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Sam Dueck    Jun 30, 2009
Nuke Proof Warhead DC Headset Nuke Proof Warhead DC Headset
The Nuke Proof Warhead DC (Deep Cup) headset is build to take a beating and keep you turning smoothly for years to come. The Deep Cups go 21mm into your head tube, making HT flaring next to impossible. We set this up on Sam's dirt jumper as we know that he's going to front wheel case something while doing a flip whip or 50/50 a landing on a 360 T-whip. Yep Sam is our go to guy when it comes to seeing how something will last in an abusive environment.

Check out more pics, videos and details inside,
Derek Smith    Jun 24, 2009
Specialized SX Trail 1 - Preview Specialized SX Trail 1 - Preview
With the warmer weather we have been getting lately, it seems the riding season may have finally arrived! What better way to start a new season, than with a new ride! Specialized has worked hard to improve their SX Trail line-up, and this is what they have come up with.

So the question is, how does one take an already accomplished bike, and make it better? Well for starters, why not make it lighter? Stiffer rear end? And why not throw some all new 2009 parts onto it? If this doesn't get your heart going, you may want to see a doctor. Click here to get all the details on the new generation of SX Trail bikes.

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Jordan Holmes    Jun 23, 2009
Mavic CrossMax SX - Beauty meets Burly. Mavic CrossMax SX - Beauty meets Burly.
Mavic has been in the wheel game for a while now. Everything from XC, to Enduro, to DH wheels have been manufactured in Mavic's factory, and they all seem to include some pretty cool technologies. Recently we picked up a pair of the Mavic CrossMax SX wheels. They feature some previous, along with some new technologies from Mavic that make them a unique wheelset.

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Tyler Maine    Jun 22, 2009
2009 Norco Team DH 2009 Norco Team DH
In the past if you wanted a top spec’d DH race bike you had to go out of your way to build it up with competitive parts that would help you win races. Quite a few companies were making nice complete bikes, but no one was making a no holds barred, spec’d to the max “stock” bike. This meant that you would have to buy the bike that was closest to what you wanted or go buy the frame of your choice and build it up from there. The process of spec’ing your DH race bike is the most costly thing you can do when getting ready for the season. What if you could buy a whole bike that was fully race ready and no spec had been over looked? Just drop the cash, roll out and pin it!

This is where the new Norco Team DH comes into its own. Learn more about this WC DH Spec’d race machine inside…
Mike Estes    Jun 22, 2009
The Trailblazer AN1 The Trailblazer AN1
The Cool New Trail Building Tool

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have all kinds of issues to overcome when it comes to building our legendary singletrack. Any builder that has the hours of swinging axe, a pulaski or macleod knows they can reap the excitement when they gander at the Trail-Tools Trailblazer AN1. This multi use forestry tool is making allot of jobs easier out on a trail build.

Come see why...
Simon Paton    Jun 19, 2009
Renthal Chain Rings. Renthal Chain Rings.
Renthall have landed on the MTB scene.

I know nothing about motorbikes. I'll prove it: I used to have a Honda Vison back in 1988 that flat out went 25mph. It even took 2 star petrol which back then was under 50p a liter. A full tank cost £2 and lasted me all week to Birmingham Wheels and back to skate Dickers Bowl.

What I do know about is Renthall, not a lot except that they are famous for their moto-x bars and sprockets..
Jordan Holmes    Jun 17, 2009
Custom Gamut Guides - Pinkbike got the hook up. Custom Gamut Guides - Pinkbike got the hook up.
Gamut USA is a San Jose based chain guide company that has been making a large splash on the market. Gamut's chainguides are very minimalist, and designed to work correctly with limited adjustments. Gamut has gone as far as to design chain guides specifically for chain ring tooth counts, not only to work perfectly, but to be as light as possible too.

Gamut designed the P30 guide to work specifically with 36 tooth chain rings, and that's what our team riders are running, so check out the CUSTOM guides we're rocking this season!

Click here for more info on the Gamut P30...
Mike Levy    Jun 17, 2009
Pinned DVD - Review Pinned DVD - Review
Straight from BMC Productions is Pinned, a relatively new DVD covering loads of North American action (along with a few foreigners thrown in for good measure). Shredders include Steve Wentz - Ian Odom - David K - and Chris Kovarik, among lots of others. Pinned has been in and out of my DVD player too many times to count throughout our terrible winter/spring so I'll let you know what I thought!

Does the world need another MTB DVD, and if so should Pinned be on your to-get list?

Read On And Watch The Trailer Inside...
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Mike Levy    Jun 16, 2009
Rocky Mountain Flatline Pro - Reviewed Rocky Mountain Flatline Pro - Reviewed
Our Rocky Mountain Flatline Pro test bike has been with us for many months now and has seen nearly every sort of terrain one could imagine. From moonscape rock, to cold and wet B.C. forests, the Flatline has both saved me and punished me on too many occasions to count. No matter where I brought it, attention was sure to follow. With it's unique lines and personality I was questioned at nearly every trailhead and parking lot. No more need for questions though, read the review and watch the videos to see what we thought of Rocky's flagship DH bike!

2 HD videos inside!

Read on...
Jordan Holmes    Jun 15, 2009
Race Face Atlas Freeride Bars! Race Face Atlas Freeride Bars!
Anodization is coming back and it's not all purple!

Back in the days of spandex and skin suits anodization was the thing, but it was slowly fazed out just like the other two items. Recently we have been seeing more and more anodization coming back into the market, and it's actually refreshing to see, especially as it's not all purple! Companies are mixing it up with some crazy colors, and some neat designs, while still providing a shout out to those days that only some of us remember. Race Face recently launched their anodized lineup in a plethora of colors, 7 to be exact, and all of them are separately unique looking.

Read on for more info on the Atlas Freeride Bars...
Dunbar Cycles    Jun 11, 2009
2010 Boxxer - Initial Beat Down 2010 Boxxer - Initial Beat Down
So we got the new 2010 just over a month ago and the first thing we thought we needed to do was to test the S%&t out of them out. So we put a set of the World Cups in the hands of our top rider, Canadian National champ, Drew Mitchell. I figured, if anyone can push them to failure, it's this guy. Most people avoid large boulders on the trails, he seeks out the gnarliest lines possible, just to see if it can be done!

Here is what he has to say about the 2010 World Cup Boxxers. Two Videos inside - check out the Boxxer in ACTION!
Jordan Holmes    Jun 8, 2009
Fresh Meat Installment - Unlike your local pub, this is fresh. Fresh Meat Installment - Unlike your local pub, this is fresh.
Our next Fresh Meat installment features some unique pieces. A street rider's multi tool of dreams from PDW, Kona's newest thread line up, Jagwire's "Pimp your Cable" setup, POC's storm trooper-esque guards and KHE's super light Mac2 tires and Pyramid grips. Fresh meat is our way of showing you guys the positives and possible negatives of a product. Enjoy the newest cuts.

Read on for some Fresh Meat...
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Alasdair MacLennan    Jun 5, 2009
NoLimits - Bike Stand NoLimits - Bike Stand
Simple & effective, we have here a bike stand from NoLimits, a UK based company offering products aimed at the racers among us.

Sometimes someone brings a product to your attention which makes you take a second look. I for one frequently want to stand the bike up after a run to do some basic work without dropping it on the ground or having to carry a full work stand around. Something small and simple would be ideal, so when I was offered a stand from NoLimits to use, I immediately grabbed it. The NoLimits stand is very similar to that which you will find in use by most of your local bike stores to display their bikes but this has a few subtle differences.
Jordan Holmes    Jun 4, 2009
POC Index DH Gloves - For you alligator fighters... POC Index DH Gloves - For you alligator fighters...
3 Years of glove development in the snow has proven that snow boarding gloves should never be under the mistletoe with mountain biking gloves. The POC Index DH glove provides more protection then one's hands could ever need, or appreciate.

Read on for our thoughts on the Index DH Gloves...
Alasdair MacLennan    Jun 2, 2009
Empire Group Test: Part 2 Empire Group Test: Part 2
A few weeks ago we introduced you to the plan for this three way shoot out, now it’s time for part two of the three parter, even if it is a little later than intended!

Of the three bikes, the Sunday and V10 of course require no introduction but, to those of you who perhaps haven’t been paying attention over the last couple of years, the Empire does. As a bare minimum, it’s unique and evolutionary in both the downhill and wider mountain bike market by being made of cast aluminium. Looking at it further, it could even be revolutionary. Why? Well, for starters it’s been designed from day one as a dedicated downhill frame with no carry through of technology from other designs just for the sake of fitting in with previous marketing; many downhill bikes spring to mind there. This meant that when it came to the design, the designers own experiences from many years on the race circuit could easily be incorporated into the end product.
Jordan Holmes    Jun 2, 2009
Easton Havoc DH Bar Easton Havoc DH Bar
The Havoc lineup from Easton consists of products that work. The products in this line up are strong, reliable, and backed by a good warranty. So far we have talked about the Easton Havoc AM Wheels, Havoc DH Stem, and now we will introduce the Havoc DH bar. Designed around being adapted to any bike setup the Havoc DH bar is offered in a comfortable width, both clamping sizes, and features standard bends, along with some of Easton's patented technologies.

Read here for more info on the Havoc DH Bar...
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