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   :: from Rick RossAug 29, 2000
The Ridge Trail The Ridge Trail
Here's a taste of some cross country out of Bellingham, WA USA. I shot the video on August 23rd, coming down from Galbraith/Lookout Mountain on the lower portion of "The Ridge Trail".

Sweet freeriding, it ain't. But that's good, because compared to Pinkbike skills, I am merely an insignificant worm of a mountain biker. No, wait, not a worm... more like a slimy, parasitic fungus that has covertly attached itself to the unwiped ass of said worm!
Soundtrack: The Reverend Horton Heat
   :: from Craig MackayAug 28, 2000
Riding in Salmon Arm Riding in Salmon Arm
All you bikers in Salmon Arm or anyone that may want to stop in on their way through...Green Mountain Cycle has launched it's new website. It has local trails, links, bulletin board, log your ride, and a MTB email chat list you can sign up to.
   :: from CoyoteAug 28, 2000
Bear Closures Bear Closures
A bumper berry crop has attracted an unusual number of bears in the Banff/Kananaskis area and there has been displays of aggressivity. In the last few days, at least 3 bear attacts have been reported, all of which included Grizzlies.

Unless you really want to be front page news on the Calgary Sun, make lots of noise when biking in bear-prone area, particularly before blind corners and respect all bear closures.
There are several bear closures in the Banff/Kananaskis area, and information on them is available at:
   :: from RadekAug 23, 2000
Pinkbike T-Shirt Contest Pinkbike T-Shirt Contest

We want to make some TShirts for the web site. These will be used in all sorts of promotional events and give aways.

We are looking for some CooL riding quotes and phrases that will go on the back of the TShirt. Submit your ideas and the Top 3 will be used in the design. The winners will receive free TShirts.

   :: from Greg SmithAug 22, 2000
Logging on Quirk Creek & Wildhorse Trails Logging on Quirk Creek & Wildhorse Trails
I wanted to submit a report about the Quirk Creek & Wildhorse Trails, #50 in Doug Eastcott's Book.
Quirk Creek & Wildhorse trails is now a patchwork of clearcutting and access roads. In several places on the wildhorse trail, the path is obliterated with only red diamond trail markers to lead the way. It's enough to put a XC rider in a grumpy mood.
It seems the government had sold the logging rights in this area before Kananaskis became a "park". There is also ongoing logging scheduled over the next twenty years between Cox hill and Moose mountain in the valley around the oil well.
   :: from RadekAug 17, 2000
New Poll is up New Poll is up
The old poll was "What kind of racing are you into?". 1495 people voted and the most the most popular was XC with DH in a close second. In the new poll let's see what kind of travel you all have on your bikes.
   :: from Doug EastcottAug 16, 2000
Mount  Norquay Bike Closure Mount Norquay Bike Closure
Here is the official word from Banff National Park and Parks Canada. You should be able to find all the information in these releases.
   :: from MimoAug 15, 2000
Whistler Action Whistler Action
Yep! We survived a week of riding/partying in Whistler BC. We rode tons of crazy trails - most of them considerably longer and steeper than those around here. It was really nice to ride in a region that is totally bike friendly. Many of the trails are set up and sanctioned by the city. In fact, we met the environmental co-ordinator for trail maintenance while out riding! She was taking a few out-of- towners like ourselves out for a tour, and gave us a run- down of how things work around the valley. Very interesting stuff.
   :: from Alicja Gados, Mike BAug 10, 2000
Lake Tahoe Trip. Lake Tahoe Trip.

Today some boys and girls are heading out to Lake Tahoe California for a week of riding! We are all looking forward to everything but the drive, which is about 26 hours. The hardest part is driving thorough the Nevada desert, where daytime temperatures have been reaching almost 40 degrees in the last few weeks. However Lake Tahoe itself has temperatures much like Calgary's: in the high twenties. The riding there is sandy, with big trees (should look out for those...) with fairly dry soil. The vegetation on the ground is sparse. The big tree canopy catches all the sunlight. Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places...the lake is pure, deep, warm and clear. These trips are even better when you are going with good friends to ride... Peace! - Alicja

Look out for story and pictures from our trip. I'll be back in two weeks.

   :: from Mike BlarowskiAug 9, 2000
Trail maintenance days on Aug 12 and Aug 19-21st. Trail maintenance days on Aug 12 and Aug 19-21st.

Reading through our forum I have found some good trail advocacy and maintenance messages. Now is your chance to act on it. On Saturday August 12 there is a volunteer trail maintenance day in K- country. Areas that are to be worked on include Yamnuska, Chester Lake, Cox Hill and a couple other locations. Please email Laura from CMBA at to get more info or to volunteer.

   :: from Mike BlarowskiAug 9, 2000 in Bike Magazine in Bike Magazine
Many of our friends and visitors have noticed a write- up about PinkBike web site in this months issue of Bike magazine. Grab yourself a copy and check us out in the Local Knowledge section (Western Canada).
   :: from RadekAug 7, 2000
What a great weekend we had! What a great weekend we had!
So it's 5am and Mike and I just got back from the North Shore after a weekend of great riding. We had it all. Awesome trails, drop-offs, sky bridges, broken bottom brackets, great locals, and even dislocated shoulders. You could not ask for anything more. We have a ton of footage so look for a full video of it shortly.
   :: from RadekAug 3, 2000
We are off to the North Shore. We are off to the North Shore.
The Pinkbike road trip 2000 got under way last Friday. About a dozen riders headed off to Nelson to tear up the trails and shoot video. Four days in Nelson proved to be exciting and challenging as one of the riders Mark Hames, had a nasty wipeout off a large huck and had to cut his trip short. (We'll miss ya Mark. Get well soon) Next on the schedule was Rossland. A few days of fast single track, steep surfs, and great locals was enjoyed by all.
No trip would be complete with out a few days on the Shore. Most of the boys got there last night, and I'm flying in today to join them for the long weekend. We are fortunate to have some of the guys from to show us around and take us on some of the more challenging rides. It will be interesting to see how a bunch of flatlanders like us do out there. The plan is a to spend two days on the Shore and one day over in Maple Ridge at the Woodlot.
We will be bringing back a bunch of new footage, so stay tuned for a new video in the following week.
   :: from Aaron McConnellAug 3, 2000
Volunteers needed for the Cactus Cup, Canada Cup Event Volunteers needed for the Cactus Cup, Canada Cup Event
If you would like to volunteer for the Cactus Cup/Canada Cup this weekend please contact Jennifer at or call toll free 1-877-678-1635.
   :: from RadekAug 2, 2000
Voice your opinion in the Pinkbike forum. Voice your opinion in the Pinkbike forum.
Check out the Talk about various issues, plan out rides and trips, find new people to ride with, find out about new trails, complain that the DH riders are too slow up hill, complain that the XC riders are too slow downhill.. - Wait...forget about the last two. Smile

Take a look at the thread about trail closures on Mnt. Norquay.
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