Atherton Diaries: Muddy, Testing, Dyfi, Jumps and The BDS - Video

Apr 25, 2017
by Red Bull Bike  

Dan Gee and Rachel ride Dan's new creations at the Dyfi Bike Park, Muddy leaves sunny Australia and gets all jet-lagged and the boys do some intensive testing in San Remo - mostly in the Gelato shop! This episode also has British Downhill series racing from Nant G - the first outing of the season!

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 The ears in hat thing... Still befuddles me.
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 It's over-sizing the hat. I do it to so I can get an EL-P tilt to the hat while wearing my aviators. As well, a tight fitting hat messes up the hair.
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 12:40 the moment you thought Gee was out injured for the beginning of the season Big Grin HUCK TO FLAT
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 That was a big huck!
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 Gee's name is George?!
  • 25 1
 Gee you didn't realize that?!
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That's adorable [:
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 He prefers georgee porgee
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 I never knew that.
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 I assumed it was Geraint! A strong Welsh name that.
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 @L0rdTom: he ain't Welsh though
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 @bouncinggav: Yeah I always knew that he's a somerset lad, I just never equated the two!
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 A bit more charisma back in Gee... must say I like it. Always was a fan of the old Atherton Project series and this is just like itSmile
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 looking forward to seeing the team and every one in action again its going to be a great season Smile
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 Ok, It's official, i'm seriously shipping Rach and Muddy! I know that there is no place for that in this cynical world of mtb! but i don't care
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 Can't wait to see Gee and Rach back on the podium and of course Dan ripping at Hardline.
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 Who's the girl in Gelateria? Cool
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 Refreshing to see some of the best in the world get spooked on some of those jumps. Rach doesn't seem to care for the comments about her only being fast because of her brothers - but goodness she can ride. Riding with those fast brothers sure doesn't hold her back. These are well done videos - keep 'em coming.
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 Nothing gets the stoke going like watching the entire Atherton clan and their adopted team members just super stoked to be riding.
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 Love this stuff. World Cup around the corner!!!
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 I can't wait for the World Cup articles! It's been so long...
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 INDEPENDENT Hat ...that kid Skates !! The fact that he skates gives this video a 10+ oh plus Gee and Dan and little Sis are Awesome as always !
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 Why are girls never as stylish as guys? This isn't an anti-women post...I just don't get it. Plenty of young kids can throw a proper moto whip / the strength argument is moot.

Rachel is is essentially at the pinnacle of female MTB...if she has weak style...what the hell is the explanation?
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 Good to see Gee happy, relaxed and uninjured in front of and behind the camera. Might be meaningless but hope it bodes well for this year!
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 Great vid. My main takeaway, Gee is looking fit and fast as the new season approaches but Danny is faster Wink

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