Ard Rock Enduro 2019 Cancelled Due To Flash Flooding

Jul 30, 2019
by Brian Park  

Massive flooding has forced the organizers to cancel the 2019 Ard Rock Enduro. Mother Nature has not been kind to cycling events in the UK this summer; the 2019 Malverns Classic was cancelled last month due to weather as well.

Flooding this serious can be incredibly dangerous, and we're hoping that everyone is able to stay safe through this.

bigquotesDear friends,

We are heartbroken to tell you that the 2019 Ard Rock enduro is cancelled. Flash flooding in the Swaledale valley has flooded roads, homes, land and submerged the Ard Rock site. Right now we are doing everything in our power to ensure our team on the ground is safe, and we can support all those who need help. The rainfall and situation is unprecedented in this area. Access to the area is blocked by emergency services from all roads. Please do not travel.

Please allow us some time to ensure everyone is safe before we update you with all required details and FAQ’s.

Rest assured that none of our racers, participants or partners will be out of pocket. If you are a catering/services vendor, or brand we will be in contact shortly. We will update you via video when we know everyone is safe.

Thank you for your understanding.

With heavy hearts,
Joe and the whole team at Ard Rock.


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 Based on the standard UK comments I see on pb, I thought this is how they always ride their trails...
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 Actually my wife is currently drying the washing outdoors in that!! I wish the team and all of our northern friends the best
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 to be fair its just a shower. Most of us would ride that but it does get a lot of southerners that like to ride nothing but dry hardpack trails. The lads and lasses further up north would still be putting suncream on in that!
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 yep they add a little of wet lube to the chain and your good to go!
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 @AndyBradUK: You still alive up there? Us southerners thought you pasty skinned northerners had blistered to death in the heatwave? ;P
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 Us northerners do. If anyone from Birmingham downwards says they do, they are a liar and a cad.
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 @AndyBradUK: Its baking darn ere bro
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 Ard times
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flag vjunior21 (Jul 30, 2019 at 14:40) (Below Threshold)
 Thought global warming was supposed to dry everything out. Now I have to go to a Trump Rally to get my Alternative Facts straight. Hehehe
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 @vjunior21: here we go again !!(grabs popcorn)
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 @QuebecPoulin: I can no longer tell if people are being sarcastic or stupid.
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 Global wettening
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 @cuban-b: pretty sure it's both.
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 @cuban-b: bet on stupid
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 Well fuck. So much for my annual day of sitting on a hill heckli... I mean Marshalling with the greatest of professionalism.
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 Smoking joints and whistle blowing? Life
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 Sorry to hear everyone in the UK! Hope everyone is safe
  • 15 1 you HAD to chime in the the correct, sensible, caring response.
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 @endlessblockades: one wont hurt
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 @endlessblockades: ~healing vibez~
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 perfectly fine where I am
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 @mtb-scotland: that kind of weather is normal for you at this time of the year though. The only difference between winter and summer is the rain is warmer in summer
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 @irishkiwimadman: actually no. while we get a lot of rain in Glasgow it doesn't flood like that at all.
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 Global warming man. It's like poking the climate with a pointy stick
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 The first Industrial Revolution is coming home to roost.
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flag reverend27 (Jul 30, 2019 at 16:08) (Below Threshold)
 Not that I'm against protecting the environment. But any number of things can and will destroy us in the not too distant future.
Any number of super volcanoes Yellowstone is overdue to blow right now.

Proliferation of nukes someone will push a button at some point.

What was it like last week a city killer sized asteroid passed closer to us then the moon. And we didn't even see it until after the fact.
A black hole/supernova pointed in the wrong direction not to mention a super massive blackhole at the center of our Galaxy is the reason we are a spiral/toilet bowl Galaxy.
Human beings are basically baby chicks in the middle of a busy freeway as far as our standing in the universe goes.

Sleep tight kids.
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 @reverend27: so lets control as many variables as we can
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flag reverend27 (Jul 30, 2019 at 16:29) (Below Threshold)
 @Jimmy0: control is an illusion.
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 @reverend27: You must be a lot of fun to hang out with. Why try to control climate change when we *may* die some day due to things with nearly zero possibility of happening.
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 @reverend27: That's what KAOS wants you to think.
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 @dsmdan18: barking up the wrong tree. I'm all for protecting the environment I would call myself a progressive. I was just pointing out how fragile we really are.
I have a truck but choose to ride my bike everywhere the only time I drive is to get to a far away trailhead. So I drive like 2 times a month.
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 @reverend27: cool story thx for sharing!
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 @dsmdan18: it seems to me that you’re the one who would be great fun to hang out with. He’s saying f*ck it, enjoy life while you can. You’re saying we should spend time and effort trying to control something we can’t control. I know who I would rather hang out with (and it’s not you!)
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 @jaame: Contrary to belief, there are things that we can and should manage to better our world. So this is mother nature kicking stupid humans in the ass because of the simple stupid approach of saying f*uck it, just enjoy what you can. After thousands to millions of years in harmony, humans f*ck shit up in less than 300 years. Go figure why mother nature is so pissed off... As I'm posting this, 2 Hurricanes are heading towards my homelands..
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 @chillaxin: better get chillaxin while you still can yo!
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 @reverend27: spaceship earth dude. We still need to look after it.
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 Looks rideable.
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 The only way to get better is to challenge yourself
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 This sucks!! Gutted for joe and the team! Hope everyone is safe and not too much damage is caused in what is a beautiful area full of friendly, welcoming people!!
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 Ard luck
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 Ard duck
  • 32 0
 Ard vark
  • 17 1
 Ard on
  • 1 1
 Ard paddle
  • 6 3
 Ret Ard
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 f*cking weather, yesterday I was burning like f*ck on the beach, today I'm trying to mop up a flood in the back garden, got to love the UK Smile
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 Really sorry for all the locals and the event organisers. I wasn't participating this year, but I've done Ard Rock in the past, and been riding round that area several times. It's a great area, sad to see these pictures
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 Gutted. Hopefully they do the right thing and give us all first refusal on entry's for next year. Hopefully nobody is injured and they don't lose too much money as a result of the cancellation.
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 English summer strikes again. Last week 35 degrees, this week pouring it down and wet.
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 Gutted. Waited so long to finally be in for the full race and Mother Nature kicks me right in the nuts. Hope all the locals are safe! Next year.
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 They should get those paddle bikes you can rent on lakes... Race that way. Big Grin
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 **Oh buoy, those guys forgot to moor their they're adrift..........should have known something was up when they started changing all the trail markers to Port & Starboard..........
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 Some photos of the aftermath (including some of what was I guess the Ardrock site)

Hopefully those affected will bounce back soon.
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 Would be good fun in a Kayak!
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 I didn't know they got rain like this. Seems like all the Brits I know talk about a non-stop drizzle.
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 not so much the rain as building villages next to rivers with no flood defences or on the flood plain.
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 @mtb-scotland: The village has been there a few centuries before planning permission and flood modelling.
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 We usually do. This summer has been weird. Where I live it’s been sunny for ages, only four days of rain in eight weeks, but each time a tropical downpour on to hard baked land causing flooding. Not like the normal UK at all.
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 @fatduke: Stupid English peasants
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 First the Malvern’s Festival, now Ard Rock! This summer sucks!
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 "Swaledale"...appropriate name for this town it seems
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 Swaledale is an area not a town.
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 Consider yourself told.
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 Just a bit of light rain.
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 And you didn't believe your parents when they said ard rock was of the devil!
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 Cars are done for. Water ramming into the intake maybe and through the interior for sure
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 Insurance for big events like this is going to get pricey now I'd bet. Sad times.
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 Isn't that what the Brits ride in all the time?
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 Rip cars
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 Ard Surf 2019
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 I always read UK comments with an accent.
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 @rudders20: exactly!
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 Dude! Where's my car?
  • 1 0
 Sweet - What does mine say !?
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 @Luis-Sc: Dude - what does mine say?
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 Sweet - what does mine say
  • 1 0
 @MrAngry: Dude - WHAT DOES MINE SAY!
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 Never gets old ????
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