's been there to do some big hucking video footage for Double Down.

...Just want everyone to know about the great riding here just outside party town Las Vegas.
   :: from mentalJan 3, 2002
Watson's on a Foes Watson's on a Foes
In what seems to be the way to go these days, Dave Watson has hooked up an independent sponsorship ride with Foes and Manitou as his major backers for 2002. You can be certain he will also be sporting Sombrio wear on his quest for the Canada Cup title. Dave is making the trip to contend the Red Bull Ride in Australia at the end of January joining fellow Canadians, Robbie Bourdon and Wade Simmons.
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