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Tyler Maine    :: from Andrew "Shrew" SherryOct 29, 2006
AXO TMPK DH Knee Guard: Review AXO TMPK DH Knee Guard: Review
There comes a time when you realize that you’re shins are in need of some R&R after you feel the dents, or touch a certain spot and not be able to feel it because of nerve damage. We all know mistakes happen no matter where we’re riding. It’s always nice to have something there to keep your knees and shins protected.

I was really in need of some new pads. After not owning a pair for quite a while, I wasn’t really to sure what would be a good set of pads for me. I was lucky enough to get a chance to try out a pair of AXO DH Pads.
Tyler Maine    :: from Andrew "Shrew" SherryOct 26, 2006
Bern Helmets: Macon Review Bern Helmets: Macon Review
There used to be two different options for riders who used bucket helmets. You could either shred on an unapproved style of helmet, which offered no protection, yet fit well, looked good, and was comfortable. On the other hand, you could get an approved style helmet which offered full protection, but is uncomfortable, doesn’t fit, and made you look like toad from Mario kart 64. You now have a third option…
Tyler Maine    :: from Aaron SimmsOct 26, 2006
Balfa BB7 Long (real long) Term Review Balfa BB7 Long (real long) Term Review
I’ve been the proud owner of one the greatest downhill bikes of all time for four seasons now. Better yet, it’s Canadian. Everywhere I go people ask me about what the bike is all about. It has a unique look; tight and compact. It looks like there is a lot going on but the fact is the design is a simple single pivot. Being a small company from the east that is now out of business I’m not surprised at the fact that many people have not heard about Balfa. As an owner of a growing trail design and development company based out of Alberta I’ve had the opportunity to take my ride on many different contracts. I’ve tried to do my part in educating people on this French Canadian diamond in the rough over the last four years and will continue to do so as long as she’s running.
Tyler Maine    :: from Simon StevensonOct 16, 2006
The Abuse Continues-Transition Gran Mal Review and Video The Abuse Continues-Transition Gran Mal Review and Video
For 2006 Transition Bikes introduced a few new models to their line up of bikes. The Gran Mal, with up to 8.7 inches of rear travel, is a great addition to their already stellar line up. You can tell these guys ride hard because this bike is made to take any punishment you can dish out. I did a lot of free riding and racing on the Gran Mal the season and it loved to get beat up and keep coming back for more. Here's the run down of my Gran Mal and a video from the folks at Transition:
Tyler Maine    :: from Holmes SliceOct 15, 2006
Cove Playmate FR-Still Single? Good you could use a Playmate! Cove Playmate FR-Still Single? Good you could use a Playmate!
The shore is a demanding genre of riding. Everything is located there, from big , high speed gaps, to slow rolling, techie sections. Cove Bikes has created the definition of the "shore bike" when they created the Playmate. Even though the Playmate is a free ride orientated bike, it still has huge potential to be a high speed, fast rolling single crown bike, with the potential for dual crown forks. Be carefull though, the wife may not approve of it.
Tyler Maine    :: from SPLATTOct 15, 2006
Kenda Blue Groove and Cortez Tire combo under the scope-Review Kenda Blue Groove and Cortez Tire combo under the scope-Review
Tires, knobbies, rubber or treads. Whatever you want to call them, they are what give us that special connection to the dirt that we all depend on. Back in the day there were only a few different tires to choose from so it was easy, pick one and pump it up hard so you don’t pinch and you’re ready to rip. Jump forwards six or seven years and things have changed a bit. There are countless tread patterns, many different widths, a few sidewall options and on top of all that you need to pick a compound that suit’s the terrain, weather and how often you ride.
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