James Doerfling Interview

Jul 20, 2005
by Tyler Maine  
Member of the Iron Horse/Freeridetours Team and a Freeridetours Guide

I imagine James rode a bike as a kid like we all do, but from what I can tell he really got into riding the same way most people get into riding, through the local bike shop. In his case that meant Red Shreds, which is where I first met James. For those of you who don’t know anything about this shop, it is iconic and more of a epicenter for adventure than merely a shop.
Needless to say James worked at the shop when I first met him and soon joined us on a tour where he quietly destroyed every trail we rode. He is an amazingly versatile rider and is always too busy loving riding to boast about it. Well it didn’t take me long to ask him to join the Freeridetours roster and as soon as the Iron Horse Freeridetours Team was a reality, he was on it.

When I ride with James it reminds of what it was like when I first started—pure love for the sport.So James, where ya from, and when were you born etc?

I was born on July 7, 1986 in Matsqui and I grew up in Abbotsford. I moved to the puddle in 94’ with your family.

How long have you been riding and how did you get into it?

I have been in the saddle for about 6 years now. I basically got into it when I moved up to the puddle, because I slowly got to know the guys at the local bike shop and then soon enough I got a job there which inspired me more to ride bikes even harder and get more into it.

What’s the riding scene like in Williams Lake?

Its pretty cool actually, there are always rides going on after work at the shop, that anyone can go on. They have a cool club going for all the little guys that want to get into it.

Why do you think the scene is so good in the puddle considering its size?

The scene in the puddle is wicked, there is so many people building new trails, and stunts and organizing all kind of cool events and stuff.

Who has played a part in getting you to where you are at? Who has helped?

Well first I’d have to say Mark Savard, if it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t even be riding a bike, I would probably be a little computer geek or something. And one other person that has helped me so much is you, for even giving me the opportunity to be on this team, which is a huge step in my career.

Why do you ride?

I ride because it is one of the only things I am good at, and I FREAKING LOVE IT. It’s my passion.

How do you feel about the NSMB Airprentice Experience/Opportunity?

The airprentice comp was awesome, I met a lot of new people and riders. It was an awesome opportunity, because their team is a great group of guys and I would have loved to be on their team.

What are your feelings on the UFC? Was it disappointing not making it further? What Happened?

The UFC was another crazy opportunity for me, it was kind of a last minute thing for me. I didn’t even have a camera to start off, so one of my buddies that filmed my movies for me, “Mitch Cheek,” actually bought a brand new camera. Then we started filming and pulled it together last minute. Thanks Mitch! I’d have to say I was pretty disappointed in not making it further in the UFC. My video was edited by one of my buddies that is pretty new at it and from what I’ve read, that’s the thing most people were pointing at as the big weakness in my film.

How did you get on this team?

The last couple of years, the freeride tours have been coming through Williams lake and I kinda tagged along when they came through. I got to know you better and better every time you came through. And then this season you put this kick ass team together and asked me to be on, so I was soo stoked to join the crew.

Where do you see the future of mountain biking going? Comps? Films?

Well its pretty much just getting crazier and crazier every season. People are just gonna keep stepping it up more and more for films and comps.

Are you into the team thing?

This is this first time I’ve been sponsored by anyone, so I don’t really know what its like to be sponsored as an individual. So yeah, I am super stoked about the team thing for sure.

What do you think about Freeridetours? Are you excited about that side of it?

Oh the Freeridetours are awesome, it will give me the opportunity to ride a lot more places and ride a lot more in general this season.

Industry Experience?

Well I worked at the local bike shop in Williams lake, so I guess I know some stuff.

What aspect of riding do you really enjoy? Are you most excited about comps, films, or what?

Most of all I like just shreddin with the bros, like I am really excited to just start riding with the rest of the team. I’m stoked on films to, just so I can get my name out there, so people know who I am and what I’m about.

Career wise? Where do you see yourself going?

Well right now it is kinda hard to say, I am just going to ride my bike everday, as hard as I can this year and see what happens.

Favourite Car?

Toyota Tacoma, I’ll have one, one day haha.

Favourite Colour?

Stealth Black

Favourite drink?


How do you feel about the other members of the team Jordie, Glew, and Tyson? What do you think about them?

You all seem awesome. I came down to Van to do some stuff with you and I ended up staying here for 2 weeks. I hung with Jordie for a week, he seems like a awesome guy, likes to PARTY, and have fun, and I’ll be 19 soon so it will be a lot funner. Tyson seems pretty chill, and he’s the Canadian National Bmx Champion, so that says a lot! And I’ve known you for a while now and we are pretty good friends now and I look forward to this season on the team with them, its gonna be fun!

What is your riding style?

I pretty much like to do a little of everything, street, DJing, big stuff, etc.

What do you do for work right now?

Currently I am working at the mill up in Williams lake. This summer I will be working for the Freeridetours, and riding my bike all summer I’m super stoked.

Is it tough to pursue being a pro rider? What makes a person a pro? What projects are you excited to be involved in?

It is super hard to pursue being a pro rider, I’m not even really totally sure what makes a person pro, but that’s my dream and am gunna work hard to get there. I’m excited to work on some films this year and doing the tours.

What projects would you like to be involved in?

This year I would like to be involved in Gibbs' new video, that he is working on. And the new pist-n-broke movie aswell as the new movie called Trickin', by Bicycle Rockers.

What strengths do you bring to the team and tours?

Well I’m the Am on the team, so I’m gonna give the team all I can offer.

For you, what would be the ideal situation for your sponsorship/job? In the future?

In the future a sweet sponsorship/job would be workin' for the tours every summer and maybe doin' somethin involving the team.

How did you get this opportunity? Why you?

Basically I rode with you lots last season and you liked my riding and maybe what I could bring to the team.

Write something interesting about yourself?

Umm I’m 5’11 and I like long walks on the beach.

Who is James? What should people know about you?


Who is your riding crew?

The team and all my buddies.

All the guys at Shreds wrenchin away, Mitch Cheek, MY mom for all the support, and Pilzak up in Fort McMurray.

photos courtesy of Freeridetours-JAGA

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 man, this kids good. I love the pictures and the favourite drink props. I love gin and juice too. Keep rockin, keep ridin.
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 man i was born in matsqui, and lived in abbotsford for a while too. it means we're BALLIN. hahaha. anyways nice riding man.
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 keep rockin

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