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May 27, 2004
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Did you know that marketing departments generally have the messiest desks in the bike industry?

Do you know why?Nope, it's not the stacks of magazines or loads of sponsorship requests that take up all the space. It's not the piles of market research either. It's the tradeshow samples and products for photo shoots that went out in perfect condition but came back with tiny scuffs and scratches. It's the clothing for our team riders that didn't quite fit and all those creative colour choices and laser etching experiments that didn't pan out the way we thought they would. All stuff that can't be returned to inventory and sold so it inevitably finds its way into my office and becomes...crap on my desk.

Well, seeing as its Spring, I'm going to start doing a little cleaning and give this stuff away. And no, they're not going to my bros or to other industry players in exchange for personal shwag - they're going to those who deserve it the most - members of our Race Face fan club.

In a new promotion I'm calling "The Crap on My Desk", I'll be giving away various items that have accumulated on my desk over the years. And I'll be giving them to the person who wants it the most. Sometimes, it'll be a single item, other times there'll be a few pieces. And while they may not always be the latest and greatest from Race Face, I guarantee you they'll be unique and will come with a good story.

Now here's the thing - since the contest is dependent on the volume of crap on my desk, I can't commit to a consistent crap giveaway schedule. Let's face it, some times are crappier than others. But as a member of our fan club, not only will you be finding out about our crap giveaways before anyone else, you'll also be automatically eligible to win!

So that's it - to check out the premiere episode of "The Crap on My Desk" and find out what I'm giving away, click through to:

Enjoy and good luck,

Marshall (the Marketing Guy)


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