Athertons Launch Kids' Coaching Camps at DyFi Bike Park

Oct 11, 2019
by Atherton Racing  

Press Release: Atherton Bikes

When Dan Atherton started to build Dyfi Bike Park, helping people to improve their riding and racing was a big part of his vision. Dan explained:

bigquotesDeveloping young riders was one of the key drivers for us in deciding to open Dyfi Bike Park to the public.

Part of the reason I wanted to open the Bike Park was to have a place where I could keep building the kind of visions I’ve always had in my head for how mountain bike tracks should be. And a big part of that vision was to create a strong local mountain bike scene, which would feed in to strengthening the depth of riding across the whole of the UK. The younger generation are key to building that scene.

Mountain biking is all about freedom, that’s what’s so amazing about it, being able to turn up somewhere and have a huge choice of things to ride, completely unrestrained, but
on the reverse of that there are a lot of people who want a bit more guidance and some help to improve their riding so they can get the most out of what’s in front of them.

I guess as well as the creative element to the Bike Park. I’m also hugely motivated by bringing on the next generation. I feel like the way we’ll run these camps is quite in line with giving people that freedom I was talking about, the way that I coach and that I’ve always have worked with Gee and Rach is by letting them lead. It’s about watching people ride. You’re never going to change someone’s style. Watch them ride and work with what you’ve got; every case is different and every rider different – no one rule fits all.

Moving forward we’re looking to expand these camps and do a lot more but we’ve started working with Al Bond, because the way he works is very similar to me. The
most important thing is that he is an amazing rider, that was first and foremost when we decided to do this. I’ve seen coaches trying to teach things they can’t do themselves and I don’t think that’s right. I’ve got huge respect for Bondy and his riding so it feels like a great starting point for the way we want these camps to go in future.

Rach is still off the bike but she’ll be a big part of this first race camp and she’s taking charge of our plans for developing our race camps offer going forward, I can’t think of anybody better qualified to do that, her ability to analyse and her understanding of the link between head and bike are legendary.
Dan Atherton

There will be two camps on offer this October half term. The first, led by Dan Atherton and Al Bond on Wednesday, October 30 this for kids aged 10-16 years old and aims to build confidence and transform riding skills. The second camp (Thursday 31st October) focuses on Race Skills.

Dan and Al will lead the on-track riding sessions while Rachel will share some of the key elements for race success from the safety of base camp.

Rachel said “The last few months up at Dyfi Bike Park have been amazing, it’s been so cool to see the faces of the young shredders who have made it to the park, these training days are the next step in an overall vision we have for the progression of young racers, Wales breeds some of the best riders in the World!”

For further information or to book your place email ride@dyfibikepark.co.uk. Places are limited to 12 riders per day so we’re also offering an additional half-term uplift day on Friday November 1st (booking through our website www.dyfibikepark.co.uk)

Location: Dyfi Bike Park, Pantperthog SY20 9AS

Timing: Gates open 9am, course runs 10-4

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 Would have been nice if they'd bothered replying to the requests for a place, even if it's full. Was trying to book a place for my 11 year old.
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 It's happening... this will be the UK's version of camp woodward in 10 years. Which is brilliant if that wasn't obvious!
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 I bloody hope so, how mint would that be?
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An article regarding the Athertons... Expect an incoming Sharkman attack. lol
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 "Huh, Gee can't even ride a bike good. But at least his sister has big balls".

For anyone in doubt, that was a parody, which is like a "comedic"/sarcastic pastiche of a real-life person/event. Cheers!
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 @BenPea: What Gee can't ride a bike, did you not watch Hardline!! i was marshalling there and he's f*cking sends big!
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 @sanguinetti-94: dude, he even told you it was sarcasm
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 Best park in the country. ????
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 Argh. Ignore the ??? Was supposed to be a thumbs up emoji.
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 I hope they are still doing this in a year when my lad turns 10!
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 Child care like a boss!
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 Such a good place.

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