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   :: from ronnie duNGorOct 31, 2002
duNGor releases Shuttle Bitch! duNGor releases Shuttle Bitch!
Well, the riding season may be over, but the party's just warming up! After the ill-fated 'Towns With Funny Names Tour' - duNGor is crawling back outta the basement with the all new tribute to the unsung hero/heroin of the biking scene -

The Shuttle Bitch

Download the video here (in WMV format):
(mirror 1)

Download the MP3 here
(mirror 1)

   :: from Cro-MagOct 31, 2002
B-Team Does the West Coast: Thanksgiving our way! B-Team Does the West Coast: Thanksgiving our way!
While most folks would be sitting in the comfort of their own homes in front of a warm fire or enjoying a monster turkey and drinking themselves silly, we chose to do yet another B-Team road trip and drag out what little is left of the Canadian riding season.
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   :: from mentalOct 31, 2002
Nicolai @ Interbike Nicolai @ Interbike
Tucked away in their little corner at Interbike, Nicolai had some sweet goods from their formidable lineup to show, including the Nucleon ST and FR, the 2MXTB hardtail, Helius FR and the Saturn II. Like all of Nicolai's Nucleons, the ST, designed as a World Cup worthy DH frameset, features a Rohloff 14 speed internal hub mounted mid-ship in the frameset driving a singlespeed thru-axle hub at the wheel. The limited edition, German made frameset features more adjustments than I can count. Workmanship and details, like the Avalanche shock, one-point-five headtube OPTION and fork stops were exemplary.
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   :: from PinkBikeOct 31, 2002
NSX 6 - Diggin IT on DVD! NSX 6 - Diggin IT on DVD!
This just released DVD includes over 40 minutes of bonus footage!Todd Flander "Digger" producer of the Northshore Extreme Series including NSX 4 and NSX 5 steps it up a notch in his latest production. NSX 6 features 2002 Red Bull Rampage winner Super T (Tyler Klassen), superstar Wade Simmons, grandmaster Dangerous Dan and many others. $29.95 CDN (approx. $19 USD) gets you this sweet DVD + PinkBike stickers! And remember we don't charge PST!

Click here to BUY
   :: from mentalOct 31, 2002
ABA Annual General Meeting ABA Annual General Meeting
Once again the time has come for the Alberta Bicycle Association's Annual General Meeting. This Saturday, November 2, at 12:00 in the Red Deer Lodge. The Forums have been rife with complaints about the ABA and the state of Alberta's Mountain Bike racing in general. This is your one chance to be heard. Bring your friends, bring your family, be there and have your say. Let's help the ABA bring Alberta's racing to the level it belongs.

The meeting will last about an hour, and will be followed by a question and answer period. Please come prepared with written questions.

   :: from mentalOct 29, 2002
Marzocchi @ Interbike Marzocchi @ Interbike

Marzocchi, leaders in the freeride movement since the inception of the Z1 way back in ’97, have been forced to step it up for 2003. With legitimate competition coming to market in the form of Manitou’s Sherman and Fox’ Vanilla Forx, Marzocchi has completely revamped the Z1, Dirt Jumper, Jr, Super and Monster T lineup to keep pace. In true Italian style, they were serving espresso while showing off their 2003 goodies.

   :: from Radek BurkatOct 28, 2002
Dropin TV show Episode 1 is online!! Dropin TV show Episode 1 is online!!
Episode 1 - Drumheller is currently online and available for download.
Each episode will be put online for a limited time period so download it and save it to your computer instead of streaming.
(RIGHT click on the link, and save target as)
Click here to download Dropin Episode 1 (23 minutes playing time)

Windows Media Player required

DropIn is a new Freeride TV series that is playing on networks across Canada. It features a group of pro freeriders traveling across Alberta and BC hitting some of the best riding destinations.
For more detailed info check out

   :: from mentalOct 28, 2002
Fox Racing Shox at Interbike Fox Racing Shox at Interbike

If you haven't figured it out yet, 2003 looks to be the year of XC full suspension technology, and Fox is leading the way. Geez, where do I start? For 2003 Fox has a whole whack-o-new-stuff with cute little acronyms. No new DH fork, but a ton of innovative stuff none-the-less. In addition to the new Vanilla DH rear shock, there’s AVA, TALAS and the F80X Terra Logic fork.

   :: from DaverOct 25, 2002
24 Bicycles LeToy III Short Term Review 24 Bicycles LeToy III Short Term Review
This frame kicks ass. It was designed to kick ass and it was engineered to keep on doing so for a long time.

Here’s what makes this bike stand apart from the rest:
   :: from mentalOct 25, 2002
Tyler Klassen's Red Bull Video @ Race Tyler Klassen's Red Bull Video @ Race
If you've never seen Tyler Klassen ride, just imagine Dominic Hasek on a bike. Tyler posesses a very unique style on a bike. Arms and legs flailing, throwing the bike around unconventionally, somehow getting the job done. Both ugly and beautiful to watch. I was able to speak with him during the Red Bull Rampage (look to Pinkbike for interview footage from many Rampagers next week). One may think he's just another nut who's willing to risk life and limb, but my impression is Tyler's a very intelligent rider who takes calculated risks. See for yourself in these two videos...

Qualifying Run

Rampage Winner

   :: from PinkBikeOct 23, 2002
NSX 6 - Diggin IT is now in stock! NSX 6 - Diggin IT is now in stock!
Digger's newest movie NorthShore Extreme 6 - Diggin IT is definitely one of the best buys. Only $24.95 CDN (approx $15 USD) for over 50 minutes of Mountain Bike Insanity featuring 2002 Red Bull Rampage winner Super T (Tyler Klassen), superstar Wade Simmons, grandmaster Dangerous Dan and many others.

Click to see all the new titles and pricing

   :: from mentalOct 22, 2002
Foes at Interbike Foes at Interbike
Foes is one of the few old-school companies that builds works-of-art as much as they build bikes. The small company has just 11 employees and has been at the forefront of suspension technology since Brent Foes started making bikes instead of Off-Road Trucks. New for 2003 is Foes’ new fork, the XTD, available in 7, 8 or 9 inch models. The fork replaces last year’s F1 and its many variations, and features Curnutt’s internals, integrated stem, 30mm thru-axle hub and a leading axle design. In a similar vein, Foes has moved all of their Curnutt rear-shock construction in-house.
   :: from mentalOct 22, 2002
Santa Cruz at Interbike Santa Cruz at Interbike
Not much to be seen at the Santa Cruz booth that wasn’t there last year, but that certainly doesn't mean their lineup isn't at the front of the pack when it comes to innovation. The best news is you can very likely head down to your local Santa Cruz dealer and see these bikes for yourself. Introduced at Interbike last year, but MIA over the summer, the 4.5-inch travel Blur is finally shipping out the door, and Santa Cruz was showing theirs with a prototype 5th Element Air shock. Once again, I’m not much of an XC rider, but I couldn’t help but lust after the full XTR disc/Fox Float equipped VPP ride that weighed in at 24 pounds and change. If all goes well, the 5th Air equipped Blur should be available in early spring.
   :: from PinkbikeOct 22, 2002
Anne-Caroline Signs With Commencal Anne-Caroline Signs With Commencal
Anne-Caroline Chausson has returned to her roots by signing with Commencal Bikes of France. The company is headed by Max Commencal, former head of Sunn Bicycles. Chausson earned seven of her many World Championships with Sunn alongside Nicolas Vouilloz. Rumor has it Anne-Caro will spend less time abroad this season and may concentrate her World Cup efforts in Europe. You may have read recently that Anne-Caro and her Cannondale teammate Cedric Gracia were inseparable, and any team looking to pony up need do so for both riders. No word yet on Cedric's ride for 2003, but with his recent real estate purchase in the lower mainland, my guess would have him still riding for Cannondale.
   :: from James SmithOct 21, 2002
An Open Letter to OLN Canada An Open Letter to OLN Canada
To all the Canadian cyclists who are tired of looking at the OLN USA web site and seeing all the races televised in the USA but not seeing any of them on OLN Canada. Here is the direct link to OLN USA's cycling schedule for 2002, it will make you cry when you see what we Canadians have missed out on.
Friends in the USA are thrilled with all the cycling coverage they see on OLN USA.
   :: from ChelseaOct 21, 2002
Kyle Strait Video - Interbike and Rampage Kyle Strait Video - Interbike and Rampage
Just got wind of some video footage Kyle Strait and his crew have put together. At the tender age of 15 Kyle is able to hang with the big boys, as proven by his finishes in both the Red Bull Rampage and Freezride. Whether at the dirtjumps, 4-X, DH or just plain freeriding, this kid has some mad skills. He also graces the cover of this month's Bike Magazine pulling a huge flattie jumping a gulley. Check out the vid clips, and don't forget, right click and "save as".

Get the Party Started
Interbike - Kyle Style
Rampage Helmet Cam - Canadian Bacon Line

   :: from mentalOct 21, 2002
Turner at Interbike Turner at Interbike

As you would expect, the Turner booth showcased some beauties aimed at the DH/freeride market. In Turner’s own words, “Our bikes are designed to last a long time. Turner bikes have to outlast everything, or I’m not happy”, and their second generation DHR does not stray from that philosophy.

   :: from PinkbikeOct 21, 2002
Rotec at Interbike Rotec at Interbike

Let’s see, what’s new at Rotec? Once a major player in the DH scene, legend has it Rotec’s former parent company discovered there were much better margins to be found in the aerospace industry than the bike building business. As a result, Rotec bikes became harder and harder to find, and the company devoted little to no time to the R&D necessary to keep up to the other manufacturers on the scene. All that changed when long time Rotec rider, John Sullivan (Sully), of Gravity Racing Components purchased the company late last year.
   :: from mentalOct 20, 2002
Specialized at Interbike Specialized at Interbike
Since I mentioned earlier that Specialized was one of the my top two booths at the show, I guess the time has come to justify that decision. I’m sure much of the mainstream press will spend most of their time showcasing the Epic, Specialized’s inertia-valved XC full sus ride. Each time I stopped by the booth, there was another rider stomping on the pedals of their home-grown Epic demonstrator. Now, I’m not much of an XC rider, but I was certainly impressed with the lack of bob even when the rider was standing and mashing on the pedals. If the bike can balance that trait and still feature useable travel, it’s sure to be a huge hit in 2003.
   :: from mentalOct 18, 2002
Norco at Interbike Norco at Interbike

Of the many booths I visited at Interbike, there were two that stood out among them all, Norco and Specialized. No other companies had as many interesting, versatile, innovative and well spec'd designs that Pinkbike's core audience would be interested in. As in the past, Norco's lineup can be broken into many different sub-lineups. I'll do my best to touch on the North Shore VPS, Shore Hardtail, Supercross and XC series here.
   :: from Robb ThompsonOct 18, 2002
B-team rides Nelson B-team rides Nelson
It was supposed to be a renegade run. No extra days off, just a short day at work Friday and then we were off. We packed Cro-Mag, Nick, Steve and his girlfriend Sherryl and myself into Steve’s truck with our bikes and gear and set off to Nelson. While we didn’t add any extra days to our trip, a renegade run is usually a fast efficient trip packed with riding. Not this one!
   :: from Red Bull USAOct 17, 2002
Red Bull Rampage Video Now Online Red Bull Rampage Video Now Online
In what I'm sure is the first in a long series of video footage you're sure to see from the 2002 Red Bull Rampage held last weekend in Virgin Utah, Red Bull USA has been kind enough to release this 30 second teaser for your enjoyment. Take the time to check out the stellar photos shot by their crack staff photographers as well, though I still say they don't do this place justice.
   :: from mentalOct 17, 2002
News From the House of Hayes News From the House of Hayes

New for Hayes in 2003 is the addition of the Mag Plus, a “hopped-up” version of their Mag brakeset, the industry's benchmark design that has been relatively unchanged since it's introduction 5 years ago. The XC-oriented setup loses 55 grams from last year’s Mag through the use of a carbon fiber lever blade and titanium hardware all at last year’s MSRP of $249US/wheel. Hayes has also introduced a second generation 74mm caliper to their full hydraulic lineup. This design is slightly smaller and features an opening or window on the back of each caliper.
   :: from Marc BavineauOct 17, 2002
Disorder III video premiere in Salem, MA. Disorder III video premiere in Salem, MA.
Seaside Cycles in Manchester, MA presents NWDIII - Freewheel Burning at Salem Beer Works, 278 Derby St. Salem, MA. on Nov.5th, 2002. Tape starts rolling at 8:00pm and will go until the bar closes. We have tons of stuff to give away including a Santa Cruz Bullit, and lots of other swag from Bell, Giro, Blackburn, Camelbak, Chris King, Race Face, Fox Clothing, Oakley, Smith, Rocky Mountain, Mavic, Niterider, Pedro's and more. This will be our largest movie premier yet! Sinister Bikes will also be there with the new 2003 Ridge built up ready for demo. Hope to see you there.
Any questions? Visit us at
   :: from Darren ButlerOct 16, 2002
Dropin - medical update Dropin - medical update
I've just been released form the hospital in North Vancouver where I had surgery performed last week to repair two crushed heels. It was very painful, but the surgeon is really happy with how it it went. It was very long (about 8 hrs.) and I was kept in the hospital for a week afterwards. They found my right heel in 8 pieces, and my left in 15 pieces so I'm now the proud owner of a LOT of hardware. 3 steel plates and 19 screws now hold my heels intact!!!
   :: from Pete WebberOct 16, 2002
IMBA Grades Mountain Biking Around the World IMBA Grades Mountain Biking Around the World
The IMBA Report Card is expanding. The Report Card is designed to provide an
annual assessment of mountain bike access and advocacy progress for U.S.
states, Canadian provinces and other countries.

In addition to a letter grade, each area's key trail riding opportunities
and challenges are pinpointed. Grades are based on a number of factors:
miles of singletrack open for riding, land manager attitudes, relations with
other trail user groups, and the long-term prospects for mountain biking.
   :: from RUSS HAY'S THE BICYCLE SHOPOct 16, 2002
Disorder III video premiere in Victoria, BC Disorder III video premiere in Victoria, BC

Friday Oct. 25th at the Sugar Nite Club in Victoria (sorry no minors)

There will be thousands of $'S in draw prizes including a Ryan Leech Trials frame, Marzocchi forks and lots more!!!! Ryan Leech will be performing one of his Trials Demo's righ at the show.
For Tickets&Info contact Russ Hay's The Bicycle Shop at 250-384-4722 or vist them at
   :: from Radek BurkatOct 15, 2002
Magura at Interbike Magura at Interbike

Magura, with what has to be the largest brake family on the market, has added to the brood and tweaked the existing lineup. New this year is the Louise FR, that like the Louise features a dual piston fixed caliper, radial master piston and alloy brake levers in a stealthy black anodised package and 180mm rotors.
   :: from mentalOct 14, 2002
Gack USA at Interbike Gack USA at Interbike

According to Kris Gack, founder of Gack USA, building bikes is a pain – especially quality American made ones. Riders want more options than ever to personalize their style and image of riding. Long, short, light, durable, with mounts, without mounts, 20” wheels, 24’s, and 26’s too. The only consistent thing is the color – black along with a few random others. Looks like Kris puts up with the pain for your riding pleasure, because Gack USA showcased a very impressive lineup of bikes, bars and pedals.

   :: from mentalOct 14, 2002
24 Bicycles and Friends 24 Bicycles and Friends

The 24 bicycles booth was filled with the usual crazies showcasing some of the sweetest bikes built for the genuine enthusiast. Most notable was 24’s Le Dude, their megla-adjustable single pivot squishy frameset. Beautifully constructed, the bike’s travel is easily changed from 5.5 – 6.9 inches, and the head tube angles and BB height are also easily changed by moving the shock’s location. The bike easily fits a 24 x 3.0 tire with tons of clearance. First production runs sold out before bikes hit the floor, so if you’ve got one on your wish list, better let your shop know soon, lest you miss the chance to own one of these beauties.
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   :: from Radek BurkatOct 14, 2002
Titec at Interbike 2002 Titec at Interbike 2002

New to Titec for 2003 is a hot new line of products called C3. These are seat posts and handle bards produced with a custom Hand-laid Muscle Matrix Carbon Fiber process. Also out of the Titec Sub80 engineering department is the first ever full carbon fiber mountain bike stem weighing in at only 135 grams.
In addition new updates to the El Norte line for the saddles and handle bars beef things up with oversized bars at 31.8 sizes.
   :: from mentalOct 14, 2002
Red Bull Rampage Results Red Bull Rampage Results
First, please allow me to apologise for my lack of updates since Interbike's close last Tuesday. If you had been in Virgin Utah watching practise and qualifying rounds at this year's Rampage I'm certain you would forgive me. If I had to use one word to describe what I was a witness to in the Utah desert, it would be simply this... DISTURBING. Pictures don't do this place justice. As if the steeps, drops, gaps and jumps weren't enough, the exposure is absolutely nuts. One misplaced landing or some miss-timed braking and that's it, you're into a freefall. While I rest my weary bones, remove the dust and sand from my shoes and the crack of my @ss, and prepare the audio and visual goodies, have a look at the start list and final results from the Rampage. Stay tuned for more in the upcoming days, there's mucho Interbike coverage that needs posting as well.
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   :: from Radek BurkatOct 13, 2002
Mountain Cycle at Interbike 2002 Mountain Cycle at Interbike 2002

New in the Mountaincycle booth was their 9point5 frameset. In development last year, the familiar monocoque frameset features a cantilever beam rear swingarm connected via linkage to Progressive's 5th Element shock. With an MSRP of $1899 US, the bike features a linear rate at the beginning of its stroke eventually ramping up at the end to prevent harsh bottoming. Sealed cartridge bearings are standard on the 9point5, as are the removeable fork stops that have been integrated into the frameset. Dropouts are replaceable and Mountaincycle will be offering them in different wheelbase lengths as standard QR or 12mm through-axle.
   :: from PinkBikeOct 11, 2002
3 new titles in the PinkBike e-store! 3 new titles in the PinkBike e-store!
The truck has finally arrived and on it, 3 Hot New Releases.

NWD3-Freewheel Burning by Freeride Enterntainment, Riders Anonymous by MPF and Back In The Saddle by Pist-N-Broke all shipping right to your door. So what are you waiting for? Be the first one to own a copy!

Click to see all the titles and pricing
   :: from Rod LelandOct 10, 2002
DH8/Provincials DH Results! DH8/Provincials DH Results!
DH8 Went off last weekend in combination with the Provincials without a hitch. High wind and a couple of new course changes made for an exciting race. It had snowed a day before the race, so it was tacky, but a little slippery in a few sections.
The downhill was followed by an exciting dual race. The Dual was in prime condition after a season of input, a couple doubles were rebuilt and a berm was rebuilt and shaped as well. Thanks to all the sponsors of the race, and all the race organizers for putting on another stellar race! Click "Read More" for the results.
   :: from Radek BurkatOct 7, 2002
Sinister Ridge Hardtail Sinister Ridge Hardtail

For quite sometime now I've been seeing the odd photo or hearing the odd story about an East Coast rider owned company producing one hell of a product. The bike is called the Ridge, and the company is Sinister Bikes out of Peabody, MA.

Over the last couple of years Hardtail manufacturers have been sprouting up everywhere. Some innovate but many are simply re-branding offshore designs and marketing a new name or gimmick. Sinister falls into the innovators.
   :: from mentalOct 7, 2002
Mavic Mavic
2003 marks the year UST finally reaches the DH/Freeride market. The DeeMax wheelset has been replaced by the Dee Max UST and pricing has been dramatically dropped to an MSRP of $600US. With a new width of around 32mm, the new tubeless-friendly wheels have dropped 95 grams per end and Mavic claims the wheels are significantly stronger due to the lack of spoke holes in the rim bed. Spoke count is 28 front and 32 rear, and Mavic is offering the rim as the 3.1 for use in 32 hole UST applications. Rear hubs still feature 135mm spacing in QR only, while front hubs can be found in bolt on, QR, and 20mm versions.The wheelset is said to be available as I write this so those of you looking to run tubeless for 2003 should make that interest known to your dealer soon to ensure you're tubeless come spring.
   :: from mentalOct 7, 2002
Chumba Wumba Chumba Wumba
For 2003, Chumba Wumba will be offering the bike that was raced to a National title in the 2002 NORBA campaign by Lisa Sher, the F4 DH. The team bikes' bent downtubes won't make it to production and have instead been replaced with straight guage straight tubes. Hand formed gussets are found at all critical junctions and the rear swingarm features a new shock mount and outboard bearings for increased rigidity. The 8.5 inch travel frame features a progressive rate and comes standard with Romic damper, while Fox' new Vanilla DH is optional. A 140mm BB comes with all of Chumba's DH offerings as standard equipment, as does a 12mm rear axle while the floating brake is a $300 US option on both framesets.
   :: from mentalOct 7, 2002
Avalanche Downhill Racing Avalanche Downhill Racing
I have to admit, I was a little afraid to stop by the Avalanche booth today. You see, Craig and Eric were kind enough to send us out one of their DHF 8 forks for testing a few months back and I thought they may ask for it back. I'm still evaluating it... no really! As for what's new in the Avalanche booth, there's the DHF 8-Ti, a race version of their impressive DHF 8. The fork utilizes a single sided Ti spring and only one damper unit in the opposite leg. This saves over 2.4 pounds per fork for the weight conscious crowd, and the fork retails at the same $1895 US as the conventional DHF 8. Craig was kind enough to explain each part and its function and we'll be sure to include the sound bites in our DHF review next month.
   :: from mentalOct 7, 2002
New World Disorder III Premiere New World Disorder III Premiere
Last night, The Rain in the Desert Nightclub at the Palms Casino played host to all of the industry's movers and shakers. All were there watch Big D's latest creation, New World Disorder III, Freewheel Burning. Let me get this out of the way right away, this movie contains zero fluff.
   :: from Russ DayOct 5, 2002
Interbike 2002:  Day One, The Interbike Outdoor Demo Interbike 2002: Day One, The Interbike Outdoor Demo
With clear blue skies the Nevada sun beat down on the tiny town of Blue Diamond 40 kilometers southwest of Las Vegas today, for the opening of Interbike 2002. Invite only guests, media, exhibitors and biking celebrities mingled throughout the day before a background of the industry’s latest offerings. The products were not merely meant to be eye candy, most exhibitors allowed guests to take their work for a rip on the network of trails surrounding Blue Diamond.
   :: from Russ DayOct 4, 2002
Interbike 2002 on a tight budget. Interbike 2002 on a tight budget.
Pinkbike has arrived at Interbike 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada to bring you coverage of the latest gear and bikes from your favorite manufacturers.

The task however is not a simple one. Operating under Pinkbike Mike's shoe string budget, concessions had to me made when it came to travel. With insufficient funds for all to travel, some of us were forced to find alternate means of transportation.

I personally spent 3 hours in the unheated belly of a jet where I could only dream of snacking on little bags of peanuts with the Pinkbike executives.

So stay tuned for live updates throughout the weekend, and go to the Pinkbike store and pick up some merchandise so we can afford to get bigger suitcase for next year!
   :: from mentalOct 3, 2002
Interbike or Bust Interbike or Bust
The El Camino is packed full with cameras, bikes, laptops, clean underwear and all the Red Bull we can carry. Look for us along I15 between Sweetwater and Las Vegas, and be sure to honk as we pass by. We could use the wake up during our 22 hour drive south. Pinkbike's Interbike coverage starts Saturday from Blue Diamond where we'll be on the dirt riding the latest goods. Be sure to check back frequently for the best Interbike coverage and hottest people to be found in the Sand's Convention center.
   :: from Danny LarocheOct 1, 2002
Riders Anonymous Premiere Riders Anonymous Premiere
Only 3 more sleeps until the Calgary Premiere of Riders Anonymous. A bunch of the Calgary crew had a chance to check out the film at its Nelson premiere this past Friday and everyone is coming back with rave reviews. Everyone is saying that Dylan Tremblay’s section is something that has to be seen to be believed.

Our sponsors for the premier are definitely stepping it up with nothing but great prizes all around. Here’s a partial list of what you can expect:
   :: from MBHoFOct 1, 2002
Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame will induct six individuals at Interbike, Las Vegas, this Sunday, October 6th 2002. The Induction Ceremony will be held at the Sand's Convention Center, Rooms 304 & 305. The Show will start at 6:30 PM. The doors open at 6:00, immediately following the days expo.

Everyone is invited to attend.

Stop by and have a beer on us!

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