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Aug 27, 2003
Here we are back in our respective home towns trying to cope with the reality of the situation which is reality. No more free Kokanee and Red Bull. The days of living the life of rock stars are over. Free wrenching on our bikes and the broken parts aren’t replaced quite as quickly. Yep, it’s back to regular old everyday mundane… What am I talking about, it’s still pretty good.We are here at the end of this ambitious journey because of the help of the people along the way that believed. I call it ambitious because, like last year, it shouldn’t have happened at all. It only takes 1 believer for every 10 non-supporters to keep the Drop In boat floating. Keep the riders willing to risk their health, and the producers willing to risk their credit rating.
Here’s where we thank the people who might not even know what a difference they made.

Thanks to the season 1 crew for blazing the trail and not giving up under way tougher conditions and not nearly as much free time and free stuff.
Thanks to Ryan Leech for traveling out to meet up with us and throw down for the world, thanks to Scott at Backcountrytaxi.com for the chauffer service all over the island for the week we were there, thanks to Mrs. Berrecloth for letting us park the bus and all of our bikes in your yard and let us shower in your house for a few days, thanks to Paul & Anita at the Iguana Ranch hostel in Duncan for the great hospitality, thanks to the Port Alberni crew, and to the Gold River building brothers for showing us around, thanks to Darren Berrecloth for letting us descend on your family’s home and for paying off the Hells Angels for us. Thanks to the Riding Fool hostel in Cumberland for letting us get rowdy and giving us a break from the bus.

Thanks to Richie Schley, Wade Simmons, and Gareth Dyer for being yourselves and showing us a great time on the mountain, thanks to Tom at Whistler for the passes, thanks to Darren Trihune for the additional footage. Thanks to the security guards for not kicking us out of the parking lot right away, and the RV park for letting us stay and giving us a deal. Thanks a lot to Chris at Whistler Bungee for the day of jumping, and Lady Di for the feast.


Thanks to our guest riders Keith Howitt, and Nigel on the street and Dangerous Dan Cowan, and Dharma for showing us the shore. Thanks to Dr. Tom Glew for the acupuncture and herbs. To Roy at Idun for hooking us up with sweet clothing again, cheers. Thanks to Pete at Norco for the Chinese food, thanks to The Roxy for the bar tab, thanks to Dylan for not puking on the bus. Thanks to Red Bull for replacing our supply that was stolen. Thanks to the Capilano RV park for not kicking us out and not finding out who poached the pool, thanks to Osim for the massage chair which we named Jessica, thanks to Jake at No Limits distribution for the Reef shoes hookup, thank you Mel for the aloe vera plant and the tequila.

Thanks to our female guest riders who brought a really cool dynamic to these dirtbags’ normal schedule – Barb Haley, Danika Schroder, Daamian Skelton, and Kelli Sherbinin, oh and Joe Schwartz, you girls rock! Thanks to Clayton for building killer trails and keep it up. Thanks to BRT for unknowingly letting us poach your full loop, we couldn’t get a hold of you. Thanks to the red neck locals for not killing anyone on karaoke night. Thanks to the campground on the south side for not giving us a hard time; for anything. Thanks to the doctor at the hospital for insisting that Steve get stitches.

Lower Mainland:
Thanks to Derek and Jay for showing us the trails around Chilliwack and teaching us how to party, to Chris Donahue for the street ride demo and shuttling all over Langley. Thanks to the guys who built the Woodlot Platinum trail, we didn’t film it though it was just a pleasure to look at. Thanks to the Cultus lake waterslide for the tubes, and the guy who runs the campground we stayed at for helping us winch the bus away from disaster at 1 AM and not freaking out too bad when we built a fire on your grass.

Thanks to Doug Fink for driving out from Calgary to ride street and take up the slack when Dylan got SARS, and to the naturopathic doctor for curing Dill of SARS. Thanks to the Freedom Bike shop for working on our bikes for the case of Red Bull that we forgot to drop off, to Liz at the ShadE Tree campground for not having us arrested, to the crazed tree planter chick for providing the beach party entertainment, thanks to our groupies, Sandra & Amanda for hanging out. Thanks to the ladies for looking good on the beach, and to Toni’s cousin for showing us his stunts.

A big thanks to Pat and the boys at Gerick Cycle for working on our bikes and letting us hang around the shop so much, thanks to Vince and the other local builders for building the best trails ever, the guest riders killed it on Gillard and at the skatepark – thanks Nato, Ryan, and Fink. Thanks to the Save On Foods for not kicking us out of the parking lot that we were squatting in, thanks to the security guard for being so gullible and believing our fake “permit” for squatting on the beach overnight, thanks to the Hall family for having us all over for a BBQ, thanks to the dude who was calling the wind for the riders the day of the road gap session.

Thanks to the Matt’s for showing us around – Matt Hunter and Matt Brooks, Thanks to the Utah gang Ryan Gibb, Mike Wilson, and Russ Morrell for helping us build and entertaining us with your goofball antics. Thanks to the Pita Pit girl for adding so much extra ingredients every day, thanks to the police for giving us Jared back. Thanks to Toni’s parents for letting us descend on your house, thanks to the security guard at Padova city for letting us snoop around a little before you scared the crap out of us. Thanks to the girls on the beach for just being outside our front door every day.

Thanks to Scott at Adrenaline Descents for the ‘Epic Day’ of heli drop to whitewater rafting, thanks to Joe Schwartz for guest riding with us and not getting too pissed off when everyone kept running over your gear with vehicles, thanks to Nate for letting us park the bus in front of your house and letting us use your yard as a landfill. Thanks to Dano Slater for convincing the cops not to arrest me after peeing in the fountain, thanks to Carrie for the System Of A Down cd, to Jerome at Summit cycle for straightening Tylers wheel that I bent driving over his bike in Penticton. Thanks to Jita’s café for only charging us for a fraction of the slurpee drinks we helped ourselves to. Thanks to Mike Burns for building us dirt jumps to hit in less than a day up in Blaeberry, thanks to Fink again for driving out to Golden to hit the jumps that weren’t ready to be hit.

Thanks Panorama! Thanks for the hotel rooms for interviews, thanks to the security for not getting mad when Jared broke that tree, thanks for letting us ride in the pool area, thanks for letting us do grinds on the rails, thanks for letting us park the bus at the hotel, and thanks for the good times at the T-Bar. Thanks to Byron Grey for hooking us up with quads and and taking us up to the alpine, thanks to Toby Creek Adventures for not getting too mad when I sent your quad off the cliff. Thanks for the Radium Hot Springs passes Becka.

Thanks for coming all the way from Utah to hook up with us Thor, thanks for the shots. Thanks to all the guys who came out to the session at millennium, Thanks to the angry parking lot owner for not hitting the bus with the bat you were swinging. Thanks to Cyclepath for fitting some minor repairs into your hectic schedule, thanks to COP for diddley sqwat, to the guys who built Jean-Guy.


Thanks to the Lethbridge rippers who built some serious hits and tuned our bikes for us, Thanks to Steve T.’s parents for feeding and watering us, to Mike at the Bridgeview RV park for feeding us everyday, thanks to the Bridgeview staff for not kicking us out until we were leaving anyway, thanks to the Roadhouse staff for being so “liberal”.

Thanks to Solomon Rosenburg, Derek Frankowski, Derek Olsen, and Dave Silver for the shots. Nice pics guys!
Thanks to Kokanee for over $3500 worth of beer.
Thanks to Red Bull for over 1400 cans of the go juice.
Thanks to Nanton water for the numerous pallets of bottled water.
Thanks to Idun for all the shorts, hats, T’s, hoodies, jackets etc.
Thanks to Hoots for the sweet armor even though you couldn’t afford it.
Thanks to Norco for supporting the show for another year.
Thanks to Hayes for all the brakes – keeping us stopping.
Thanks to Nokian for way too many tires and tubes… Awesome!
Thanks to Race Face (Marshal) for supporting your fellow Canadians (you know).
Thanks to Filthy Rich for the help with all the guest riders.
Thanks to Toni “the Milkman” Mundel for helping build the vision.
Thanks to the season 2 riders who's dedication to the show and the sport of mountain biking kept them riding almost everyday and stepping it up everywhere we went.

Most of all THANKS TO THE VIEWERS who keep supporting the show and making it worthwhile for us. Keep Watching.

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