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   :: from UCIMay 31, 2003
Fort William World Cup 4-X Results Fort William World Cup 4-X Results
Still awaiting official word on how the full event played out. For now here's the unofficial results:

1. Greg Minnaar (South Africa)
2. Eric Carter (USA)
3. Steve Peat (UK)
4. Michal Prokop

Women1. Katrina Miller (Aus)
2. Moi Suemasa (Japan)
3. Anneke Beerten (Neth)
4. Tara Llanes (USA)

   :: from Dodge City CyclesMay 30, 2003
Jump Jam with Chris Donahue in Cumberland Jump Jam with Chris Donahue in Cumberland
What happens when you, dump 6 truckloads of dirt on a quiet street in Cumberland, add one of Canada's premier dirt jumpers and a host of other talented riders? A Jump Jam.

This Saturday, May 31st, Dodge City Cycles and The Riding Fool hostel, are bustin out with their grand opening. Balfa's Chris Donahue, along with .243 Racing Team of Rippers and a gang of ripping Island Grown riders will be airing a four pack next to the shop.

   :: from Russ DayMay 30, 2003
Seventh Annual Bear Mountain Challenge – B.C Seventh Annual Bear Mountain Challenge – B.C. Cup
The weekend of June 6th sets the stage for the seventh annual Bear Mountain Challenge in Mission B.C. The B.C. Cup downhill course has gone through some minor changes for this year’s event and it promises to deliver.
   :: from Norco BikesMay 30, 2003
Norco VPSFest Giveaway Norco VPSFest Giveaway
How would you like to have a brand new 2003 Norco VPS Drop? On June 15th, up at Whistler, you’ll get the chance to enter the VPSFest Draw Prize Contest. There will be lots of other draw prizes too—more than $5000 worth. All you have to do is show up at Whistler with your Norco VPS and participate in a day of awesome riding.
   :: from IMBAMay 30, 2003
LL Bean Steps Up IMBA Support LL Bean Steps Up IMBA Support
By making a multi-faceted, two-year commitment to the International Mountain
Bicycling Association, L.L. Bean has increased its support for bicycle

L.L. Bean is now the official outfitter of the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew,
providing essential clothing and gear for life on the road. The company also
supplies outdoor gear to IMBA staff and supports IMBA financially as an
Above-and-Beyond Corporate Member.
   :: from Debbie NelsonMay 30, 2003
Gravity Fest in Rossland, BC Gravity Fest in Rossland, BC
BC Cup is Back! Once again the face of Red Mountain will be riddled with spectators and competitors alike. The Rossland Gravity Fest will feature the racing disciplines of Downhill, Biker Cross, and Cross Country. All this excitement will be packed into one hell of a weekend; July 4, 5 and 6th. The base area will be packed with vendors, displays, demonstrations, kids races, fun races, music and food. Come join us for the weekend filled with the best that Rossland and Mountain Biking have to offer. Check out all the details at
   :: from Michelle LerouxMay 29, 2003
Panorama AMPS UP Downhill terrain park Panorama AMPS UP Downhill terrain park
Panorama Mountain Village, B.C. – On June 21 Panorama Mountain Village will launch the Canadian Rockies’ only quad-accessed North-Shore style stunt trail and permanent Bikercross course.

“This summer the freeriding at Panorama is going to be fast and furious. We are going to have the best Bikercross in B.C., with the most flow and the most pro-options,” says Byron Grey, park designer and builder for Panorama. Grey is well-known and respected in the mountain biking scene. Avid riders may recognize him from the highly successful Sportsnet television series “Drop In” and he has also ridden in numerous films by MPF.
   :: from RadekMay 29, 2003
Vote for MTB at the Gravity Games Vote for MTB at the Gravity Games
Tons of people emailed in about the poll on the Gravity Games website asking users "Which of the following sports would you most like to see added to the Gravity Games?"
I'm not going to tell ya what to vote for - you already know!

Poll is at the bottom of this gravity games page - VOTE
   :: from DarcyMay 29, 2003
Single Track Cycle Single Speed Race at COP Single Track Cycle Single Speed Race at COP
Get ready for our 3rd annual Single Speed Race! The event is open to single speed or mountain bikes. Don't got a single speed? No problem, select the desired gear and it will be locked-in the day of the race. The course will be on the East lands and will consist mainly of single track and will last approximately 45 min - 1½ hours depending on what category you race in. The $15 fee can be paid at the COP registration desk starting Sat. May 24.
   :: from Luc 'Acadian' AlbertMay 29, 2003
New 2003 Romic top Crown for Rock Shox Boxxer New 2003 Romic top Crown for Rock Shox Boxxer
Romic has been quite busy lately designing new and exciting products. Two weeks ago at the NORBA NCS #1 in Big Bear, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of their new 2003 Boxxer upper crowns; which now has an optional integrated stem.
   :: from Jocelyn LuMay 28, 2003
Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour
Join us in August and September for the exciting bike tours. Tour around the beautiful city of Vancouver, ride through the picturesque farmlands of Fraser Valley, tour the Saanich Peninsula or explore Vancouver Island's Wine Country in 2 days or join us for some family fun in Kamloops or Nanaimo.
   :: from Radek BurkatMay 28, 2003
COP DH Wednesday - Tonight! COP DH Wednesday - Tonight!
COP (Canada Olympic Park) holds DH races every Wednesday night so come out and ride and/or watch. The new course for this year has a lot of improvements, additions and all in all is excellent. No license required. The perfect way to test out your skills and try a new sport.

Registration 5:30pm - 6:15pm

Race starts 6:30pm

   :: from Kamloops Bike CampMay 27, 2003
Safety First Safety First
As everyone gets into high gear for our upcoming riding season, one thing is always on my mind, rider safety. We all like the thrills of doing something that we have never done before. There is always that chance it could go bad. It happens to the best in the business. As a rider of 10-15 years [I can't remember when I got the bug] it concerns me how Mtn. biking is being viewed. People think it's an extremist sport that is strictly a boy's sport. That is incorrect. Like every sport, there is a limit. It is human nature to push that limit.
   :: from Mike PorterMay 27, 2003
Mount Seven Psychosis - Coming Soon... make that V Mount Seven Psychosis - Coming Soon... make that VERY soon!
Geez, where did the time go? Here it is May 27th, just 26 days away from the Mount Seven Psychosis race (ver 5.0). That's right just 26 days until the gnarliest DH race I know of. Imagine 4500 vertical feet of white knuckle, hair ball, sphincter clenching, bug-in-your-teeth-and-don't-care-grinning, I-can't-believe-I'm-racing-on-this-nasty-ass-stuff, steep-as-shit descent.
   :: from Matt TurgeonMay 27, 2003
Save Otero Canyon! Save Otero Canyon!
Just outside Tijeras, New Mexico is a trail network that abuts the Kirtland Air Force Base. Otero Canyon contains over 20 miles of trails popular with mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians but could soon change. Citing homeland security, the Department of Defense is planning construction of an 8 foot high barbed-wire fence that would effectively shut down the trail system. Enter the Save Otero Petition and web site. Please take the time to sign the petition and follow the links to let your elected representative know how you feel about this potential closure. Not in New Mexico? Remember, your trails could be next... Check out for updates on their plight.
   :: from Chuck RobertsMay 26, 2003
Gravity Challenge 1 at Canyon Ski Area in Red Deer Gravity Challenge 1 at Canyon Ski Area in Red Deer
Gravity Challenge 1 at Canyon Ski Area in Red Deer is in the over and in the books. 56 Racers chanced the weather and where paid off w/ some great chair lift assisted DH action. The track turned out to be challenging to all levels w/ very few racers having two clean runs. Shorty's challenge (in memory of Craig Short) turned out to be both the fan and racer favorite with berms, single track, trees, and sketchy switch backs to content with! If you negotiated this area cleanly the Sphincter Drop was waiting with it's jaws open.
   :: from Mike PorterMay 26, 2003
Let's Play Catch Up Let's Play Catch Up
It seems that due to a dead laptop, numerous harddrive crashes, a move and the fact I have the attention span of a gnat some user submitted information has yet to be "processed" or got lost in the pile of crap I call my workspace. Some link requests, events and generally newsworthy items have fallen through the cracks and haven't seen the light of day. Because of that, we've set up the following email addresses to streamline the submission process. If you've got an event, news, or link request, please use the following addresses to submit them and we'll do our damndest to get them up.

   :: from AcadianMay 25, 2003
Mickael Pascal wins Maxxis Cup International race Mickael Pascal wins Maxxis Cup International race in Spain.
Last weekend was race #3 of the Maxxis Cup International in Pontevedra, Spain.

   :: from PinkbikeMay 23, 2003
B-Team - Road Antics B-Team - Road Antics
One of the hardest working crews in biking , the B-Team, has put a cool 16 minute video together of their Road Antics.
The B-Team comprised of a half a dozen hard working, beer drinking, and women and bike loving riders sets out each weekend for a different destination in Western Canada to rip your local trails, drink your beer and hit on your Mom.
   :: from Richard JurynMay 23, 2003
BC Junior Mountain Bike Festival BC Junior Mountain Bike Festival
2 Great Days of Fun!

This weekend, the folks who brought you the North Shore Enduro and much of this year's upcoming Whistler Gravity Festival have stepped up to the plate for the younger crowd with the BC Junior Mountain Bike Festival. The event is packed full of fun activities and some big name riders will be teaching the finer points of riding. Expect to see the likes of Dangerous Dan Cowan, the Baia Brothers and "Hoots" Jay.

   :: from Mike PorterMay 22, 2003
Some Thoughts About Risk Some Thoughts About Risk
The sport of mountain biking was rocked last weekend by the death of 33-year-old Japanese downhiller, Haruko Fujinaka at NCS#1 in Big Bear, California. Making the news even more devastating is word she was celebrating her honeymoon after just one short week of marriage. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Haruko’s family, friends and loved ones. Speaking about the accident with friends both in and out of our sport got me to thinking; mountain biking, especially the disciplines of downhill and freeride, can be dangerous.
   :: from AcadianMay 21, 2003
FTW Industries and Sinister Bikes form a new partn FTW Industries and Sinister Bikes form a new partnership
After a few weeks of discussions and careful planning, Sinister Bikes and FTW Industries have formed a more formal partnership. With this new partnership FTW's DNA will now be distributed and marketed by Sinister Bikes, along side Sinister's Ridge hardtail. Sinister will also be releasing its new DH frame this summer, which was developed with FTW Industries, along with some other new products.
   :: from Mike PorterMay 21, 2003
It seems I've got some down time, what is it you w It seems I've got some down time, what is it you want to see?
After a stellar weekend of riding that unfortunately finished on a low note, I've found myself with plenty of time on my one good hand (broken wrist) and asking myself, "What do Pinkbike's readers really want to see?" I know video probably tops your list, but how about interviews, race and industry news or product reviews? Or maybe travel articles, road trip follow ups and lifestyle bits? The doctor tells me I won't be hitting any big gaps for at least 6 weeks. I'll need your help to keep from losing my mind. Email any and all suggestions or requests to I'll do my best to give you what you're asking for. It just may take a while, I am after all typing this one handed...
   :: from Mike JohansenMay 20, 2003
DROP IN is almost underway DROP IN is almost underway
Here it is. The moment is almost upon us.
The Drop In Crew are 1 week away from setting out on another
2 ½ month road trip of adventure. The bus is purring ever so softly
(despite the pounding of our new stereo) and she’s ready to cart us out to Vancouver Island where we will shoot episode 1 of season 2.
   :: from Galeforce MediaMay 19, 2003
Downhill Event Dedicated to Memory of Haruko Fujin Downhill Event Dedicated to Memory of Haruko Fujinaka
Today's Downhill competition was dedicated to fallen Professional Japanese competitor, Haruko Fujinaka, who died as a result of her injuries sustained in a crash while practicing on the downhill course on Saturday. The 33-year-old from Kyoto, Japan was transported to a local hospital yesterday after her crash, where she was pronounced dead at 11:51am PST. This was the first such reported fatality in the 25 year history of NORBA racing at Snow Summit Mountain Resort. Prior to the start of today's competition, a moment of silence was observed in Fujinaka's memory.

USA Cycling would like to express our sincerest condolences to the Fujinaka family.

   :: from Mike PorterMay 15, 2003
Freeride Entertainment - Some Scoop Freeride Entertainment - Some Scoop
While showing me some of the best of what Nelson has to offer, Big D (Derek Westerlund), the man behind Freeride Entertainment, filled me in on his travels over the past couple months. They've recently returned from Costa Rica filming with Kona team members Dave Watson, Joe Schwartz, Robbie Bourdon, "Dik" Cox, John Cowan and photographer extraordinaire, John Gibson. Westerlund captured footage of Watson riding one of the sickest lines imaginable, dropping 15-20 feet into a huge bomb hole for barely one and a half bike lengths before launching another 30-35 feet onto super steep tranny.
   :: from Rye AirfieldMay 15, 2003
2nd Annual BIG Wheels Contest - June 23 2nd Annual BIG Wheels Contest - June 23
Rye Airfield and are joining forces to bring the 2nd Annual BIG Wheels Contest back to Rye Airfield on Monday, June 23rd, 2002 at 6pm.

This year’s event now spans two days. The festivities begin on Sunday, June 22nd with multiple showings of Aaron Chase’s “Killing Time”. The first showing is at 7:00pm to be followed by food and riding with a special MTB only session from 9:00pm until Midnight. Day two begins with registration from 4:30 – 5:30; competition starts promptly at 6:00pm.

   :: from Bob LeslieMay 14, 2003
Action Quest DQ Classic  Goes This Weekend Action Quest DQ Classic Goes This Weekend
This weekend, Penticton, BC hosts the 8th Annual Action Quest DQ Classic. Featuring a point-to-point XC, classic DH and an awesome 4-X course that weaves through the trees, this is an event worthy of the long weekend. Brad Ewen, noted voice of Red Bull's bike events will be there spinning tunes and keeping riders and spectators alike entertained over the weekend. Visit their web site for more details.

Note: No camping this year at Campbell Mountain, click here for a complete accommodation listing.

   :: from Thor WixomMay 13, 2003
Future Videos, Production Schedule, and an Open In Future Videos, Production Schedule, and an Open Invitation
This year, I am trying something new. I am posting the dates and locations of my production schedule and extending an open invitation to talented local riders to participate in the shoots. I have never done this before, and I don’t know how it will turn out, but I figure I will never know unless I give it a try.
   :: from Terra Logic Park IndustriesMay 13, 2003
Mountain Creek Resort To Open Diablo Freeride Park Mountain Creek Resort To Open Diablo Freeride Park
TerraLogic Park Industries, a rider owned company based out of Vernon, New Jersey is pleased to announce the grand opening of its innovative mountain bike park to be located at Mountain Creek Resort.
   :: from Fat FredMay 12, 2003
Cool Link! - Bike CAD Cool Link! - Bike CAD
Fat Fred sent in this link for a site that allows you to simulate in real time, in your browser, various standard fullsuspension and hardtail bike designs. You change the angle, animate your design, and look at the suspension travel graphs to see if you've created the perfect bike. Also some awesome home builts!Check it out the fullsuspension CAD at under BikeCAD
   :: from jon_e BeckettMay 11, 2003
Factory Descent-World qualifies for World Cup. Factory Descent-World qualifies for World Cup.
It is with pleasure that I can announce that all the team members of Factory
Descent-World have now qualified to compete at the World Cup, the first
round being at Fort William, Scotland on the weekend of 31st May - 1st June.
   :: from ThomasMay 11, 2003
Magura Freeride Fork Thor Magura Freeride Fork Thor
German brake-experts from Magura annonunced a new freeride fork last week. The OnepointFive-only fork will be named "Thor" and will be available in a thru axle version only. Suspension will be adjustable from 110-150 mm.
   :: from Russ DayMay 11, 2003
Trail Tales from the ‘Wack Trail Tales from the ‘Wack
At the head of British Columbia’s Fraser Valley lies the town of Chilliwack. Not so long ago Vedder Mountain, which is on the way to the summer hot spot Cultus Lake from Chilliwack, was once known for hosting cross-country races. Times have changed; the mountain is now home to some phenomenal downhill and freeride trails.
   :: from AcadianMay 10, 2003
Steve Peat wins Red Bull Downtown. Steve Peat wins Red Bull Downtown.
Was just reading on the forum that Peat won the Red Bull Downtown race today in Lisbon. This is the second year in a row for Peat.
   :: from Mike PorterMay 8, 2003
MPF Hits the Road Without Kinrade MPF Hits the Road Without Kinrade
The MPF film crew hit the road early this week destined for Vancouver Island. Equipped with a new cable-cam and a stellar cast of riders, Jeremy Grant will take care of all the filming duties this trip as Mike Kinrade was injured filming on Mount Station last week. Thanks to some serious training this winter, Kinrade is lucky to be suffering from a simple sprained wrist and a very sore neck.
   :: from Mike PorterMay 8, 2003
Mitsou Comes Home Mitsou Comes Home
I got a call from Travis at Gerick Cycle yesterday afternoon saying he'd found my little girl (Mitsou that is). A sister's friend's brother (twice removed?) had picked it up from some dirtbag at Lakeside for the paltry sum of $135. Figuring it was stolen, he let Gerick know about the bike and Travis quickly called me to confirm its identity. Thanks to Travis, Gerick and especially Chris McMechan, she's back between my legs and dammit, the sun's shining, we're going for a ride!
   :: from WMBAMay 8, 2003
WMBA Fat Tire Festival 2003 WMBA Fat Tire Festival 2003
On Sunday, June 1, at the Blue Mountain Reservation in Peekskill, NY the Westchester Mountain Bike Association brings you the 2003 WMBA Fat Tire Festival. Event runs from 10am - 5pm and all proceeds support the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Westchester.
   :: from Gordon NuttallMay 7, 2003
Juniper Ridge dirt jumps are no more Juniper Ridge dirt jumps are no more
These jumps have been the center of attention in Kamloops papers since the summer of 2002, when a dual slalom track was constructed on the privately owned land. We would like to set the record straight, as we have been closely involved in the creation and maintenance of jumps at this world-renowned area.
   :: from AcadianMay 6, 2003
Specialized is expanding their Freeride team. Specialized is expanding their Freeride team.
Recent recipient of the $10,000 Ultimate Freeride Challenge 2 grand prize check (courtesy Race Face), Matt Hunter has earned himself a spot on the Specialized factory team.

You can check for the official press release.
   :: from Brian LicisMay 6, 2003
Accept the Challenge XC Race Accept the Challenge XC Race
The Hardcore Racing Club will host the Accept the Challenge XC mountain bike
race on Sunday, May 25, 2003. The race is open to licensed and unlicensed
riders, as day licenses will be available for purchase on race day at the
race site
Accept the Challenge will be a selection race for the Alberta Provincial
Mountain Bike Team, in addition to being the single selection race for the Alberta Western Canada Summer Games Team.
   :: from Mike PorterMay 6, 2003
Help, I'm surrounded by boxes! Help, I'm surrounded by boxes!
It's been an interesting few weeks since I last posted here on the site. After packing up the family, bikes, furniture and whatever else we've collected in our short time on this earth , we're well on our way to settling into the new place in Nelson. The computer's upacked and using a painfully slow dial-up connection (until the wireless man comes tomorrow afternoon) I'll be here trying to catch up on industry news, product tests, articles and interviews. On a sad note, Mitsou, my beloved Minuteman was stolen from the Nelson Municipal Campground on Thursday night. Any information leading to its recovery will be well rewarded.
   :: from PInkbikeMay 5, 2003
Kranked 5 - now available! Kranked 5 - now available!
Now in stock in the Pinkbike online store is the latest movie release - Kranked 5 - In Concert Both DVDs and VHS available.

All orders now ship same day to any part of the World.

Check out the DVD and VHS in the store.
The DVD is region 0 encoding so it plays in ALL dvd players and regions.
   :: from Peter HollingworthMay 5, 2003
MAY madness sales at the US Planet-X distributor. MAY madness sales at the US Planet-X distributor.
In an ever-increasing effort to keep you guys happy, we have come up with several creative yet incredible special deals for the month of May.
   :: from Cyclingnews.comMay 3, 2003
Bootes crashes in keirin, ruins MTB season Bootes crashes in keirin, ruins MTB season
Wade Bootes' MTB season is in tatters after he sustained a suspected broken collarbone from a crash during a qualifying heat of the keirin at the Australian Track Cycling Championships in Sydney on Sunday, May 4.

Bootes is one of the world's leading BMX, MTB downhill and four-cross (4X) riders who had just started track racing after testing showed he had the potential to also excel on the boards.

   :: from PinkBikeMay 3, 2003
New videos you all have been waiting for! New videos you all have been waiting for!
We have just received three Hot New Releases:

Statement by Thor Wixom, DH Productions' Chain Reaction 4 and Killing Time by Aaron Chase all shipping right to your door. So what are you waiting for? Be the first one to own a copy!

Click to see all the titles and pricing
Just so you know Kranked 5 should be here first thing next week with RedBull Ride 03 following shortly after.
   :: from Velo NewsMay 2, 2003
New Jeep King of the Mountain series New Jeep King of the Mountain series
Mountain-bike racing needed some good news, and Friday it looks like it got some. VeloNews has learned that the mountain-biking version of the Jeep King of the Mountain series has gotten the thumbs up from Chrysler, and that a three-race made-for-TV series will get under way on June 29 in Wintergreen, Virginia.
   :: from Chuck RobertsMay 1, 2003
Gravity Challenge I - DH Race - Red Deer Gravity Challenge I - DH Race - Red Deer
Gravity Challenge I, DH Racing in Red Deer May 16th, 17th and 18th, 2003
Canyon Ski area is the largest non-mountain ski hill in Alberta at 550 vertical feet. The terrain on this hill is steep and gnarly and the course is sure to challenge the most seasoned of DH racers while providing routes for all abilities. The race course is approximately 1345 meters long, and the estimated top times will be in the 3:30 range.
   :: from Marshall RutmanMay 1, 2003
Steve Peat signs with Race Face for 2003 Season Steve Peat signs with Race Face for 2003 Season
Race Face Components Inc., one of North America’s leading producers of high performance mountain bike components and clothing, is proud to announce the signing of DH World Cup champion, Steve Peat for the 2003 racing season.
   :: from Vélo VertMay 1, 2003
Commençal signes partnership agreement with Olivi Commençal signes partnership agreement with Olivier Bossard
Commençal just signed a partnership agreement with Olivier Bossard and his society "BOS Engineering".
   :: from Doug CanningMay 1, 2003
Are you a Freerider looking for support? Are you a Freerider looking for support?
Well here is your chance! Dirtbag Clothing Inc. is looking to sponsor up and coming Freeride/MTB talent.

For more info email them at

   :: from VeloNews.comMay 1, 2003
Telluride World Cup cancelled Telluride World Cup cancelled
There seems to be no shortage of bad news when it comes to mountain-bike racing these days. Just a week after it was announced that there would be no pro prize money at this year's NORBA NCS races, VeloNews has learned that the World Cup stop in Telluride, Colorado has been cancelled.
   :: from AcadianMay 1, 2003
Red Bull Down Town Lisbon: The Return on May 10th Red Bull Down Town Lisbon: The Return on May 10th

Once again, the world's best Down Hill riders will bring speed and life to the historical centre of Portugal's capital, with a breathtaking spectacle. The fourth edition of the Red Bull Down Town Lisbon will be on May 10th and is expected to have all the ingredients to please action sports fans.

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