Atherton Diaries Episode 33: World Championships

Sep 12, 2018
by Atherton Racing  

Winners!! Kade and Rach bring home the rainbow stripes and Mille gets a medal! It was an awesome day in Lenzerheide with two World Championship wins and a 3rd place podium for Mille! What a storming finale to the season!cFinals day was hot and conditions “pretty much perfect”. Lenzerheide track was tricky and loose - and we SMASHED it!!

Filming and Editing: Tj Smith
Title slide: Sven Martin

MENTIONS: @trekfactoryracingdh


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 I didn’t really grasp the extent of Rachel’s injury until I did a little digging this past week. Just coming off an injury myself I am amazed at how fast she has bounced back. Severed nerve, clavicle surgery, muscle/tendon atrophy and loss of movement from being in a sling... to come back, lose some and finally get into that form again is wild. After reading her BBC interview though, it would seemed she’s much more calculated now then ever before (despite the all gas no brakes sentiment she shares). She’s truly a well seasoned veteran who has acquired racing wisdom and know how that I’m not sure other females have. And a helluva athlete on top of it. Her journey back into this form is well deserving of a world champ title. She seriously owns.

As far as future contention, not that I wish it but Tahnee has been throwing herself off her bike a lot, almost wrecklessly sometimes. I can’t help but feel like an injury wouldn’t be out of the question with how hard she’s trying to push herself. I feel like she lacks some of the athleticism Rachel has to go balls to the wall. Understanding Rachel’s rehabilitation and overcoming the physical and mental shattered confidence that comes with a debilitating injury like hers, I’m inclined to believe that Tahnee appeared much further along then she really was in racing ability. Now that Rachel appears to have her mojo back, other contenders will be hard pressed to get to where she is unless they put in some major major major work in the off season. A part of me won’t be surprised if we revisit the 5-10 second leads for another race season.

All in all, a hell of a recovery for Rachel and good f*cking god that world champs run absolutely smashed.
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 they are all tough as nails eh - Gee raced most the season with a broken wrist didnt he? And still got a top ten overall!!
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 @russthedog: Gee got a lot of people talking this season, but shame on us for starting to doubt the man. Unbelievable comeback from some tough injuries and incredible showing at the last race, can't wait to see him smash it next year.
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 Lets not forget that just a couple of weeks ago Tahnee was 0.6 seconds off Rachel. And Tahnee admitted herself that she played this one safe. I most definitely wouldn't write her off. Next season will be interesting anyway.
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 @piesforyou: Anyone who came that close to 1st place would say that they were playing it safe, that there was more they could've done. Anyone and everyone looks back in retrospect thinking they could've filled in a gap here or there. But what's thrown down in the race run is what's thrown down in the race run. Who's to say Rachel wasn't playing it safe as well? Perhaps she could've gone all gas no brakes on that race and increased her margin a few more seconds, or even another 10 second destruction. Tahnee wasn't "admitting" anything, that's not something you get to admit after coming in second. It's not a good look to get that close and say "I gave it all my gas, I just dont have it in me to take the top spot". And of course she's going to say "I played it safe" when she gets obliterated by 10 seconds. I'm pretty sure a lot of confidence was regained by Rachel in the two races leading up to World Champs. Tahnee is still young and has a lot to learn when it comes to racing elite. Winning is winning, knowing when to play it safe and when to ease off the brakes is only a fraction of the mind games that goes through the mind of a racer.
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 @anchoricex: couldn't agree more, well said
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 That crash/pile up in the in the upper rock garden @1:53! The weekend could've gone quite differently, wow!

Great video and atmosphere, and a good bit of screentime for Gee too. Congrats all-round.
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 Great video. Now Rachael is back to her normal form, she is unstoppable. Wouldn't it be amazing if Anne Caroline did come back to downhill as well to give Rach some true competition. Also, lets not forget Gee's last race, it looks like he is going to be back at the top again next year.
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 It's crazy to see the gap Rach put on the rest of the girls. What do you think it is? Is she in better shape than the rest of the field? Stronger? Gutsy? Or just off the brakes? I know she's been putting in huge gaps in previous years, but I thought the rest of the field was starting to catch up. This race proves that might not be the case.
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 she handles the pressure way better then the other girls and keeps her composure.
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 Probably all of the above. Although idk if I'd say its better shape because all of these top riders are in great shape.
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 All of the above. Rachel's had an array of injuries before this recent one, she becomes more calculated and works back her confidence as a better racer each time. I think everyone was under the impression that the field was catching up in Rachels absence as Rachel was beginning to race again despite not being fully recovered. We saw the top 3-4 womens racers take turns at podium'ing above Rachel and everyone seemed pretty fooled into thinking Rachel was either never gonna be Rachel again or the rest of the field was actually somehow at Rachels level. Agree with that sentiment, this doesn't appear to be the case. The physicality and training of this lady appears to be a league in its own compared to the rest of the pack, and she's now here to break hearts. I think Myriam and Tahnee were both pretty gutted to see their time get obliterated like that, I think they were also under the impression that they were now at Rachels level, not realizing that she was still climbing back to where she was before. I know if someone were this dominant in the mens field I'd be celebrating them like crazy, so I'm here to celebrate Rachel too because she seriously is phenomenal.
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 Anyone think that Kade is ready to take over from Gee as the main man in the team, boy has some serious skills and if he keeps improving with the guidance of the rest of the team, who knows where he'll end up.
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 No doubt he's got skills but I don't think he's ready yet. Gee finished top 10 overall and had a 2nd at the last race - consistently a lot faster than kade as well.
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 We need some Kade videos. That kid has serious skills.
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 His videos in the skatepark are ridiculous.
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 Amazing end of the season for the whole team Wink
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 Yeah sure is lol getting to ride a replica Gee bike hahaha!!!!!!!
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 @luggz83: Haha. I mean the years they rode for Trek was tough. Gee injured, Racheal too, Kade also struggle during the season. And this is probably the last year with Trek for them. Gee 2nd in La Brasse Kade and Rachybox won champs. Couldnt be better for them i think.
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 @AdamOdh: Rachel killed it though, Kade is ridiculously talented just needs to focus on racing to get those podiums. Gee has been unlucky but think he's been distracted with to many interests. Do you think thats the end of their Trek days? But where will they go???
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 I need a cry box and safe space before I can watch any of the Atherton videos.
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 nice you see pinkbike figured out how to spell mille's name!
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 Now, all that's left is for you to figure out how to use the Shift key Razz
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 Whats the song playing throughout the 2nd half of the video?
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 holy shit that arrival at 4:20 ( Cool ) !!!!!!! Kade future elite champion 4sure
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 Oh jea✊

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