Interbike 2008 - Banshee Rune

Sep 29, 2008
by Tyler Maine  
Banshee Bikes has a long history in making bikes that are good for sending it and holding up to amazing amounts of abuse. The Rune adds a new element to that package as you can pedal the Rune all over and still charge the descents. With the Rune, Banshee has really entered the trail bike market with a beauty of a machine.

Jay from Banshee Bikes tells us all about the Rune and why you should take one for a spin. Video, pics and specs inside.The Rune from Banshee bikes is the bike for the riders that like to go up and over the mountain, not just down it. Do you like to go on multi-day adventures or do you like to suffer through a really tough up just to hit up an equally tough descent? Well maybe you should listen and see what Jay has to tell about the Rune.

Jay from Banshee Bikes tells us about the Rune:

Travel: 6" VF4P
Weight: 7.2lbs
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Colors: Team, Anodized Gold, Black, White
Shock: Fox DHX Air / Fox DHX 5.0 Coil
Headtube: 1.5"
•135mm rear hub spacing
Chainguide Mounts: Yes, [ISCG 2005]
Tubeset: 7005 Al Banshee Custom Hydroformed Tubing


Eff TT22"23"24"25"

Frame Specs for build up:

Head Tube: 1.5"
Seatpost Diameter: 30.9mm
BB shell: 73mm - isis 118mm
Chainline: 50-51mm
Chainguide: ISCG 2005
Shock: 7.875" x 2.25"
Shock Type: Air or Coil
Suggested Sag: 15% - 20%

To learn more about all the newest Banshee frames please go to

Jordan tested a Wildcard frame and build up this past spring, so check that out too.

Part 1
Part 2


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 Thats a great design but only a northwest winter will tell if the bushings will hold. I do like the grease port idea.
  • + 1
 ye guess you're expert when it comes to hype elbry? wildcard and Rune have very differnt geometry t,head angle,seat angle and bb. check them out on the banshee site.
Love my wildcard.
  • + 1
 I had bushing ( was a single pivot design in my first FS ( Univega RAM back in 199Cool and it worked fine even though I rode it most of the year -in muck, dry dust and snow, so why not ahigh end bushing for such a frame?
  • - 1
 This frame kinda defeats the point of the Wildcard doesn't it? - Its lighter, the geometry is almost identical, travel is pretty much the same, it has the same front tubeset and chainstays, it pedals better too...

What exactly defines the two apart I ask?
  • + 5
 Strength of frameset, wheel path and leverage ratios...leverage ratios are one of the bigger things. With the linkage on the Wildcard they have a falling leverage ratio where the bike ramps up to prevent bottom out. On the Rune, it ramps up in the middle to create a pedal platform, and then the leverage ratio rises towards the end and there is no natural bottom out resistance. The two are very different bikes that will ride very differently.
  • + 1
 All I can say is; if you get a chance to try one do. I love mine and it really does everything well. Great job Jay and Keith. Keep it 22 pride
  • + 1
 Wrote a review of my Banshee Rune here for anyone who is interested. I've been riding it for a year now and I love it.
  • + 1
 Banshee has certainly come a long way from their original FR designs. This bike looks pretty sweet although I'm not to sure about using bushings instead of bearings.
  • + 3
 Apparently their engineer is some sort of god and even though EVERY other company sees fit to use bearings he just sees them all as stupid.
  • + 3
 Bushings are a great idea for MB applications. Very little rotation in bike pivot points. The issue is the tolerances are tighter so mass produced bikes might find producing such tolerances a tall order so will stick with $2 skateboard bearings.

I like the fact Banshee is now producing sub 20lb framesets.

In regards to bushings, I think Santa Cruz has gone to them in the main pivot of the new LT...I could be wrong. I think a few of the smaller companies that do very high quality work use bushings. Turner? Anyway, looks good and the new Pyre is sweet too: slack enough up front for any Pac NW riding and wicked light for the more XC biased types.
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 I'm pretty sure versus uses bushings as well.
  • + 1
 Versus uses needle bearings.
  • + 0
 yeah your right, good call
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 Ummm... How about Turner? They've been using bushings for ages. I've got almost a full season on my Pyre with no problems.
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 I love my rune! best All mtn. bike ever, free rides real sweet, and I won some down hill races on it.
  • + 0
 They got where the instant center is in the wrong place... its actually infront of and below the downtube and changes as it swings through its travel ... oh well.
  • + 1
 I really like the colors, the design of the bike is also impressive. Way to step up your game.
  • + 0 Look at this new DH-Bike of banshee, really looks much nicer than the recent...
  • + 0
 Looks sweet. What with all the six inch travel bikes that they've looked at?
  • + 0
 Love my Wildcard and this looks pimp. Nice work guys.
  • + 0
 this bike looks fucking sweet
  • + 1
 nice bike
  • + 0
 Looks exactly like the Rampant, their 4x bike.
  • + 0
 Yabadabadoo! Now here's a cool machine!
  • + 1
 sweet design
  • + 0
 The Banshee name speaks for itself!!!!!!!!
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 pretty sick
  • + 0
 Me like!
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