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Jordan Holmes    Sep 30, 2009
Paul Bass Invitation - "All in or Nothin" Invitati Paul Bass Invitation - "All in or Nothin" Invitational
It's one thing to ride a bike for a living. It's another thing when you can build your own training ground to hone in your skills. It's another thing again to invite some of the best slopestyle riders in world to come and gamble on their abilities to ride a bike in your own backyard and they show up.

If you build they will come applies here...
Mr. Gnar    Sep 30, 2009
MTBco's 2009 Fall Festival of Fury MTBco's 2009 Fall Festival of Fury
Following on from 2008's epic Biketoberfest celebration of all things mountain biking related, MTBco ramp it up again to bring you the Fall Festival of Fury. What the heck? And who's been watching too many old Bruce Lee movies?

Bring out those old martial arts costumes, a rattly old nunchuka, a plastic death star and let's get the end of season party started. Get your ninja on!
Jordan Holmes    Sep 29, 2009
Interbike Randoms - Unique items from Inside Interbike Randoms - Unique items from Inside
Once you attend the Interbike show you start to appreciate these big name companies even further. You see a fair amount of "cork board" booth setups that feature some lame products, simply hanging off the wall in no organized fashion. However, when you see a booth that features something unique you're more drawn to check out what it's all about. Usually these unique looking booths will feature a unique product, so here is a small batch of photos of products that I thought were cool from Interbike 2009 Indoor Demo.

Click here for some interesting products from Interbike 2009...
Steve Crowe    Sep 29, 2009
Kicking Horse Bike Park - Trail Crew Update #7 Kicking Horse Bike Park - Trail Crew Update #7
The straight goods on Kicking Horse Bike Park, straight from the trail crew's fingertips.

Another fantastic season has passed us by on the inside corner while we were busy enjoying the sun. It seems like only 4 months ago we started scratching the dirt to make it ready for summer, when really it was 16 weeks ago! And now we are putting the trails to bed for the winter, to hibernate along with Boo, the resident grizzly.
Mike Levy    Sep 28, 2009
Fox 32 FIT cartridge and RP23 With Boost Valve - I Fox 32 FIT cartridge and RP23 With Boost Valve - Interbike 2009
Fox Racing Shox has made some important changes throughout their suspension lineup for 2010 by expanding some of their proven technology into other platforms. The 32 mm series of forks will be equipped with the downhill proven FIT damping cartridge for more control and reliability, and the revered Float RP23 should become even more capable with the addition of Boost Valve technology. Inside we'll take a closer look at both of these systems and what they mean to the rider. Put on your learning hat as there are two great videos to watch inside!

Read on...
Tyler Maine    Sep 28, 2009
Full Boar Challenge - Kamloops Full Boar Challenge - Kamloops
It's that time of year again, time for the Full Boar Challenge at Greenstone Mountain in Kamloops B.C. The crew from Full Boar Bike Shop will be putting on the event which will include Saturday's XC - Piglet Race, Bark at the moon Hill Climb and Video Premiere and then Sunday's Enduro DH race and awards.

More details inside,
Si Paton    Sep 27, 2009
Southern Downhill Championships - 423 Aston Hill Southern Downhill Championships - 423 Aston Hill
15th of March 2009 was the last time we were down at Aston Hill and a lot has changed since then. A brand new track appeared thanks to Jon Holbrooks hard work. The sun shone and with more British Cycling points to throw a stick at, the race entry flowed over 320!

Even Scott Beaumont pulled into the car park Sunday morning, dropped three practice runs, one race run and then drove over to Chicksands. Why? To pick up the National 4x title.
Mike Levy    Sep 25, 2009
Interbike Day 3 - Shiny toys! Interbike Day 3 - Shiny toys!
In what could possibly be the most bling filled Interbike update in history, we bring you some amazing shiny bits from Intense in the form of their brand new Tazer hardtail and new Slopestyle rig. DT Swiss is in the house as well with their EXC 150 mm carbon fork, as well as some new and exciting carbon and aluminum mountain bike wheelsets, and if you thought Twenty6 products had some amazing pedals before, be prepared to be blown away with their latest and greatest take on the pedal!

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Karl Burkat    Sep 24, 2009
LAS VEGAS - Race Face Components, and Rocky Mountain Bicycles proudly present the world premiere of rising star filmmaker Aaron Larocque’s What’s Next? at the first ever live broadcast film premiere and VIP party: Breaker Breaker 09.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in.
Mike Levy    Sep 24, 2009
Giro gloves and glasses - Interbike 2009 Giro gloves and glasses - Interbike 2009
The Outdoor Demo is the perfect place for Giro to show off their latest gloves and glasses, with its jagged rock surface and blazing hot sun the new protective goods from Giro seemed perfectly appropriate. Come on in and examine the new DJ gloves as worn by Greg Watts and Jamie Goldman, the updated Xen glove, and the new ladies version, the Xena. If you are still enjoying the sun where you live, or even just want to be prepared for next summer, the new casual glasses from Giro look great for relaxing after a ride.

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Mike Levy    Sep 24, 2009
Interbike 2009 - More Interesting Bits From The Di Interbike 2009 - More Interesting Bits From The Dirt Demo
Looking back at pictures from the first two days at the Outdoor Demo it was clear to see that there was lots more to show you. I know some of you out there would love to learn more about the new 29" wheeled DH bike proposed by Lenz, the new 27.2 telescoping seatpost with remote reservoir from KS, a hardtail from Foes, and Commencal's new Absolut SX slopestyle machine.

Read on...
Luc 'Acadian' Albert    Sep 24, 2009
Customize your ride with hieroglyphFX Customize your ride with hieroglyphFX
NEWS SOURCE: Sean "Griz" McClendon

Since the late 1990’s, gravity racers and freestyle riders have provided an appealing look that best represents the sport of mountain biking to the youth of the world. These days, more so than ever, the amateur and recreational crowd is imitating the look of their favorite pro riders, and this is where the idea of hieroglyphFX (pronounced hieroglyphics) came about. We aim to sharpen the image of the athletes and their bikes in our sport – this is hieroglyphFX.
Alasdair MacLennan    Sep 24, 2009
2009 SDA Finals | Innerleithen 2009 SDA Finals | Innerleithen
Another race, another series, another year done and dusted on the Scottish scene.

The dust has settled (yes, there really was dust) so read on to hear what happened this past weekend:
Karl Burkat    Sep 23, 2009
Easton Components - Interbike 2009 Easton Components - Interbike 2009
While Easton had a small booth at the Outdoor Demo they certainly had it stuffed full of arousing bike parts. Inside we take a closer look at their new AM tubeless compatible (and rather light) Haven wheelset. With a magnesium finish and straight pull spokes, the Havens are one eye catching pair of wheels. On top of the trick wheels, Easton also had the Havoc stem and Monkey Lite DH bar out in the dessert, both with new sharp graphics. If that sounds interesting to you then be sure to check out the pictures and video inside!

Read on...
Mike Levy    Sep 23, 2009
Interbike Day 2 - A closer look at what's coming u Interbike Day 2 - A closer look at what's coming up!
Day 2 of the Outdoor Demo is done and dusted, tomorrow we move inside to the great expanse of the Sands Convention Center. There will be lots more to see but for now, have a look at what we came back from the desert with today! Inside you'll find pictures and info on both Yeti's 303 RDH and the new for 2010 ASR5 Carbon all-mountain bike, Banshee's Legend makes another appearance and is backed up by their new Spitfire - do it all bike, X Fusion 6" travel forks, and Commencal's 6" travel carbon swingarmed green machine!

More inside,
Moose The Mountain    Sep 23, 2009
Moose Mountain Trail day and 2knee Race Moose Mountain Trail day and 2knee Race
Yo, Calgary and riders of Moose mountain! Clear your calenders for the weekend of Sept 26 and 27th. Saturday the 26th marks the day to join your community with MMBTS to bring mucho trail love to Moose mtn.

Grab your bike and embrace your inner redneck at the 2nd annual "More Redneck 2knee Race" on the 27th sponsored by Team Pilsner.
Mike Levy    Sep 22, 2009
Norco bikes - Interbike 2009 Norco bikes - Interbike 2009
Day One of Interbike's Outdoor Demo went off today at the notorious Bootleg Canyon venue. There was a load of excited riders, tons of bikes, and some cactus to round things out. While there is plenty to come, we are going to start things off with a closer look at a few interesting bikes from friends at Norco.

Inside we cover 7 new bikes for 2010 and video giving you the lowdown on each model.

Read on...
Tyler Maine    Sep 22, 2009
Interbike Day 1 - Quick Hits Interbike Day 1 - Quick Hits
We are in the desert, where it's sunny and the breeze is blowing - that actually translates to "it's windy as hell and the sun in drying out my skin faster than I can put on sun screen." But we love all the new bikes and parts, so we "suffer" through the elements for all y'all!

Here are some pics to whet your appetites while the rest of the crew builds the videos and features from the desert Outdoor Demo for Interbike 2009.
Dylan Sherrard    Sep 22, 2009
Sun Peaks Season Ender Bender Sun Peaks Season Ender Bender
Saturday September 26th

The Bicycle Café brings to you the first annual Yeah Brew Old School Dual. Don’t confuse brew with beer, because brew is how you say bro when in New Zealand. This old school grass dual slalom is all about high fives, so run what you brung!

Details inside,
Deanne Coish    Sep 22, 2009
Alberta 4x Race Alberta 4x Race
Park Cycle along with Edmonton BMX,, Transition Bikes, and The Alberta Bicycle Association, are excited to announce the Alberta 4x race #1 and #2 on September 26th and 27th respectively. Lots of swag to be given away to participating riders. Entry fee for each race day is $15. Registration will be complete at 12noon sharp.

No late registration.
Justin Brantley    Sep 21, 2009
Jack Fogelquist is riding for Banshee! Jack Fogelquist is riding for Banshee!
If you don't know Jack, you should. Jack Fogelquist just hooked up with Banshee Bikes and is looking to make a splash in the slopestyle scene in 2010. Jack is from Scotts Valley, CA, which is very close to Aptos, CA, and will be a great training ground for him this winter. He just got his hands on Banshee's new slopestyle bike, The Rampant and their hardtail, The AMP. I recently shot with Jack for a few days with the new bikes.

Check out his set ups inside,
Mike Levy    Sep 21, 2009
Pinkbike Has Landed In Las Vegas! Interbike 2009 Pinkbike Has Landed In Las Vegas! Interbike 2009
It seems like only last month that we were here for last year's gong show, nonetheless Interbike 2009 is already upon us. Get ready to be inundated with a load of info on everything new and exciting for the '10 season! Expect more killer HD videos of new bikes and bits and tons of pics!

Roll on Interbike 2009...
Tyler Maine    Sep 20, 2009
WC DH Finals WC DH Finals
Sam Hill has won the World Cup Finals in Schladming, Austria and the overall in the World Cup standings! Congrats Sam! Tracy Moseley has won the women's race at Schladming.

Here are the top 10's in each category. Video to follow from MTB Cut later today!
Tyler Maine    Sep 20, 2009
Rossland Fat Tire Festival – it’s a wrap! Rossland Fat Tire Festival – it’s a wrap!
Source: Ryan Kuhn

It’s taken a week for me to sit down and write the recap of the First Annual Rossland Fat Tire Festival. Why? Because it took that long to recover and grasp what a remarkable success it was. From a unique all-mountain race format to a successful home-grown slopestyle course to a hypothermic blizzard that forced our army of 150 bikers to retreat from the 7 Summits, we may have a bona fide classic in the making.

Read on for the whole weekend recap and pics,
Tyler Maine    Sep 20, 2009
Ride Guide on Air Canada Ride Guide on Air Canada
Source: Ride Guide

Ride Guide now playing on Air Canada in-flight TV worldwide!

Ride Guide can now be seen on Air Canada’s In-Flight TV worldwide. Starting in September 2009, throughout approximately 200 aircraft, Ride Guide will be available free of charge on Air Canada’s EnRoute Video On Demand system, in the Travel section within the TV Category.
Ride Guide is a mountain travel TV series, where the hosts and guest pros, share their travels of skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking from locations throughout the world.
Karl Burkat    Sep 19, 2009
World Cup - 4X and Final DH Practice World Cup - 4X and Final DH Practice
Catch some more footage from the World Cup finals from Schladming!
Karl Burkat    Sep 18, 2009
World Cup Qualifying Video World Cup Qualifying Video
Here's a video from the World Cup qualifying in Schladming Austria.

Mike Levy    Sep 18, 2009
Manitou Dorado - Reviewed Manitou Dorado - Reviewed
Back in February of this year you may have caught our preview of the Manitou Dorado that we have had on test since that time. It's been a long time since we've caused such a stir on the website. With about 200 comments and too many reads to count, it easily garnered the most attention of any of the products to hit the front page in recent memory. But I guess that was sort of expected. I can't remember a single new product causing quite the crap storm of interest, but with carbon legs and a massive price tag it was bound to do that. And let's not forget that it is from Manitou, a name that many once swore by but that had fallen by the way side in more recent times. There are a few good questions to answer, mainly is the new Dorado really that good?

Read on to find out what we think about the latest wonder fork from Manitou.
Tyler Maine    Sep 18, 2009
Quesnel, BC - XC riding Quesnel, BC - XC riding
Source: Brett Hornfelt

Home Sweet Home - Part 1 of 2

It's always funny, how no matter where a person goes in their travels or where a person ends up living, nothing is quite like home. No matter where a person is able to ride. No matter how much fun is had, nothing is the same as riding at home. It's weird how a person can be riding some of the best trails in the world whether it is in Golden, Invermere, Whistler, the North Shore, Kamloops, Rossland, Bromont, Mont St. Anne the list can keep going, but nothing gives a person the same satisfaction as riding the trails you grew up on, and learned how to ride on. There is just something about home town trails that can't be taken away and will always be part you. That is what my local trails are like to me and this is what I am writing about, a couple local trails that get me stoked just to ride my bikes.
Terry Howard    Sep 18, 2009
OneGhost Industries - Update OneGhost Industries - Update
Fresh Goods, Some Updates and a Quick Review; OneGhost Industries Bikes

Last update we left you with some glimpses of bikes in testing and some tasty hints at upcoming bikes. Inside, we have the goods on some very hot new frames. Lots of pictures, lots of info, and a quick review.

Check us out inside,
Tyler Maine    Sep 17, 2009
Schladming WC DH Finals - Day One Schladming WC DH Finals - Day One
Source: MTB Cut

Scott Marshall is the man on the ground this week in Schladming, filming for MTB Cut and bringing the goods to all of you!

Enjoy day one on the course.
Tyler Maine    Sep 17, 2009
Specialized Bikes 2010 Long Travel Launch Specialized Bikes 2010 Long Travel Launch
This summer I had the pleasure of attending the first ever long travel launch on behalf of Specialized bikes. They chose the world's most renowned gravity place to do this too, Whistler B.C. Over the course of a few days we were introduced to all their gravity bikes and given park time to really get a feel for the bikes. Since this was my first time at a launch with Specialized, I also wanted to get to know the guy behind all their FSR developments and to see why they feel so passionate about FSR bikes.

Check out the 2010 Specialized long travel bikes and an interview with Jason Chamberlain inside,
Scott Bowman    Sep 17, 2009
NS Bikes 2010 NS Bikes 2010
NS bikes is a company out of Poland that most people have heard of. It's getting insanely popular, and as 2010 is around the corner we're getting a glimpse of what's to come. Stoked!

Here we have it boys: NS bikes 2010.
callum swift    Sep 17, 2009
MADE by Callum Swift MADE by Callum Swift
After making 'The Uprising' last year I decided to make another film whist at university. Having spent a year on the WC circuit I had made good friends with many of the top riders so they were stoked to be a part of the project, and I started filming at the beginning of the year out in South Africa with Minnaar. Since then I have clocked up god knows how many miles traveling the world to capture the fastest riders on earth doing what they do on some of the most knarly and fun tracks out there. Whilst I do use fancy things like a remote control cable cam and dolly, I don't let the arty filming distract me from the most important thing, which is capturing the true speed and style of these riders. MADE is a film about the fastest and most talented riders on earth doing what they love, riding bikes.

Teaser inside...
Tyler Maine    Sep 17, 2009
Logging at The Woodlot in Maple Ridge. Logging at The Woodlot in Maple Ridge.
*Attention mountain bikers and trail users at The Woodlot in Maple Ridge*

Please note that there will be timber harvesting operations taking place at Woodlot 0007 in September and October 2009. The main access roads will have logging trucks and or heavy machinery on them so please be aware and yield to the machinery and trucks. The areas to be harvested are blocks 14 and 15 of Woodlot 0007. Block 14 contains the trail QUICK HIT and the main access road up the hill. Block 15 is west along one of the access roads and not within the mountain bike trail area.
Tyler Maine    Sep 16, 2009
Rossland BC - Seven Summits Adventure! Rossland BC - Seven Summits Adventure!
Hurtin' for Vert 2009 - Part 4 of 4

The whole crew rolled into Rossland last night and were greeted by a feast fit for kings, not dirty bikers - thanks Nicola! Ryan and Nicola hosted all of us and even took some of us out on the town to really experience Rossland. The next morning though we were all fired up and ready to hit up the Seven Summits.

More pics to make you want to hit the road inside,
Karl Burkat    Sep 16, 2009 - 4 million photos and counting! - 4 million photos and counting!
Over the weekend we eclipsed the 4 million mark for photos on

We want to thank all the photographers out there for making PB the largest collection of biking photography in the world!

Keep your finger on the trigger and happy shooting!
Tyler Maine    Sep 16, 2009
Red Bull Burner - New Mexico Red Bull Burner - New Mexico
Source: Red Bull USA

The 12th Hour is the Darkest! Red Bull Burner set for October 10th at Angel Fire Resort!

More details inside,
STUND Visions    Sep 15, 2009
Stund 2 - Trailer World Premiere! Stund 2 - Trailer World Premiere!
We are back! We were never sure if we would ever do STUND VISIONS again. But after a few years stepping back from it, we realized that the demand is here to invest our time into another year! Free of charge and for your viewing pleasure we set out to our favorite destinations to ride, and embarked on the ultimate road trip. Williams Lake, Kamloops, Kelowna, and Nelson are the B.C. stomping locations.

Look out for STUND Season 2 coming to soon!
John Lee    Sep 15, 2009
Week 7 of "52 weeks" Week 7 of "52 weeks"
I'm attempting to compete in the Mega Avalanche in 2010 - It's a journey of 52 weeks till I actually get there and it's gonna be tough! Read on to hear more about my week of riding, new bike and free stuff!

Inside are the pics, video diary and loads of letters from the alphabet, which form words that will tell you about week 7 in my quest...
Calgary Cycle    Sep 15, 2009
7th Annual Scratch, Dent & Demo Sale 7th Annual Scratch, Dent & Demo Sale
As the summer of 2009 comes to an end - we're ready to clean house here at Calgary Cycle so we can make some room for the spanky new 2010 models. We're clearing out all of our demo bikes, new 2009 bikes, clothing, gear and select helmets. We've got wicked deals from brands like Trek, Santa Cruz, Devinci, Gary Fisher, Yeti, Ibis, Shimano, Avid, RockShox, Troy Lee Designs, Dakine, Sombrio & more. And yes, in true Calgary Cycle fashion- there will be hot dogs and pops for everyone on Saturday!

Read on to check out some of the deals we've got going on...
Jordan Holmes    Sep 14, 2009
NWD 10 Dust and Bones - World Premiere Party at In NWD 10 Dust and Bones - World Premiere Party at Interbike
Special advance ticket pricing online now!

NWD 10 "Dust & Bones" premiere party is set to blow out Las Vegas on Wednesday, September 23rd in the Rain in the Desert at the Palms Casino."Dust & Bones" is the final chapter in the epic saga known as New World Disorder. Shot in high definition with RED cameras you' ll witness the ultimate throw down segment by Darren Berrecloth, unbelievable back flip combinations from Greg Watts and the new school styles of Graham Agassiz. Follow the Clump, Stumps and Jumps Tour as they jam the west coast and entertain a Giants baseball game from the Hell Barge in San Francisco Bay. Watch Paul Basagoitia slay his personal playground in Nevada, Gee Atherton "keep it lit" through the forests of Italy and Aaron Chase with Adam Hauck session Highland MTB park in New Hampshire. Pile in the rest of the top freeriders, dirt jumpers and slopestylers and this world class film will have you reeling.

If you are gonna be in Vegas, order your ticket NOW!
Tyler Maine    Sep 14, 2009
Nelson BC - Heli Drop in the Kootenays! Nelson BC - Heli Drop in the Kootenays!
Hurtin' for Vert 2009 - Part 3 of 4

The wrangling of riders (aka herding cats) is getting tougher on day 3 as our guide informed us to be ready to roll out for 930AM, but 2/3 of the crew must have missed that part and found their way back post breakfast at 1030. Now we'd have to book it in order to get the Paper Bag ride in and then be at the beach for our 1PM heli pick up. Yep today is all about helicopters and bicycles. They really do go hand in hand!

Many glorious pics and very few words inside,
Tyler Maine    Sep 14, 2009
Greater Toronto Area - Indoor Park! Greater Toronto Area - Indoor Park!
Source: GTA Bike Park

Opening Soon: Canada's first indoor all-season multi-discipline bike park.

Greater Toronto Area – A 90,000sq/ft indoor bike park will open its doors this fall for bike riders of various disciplines & skill levels.
Tyler Maine    Sep 13, 2009
Yeti at the World Championships Yeti at the World Championships
For me it was so great to see Jared Graves finally win the World Championships for 4X as he's been the top contender and then little stupid things have happened, be it at WC Champs or the Olympics for BMX and he's out. This man deserved the win and thankfully Yeti captured the whole World Champs on video to share with all of us.

Enjoy the 2 videos from Yeti inside,
Si Paton    Sep 12, 2009
Euro Bike Part 4 and Final. Euro Bike Part 4 and Final.
That's it, it's over, a quick whistle stop tour of Eurobike.

We were there for less than two days and ran around ragged to bring you a quick snap shot of what is new in our World.

Here's the last of the goodies from Charley's camera,
Tyler Maine    Sep 11, 2009
Fabien Barel - Bike Check Fabien Barel - Bike Check
Multi time World Champion Fabien Barel has had a really great season by most standards - especially considering he was injured early season in South Africa where he dislocated his knee. Upon returning to the World Cup circuit he won Maribor, then his national championships, followed up by a 5th at Mount Saint Anne. We ran into Fabien after his fifth place at MSA and got to talk to him about his new team, racing and the all new Mondraker Summum DH race bike that he's on.

Video interview and details inside,
Tyler Maine    Sep 11, 2009
Darcy Turenne Love Affair Darcy Turenne Love Affair
Source: Darcy Turenne

The other day while I was walking through the park in Victoria with my bow and arrow, I happened to see a black and pink Dakine carry-on suitcase (the rarest kind) in the grass. After I shot it with a low-dosage tranquilizer, our connection was instant - it was love at first sight. My getaway wasn't as smooth as I hoped it would be, but I don't think anybody saw the kidnap occur. When we finally made it home, it turns out we had a lot in common! We both love biking (he's not much of a jumper though), picnics, playing piano, cooking, dancing, and spending time on the ocean. As it turns out, it was all a ploy for him to get closer to my cooler. I can't believe I could be so stupid! Love is blind I guess...

Video inside of this love affair,

*Editor's Note - the following video was done as a joke and all viewers must possess a sense of humor before proceeding.*
Si Paton    Sep 11, 2009
Euro Bike - Part 3 Euro Bike - Part 3
Charley Boy and I are roaming around doing work for next year's NPS race series and when ever we get a chance, we're firing pics of parts that we think are pretty cool and hope you'll like to check out too.

Here is a look at some more cool stuff from Canfield Bros, TLD and even some BEER goggles!
NS Bikes    Sep 11, 2009
Martin Söderström dominates Eurobike! Martin Söderström dominates Eurobike!
Martin Söderström won the mountain bike dirt jump, as well as the 4X competition at the international Eurobike tradeshow in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The young NS Bikes team rider from Sweden is the first one ever to dominate both disciplines at Eurobike.

“I am super stoked about my double victory in 4x and dirt. I just entered the 4X for fun and then I won it along with the dirt jump contest. It feels like another great win, even though it wasn’t the biggest contest!” said Martin, who already podiumed at a whole bunch of freeride competitions this season. He just won the Send It Jam in Are, Sweden on the last weekend in August, which added to his several wins in 2009. But certainly his 3rd place at the Crankworx Slopestyle in Whistler was his biggest success in 2009.
Alasdair MacLennan    Sep 10, 2009
Borderline Events - Kill The Bill 2009 Borderline Events - Kill The Bill 2009
It has to be said, Fort William in September has never had a history of bringing glorious sunshine and record temperatures. But that didn’t dampen the spirit of Mike at Borderline events who, in an effort to bring a slightly different feel to racing down the slopes of Aonoch Mhor, chose to run an end of season race on the first weekend of September. And it is an event that many of the entrants won’t forget in a hurry.

Read on for what happened over the course of the weekend.
Si Paton    Sep 10, 2009
Pearce Cycles Round 5 - The Final at Bucknell. Pearce Cycles Round 5 - The Final at Bucknell.
Sunday morning, the crack of dawn and we were rudely awoken by screams and shouts, "Barel's in the hot seat"... From the top field we're receiving live commentary. Chris Derry and Co were receiving live updates courtesy of their mate sat at home on the net and a mobile phone. "PEATY'S WON, PEATY'S WON, PEATY'S WON". No better start to the day than that, every Down Hill Mountain Biker, no matter what nationality will know where they were the moment that headline went off.

So there was our alarm clock, with a start to the day like that, everybody was smiles all round and you knew no matter what happened in your race, today was going to be a good one.
Tyler Maine    Sep 10, 2009
Nelson BC - Baldface Lodge, Cherry Tops and Shanno Nelson BC - Baldface Lodge, Cherry Tops and Shannon Pass rides
Hurtin' for Vert 2009 - Part 2 of 4

Since we’d been too tired from day one to drive south into the Kootenays during the night, we were all stoked when Lorraine said that we could stay under her roof and then get up super early to head to the Galena Bay ferry for our trip to Nelson. Our game plan today – head to Nelson, meet Pat Williams of Dirt Tours and go ride at Bald Face lodge. Today we can expect steep hike a bikes and lots of descending!

Check out day 1 from Nelson, B.C. inside!
Tyler Maine    Sep 10, 2009
Nukeproof Reactor Light Nukeproof Reactor Light
Source: Nuke Proof

Offering 900Lumens of night-blasting power with a burn time of 4hrs, NukeProof's Reactor light is one of the highest performing light units on the market. Packaged complete with different diffuser lens, a helmet mount, a very smart charger, all for an incredible price, it's sure to be a top seller for commuters and offroad night-riders alike.

Full details inside,
Tyler Maine    Sep 10, 2009
Silver Star Resort - Last Weekend of '09 Silver Star Resort - Last Weekend of '09
First the Beatles re-release their entire catalog, digitally remastered. Next Silver Star sets to open for its first ever 'bonus weekend' of mountain biking, slated for Sept. 11 and 12.

"I think it's safe to say we're bigger than the Beatles, at least in the mountain bike community," jokes Cam Soresnen, Silver Star Bike Park director. "Just like the Fab Four, we're expecting big sales this weekend."
Tyler Maine    Sep 9, 2009
Manitou Dorado Pro - 29er? Manitou Dorado Pro - 29er?
Source: Manitou

Pinkbike, the Dorado Pro is here… The attached pics are from Eurobike and a decal is missing from the upper part of the leg between the clamps. We’ll have the final decals dialed for Vegas.

Aluminum legged, same internals, 6.55lbs and comes in both 26 and 29er versions. Let me help you back into your chair. We’ve partnered with a few 29er frame makers and you’ll see them at ODD. I’m sure the PB faithful are going to freak on the 29er version, let the fur fly!
Tyler Maine    Sep 9, 2009
Ibis Mojo - Review Ibis Mojo - Review
Back in April I decided to build up an All Mountain machine that is the Ibis Mojo after reading an article by Calgary Cycle and being curious after Brian Lopes made the move to this brand. This season I really wanted to re-align myself with mountain biking and earning the whole ride, not just the descents and I found what I was looking for after building up the Mojo. Building up a bike that let me climb with ease and not be scared to bits on the descents is what I needed.

Full article and tons of pics inside,
Jordan Holmes    Sep 9, 2009
2010 Mongoose Bikes 2010 Mongoose Bikes
Mongoose Bikes sent through some photos of their 2010 lineup. All the new Mongoose bikes not only look good but have a well thought out component groups that makes them cost effective, and weight conscious.

2010 Mongoose bikes inside,
Tyler Maine    Sep 8, 2009
Revelstoke BC - Martha Creek and Keystone rides Revelstoke BC - Martha Creek and Keystone rides
Hurtin' for Vert 2009 - Part 1 of 4

Part one sees the gang in Revelstoke, B.C. riding Martha Creek and then Keystone at Standard Basin. Rough trip plan was simple - meet in Revy on Wednesday night, then get up and ride on Thursday. Obviously nothing is that simple, but our group is well versed in how trips work and we were locked, loaded and caffeined up and on the trail before noon. High alpine riding here we come!

Check out all the amazing pics inside, and some words on the trip too!
Tyler Maine    Sep 8, 2009
Slope Sistair III - Recap Slope Sistair III - Recap
Source: Steph

At some point during organizing SlopeSistair III, I realized that the more planning I put into the event, the more likely I’d be disappointed when it ended up being challenged. And it started right away, when a starving Darcy arrived in Seattle and watched the food channel for an hour, while I spent an hour with a patient who’d arrived as we were on our way to Seattle to meet my friends for supper. And it didn’t stop there. All weekend the heat and dry air put all the riders to the test, ranch cat Chloe woke us every morning with Christina Aguilera vocals, and the girls arrivals were delayed due to school and work. Making decisions for an entire group of girls ain’t easy, so this year I decided to use majority vote!

Pics of girls in action and weekend recap inside,
Rob Church    Sep 8, 2009
Velo City - An Exhibit Velo City - An Exhibit
A small diversion filled with childhood memories and some lesser known stuff.

I spent a few days a couple of weeks ago in Whistler riding the park and have three more days booked at the end of this month, so what to do between bike trips? Why not visit the Museum of Vancouver Exhibit titled ‘Velo-City’.

Enjoy the pictures from the Exhibit inside,
Luc 'Acadian' Albert    Sep 8, 2009
GoPro Firmware Upgrade for GoPro 5MP Cameras GoPro Firmware Upgrade for GoPro 5MP Cameras
Just got word from the fine folks at Point of View Cameras that there is now a Firmware upgrade for the GoPro Hero Wide 5MP camera.

The new firmware version includes the following benefits:

- Improved auto exposure processing to help in extreme bright lighting conditions (like snow covered slopes)
- Allows camera to record to larger SD cards (up to 8GB) and you can now record up to 4GB in one file.
Jordan Holmes    Sep 7, 2009
New Race Face components - Anodized and Carbon New Race Face components - Anodized and Carbon
With the success of Race Face's proprietary Optimized Carbon Technology program, Race Face has decided to take another step into making your bike lighter, and stronger while still providing you with the same ride comfort and reliability you need. SixC (the c is silent, eh!) is the next step in cranks and handlebar development being constructed out of carbon fiber. SixC is a true AM/FR product, 20+ grams lighter than anything else out there and perfectly suited for the 5 to 6 inch travel range. Here is some information on the new lineup.

Check it all inside,
Mike Estes    Sep 7, 2009
Momentum Bikes Super D Scotty Graham Memorial Sept Momentum Bikes Super D Scotty Graham Memorial September 12th & 13th Racer Callout
The first annual Mt Hood Super D is officially going down on Sept 12th and 13th. Hosted by Timberline Lodge, Momentum Bikes, Monster Energy, Fluidride and Hurricane Racing. This truly amazing race will start at the historic Timberline Lodge and descend down the sandy, rocky and slightly rutted 'Glade Trail' and then traversing above Government Camp's 'Cross Town Trail' to the very exhilarating 'Pioneer Bridal Trail' ending at the 'locals only' tunnel. Estimated length is over 8 miles and times should be around 14-18 minutes of bike riding bliss. Bring your fitness and big lungs.

More details inside,
Tyler Maine    Sep 7, 2009
Canada Olympic Park - MTB School Canada Olympic Park - MTB School
Source: Canada Olympic Park

The COP MTB School sets a new participants record! With close to a thousand program participants (our highest numbers ever) so far this season and more coming with our fall programs, the COP MTB School has established itself as one of the leaders in MTB instructing in North America. Our wide range of program offerings allows us to cater to any type of rider, from training wheels to dirt jumping and as young as 4 years old! We also hosted our annual Joe Schwartz Performance Camp, which took place in early July where ten lucky riders got to shred with Joe for the whole week. The summer is not over yet at the COP bike park! The Mountain Bike Park is fully open until the 27th of September! We have plenty of program options and events for the month of September.

Here is an overview inside
Tyler Maine    Sep 6, 2009
World Champs Final Video. World Champs Final Video.
Source:MTB Cut

We were so stoked for Peaty and his win yesterday at Worlds in Canberra! Here is Aaron's last video from the weekend with all the highlights from the finals.

Video inside,
Tyler Maine    Sep 5, 2009
Peaty wins World Championships! Peaty wins World Championships!
Well it's about time buddy! Steve Peat has just taken the win at the 2009 World Championships in Canberra, Australia.

Video coming in the morning to recap the race, but here are your top 5 in each category (plus some Canadians that we love),
Tyler Maine    Sep 5, 2009
World Champs - Day 5 - Last Practice World Champs - Day 5 - Last Practice
Source: MTB Cut

Aaron was out filming the last of the practice and talking to riders about the course today in preparations for the big show on Sunday. He was even able to track down Pinkbike's own Kyle Marshall for a few words and some riding shots. We're all looking forward to the big show coming up.

Video inside,
Si Paton    Sep 5, 2009
Euro Bike - Part 2 Euro Bike - Part 2
More shiny things, more girls, more carbon, more ti-tanium, more rubber, more gossip, more girls, more girls, more flesh. Open wide kids..

Not quite sure what the deal is with Eurobike and the accommodations, it kind of sucks, big time. Or was that our planning? Seems for something like ten euros you can be in a field in a hired tent. Or bring along your own and pay pennies. Word was you could even get in a mobile caravan, hopefully a liitle more fresh and plush than my Abbey Executive 390. Look one up and await for your toes to curl.

Check out more goods from Eurobike inside,
Tyler Maine    Sep 5, 2009
World Champs - Timed Practice and 4X results! World Champs - Timed Practice and 4X results!
Source: MTB Cut

Sorry for the delay, but here is yesterday's timed practice video and today's 4X World Champs video. Jared Graves takes the men's top spot!

Two great videos from Aaron inside!
Tyler Maine    Sep 4, 2009
Hurtin' for Vert 2009 - The Riders Hurtin' for Vert 2009 - The Riders
Times they are a changing! Recently I hit the road with a dozen like minded individuals on what one would call, The Trip of a Lifetime! What made this trip better than ones from the past? Why were we all raving about it? Over the next 4 installments we plan to tell you why mountain biking is so great, why a lot of it has come full circle for many of us and why you are lucky to be part of such a grand sport.

Words by Tyler Maine (unless otherwise noted)
Pictures by Margus Riga (unless otherwise noted)
Brody Dare-O    Sep 4, 2009
Bowen Adventure with New Wave Cinema Bowen Adventure with New Wave Cinema
Autumn is usually the best time for mountain biking. The dust has settled, the heat has eased and the trails are tacky. Bowen Island seems to keep these elements all year long. When Tam, James and I arrived there in late October we knew we were in for a treat.

Bowen Island is located just off the west coast and sits directly between Horseshoe Bay and Gibsons. It is a short ferry ride in which you pay to get there but not to return.

Video and story inside,
Luc 'Acadian' Albert    Sep 4, 2009
RockShox Totem, the creative outlet RockShox Totem, the creative outlet
News Source: SRAM

Totem continues the wave of creativity in model year 2010 and offers up a new feel for riders that crave gravity. RockShox has worked diligently on the finer points concerning the updated Totem, the most exciting change being the addition of a new damper, Mission Control DH. Mission Control DH trades the floodgate in standard Mission Control for a high flow compression piston to optimize descent-oriented bump performance. This new damper is shared with Lyrik and BoXXer platforms and is the performance answer to spirited descents.
Jordan Holmes    Sep 3, 2009
Barge  Dirt Jumps in San Francisco Bay - NWD 10 Barge Dirt Jumps in San Francisco Bay - NWD 10
I just got off the phone with the guys over at Freeride Entertainment to get some insight on how the concept came up, and how it all came together to shoot bike riding on the ocean in San Francisco. Mark Twain, a great American author once said "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco", so how did Freeride Entertainment think it was a good idea to shoot this setup in one of the most un-predictable climates in the world?

Here's some insight.
Si Paton    Sep 3, 2009
Eurobike 2009 - Friedrichshafen, Germany. Eurobike 2009 - Friedrichshafen, Germany.
Wednesday 2nd of September, 07:10 we leave Heathrow Terminal 5 in London courtesy of British Airways on route to Zurich in Switzerland. A two hour coach drive, a quick stop and search of the packed 49 seater coach by the boys in the blue. Finally we're here to bring you what you will be seeing over the next 12 months on the trails.

Fresh 2010 gear inside,
Karl Burkat    Sep 3, 2009
World Champs Practice - Day 3 World Champs Practice - Day 3
Source: MTB Cut

Catch Day 3 of all the action from the World Champs. All the racers are really starting to get in gear. Thanks again Aaron!

Check out the video inside:
Ken Ach    Sep 3, 2009
Camp of Champions Announces Casey Groves Bike Winn Camp of Champions Announces Casey Groves Bike Winner
For the last month The Camp of Champions has been running a contest on Pinkbike to celebrate the World Premiere of “What’s Next”, Aaron Larocque’s new movie. The Grand Prize was Casey Groves’s bike - a Transition Blindside pimped out by RaceFace, Straitline, Geax and Camp of Champions. The bike is off the hook and to enter to win you had to friend up or add your support to the sponsors of the contest.

The winner has been chosen...
Tyler Maine    Sep 3, 2009
Jimbo Phillips Vs. Bell Helmets Jimbo Phillips Vs. Bell Helmets
Source: Madison

For 2010 Bell have teamed up with renowned Californian skate and surf artist, Jimbo Phillips, for a design collaboration on no-less-than 7 separate helmets. Jimbo is an artist from Santa Cruz California that was literally raised on eye popping graphics. His father, Jim Phillips, designed all the Artwork for Santa Cruz Skateboards in the 70’s and 80’s and was the creator of the iconic "Screaming Hand" logo.

Check out the new graphics inside!
Tyler Maine    Sep 3, 2009
Highland Brodown Showdown 2009 Highland Brodown Showdown 2009
Source: Highland Park

Highland Mountain Bike Park Brodown Showdown Jump Jam is slated for Saturday September 5, 2009 in the Highland Jump Park from 2pm-5pm. The chillest event of the year, the Brodown Showdown is about coming out for a day of riding. No pressure here! It’s simple, you throw down, we give you sweet stuff. Music, BBQ, beer garden and the most polished jump park on the east coast. What more could you ask for? So come and celebrate Labor Day weekend with us. The event is free with the purchase of a lift ticket (or for season pass holders) and only $25 if you don’t want to ride the lift. For more information visit
Tyler Maine    Sep 2, 2009
World Champs Practice - Day 2 World Champs Practice - Day 2
Source: MTB Cut

Aaron from MTB Cut is at it again with day 2 from the World Championships in Canberra, Australia. Riders are talking more about the course and I'm not hearing too much complaining.

Check out the video inside,
Tyler Maine    Sep 2, 2009
Nathan Rennie and Mitchell Delfs' World Champs Mor Nathan Rennie and Mitchell Delfs' World Champs Morewood Bikes
Source: Mathieu Dupelle

I just finished building up Mitch's World Championships bike and wanted to share it with you all. Nathan and his mechanic Nigel just put the finishing touches from Race Face, Burgtec, Mavic, SRAM and Obtanium on his Morewood frame too. Nathan feels good on the course and he likes it, this type of course suits his power pedaling. Mitch's course description for this race would be BMX type turns and jumps with a massive drag strip at the bottom. Although this is not the type of course that suits Mitch, he wants a good result for the World Champs as they are in his own country.

Check out more details and all the pics inside of Nathan and Mitch's bikes,
Jordan Holmes    Sep 2, 2009
Cove BIkes 2010 Spy Shots Cove BIkes 2010 Spy Shots
Source: Cove USA

A little Internet love from inside the Cove bike's camp to kindle some passion for the peeps at home...

Click here for the 2010 Cove Bikes Preview...
Tyler Maine    Sep 1, 2009
Canberra World Champs Day 1 - Practice Canberra World Champs Day 1 - Practice
Source: MTB Cut

Aaron is in Australia while Stu is at Eurobike and you can bet that Aaron is the happier of the two. Here is the Day 1 practice video from the World Champs in Canberra, Australia.

Enjoy the video,
Transition Bikes    Sep 1, 2009
Life on the Road '09 Life on the Road '09
Spreading the good word known as Transition Bike Co

"The main purpose of the trip was to visit some of our Canadian dealers in interior BC and to cover the Goat Style slopestyle event, but it turned out to be so much more than just marketing. Despite the 4+ hours of driving each day, it couldn't have been a better form of "work".

Words and many pics inside,
Jordon Virgl    Sep 1, 2009
Shaughnessy Bike Park gets an overhaul Shaughnessy Bike Park gets an overhaul
This summer we have been working down at the local park trying to get it up to the standards of the local riders. With financial help from the city of Port Coquitlam and some local businesses, we are succeeding.

Check out the pics and video of the overhaul,
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