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Tyler Maine    Nov 28, 2008
Shimano Custom Fit SPDs Shimano Custom Fit SPDs
When is comes to clipless shoes and pedals, the first name that always comes to mind is Shimano for me and for good reasons too. Shimano was the first clipless pedal I ever saw in the early 90's and I owned some of their shoes in the late 90's. With 20 years of shoe making under their soles, Shimano brought forth the Custom Fit SPD Program a little over a year ago. For 2009, they have 8 models and I'll be rocking the M230s.

Check out the process I got to go through to have my Shimano M230 shoes Custom Fit at Dizzy Cycles.
Jordan Holmes    Nov 26, 2008
Commencal Max Max - A Season in Review Commencal Max Max - A Season in Review
As some of you may know over the past season I have been riding, writing, and learning about the Commencal Max Max. The Max Max originally started off as a basic $600 hardtail. Fully rigid, dual v-brakes, and flimsy wheels is what we started with. Over the past season I have slowly been adding parts, removing parts, and now here is the end result of my own comfortable, clean, fun street bike.

Read more to figure out where the Max Max took me.
Jordan Holmes    Nov 24, 2008
Nike 6.0 + ID = Awesome shoes! Nike 6.0 + ID = Awesome shoes!
Nike released their 6.0 series of shoes a short while ago, and has had a very strong following. The 6.0 series was designed around kids who shred it, and want to look steezy while doing it. With such riders as Brandon Semenuk, and Mike Spinner rocking the 6.0 shoes, Nike has created a large following of rippers.

Recently Nike released their 6.0 ID program. Read on to find out more information on this unique, custom shoe designing system.
Mike Levy    Nov 21, 2008
Trek Remedy - Custom built 6" travel speed machine! Trek Remedy - Custom built 6" travel speed machine!
Trek's Remedy 6" travel platform uses some new and unique features to hopefully move it ahead of the pack in the All-Mountain category. Having spent a few days on one I knew it would be the perfect candidate to build up my dream mid-travel ripper. 6 months later and I have a pretty good impression of how the bike performs and its distinct ABP pivot and FullFloater suspension system, as well as the trick E2 head tube.

Read about my build and how the bike performed....

2 HD videos and loads of pictures inside!
Gavin Lengert    Nov 20, 2008
WTB Weir Wolf Tires - Review WTB Weir Wolf Tires - Review
WTB created the Weir Wolf tire for “Mr. All Mountain” Mark Weir. A man who actually enjoys grueling all mountain events like the Downieville DH (a 15 mile downhill with a 4000' descent) and the Hell Ride (a six to eight hour event, covering 60-80 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing). So how does a tire that’s designed by some one so crazy hold up for the average Joe?

Read on to find out.
Jordan Holmes    Nov 19, 2008
POC Protection releases the Receptor. POC Protection releases the Receptor.
After POC's 3 short years of work in the Snow Protection business the Swedish company has made the transition to mountain biking lids. Utilizing the same basic design as there snow helmet, the Receptor Flow is POC's answer to the needs of mountain bikers in general. Designed with endless adjustments, a functional ventilation system, and offered in 4 different color schemes, the Receptor is a very unique helmet.
Simon Paton    Nov 18, 2008
Hope Pro 2  EX5.1D Hoops Vs Hope Custom Wheel Build. Hope Pro 2 EX5.1D Hoops Vs Hope Custom Wheel Build.
Source: Chris Oakley

There’s no denying that wheels are perhaps the most important component on any bike, they keep you rolling and take all the abuse that you hammer at them and any failure here can make for big crashes or a long walk home a real possibility.
Mike Levy    Nov 17, 2008
Stuff Mike Rides #7, DMC Moto Timer, Five Ten shoes, and KMC X9SL in fancy gold! Stuff Mike Rides #7, DMC Moto Timer, Five Ten shoes, and KMC X9SL in fancy gold!
I go through a lot of different bike parts and gear. Some of it wears out or breaks, some of it I really regret buying, and some of it I swear by. Stuff Mike Rides will show up every now and then, whenever I get around to writing it. All of the stuff that I don't feel like writing a 9000 word review on will be in one of these. More than anything though 'Stuff Mike Rides' will be about how things held up over the long haul.

Volume #7 of S.M.R. has got the goods you are interested in, which is coincidentally the same goods that I've been abusing for the last year: a DMC Moto Timer which is the poor mans way of seeing how slow you actually are, some ragged Five Ten high top shoes, and KMC's jewelry-like gold X9SL chain that Cori's Mom was kind enough to model for me!

Read on...
Tyler Maine    Nov 14, 2008
Devinci Bikes - 100% Canadian - 2009 AM, DJ and DH Bikes Devinci Bikes - 100% Canadian - 2009 AM, DJ and DH Bikes
The 2009 Devinci Bikes' line up of All Mountain, Freeride, Dirt Jump and Downhill bikes are what we'll be looking at today as they are the bikes that well, we all like to ride the most. We'll take a look at the Wilson 4, Wilson 2, Frantik 3, Frantik 2, Hectik 2, Hectik 1 and go over some details from the Districts.

Check it all out inside:
Simon Paton    Nov 7, 2008
Giro Score MTB Goggles. Giro Score MTB Goggles.
Giro, no I'm not on about your 90 bucks every two weeks for you jobless users. I'm on about Giro as in the helmet people, pronounced "Geero / Jeero".

Well news is they are now into the goggle market, check their latest offerings out...
Simon Paton    Nov 6, 2008
Funn Brakes are here..Stop on a Dime, Cent, Penny. Funn Brakes are here..Stop on a Dime, Cent, Penny.
Stop! Look! Listen! Time to take a break and have a little look at the latest offerings from our friends at Funn MTB with regards to their Drop-In Brakes.

Funn MTB have been making quality parts for longer than most of you have been riding. There products have been the product of choice on many a pro's bike. So let's look at their new disk brake offering.
Simon Paton    Nov 5, 2008
Halo Twin Rail Tyres Halo Twin Rail Tyres
Halo Twin Rail Tyres have been buzzing around Chicksands and catching my eye. To be honest you can't miss them can you? A bit bright for my liking but for you lot in your tight jeans, under 18 they might be right up your street!
Tyler Maine    Nov 3, 2008
Banshee Scythe Review Banshee Scythe Review
Source: Ryan Kuhn and Action shots by Vince Boothe

The scythe is an enduring symbol of the harvest. It is also a symbol of death – the Grim Reaper of Christian lore and Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Death, carry Scythes. When it comes to a bike built for launching one’s self with abandonment and railing at eye-watering speeds, this is a bit unnerving. Fortunately, [L=]Banshee’s[/L] take on the Scythe is a lot more like the useful tool of yore – it is sharp, simple and durable. You can reap your just rewards.
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