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Luc 'Acadian' Albert    Jul 31, 2009
Feature: Twenty6 Rallye Ti Pedal Feature: Twenty6 Rallye Ti Pedal
Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Twenty6 by now. Tyler started Twenty6 back in February of 2006. Every single component etched with the Twenty6 logo has been CNC’ed with tender loving care out of his home shop in Bozeman Montana. Twenty6 definitely has a reputation for making “jewelry like” aftermarket bike components and the Rallye pedal is no exception.
Tyler Maine    Jul 30, 2009
Ben Cathro Bike Check Ben Cathro Bike Check
Ben Cathro is part of the MTB Cut DH team and is the only racer on the World Cup Circuit that is 7 feet tall. Ok maybe he's not 7 feet tall, but damn he's a giant. Ben is here with fellow team mate Joe Barnes and is sporting the all new prototype Orange 225 bike.

Learn more inside,
Jordan Holmes    Jul 30, 2009
POC Cortex DH Helmet - Double layer protection. POC Cortex DH Helmet - Double layer protection.
POC, a Sweden based, and previously snow only protection company, has recently launched their biking protection line up. POC has one initiative and one initiative only, to make the safest protection for the body, period. In fact when you open their catalogs the first pages don't reveal the latest picture of Pros on their product, it's a list of the Neuroscientists and Spinal Specialists they work with to develop their products to the highest safety standards. We have tested a few of the POC products, but the most notable, and well designed items we have tested to date has to be the Cortex DH helmet. The Cortex DH helmet is probably one of the most ventilated, and still well thought out helmets we have come across in our travels, and we're here to explain some of the technologies that make the Cortex DH helmet what it is.

Check inside for more info on the POC Cortex DH helmet...
Jordan Holmes    Jul 28, 2009
Yeti 303R DH - Linear Rail Technology! Yeti 303R DH - Linear Rail Technology!
Most people would use the reference "tribe" to describe a civilization hiding deep in the South African jungle, that only feed off of fire ants and boiled frogs. However, there is one company inside the cycling industry that refers to their customer basis as the Tribe. They come from all walks of life - racers, artists, hippies, adventure junkies, beer swillers, priests, lawyers, construction workers, shamans, cops, robbers, and buddhists. If you, or your friends own a Yeti, then you're part of the tribe.

Yeti has a specific patent for their own bikes that utilizes rail technology to control shock rates, and wheel paths. The 303 and 303R-DH are the two bikes that share this technology.

Click here for more info on Linear rail technology, and the 303R-DH...
Tyler Maine    Jul 27, 2009
Xprezo Furax - Bike Check Xprezo Furax - Bike Check
Xprezo is a Bromont Quebec based frame manufacturer that has been in the business of hand made frames for the past 5 years. Their history dates back a lot further, but today we want to show you their DH model, the Furax.

Check out the specs, pics and video inside.
Tyler Maine    Jul 25, 2009
Jared Rando Bike Check Jared Rando Bike Check
Jared is 28 and hails from Canberra Australia, but has been living in Huntington beach this season racing and testing bikes for Giant and suspension for Fox Racing Shox. He's on board the all new 2010 Giant Glory and this is the 4th revision he's seen to the frame since first receiving his first prototype last year. Weight was the biggest thing that Giant had to over come when creating the new Glory and by the looks of things, they have achieved just that. Jared's personal Saint and Fox equipped Glory was tipping the scales at approx. 38 pounds, so that tells us that Giant has shed the weight that was needed to be shed.

Check out more pics inside,
Tyler Maine    Jul 25, 2009
Luke Strobel Bike Check Luke Strobel Bike Check
Luke hails from the Pacific North West in the State of Washington and is part of the Maxxis Tires / Rocky Mountain Bikes squad. He's had a rough early season but is loving the course here at MSA and qualified in the top 20. Luke's on a brand new Rocky Mountain Prototype Flatline that has been fully revamped from the previous models.

Check out the pics and details inside,
Tyler Maine    Jul 24, 2009
Mic Hannah Bike Check Mic Hannah Bike Check
After taking a year off of racing to go back home, work for his father, start a family with his wife Hannah Hannah and go spear fishing off the shores of Cairns Australia, he's back on the World Cup circuit and tearing up the courses. Lots of riders have had to pick up the pace and watch Mic blast by on his new GT Factory ride, the full carbon Fury. Stepping back into the scene with a full factory set up from GT and SRAM, Mic is in the right mind set and equipment set up to do well.

Check out pics and a video inside,
Jordan Holmes    Jul 22, 2009
2010 Norco Shore 2 2010 Norco Shore 2
The Shore series is a flagship amongst the Norco bike line and has been serving riders for the better part of a decade. Based in the North Shore region of the world, where a lot of the aggressive, and abusive riding has been fathered, Norco has been doing research and development not only on the Shore terrain, but on the Shore as a bike that can tackle it all.

The Shore has gone through a number of phases, from a burly downhill bike designed for the most abusive, and technical trails this side of the water, to an All Mountain orientated "Shore" bike, designed for total domination on that terrain.

Norco has recently made some changes to the Shore, read here more...
Tyler Maine    Jul 20, 2009
Lapierre is coming to Canada - 2010 Line up! Lapierre is coming to Canada - 2010 Line up!
Source: Clayton Racicot

Lapierre, established in 1946 located in Dijon France is now one of Europe's largest bicycle manufactures today, producing over 90,000 bikes a year and growing, they, along with Kempter Marketing are proud to announce the distribution of their complete 2010 lineup to Canada.

Check out their 2010 line up inside:
Jordan Holmes    Jul 17, 2009
2010 Norco Empire 5 SE 2010 Norco Empire 5 SE
After a couple days at the 2010 Norco Product launch in Vancouver BC, we had an opportunity to take an up close and personal look at the new bikes. The first bike of course was the Team DH, and second up to bat is the 2010 Norco Empire 5 SE.

Read on for more info on the newly revised slopestyle bike from Norco...
Tyler Maine    Jul 15, 2009
Norco Team DH - 2010 Norco Team DH - 2010
We are here at the 2010 Norco Performance Bikes launch in Vancouver BC and it's going great. Today we got to see the whole line up of bikes and then head up to the North Shore for a famous Shore ride. What better bike to ride than the new 2010 Norco Team DH!

Learn more about the all new Norco Team DH inside!
Jordan Holmes    Jul 13, 2009
Straitline Pedals - Custom Pinkbike platforms. Straitline Pedals - Custom Pinkbike platforms.
The Pinkbike downhill team is something we take pretty seriously, so when a select company contacts you with the offer of a completely custom component you don't want to turn it down. Gamut provided us with custom Gamut guides, but the newest item on the team bikes, along with a few of our own bikes, are Custom Straitline Components' Pedals, in Chrome!

Check inside for more info on the Straitline Pinkbike pedal...
Mike Levy    Jul 10, 2009
Haro Steel Reserve Eight - Bike Check Haro Steel Reserve Eight - Bike Check
There is just something great about having a 'little bike' to go and play on. Whether it's your only machine, or a second bike to go and do a bit of the urban/DJ thing, a small hardtail makes a great addition to any stable. Every bike company worth their salt has a lineup of these little bikes to pick from, today we're going to take a closer look at one of Haro's offerings.

Enter the Steel Reserve Eight.

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Jordan Holmes    Jul 6, 2009
SRAM Pit Stop - The fancy method of cleaning. SRAM Pit Stop - The fancy method of cleaning.
There is a multitude of things you should not do to your bike when cleaning it, like washing rotors with a dirty brush / sponge, pads, pressure washing seals or bearings, using incorrect lube after washing. Most of these issues are reversible, however, the all new Pit Stop kit from SRAM gives you everything you should need to clean your bike in 1 compact case, and it even comes with washing instructions.

Click here for info on the Pit Stop cleaning kit...
Jordan Holmes    Jul 3, 2009
Tonic Fab Howie - For you 26 inch Enthusiasts Tonic Fab Howie - For you 26 inch Enthusiasts
Impeccable manufacturing, proven testing, and dialed geometry are some of the guidelines that Tonic Fabrication follows. Since day 1 Tonic Fab has been about doing what they want, when they want, not to follow the trend. No trendy graphics, weird geometries, or eye-sores are added into the Tonic, making it one of the cleanest looking frames I've seen.

Click here for info on my Howie...
Mike Levy    Jul 2, 2009
Klunkerz DVD - Review Klunkerz DVD - Review
"To know where you're going, you have to know where you've been"

And with that in mind I sat down and watched the much lauded DVD, Klunkerz, a movie documenting the early mountain bike movement during the late '60's and early '70's. Lots of people had taken bicycles into the bush long before these men, but this particular group of riders can lay claim to more innovation than any other, and thankfully for us, there were people around to document it as it all happened.

Read On And Watch The Trailer...
Jordan Holmes    Jul 1, 2009
Mountain Cycle Battery Mountain Cycle Battery
Single pivot slopestyle or Freeride phenom?

Built on 7 people's drive to create bikes, Mountain Cycle has recently brought the Battery up to full charge and it's their answer to the slopesyle needs of today's riders. The Battery is a super burly little bike with a whole ton of CNC'd parts. It has very clean lines, a very simple single pivot suspension design and a dialed geometry for what it's intended to do.

Read on for more info on the Battery...
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