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Tyler Maine    Dec 31, 2009
Transition Bike's Factory Race Team for 2010! Transition Bike's Factory Race Team for 2010!
Transition Bikes is pleased to announce the launch of their highly anticipated Factory Race program!

To aid in this new direction Transition has hired Lars Sternberg as an athlete, and team director. Joining Lars on the squad is the world renowned duo of Jill Kintner, and Bryn Atkinson. In her first year racing professional Downhill, Jill will bring the fitness and bike handling skills that have made her an Olympic BMX Bronze Medalist and 4X World Champion to a whole new riding discipline. With many years experience racing at the Elite level, Bryn is a regular top ten finisher in World Cup rounds. Together they will embark on one of the most progressive schedules in 2010. While Bryn will be attacking the downhill World Cup circuit, Jill and Lars will be setting their sights on the North American race scene. In between World Cup rounds Bryn will be returning to join the team for key North American events.

More details, pics and video inside!
Leo Kokkonen    Dec 31, 2009
POC products - Review POC products - Review
This is a review and report of the following POC products that I've used for last season; Spine VPD Tee, Hip VPD Shorts, Bone VPD Leg, Bone Arm, Joint Ankle, Cortex Flow, Index DH and Iris DH goggles.

I started riding downhill last summer and I ended up buying a full set of POC armor and an Orange 224 evolution DH-bike. Since then I've been riding any time that I've had free time. Basically I have tested all the equipment I bought by crashing with them on, so I thought it would be good to write a review. I've taken pictures of each product after one season and I've also included pictures of my injuries that I've had while wearing this armor. I've also put some of my ideas on how to develop the products further. By the way I'm from Finland so excuse my grammatical errors.
Calgary Cycle Race Team    Dec 31, 2009
2009 Season Re-cap: Cody Ratte 2009 Season Re-cap: Cody Ratte
A brief recap of my 2009 race season with Calgary Cycle.

My 2009 race season has come and gone so quickly, and I can't believe that it's almost New Years time. Before you know it, we'll all be back in the saddle and ready to race for 2010! 2009 was one of the best seasons for me - being fortunate enough to get out to all the races that I wanted to attend, has always been a goal for me, and 2009 was no exception.

Season re-cap inside,
Tyler Maine    Dec 31, 2009
Here We Go Again - Trailers 1 - 9! Here We Go Again - Trailers 1 - 9!
Source:DH Productions

Here We Go DH Productions' twenty-fifth DVD adventure. We will bring together the old and the new, from the Andes to the Appalachians. Fresh faced rippers team up with our stable of shredders, showing that no matter where you're at or who you are, it's all about havin' fun.

9 videos inside,
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John Lee    Dec 30, 2009
Self Edit - Winter Competition - 2 days left! Self Edit - Winter Competition - 2 days left!
Winter is here and with the racing season now slowed down, our favorite spots are looking like the lost city of Atlantis and everyone else is eating mince pies and wearing hideous jumpers, we at Pinkbike thought that it’s time to cheer up your bike and each other this December. How you ask? By submitting a 1 minute, self filmed, and self edited video of you on your bike. And of course with some prizes to spur you on!

Prizes from Geax Tires, RNR Goggles and Pinkbike are all up for grabs. Read on to find out more and how to enter!
Tyler Maine    Dec 30, 2009
Steve Smith: in his own words Steve Smith: in his own words
Source: Ryan Kuhn and all pics by

Steve Smith (Evil /Red Bull) has become a household name in the DH racing world and is Canada’s hopeful for a World Cup podium. In 2009, he had a break-out year with consistent top 10 finishes – including the World Championships in Canberra, Australia. Pinkbike caught up with Steve as he started a new cycle of training in preparation for the 2010 World Cup schedule. Part One of this two-part feature is an interview in his own words. Part Two provides a closer look at how Steve prepares himself physically and mentally to beat the best in the world.

Interview inside,
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Tyler Maine    Dec 29, 2009
Danny MacAskill in New York Times Danny MacAskill in New York Times
Source: Rasoulution

New York, December 29th – Danny MacAskill and his famous Youtube video made it far and not only in the biking industry. After being interviewed by the BBC, the London Sunday Times and other mainstream media in the last eight months, Danny has now been featured in his biggest publication yet: He is showcased in today’s New York Times in the Sports section of the prestigious American newspaper.
EZO Brand    Dec 29, 2009
EZO Who? EZO Who?
A Girl's bike, big stunts and an awesome soundtrack make this one of our favorite edits so far. Daryl Brown, Adam Williams, Danny Pace, DPM, Ashley Staires, Blake & Ray Samson, Sam Pilgrim, Chris Smith, Craig Potter, Oscar Golding and Toby Ware take care of business in this one!

Have a read of the blog piece and check out the pics too.
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Jack Fogelquist    Dec 29, 2009
Fogelsode #8: Merry Christmas! Fogelsode #8: Merry Christmas!
The step-up gets really nice this time of year, so Matt and I cruised out there. We had a rad sesh and found a cool new hip transfer!

More details and video inside!
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John Lee    Dec 28, 2009
Week 20 and 21 - The injury and the come back Week 20 and 21 - The injury and the come back
The last 2 weeks have been a shock to the system - from injuries to my first win - the past 2 weeks will be ones to remember!

Read on to hear about the last fortnight of my crazy life and the training for Mega Avalanche 2010!
Dunbar Cycles    Dec 28, 2009
Dunbar Cycles Online EVIL Faction Winner! Dunbar Cycles Online EVIL Faction Winner!
Everybody who placed orders online in the last month at Dunbar Cycles, was entered into our draw for an EVIL Faction Complete bike!

And the winner is...
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Radek Burkat    Dec 25, 2009
What did you get for Christmas? What did you get for Christmas?
Merry Christmas from everyone at pinkbike to all the riders of the world.
Everyone has unpacked their gifts from under the tree and everyone has hit the boxing day sales.
What did you get? Bikes? Computers? Gear? Details, brands, models...
Let's hear about it all in the comments.
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Jordan Holmes    Dec 25, 2009
Out of Towner - My trip to Aptos California Out of Towner - My trip to Aptos California
Everyone I talk to about what I do for a living is blown away. "You do photos and video work for a living?" is usually the answer I get, and when I respond to them with "Yes, basically" they respond with "wow, if only...". Out of everything I saw myself doing after school, sitting at a desk working for the largest mountain biking website in the world was not in my top 5, or even 15, but I can honestly say it has effected me in an extremely positive way.

As my position revolves a fair amount around journalism I get to go on some fun trips, however, my most recent trip to Aptos California was my first solo trip on behalf of Pinkbike, so...

Click here for more info on my trip to California...
Shasta Outdoor Media    Dec 24, 2009
Shasta Outdoor Media presents "Shasta6" Shasta Outdoor Media presents "Shasta6"
6 riders, 6 friends. Shasta Outdoor Media brings you: "Shasta6", a bike movie from Mt. Shasta, California. The ski season has geared up, and our editing program is gearing down. Fresh from the now-white and frozen Mt. Shasta, CA, Shasta Outdoor Media and Hella Studios presents "Shasta6", a biking film shot entirely on the local Shasta trails.

Full video inside:
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Dylan Sherrard    Dec 24, 2009
Happy Holidays From The Bicycle Cafe Happy Holidays From The Bicycle Cafe
It's almost Christmas and we want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and toss in a few goodies for your viewing pleasure while we're at it.

Take a peak inside to view our shop team teaser that was filmed by Karl Heldt and shop team calendar!
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Luc 'Acadian' Albert    Dec 23, 2009
Cycle Clothing Company picks up US team Cycle Clothing Company picks up US team
News Source: Jason Schippers

Denver, CO- December 23, 2009 - Mountain bike clothing manufacturer, Royal Racing, has announced the establishment of its US operation. Union Sports Group LLC (USG LLC) will have the sole responsibility for the distribution of all Royal Racing products in both North and South America.
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Justin Brantley    Dec 23, 2009
X-Fusion Announces the Signing of Aaron Chase X-Fusion Announces the Signing of Aaron Chase
Source: X-Fusion

For 2010 we are pleased to announce that we have brought aboard one of the most talented all around riders in the bike industry with Aaron Chase. One of the greatest qualities that Aaron has is that he completely kills it on a bike no matter what he is doing. He has raced at the elite level in DH, Slalom and 4x and has stood at the top of many freestyle event podiums. Aaron also has produced multiple films throughout his very successful bicycling career and now launches web edits that document his progressive riding along with his life.

Look inside to see more!
Tyler Maine    Dec 23, 2009
Between Mountain and Sea - The Movie. Between Mountain and Sea - The Movie.
Source: Maurice Santiago

Myself and the riders in this movie hail from the seaside town of Wollongong, which lies a good hour south of Sydney, Australia. It is tucked between mountain peaks, miles of beaches and lush rain-forests. Wollongong is an indigenous Australian term for "Land between mountain and sea" which is how the name for the movie came about. It was like bread and butter to me, the name just meshed with the theme of the movie, and seemed to pick up a great response region wide.

Enjoy the Full Length movie inside,
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Luc 'Acadian' Albert    Dec 22, 2009
Northstar-at-Tahoe/Giant Bicycles Mountain Bike Team Northstar-at-Tahoe/Giant Bicycles Mountain Bike Team
News Source: Justin Swett

Northstar-at-Tahoe mountain resort and Giant Bicycles are pleased to offer a special grassroots program that reaches out to competitive mountain bike athletes eager to promote the soul, passion and genuine love for the sport.
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Jordan Holmes    Dec 22, 2009
Ryan Howard - Bike Check - Steeze Master Ryan Howard - Bike Check - Steeze Master
Ryan Howard is not a huge name in the mountain bike industry, however his name is well known around the dirt jump scene. Coming out of Aptos, California, Ryan Howard is one of the most butter smooth, dialed, and stylish riders I have ever seen. When Ryan rides it's evident why he took the "Most Steeze" title at the Ham and Steeze Jam.

Here is a bit of information from the dog's mouth about what Ryan Howard has been up to.
Jordan Holmes    Dec 21, 2009
Life Cycles - The Intro Shoot in Vancouver, BC Life Cycles - The Intro Shoot in Vancouver, BC
When I think about Life Cycles and the footage we have captured, the word contrast comes to mind. I feel the shots we have accumulated cover a big spectrum of everything related to mountain biking. Hence why we decided to shoot in the city for our opening title sequence.

Click here for info on the Life Cycles Vancouver Shoot...
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Szczeki Jaws    Dec 21, 2009
Scary Quarry - Road Trip! Scary Quarry - Road Trip!
Tommy (Superstar) and I (Jaws) took a short trip to the Liban quarry. A place which we explored that has a very rich history and on the day that we were there it was really foggy and scary to wander around. We scoped it out and found so much potential for great shots at this place.

Look inside for Tommy's great pictures and story.
Evan Young    Dec 21, 2009
Drop in to the beat Drop in to the beat
How music can affect a rider and their biking journey - Drop in to the beat!

From the rowdiest of metal to the most gangster of rap, music has an influence on how people ride their bikes. With the capability of having thousands of songs at ones finger tip music has become part of the lifestyle of biking. Some find it amazing to ride with music and others rather the sounds of nature. Personally, I enjoy both, but when the mood is right I plug in, and drop in. Since biking videos have been around people have enjoyed riding to the song of their favourite rider or segment from a video. Music has become more apparent in the biking world and there is no doubt that it will continue to grow with the biking industry.

Rest of the story inside,
Jordan Holmes    Dec 19, 2009
Go Pro HD - online store now offers HD Video! Go Pro HD - online store now offers HD Video!
Today's technologies are pinning along faster than Sam Hill. First off it was DV tapes, now it's solid state cameras, and the most recent creation is this ultra compact but extremely functional HD camcorder. We're talking about 1080p HD video coming out of something 2 inches long, and an inch wide. The all new Go Pro HD camera has a lot of nice functions, so here's a short video showing you some of them.

Click here for info on the Go Pro HD...
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Jordan Holmes    Dec 18, 2009
2010 Fox Shox - 32 Talas RLC and Float RP23 - Reviewed 2010 Fox Shox - 32 Talas RLC and Float RP23 - Reviewed
Fox Racing Shox is a big name when it comes to any form of suspension damping. Fox has recently re-done their drop out system, their FIT Damper, and their overall fork design to not only lighten up the complete system, but make it stiffer, and more functional than before. As well we will look at the new addition of the Boost Valve technology to the Float RP23 shock series.

Click here for info on the 2010, 32 Talas RLC and the RP23...
Tyler Maine    Dec 18, 2009
James Doerfling Interview and Video James Doerfling Interview and Video
Source: Mitch Cheek

I have worked with most of the riders in the industry and I have to say James is one of my favorites to work with. The way James thinks and mountain bikes is like no other. He has his own unique style and I would go as far as to say, Revolutionary! You can expect to see more from James in the future!

Enjoy the video and interview inside,
Tyler Maine    Dec 18, 2009
Rockstar Energy Drink launches! Rockstar Energy Drink launches!

Rockstar Energy Drink is launching an athlete driven blog site where the Rockstar Mountain Bike team is posting footy, pics and blogs daily, so come and check it out and learn what the Rockstar Mountain Bike Team is up to this winter! To celebrate the launch of we are giving away “Barred For Life” DVD’s and FREE Rockstar gear. Enter to win at!
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Tyler Maine    Dec 17, 2009
Paul Bass re-signs with Kona Paul Bass re-signs with Kona
Source: Kona Bikes

Basagoitia’s Epic Kona Ride Continues Through 2011

After a five year partnership that's seen both Paul Basagoitia and the Kona Bicycle Company at the top of the gravity game, the dream team will continue. That’s right, the most decorated slopestyle rider in the history of the sport will ride towards further world domination on a Kona for 2010 and 2011.

More details inside,
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Tyler Maine    Dec 17, 2009
Camelbak - The Don Pack - Review Camelbak - The Don Pack - Review
Camelbak started the Hydration pack craze and continues to lead the charge today. From sports to military applications, they've got your hydration needs covered. For us mountain bikers, it is all about a quality pack that allows us to carry all our riding gear and enough water to stay hydrated for any length of ride we choose to go on. Camelbak makes a pack for any style of ride and today we're going to look at the Don.

More on The Don inside,
Alex Gabriel    Dec 17, 2009
Hey! I’m in Mountain Bike School! Hey! I’m in Mountain Bike School!
Capilano University’s Sunshine coast campus has been offering a Mountain Bike operations 1-year program for the fourth consecutive year. With just under 30 enrolled students from all over the Globe, I’ve had the opportunity to meet new riders, ride some incredible terrain and learn an incredible amount of valuable material from the offered courses and from other students’ knowledge and experience. The program is intended for passionate mountain bikers who wish to know a little more about what it’s like to be in the industry.

More information inside,
Transition Bikes    Dec 17, 2009
Coming 01.01.2010 Coming 01.01.2010
The Transition TR450 is set to arrive in January 2010.

In preparation for this highly anticipated bike, Transition Bikes has embarked on a new race project.

Video teaser inside!
Andy Handford    Dec 17, 2009
Different Bikes adds new Burnaby location Different Bikes adds new Burnaby location
Different Bikes is stoked to announce a 4th location - in north Burnaby!

The latest addition to our family of local shops is Different Bikes Burnaby! Now open at 6661 Hastings Street, right at the base of Burnaby Mountain.

More info inside,
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Lucent Productions    Dec 16, 2009
Lucent Productions partners with Highland Park for 2010 Lucent Productions partners with Highland Park for 2010
Highland Mountain Bike Park and Lucent Productions announce Media Partnership for 2010.

Highland Mountain Bike Park and Lucent Productions are proud to announce a media partnership for the 2010 season. After a successful 2009 season, Highland and Lucent are gearing up to bring a wide range of video content from the park to the riders in 2010. “Partnering with Lucent Productions for 2010 was a natural decision,” says Mark Hayes of Highland Mountain Bike Park,”we want to sell the Highland vibe and Lucent always manages to nail that on film. I can’t wait to check out the 2010 series of Highland films by Lucent!”

More information inside,
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Mike Levy    Dec 16, 2009
B.C. Bike Shop Looking For Experienced Mechanic and Sales People! B.C. Bike Shop Looking For Experienced Mechanic and Sales People!
Do you have bike shop experience and would you like to live near some of the best trails beautiful B.C. has to offer? Then this job may be for you!

Read on...
Tyler Maine    Dec 16, 2009
Brandon Semenuk, Red Bull and SGC Kids Brandon Semenuk, Red Bull and SGC Kids
Source: Red Bull

Red Bull Rider Brandon Semenuk takes 60 SGC Campers Under His Wing.

At just seventeen, Brandon gives life lessons to aspiring athletes. Sixty stoked riders from the Summer Gravity Camps gathered for dinner at the Whistler Brew Pub. Local hero and freeride mountain bike prodigy, Brandon Semenuk was on hand to discuss his career and latest accomplishments. Brandon has made his name by winning prestigious contests like Red Bull Rampage and Crankworx Colorado. Whistler native Semenuk expressed his enthusiasm with his involvement with the camp and his experience in sharing his knowledge with the campers. Brandon explained “it was awesome to coach Summer Gravity Camps this year. Mountain biking is progressing a lot right now, and this is a big turning point. Each week these kids are showing huge progression. As much as coaching might seem like a job, it’s really not hard to ride with a bunch of rad kids that want to ride as much as you.”
Simon Paton    Dec 15, 2009
Lance McDermott - Three Year Deal with Saracen! Lance McDermott - Three Year Deal with Saracen!
Saracen is proud to announce Lance McDermott as the first signing since the brand was acquired by Madison earlier this year. The 2008 Nissan QashQui winner has signed a 3 year deal underwriting the commitment of Madison to re-establish this brand as one of Britain’s finest. Lance will be looking to repeat his successes riding the new Saracen Amplitude alu and cromo bikes, as well as working with the Saracen design team to develop a signature range.

More inside,
Simon Paton    Dec 15, 2009
Electric EG1 - 2010 Goggles Electric EG1 - 2010 Goggles
ELECTRIC has been making sparks and shocking the sunglass and goggle top dogs for almost ten years now. Originally we only had the big "O" to choose from. Now we have alongside Oakley; Smith, Fox, Spy, Utopia, Blur, POC, IXS, Dean, Thor, BBB, Zeal, ProGrip and Rockgardn and no doubt a few more..

Check out the 2010 Electric EG1 goggles inside,
Jack Fogelquist    Dec 15, 2009
Fogelsode #6 Fogelsode #6
It's been stormy all week here, but we were able to get out for a couple days and rip some trails in the rain! This made for some fast lines, slippery ladders, and drifty corners!

More details and video inside!
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Rory Waterman    Dec 15, 2009
2010 Irish DH & XC NPS (and Nationals) Fixtures 2010 Irish DH & XC NPS (and Nationals) Fixtures
The 2010 Irish dates for XC and DH have been announced, and it looks like it's gonna be a good year. The are 8 DH rounds plus the Nationals, 7 plus the Nationals for XC, plus many other events like the West Cork Bike Fest and The Epic Blast.

Full calendar inside,
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Jason Peters    Dec 14, 2009
Logan Peat - Bike Check Logan Peat - Bike Check
I got the chance to spend some time with Logan Peat at Woodward West recently and thought it was an opportune time to do up a bike check with him for everyone in land.

Look inside for photos of Logan's Santa Cruz Jackal and Logan ripping Woodward West.
John Lee    Dec 14, 2009
The Mini Mega 2009 The Mini Mega 2009
On Saturday December 12th 2009, both men and women arrived on children's mini bikes to attack a full on Downhill Enduro race on Stile Cop hill in Cannock.

Read on to hear about the carnage, laughs, photos and video that will make you laugh so hard, it will make your sides ache!
Simon Paton    Dec 13, 2009
661 Mini Downhill December 6th 2009 661 Mini Downhill December 6th 2009
On the 6th of December, 2009 and the Forest of Dean was the place to be. Christmas is around the corner but who is getting fat? Is it the Goose or is it you? Time to check out if all that gym and dirty road work is paying off. December time for a race? You bet, it wasn't even that cold.

Just muddy, very muddy..
Tyler Maine    Dec 11, 2009
Ibis Bikes Ibis Bikes
It has become no secret that I fell in bike love with the Ibis Mojo this past season and for good reason. No other bike in recent years has made me want to get out and ride more than that shiny carbon two wheeler that I spent the better portion of my season on. When we find bikes like this we try not to get too caught up in them as we know that we'll have to move on to new pastures sooner or later - that's what we do as testers, writers and lovers of this sport. Once it was my turn to move on, I found out about the Mojo HD - since that time I've been looking forward to riding one and seeing if it would live up to my Mojo experience.

Inside we're gonna tell you a lot more about all the bikes that Ibis offers the mountain bike crowd,
Jason Peters    Dec 11, 2009
Picture Of The Month - November Picture Of The Month - November
POD is a big part of, we can count on it being in the left hand corner of the site every day. I decided to take POD one step further and find out the POM, That's right Picture Of the Month.

Look inside for the top five POD's from November as well as the most viewed and fav'ed POD's!
Kristen Kastrinos    Dec 10, 2009
Loeka Tech Jacket & Pants Review Loeka Tech Jacket & Pants Review
As a female rider it is tough to find gear for all applications of riding and I am constantly on the look out for new riding specific pieces. Living in the North Eastern part of the US, I had only heard of Loeka Clothing through word of mouth, but never actually seen any pieces in person. Loeka is a ladies only clothing company that is producing technical clothing for us girls that
want our own gear that is made for us.

For the last couple of months I have had the pleasure of testing some fine women's mountain bike clothing made by Loeka. Owners Rory Harmse and Coreena Fletcher set me up with a pair of brown Tech Pants and a wicked-funky plaid Tech Jacket.

See how it all stood up inside,
John Lee    Dec 10, 2009
Kona Mash Up - Week 19 of 52 weeks Kona Mash Up - Week 19 of 52 weeks
This week I have been getting out of the Midlands and down into Afan Wales for a new breed of racing at The Kona Mash Up.

Read on to find out what The Kona Mash Up is, why over 400 riders turned up in the typical Welsh horizontal rain in Winter, rode for over 6 hours, and finished with wide smiles upon their mud splattered faces!
Calgary Cycle Race Team    Dec 10, 2009
2009 Season Re-cap: Luke Stevens 2009 Season Re-cap: Luke Stevens
I had a great 2009 race season and now that it's fall I’m relaxed and have time to look back on the summer. A big part of my season and the good times I had all year are due to my team, my sponsors and the great bunch of riders I see every weekend all summer long. Calgary Cycle has been awesome keeping my bike running smoothly and race ready. I’d like to thank all my sponsors, Calgary Cycle, Trek, MRP, Troy Lee Designs, Oakley, Dakine, Fernie Alpine Resort, RockShox Suspension, The Tower Group, Chromag, Industry Nine, and ODI. And a special thanks to the mechanics that helped me this season including Rabbit, David and Buckwheat.

Here’s a brief summary of my major races:
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Tyler Maine    Dec 10, 2009
OGC to Distribute Intense MTB Cycles in Canada OGC to Distribute Intense MTB Cycles in Canada
Source: Outdoor Gear Canada (OGC)

Intense Cycles and Outdoor Gear Canada (OGC) have signed an agreement making OGC the exclusive Canadian distributor for Intense, effective January, 2010.

Details inside,
Tyler Maine    Dec 9, 2009
Sam Blenkinsop joins Lapierre! Sam Blenkinsop joins Lapierre!
Source: Lapierre

Lapierre has been an active member of the international race circuit for many years now. For 2010 the French company has decided to take their sponsoring activities to the next level in order to reflect their export ambitions by creating a new “Team Lapierre International”, composed of the world’s best DH, Enduro and XC riders.
Tyler Maine    Dec 9, 2009
Chase Life #9 - Get yo 3's dumped! Chase Life #9 - Get yo 3's dumped!
Source: Aaron Chase

Do you ever wonder how those dudes get so dumped on those 3's? Maybe you're doing them the wrong way? Maybe you have to rotate switch? Who knows...AC knows.

Check it out!
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Luka Urbac    Dec 9, 2009
Leo Gamboc - Croatia's finest Leo Gamboc - Croatia's finest
Leo Gamboc is a 19 year old shredder from Umag, Croatia. I was able to sit down and talk to him about bikes and life, plus I have filmed with him through out the past 2 seasons.

Want to know more about him? Walk with me.
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Tyler Maine    Dec 9, 2009
Diabloween 2009 Diabloween 2009
Source: Diablo Freeride Park

On Halloween weekend, Diablo Freeride Park hosted its annual take on everyone's favorite fall holiday, a not-to-be missed event called Diabloween. Each year, the festival features tons of outrageous and creative costumes, thousands of dollars worth of give-aways and as much fun on two wheels as anyone can handle. Despite the threat of inclement weather, nearly 700 people attended the final weekend of the 2009 season, making Diabloween one of the most popular bike events on the East Coast.

Lots of pics and winner's names inside,
John Lee    Dec 9, 2009
The Mini Mega - This Saturday! The Mini Mega - This Saturday!
The Mini Mega - This Saturday at Cannock Chase!

Are you at Pinkbike wanting to join us for the most awesome, hilarious race ever? On Saturday at 10 am, riders from the midlands will attack a 1 - 2 minute course on Stile Cop aboard 14" wheeled bikes and under!

Details inside,
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Jack Fogelquist    Dec 8, 2009
Fogelsode #5 - Check It Out! Fogelsode #5 - Check It Out!
As you may have known, I am currently producing a series of weekly webisode videos! These document various rides I go on, tricks I am working on, and competitions I do. They also feature lots of the local riders, incorporating different types of riding. Here's the low-down on Fogelsode #5!

Mike Montgomery was in town for the weekend, so we rode various spots around here. When we went to the Funspot Bike Park, Mike absolutely killed it, throwing some crazy tricks over the big box! He even nailed his two new tricks, the M/M 360 (superman seatgrab indian air 360) and the Rodeo 360 (360 so dumped it looks like a corkflip at the peak)!

More details and videos inside!
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Tyler Maine    Dec 8, 2009
Brendan Fairclough Training Session Brendan Fairclough Training Session
Source: Jacob Gibbins

Brendan Fairclough will be holding a training session on the 19th/20th of December at the Gawton track . He might even teach you how to do his trade mark whip. The classes are limited to only 8 riders, so you will receive personal attention from one of the world’s best downhill racers and his coaching colleagues.

Details inside,
Jason Peters    Dec 7, 2009
X Fusion Side flight Championships X Fusion Side flight Championships
X Fusion Side Flight Champs was a "jam format" contest to bring together athletes in the true off season of our sport. This low key, friendly battle between friends showcased the talent these riders have. They were judged on Amplitude, Style and of course how sideways they can throw their bikes." - X Fusion

Look inside for photos of how things played out and results!
Justin Brantley    Dec 7, 2009
Andrew Taylor - Bike Check Andrew Taylor - Bike Check
Andrew Taylor just hosted AT's Showdown, held at the Cow Palace in San Fransisco a few weekends ago. Big thanks goes out to Andrew for putting on the event. It was a huge success and showed where Mountain Bike freestyle contests are headed in 2010! The Showdown had many premier riders and some of the biggest jumps ever built for bicycles. I met up with AT for a few minutes to grab some shots of his bike and talk about his plans for 2010.

Check inside to see more on AT!
Tyler Maine    Dec 7, 2009
STUND Episode 5 - Watch Now! STUND Episode 5 - Watch Now!
The final installment of STUND Season 2. It's been a great ride and I hope you all enjoyed watching the show. I know us boys had a blast making it. Getting out there, funding our own project, picking our favorite spots and having a rider owned production is what it's all about. It is allot to take on for Mike and myself in a summer as we still film with the biggest movies, compete in the big mountain comps and run a full time Pro rider contract. STUND comes from our own hard work and sweat with a target to hit as many viewers as we can from all over the world.

We do this by offering it for free! From the riders for the riders.
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Tyler Maine    Dec 7, 2009
Redneck Rumble - Scottish Style! Redneck Rumble - Scottish Style!
Source: Stefan Morrocco

A group of young enterprising Scottish Pinkbike members successfully organised a mini downhill mountain bike race with the aid of the Pinkbike Forum. The race was held at Braefoot, north of Edinburgh, on the 28th of November 2009 on a short but challenging track that was suitable for novice racers, but still fun and challenging for the more experienced riders. The aim of the race was to introduce novices to racing and to provide a fun, but still competitive, race for the more experienced riders.

Video inside,
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Tyler Maine    Dec 7, 2009
3rd Annual Kona Clothing Friends and Family Sale 3rd Annual Kona Clothing Friends and Family Sale
Source: Kona Canada

For 2 days only we're holding the 3rd annual Friends and Family Clothing sale, this coming Tuesday Dec. 8th and Wednesday Dec. 9th.

More details inside,
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Casey Groves    Dec 5, 2009
Team Ok - First Short Film Team Ok - First Short Film
Words by Harrison Mendel

This summer I broke my foot in Whistler and was wondering what I was going to do to stay in the biking scene. I was lucky enough not to get a cast, but end up in a "Robo Boot". I decided that if I couldn't ride, I would film. I knew that there was a lot of competitions and big jams coming up that would be great for filming. That's where the idea for Team OK came up, it was kind of a spur of the moment idea and it turned out way bigger than I thought with over 3000 views on the teaser! I couldn't of asked for more.

Inside are pictures and the movie, enjoy!
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Mike Levy    Dec 4, 2009
Custom Specialized S-Works Enduro Carbon - Preview Custom Specialized S-Works Enduro Carbon - Preview
There's something about putting together a unique custom build that gets the blood flowing, cold and rainy weather be damned! I've spent the last few dark evenings assembling a machine that has got me excited: our custom All-Mountain Monster, built around Specialized's carbon Enduro S-Works frame. With geometry that aggressive riders should love, 6" of travel, and a target weight of under 30 lbs - including the Truvativ Hammerschmidt and remote adjustable height seatpost - is this the one bike to rule them all? Have a look at our preview and weigh in on the S-Works inside and we're looking forward to your opinions after reading the article.

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Tyler Maine    Dec 4, 2009
e.13 Chainring Colorways! e.13 Chainring Colorways!
Source: e13

e*thirteen Comes Through With New Colorways Chainrings

e*thirteen wants to help make your bike look awesome. How can we do this you might ask?

With Colorways Guiderings of course!
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Edd Stevens    Dec 4, 2009
SixSixOne - Droid Neck/Chest Protector - Preview SixSixOne - Droid Neck/Chest Protector - Preview
Source: BTO sports

Six Six One had their DROID deflector on display in Vegas. The Droid is hard shell armor with neck support built into it (think Leatt brace). This patent pending piece of armor looks interesting and they are expecting to see many athletes on it in 2010.

Video and details inside,
Jordan Holmes    Dec 3, 2009
Graham Agassiz with Kona for 2010 Graham Agassiz with Kona for 2010
Source: Kona

Graham Agassiz Is Back - Graham Agassiz returns to Kona for 2010.

Aggy’s plan for next year is to keep doing what he’s always been doing—charging every contest and film and photo shoot, progressing the sport, and keeping everything fun along the way.
Tyler Maine    Dec 3, 2009
2010 Yeti / Fox Racing Shox Factory Team 2010 Yeti / Fox Racing Shox Factory Team
Source: Yeti Cycles

Yeti Cycles, who has perennially fielded one of the strongest teams on the World Cup mountain bike circuit, announced the 2010 Yeti / Fox Racing Shox Factory team roster today.

Returning will be six-year team veteran, Jared Graves, who dominated the 2009 World Cup circuit in four-cross, winning the World Cup Overall and World Championships. American downhill prodigy, Aaron Gwin, who finished top ten overall in World Cup standings in just his second year racing mountain bikes, will also be on board and will be focused on adding to his podium count next season. Young gun, Sam Blenkinsop, will race for another team for the 2010 season.
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Tyler Maine    Dec 3, 2009
White Style - January 29th 2010 White Style - January 29th 2010
Source: Rasoulution

White Style mountain bike slopestyle competition on January 29th in Leogang

The super sized White Style jumps pushed the airtime level in freeriding and turned a lot of heads last January. The upcoming fifth anniversary of the one and only mountain bike winter slopestyle contest is about to hit Leogang on January 29th. Expect a world-class set of riders and a mind-blowing slopestyle course built out of snow and wood.
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Brett Rheeder    Dec 3, 2009
Brett Rheeder Web Edit Brett Rheeder Web Edit
I'm 16 years old and my hometown is Mount Albert, Ontario, Canada. This past season was a great one for progression both personally and on my bike. I got to attend various competitions including Crankworx Colorado and I'm already looking forward to next season.

Inside is a look at what I did in 2009 (with a video recap), my 2010 plans and some pics,
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Tyler Maine    Dec 3, 2009
Joyride 150 - Markham Ontario Joyride 150 - Markham Ontario
Source: Colin Field

Markham’s Joyride 150 is reason for riders of all stripes to rejoice!

If you’re the type that can’t imagine going a whole winter without riding your bike, then it’s time to rejoice. Joyride 150 is here. Inspired by Ray’s MTB Indoor Park in Cleveland, Joyride is ready to quell any jones local riders will be suffering from this winter.
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Tyler Maine    Dec 2, 2009
Brian Bartlett - Left Side Inc. Brian Bartlett - Left Side Inc.
Source: Andy Tran

Where do I start? I guess the best place is to start when I was riding an XC bike. Brian inspired me to get on a DH rig. A little bit later we got connected to do a documentary for a high school film project, which won a few awards and an honorable mention from the student Emmy people.

For some reason I only got a B for the video. Anyways...
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Jordan Holmes    Dec 2, 2009
Tyler McCaul - Bike Check Tyler McCaul - Bike Check
Recently signing with suspension manufacturer X-Fusion Shox, Aptos' local Tyler McCaul continues to make a name for himself. Riding under GT Bicycles, Tyler McCaul, brother of Cam, has been putting in his time. Before injuring himself at Whistler Crankworx, Tyler was killing it, with some good racing results, and some good slopestyle results too. Whistler put a beating on Tyler, however, he's healed up and back up to speed.

Click here for a bike check with Tyler McCaul...
Philipp Bont    Dec 2, 2009
Fascinated - Trailer! Fascinated - Trailer!
Low Budget, Bike Movie Made in Switzerland!

For the 2009 season, the Stützrädli Crew (which means training wheels in German) planned something special. A low budget bike movie from Switzerland called "Fascinated". We just released our trailer, so have a look at it!

Details and trailer inside,
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Tyler Maine    Dec 1, 2009
World Speed Record - Richard "Gaspi" Gasperotti World Speed Record - Richard "Gaspi" Gasperotti
Source: Gaspi

211,5 km/h (131,42 mph)!? You can achieve that, too. It only takes a MTB, suicidal tendencies, the police to measure your speed, a piece of strong rope and a friend who will tow you across a long enough landing strip. And you also need a bit of luck and fair weather with no rain.

Details inside,
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Jordan Holmes    Dec 1, 2009
Stocking Stuffers for this Christmas! Stocking Stuffers for this Christmas!
Christmas time is coming quickly, and there is nothing worse than feeling un-prepared for such an occasion. To avoid this disturbing feeling Pinkbike has come out with some very worthy stocking stuffers for this Christmas. We're talking about stickers, DVDs, Video Cameras, shirts, and the slick Pinkbike Calendar.

Click here for Christmas gift ideas...
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John Lee    Dec 1, 2009
Week 18 of 52 weeks Week 18 of 52 weeks
I'm attempting to compete in the Mega Avalanche in 2010 - It's a journey of 52 weeks till I actually get there and it's gonna be tough! Read on to hear more about my week of cyclo cross, bike drama and mega missions

Inside are the pics, video diary and loads of letters from the alphabet, which form words that will tell you about week 18 in my training for Mega Avalanche in 2010.
Jason Mz    Dec 1, 2009
FireEye 2010 - New Frames FireEye 2010 - New Frames
FireEye has made a lot of changes this year to the frames and components to create a brand new generation of products. The biggest difference to the frames is the use of a 4130 cromoly hydro-formed downtube. You heard that right, hydro-formed cromoly tubeset. Up until now, almost all hydro-forming has been exclusively with aluminum frames. But this year, FireEye brought that technology to steel and have used it with our Spitfire, Bloodshot, and Shortfuse 380 models.

More details and pics inside,
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Tyler Maine    Dec 1, 2009
BC Bike Race - 2010 route! BC Bike Race - 2010 route!
Source: BC Bike Race

BC Bike Race - The Ultimate Singletrack Experience is ready to unveil its new 2010 route that takes riders on a seven day mountain bike adventure from Vancouver to Whistler. Though year 4 will not see a big change to the overall incredibly successful 2009 course, organizers have made some final ‘tweaks’ to fine tune the route and to include as much singletrack as possible. The 2010 adventure promises to truly deliver more singletrack than any other event on the planet.

More inside,
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