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Simon Paton    Jan 30, 2009
The Mutts Nuts - SixSixOne Ankle Biters The Mutts Nuts - SixSixOne Ankle Biters
There are a lot of shiny new things out there that look good on this screen, but after a season on them they may well of let you down. In fact, some you wouldn't piss on, if they were on fire.

Here we give you the inside line, "Warts and all"...
Simon Paton    Jan 27, 2009
Tear Offs - I see said the blind man to his deaf wife.. Tear Offs - I see said the blind man to his deaf wife..
Tear-Offs are a wonderful thing, after all they keep you on track and in a straight line and out of the Accident and Emergency Department don’t they? Perhaps we should think of them as essential safety wear, up there with knee pads and a spine protector?

First up you need lenses with tear-off posts. These are the small molded dimples that raise some 5mm high at either edge of your goggle lenses, don’t worry as they are not distracting, you can’t even see them from the inside. Top Tip - Whenever you buy a replacement lenses, always buy one with these posts on as you never know when you might need tear-offs, we do ride in the mountains and hills after all!
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Tur ducken    Jan 23, 2009
SafeTband and how it can help you. SafeTband and how it can help you.
As a rider progresses and they advance their skills, there is no doubt that they are pushing the envelope in order to go bigger and faster. In several instances, there are often risks associated with pushing the envelope. Fortunately, there is a North American company called SafeTband looking out for the safety of fellow riders around the world.

The SafeTband is a fabric pouch with an identification card on the inside that has a Velcro fastener that can be attached to the strap of a pair of goggles or any loops on a hydration pack or clothing. In order to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness, it is recommended that it be kept on the rider rather than attached to somewhere on a bike that can be overlooked in an emergency.
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Simon Paton    Jan 20, 2009
The Mud Tyre Guide! The Mud Tyre Guide!
Mud, mud, glorious mud, there's nothing more like it for cooling the blood! Today’s lesson is on Mud Tyres so best be paying attention as there might be a question or two later.

First off lets dispel all those idiots on the forum that say, “I ride Minions in the mud and they work really well”. Read on to learn what you really need to win races!
Jordan Holmes    Jan 12, 2009
Formula The One Review - The Big Braking Point Formula The One Review - The Big Braking Point
There are a few things in the biking world that can make or break a rider's day and when you're flying downhill you want to have quality brakes at your finger tips. We have all had run ins with the "not gonna stop me" squeal of wet v-brakes, so it's nice to see a company that has put years of research into a brake that is so dialed.

Read on to learn all about the One brake from Formula.
Mike Levy    Jan 5, 2009
Rocky Mountain Flatline Pro: Preview of a Review Rocky Mountain Flatline Pro: Preview of a Review
What is long, squishy, and white and red? No, not that candy cane that you just found under the couch cushion...although I'm sure that is still ok to eat. What I'm talking about is Rocky Mountain's new top flight Flatline Pro DH bike. Don't get too excited as the review is still a ways off, but due to sheer boredom (the large amount of snow will do that to me) I've put together a little "preview to a review" article to get your blood flowing during these cold winter nights. Inside we have got Wade Simmons on video from 'Vegas to give us the low down on the Flatline, as well as far too many pictures!

Read on.....
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