Dirt Church with Emil Johansson and Micayla Gatto - Video

Jul 14, 2017
by Mark Roblin  
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Emil Johansson and Micayla Gatto's entry took home the Best Cinematography award at the Åre Video Challenge.


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 that was sick! Never heard of Micayla, but don't think I've ever seen a girl shred with style like that - keep it up! Not much needs to be said about Emil...the dude is gifted
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flag GHJ (Jul 14, 2017 at 17:31) (Below Threshold)
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 i just dropped some new merch and it's selling like a god church
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flag GHJ (Jul 15, 2017 at 0:28) (Below Threshold)
 seriously?! down voted because I said Jill Kitner shreds...wtf
Have you seen her ride with Brynn?
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 Think about your demographic here mate, keyboard warriors. If your worried about up/down votes, you're on the wrong website.

There are plenty of female shredders man. I *tried* to follow Miranda Miller in Whistler about 8 years ago (thought I was pretty quick)
She smoked me after 5 turns, I couldn't even see her........ and she's placing 10th in World Cups these days....
I'd rather eat my own hat than try and be faster than girls these days !!!!
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 @Waldon83: it's no joke man, the speed difference between M and W only seems big on the world cups and races, but they're still bustin the hardest tracks in the world in sub 3-5 mins, pretty sure I'd be in the 10-15min range on a track like val di sole or andorra.
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 Guys....i worded my comment pretty damn straight forward "shred WITH STYLE"....there are plenty of fast girl racers...but they have little to no style (on or off the track).

This wasn't a comment about how there aren't any fast women riders....

Women on bikes, good or bad, just never seem to be stylish in the slightest...and when they are, it's a rare beauty! Which is why I took notice of Micayla.
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 Man, you're way off the mark. But it's your opinion and you're entitled too it
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 @Waldon83: "I'd rather eat my own hat than try and be faster than girls these days !!!!"

Now that I understand who I am dealing with...I think I'll pass on providing a meaningful reply.
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 @nvranka: I don't need a reply mate, you don't know me, and I don't know, or care about you.
Keep it rubber side down pal

And you never hearing of Micayla, well I can tell you're the kind of person that sleeps under rocks.
Next you'll say "Wow, who's this Casey Brown chick that wins Crankworx Whip Offs", or "Has anyone else here heard of Aaron Gwin!!"

Wake up
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 @Waldon83: good one pal!
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 emil is way too good at riding a bike for a 17 year old (18 maybe?)
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 he just turned 18... crazy
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 aside from being a ripper.....Micayla is also a pretty sick artist
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 Cool vid, but i feel like the church bit was strange, didnt see its relevance
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 Getting steezus for jeezus - Jeff Buydos
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 Not exactly sure how church factored into it but good film nonetheless. Emil the young-buck enjoying the good life, keep it up buddy!
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 Yeah what was that ? I thought it would be like the celebration of 650B's death like they made for the vid "26 aint dead" ... but no: really annoying
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 Yeah they didn't do a real good job of telling the story, but I think it was supposed to go like this:

1. Preacher doesn't like bikes 2. Preacher sees them ride. 3. Preacher converts to dirtology.

As stories go it's certainly... uh... something.
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 With full respect for both riders , I don't get this video. Some few nice shots there but that's it. Maybe I'm not to religious ? AMEN !
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 Best cinematography award was well deserved I'd say! The sunset shots were gorgeous. The whole video was gorgeous I thought. I actually liked the church idea.
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 his DH bike is so small on him lol Dope riding tho
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 The editing skills on this video are impressive! amazing to watch
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 soo fantastic and beautiful!
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 Hahah my dad is a preacher and shuttles me up the hill
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 How amazing would it be to have a wife that could go send it on trails with you!? Perfect woman.

Nice video. Enjoyed
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 That was awesome. Way sicker and less confusing than the winning entry.
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 zbyt cienka, nie rozumiem.
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 this is whack as fuck
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 That was amazing!
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 The both "Are" artists in their own medium.
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 Wow. Love it.
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