Angel Fire Resort and World Cup Venue-Getting there was 90% of the battle

Jul 26, 2005
by Tyler Maine  
This trip went into planning mode months ago, when we first learned there would be more then one North American World Cup event. Plane tickets were booked, changed and re-booked, [L=]hotel’s arranged[/L] and rental vehicle in order. Instead of flying directly to New Mexico from Vancouver, I felt the need to take the indirect route from Chilliwack to Calgary and then fly to N.M. Since I hadn’t been on a bus since elementary school, I figured “what the hell, I’ll take the Greyhound to Revelstoke”.I can honestly say it’ll be a while until I do that again. $73 for a one way ticket to Revelstoke (takes about 4.5 hours in a car, which turns into 7.5 hours on the bus) and then to have an additional $42 tacked on because I was traveling with a bicycle was a little much. Well at least it’ll be traveling with me, so I can build it up once I get there, right? WRONG!!! The $42 was to have it shipped to Revelstoke on the next bus or maybe the one after that, but it should be there by the next day???? This was a serious lack of customer service in my books. Either way I was a little late arriving in Revelstoke, my bike wasn’t with me, but my chauffer was waiting to pick me up with a smile, none the less.

July 1st found us waking up next to the lake at [L=]Williamson’s Campground[/L] in Revelstoke with blue, sunny skies over head. Mical and I checked out the Canada Day parade-Revelstoke is proud of their forestry and recreational services. Once the parade was over, we picked up my bike that had finally arrived and hit the road to Golden.

Golden B.C. is just under 3 hours west of Calgary AB. We headed over to Mt.7 to do a little tourist drive to the summit and check out where the “Red Bull” balloons will be in effect in a few weeks for Psychosis. This little mountain town is pretty excited to be hosting all the world caliber riders. On a separate note, if you want a nice dinning experience, call up The Cedar House Café and make reservations. You won’t be disappointed. You can also talk to the owner/operator, Scott Belton and see about doing a Helicopter drop on the peak of Mt.7 too.

Saturday found us heading out into Kananaskis Country to ride Jewel Pass to Prairie View. This ride is perfectly suited to a bike like my Rocky ETSX-50, as I can lock out both ends for the fire road climb.

Then throw it in 4.5” of travel at both ends for the

descent and the bottom ½ of Prairie View. Mother Nature was being a little temperamental and decided to make the last 20 minutes (after I finished changing a rear flat-thanks for waiting), a monsoon hell. She threw hail and rain at us until we pulled our soggy asses into the parking lot. Once I was in dry clothes, I can honestly say it was a great ride and I look forward to doing it again later in the season. I did a few more training, “climbs/rides” while I was in Calgary awaiting our departure.

6 a.m. Wednesday morning came fast and we found ourselves at the airport being greeted to an $80 US price tag for having bikes in boxes with us. After a short 2 hour lay over in Denver, we arrived in Albuquerque where the temperature was a mild 102 degrees Fahrenheit. The second half of our 4 person crew landed some 7 hours after us. Derek Chambers (Freeride Ent./ Pinkbike), Bryan Eller (Cove factory), Mical Dyck (Terrascape/Calgary Cycle) and I packed up our Ford Expedition and hit the road for our 3 hour drive to the resort town of Angel Fire. I’d like to thank the duo of Kristy and Christie for helping us sort out all our lodging details and treating us so well during our stay at Angel Fire.

We’ve arrived and so far bike “handling” fees are at $42 CDN for Grey Hound and $80 USD for United Air. Oh well, we’re here and there’s lots to do and see.

Part 2 coming soon.....


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