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Simon Paton    Nov 30, 2009
Straitline Direct Mount Boxxer Stem Straitline Direct Mount Boxxer Stem
Now you all know I keep harping on about flat bars, keeping a low stack height, keep it short and sweet I say and that's exactly why you should be checking this out.

As you can see, I ran this Straitline Direct Mount Boxxer Stem for four months, will I be taking it off? Definitely not.

Details inside,
Derek Smith    Nov 27, 2009
SX Trail 1 Long Term Review SX Trail 1 Long Term Review
With several months in the saddle and many miles on the tires, it's fair to say that this riding season has been no different than most. Endless winter days spent working a shovel to get lines dialed, finally paid off when the sun started shining and it was time to ride! It has been some time since the preview of the 2009 SX trail ran, and since then, this bike has seen it all! From steep, white knuckle downhills, fast technical trails, to groomed resort runs, and even some rides up. There have been moments to remember, and some that I just can't seem to forget.

Read on for the full story behind the 2009 SX Trail 1.
Simon Paton    Nov 25, 2009
Sunline Half Waffle Grips. Sunline Half Waffle Grips.
Now Sunline say that the diamond/knurled pattern is for your palm. Personally I twist the raised waffle part to locate directly under my knuckles. This ensures maximum grip, especially in the wet and muddy conditions we are now surrounded by and makes for a softer ride.

The best winter grip ever? You decide...
Tyler Maine    Nov 23, 2009
Transition Bike's Covert Review Transition Bike's Covert Review
The Covert from Transition Bikes is their answer to the All Mountain rider's demands for a bike that can ride the whole mountain - the ups, the across and the downs. At 6 inches, it falls into suit with a lot of other All Mountain bikes, well how does it work on my local mountains and where I ride? We've had the Covert for 4 months of trail time and it's been all over British Columbia now and even in it's own back yard of northern Washington.

Read on to see how it fared,
Simon Paton    Nov 23, 2009
SixPack Driver 780 Flat Bars SixPack Driver 780 Flat Bars
Is everyone going flat these days? The debate still continues over on the forums, tracks, uplifts and in the ring. First it was Chromag, then Kore, Element, Reverse, Sunline and now SixPack has stepped into the ring. No doubt more contenders will follow in 2010.

If you are running triple clamps and minimum spacers under your stem and crown, then follow me.
Jordan Holmes    Nov 20, 2009
Cam McCaul Bike Check - Trek Ticket Cam McCaul Bike Check - Trek Ticket
Cam McCaul is one of the most premier riders of our sport today. He can kill it on the track, rip up the dirt jumps, and keep you laughing till you want to cry, while still busting out some of the most unique lines, and tricks. Recently on my trip to Aptos California I got a chance to check out Cam's new bike, however Cam didn't have too much spare time so I got him to do his bike check while he was riding to cut down on filming time.

Click here for the Cam McCaul bike check...
Mike Levy    Nov 18, 2009
Roval Traverse EL Wheelset - Preview Roval Traverse EL Wheelset - Preview
Fresh out of the box, and just in time for about five months of rain, is the great looking Roval Traverse EL wheelset from the boys at Specialized. Boasting some impressive numbers, these wheels will see a lot of miles throughout our gray winter season - a perfect testing environment if I do say so myself! For now we'll have a closer look at the Traverse EL's and find out what makes them go around.

Read on...
Simon Paton    Nov 17, 2009
Spank scented grips! Spank scented grips!
At junior school in the late 1970's when we were playing army, marbles, British Bulldog and especially at this time of year, conkers! The girls swapped, traded and showed off their collection of scented rubbers.

2009 and Spank have stepped back in time and produced these fragrant little numbers. Check them out!
Tyler Maine    Nov 16, 2009
The Hive Chub Hub Review The Hive Chub Hub Review
Source: Reece Wallace

The first time I saw a Chub Hub I was baffled. I had never seen a hub so big! After seeing Andrew Taylor and Phil Sundbaum both shredding on them, I was curious to know more and really stoked when I was given the opportunity to review a set of Chub Hubs. Chub Hubs are designed and manufactured by a group called The Hive. The Hive consists of five main dedicated members whose goal is to improve and innovate cycling technology by means of “innovative technical features [and] superb engineering”.

Details inside,
Jordan Holmes    Nov 12, 2009
Easton Havoc DH Wheels Review Easton Havoc DH Wheels Review
28 spokes of strength.

"World Class DH wheels have to be bombproof, but nobody said they have to feel sluggish and unresponsive." Easton's mindset on the aggressive wheel market makes sense. Why not engineer something that is strong, light, responsive, and not garbage? With that, Easton took it into their own hands, and came up with the Havoc DH wheels. 28 spokes of excitement make these wheels light, while some very smart technologies make them strong.

Click here for info on the Havoc DH wheels...
John Lee    Nov 11, 2009
Alternative Mud Tyres - Geax Datura - Review Alternative Mud Tyres - Geax Datura - Review
I have been riding around now for Geax tyres for 3 months - this is not a test, but rather an informative piece on a product that I have come to enjoy using on my bike. The Geax Datura is described as their "essential tyre choice for wet, muddy and loose conditions". It seems to have found a happy home on my DH bikes for the past 2 months as our weather has been just that quote.

Read on to hear my thoughts and first impressions of the tyre designed by Geax to help us combat the Winter blues.
Jordan Holmes    Nov 10, 2009
Yeti 303R-DH - Review Yeti 303R-DH - Review
In the 303R-DH preview we gave you all of the information and facts about the 303R-DH, however we left you hanging when it came to information on how it rides. Looks and technology only come into play so much when you're looking into purchasing a bike, and most riders will find themselves asking other riders what they think of this bike or that bike. In order to skip you having to talk to your best friend's, sister's, boyfriend's dad who has an old Yeti, I am going to tell you exactly what my impressions of the Yeti 303R-DH were.

Video and details inside,
Karl Burkat    Nov 10, 2009
Shimano - Simmons and Shandro Videos Shimano - Simmons and Shandro Videos
Anthill Films have been busy filming 'Follow Me' this year and also got a chance to film with Simmons and Shandro, putting together some Shimano clips, have a look!
Alasdair MacLennan    Nov 9, 2009
Hope Tech Brakes - Long Term Review Hope Tech Brakes - Long Term Review
On the face of it, brakes are pretty simple things; comprising a couple of pistons pushing some friction material against a disc. But that is to overlook the amount of development work that has gone into getting them from the humble cantilevers being raced in the early nineties to the high power, light weight disc based systems we see today.

Hope was an early innovator of the breed and continues to be in the same position to this day – so here we take a look at their latest offerings.
Karl Burkat    Nov 8, 2009
Fox Launch Pro Knee Guards - Win a Pair! Fox Launch Pro Knee Guards - Win a Pair!
The Launch Pro Knee Pad is the next evolution in knee protection from Fox - hard shell knee protection with an ergonomic, soft shell fit. The Kevlar front knee panel covers a flexible plastic knee cup, and the perforated neoprene body forms to your leg, providing optimum comfort and a high degree of impact protection in critical zones. The Launch Pro delivers comfortable, stay-put coverage throughout the entire range of pedaling motion - so you can stay focused on the ride ahead.

Contest details inside!
Jordan Holmes    Nov 5, 2009
WTB Dissent 2.3 - Review WTB Dissent 2.3 - Review
WTB previously launched their Dissent tire as "the official tire of Whistler Mountain Bike Park", and boy did it work good on that "A-Line" style of terrain. The Dissent 2.5 was very predictable on dry dirt, but it was a disaster when it touched wet. The Dissent 2.5 was designed with a small channel, which ejects packed up dirt in your tire and so forth, which caused it to pack up in wet conditions.

This season WTB took the Dissent one step further with the Dissent 2.3. They made the profile slightly thinner, and made the channel slightly larger, and in turn created a wicked tire for the opposite side of the scale as its bigger brother, the soft/wet side!

Read on for more information...
Dave Mackie    Nov 4, 2009
Formula R1 Brake Review Formula R1 Brake Review
Formula came out with a new XC/AM brakeset for 2009 and over the past few months I have been giving them a right proper thrashing on my Intense Uzzi. Once I felt that I had beaten on them enough I handed them over to Cory Hemminger to install on his Giant Trance and really give then a true XC beating. Cory logs a lot of hard miles in the woods, so I knew that we was the right person to have help with the testing.

Read on to see how they stacked up on 2 different set ups and riding styles,
Tyler Maine    Nov 3, 2009
2010 Trek Scratch 9 and Remedy 9.9 Launch 2010 Trek Scratch 9 and Remedy 9.9 Launch
Last weekend I had the pleasure of re-visiting Moab, Utah with the crew from Trek Bikes and fellow media from around the world. We were all brought together to experience the all new Scratch 9 and the Remedy 9.9 bikes that Trek has rolled out with for 2010.

Inside you'll find my take on initial impressions of each bike and tons of pics from the beautiful riding in Moab, Utah.
Alasdair MacLennan    Nov 2, 2009
Crank Brothers - Mallet One - Review Crank Brothers - Mallet One - Review
Clips, SPD's, Devil Pedals; call them what you will. Here we have the Crank Brothers Mallet 1's which have been on long term test since the start of the year.

Read on to find out how they did:
Simon Paton    Nov 2, 2009
PRO - Vanderham gets a go! PRO - Vanderham gets a go!
Being British I had to leak the Atherton PRO range first. After all, all us Europeans know how to go fast. It seems the other side of the pond you know how to go big, skinny or trick it up. Good job Mr. Vanderham is on your team and backing you up with the latest range of PRO kit with his name all over it.

Will you be joining him? Come inside and let us and him know!
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