The Rise Barcelona Days: Featuring Thomas Genon - Video

Mar 8, 2018
by The Rise  

In order to escape the cold Canadian winters, it’s hard to find a better destination than the beautiful Barcelona. With awesome people to hang out with and fantastic spots all across the city, Barcelona is pretty much a rider’s paradise.

The 5th episode of our Barcelona Days series features riding from our own Jeremy Menduni, Walter Mayerhofer and Sam Croots, joined by the homies Tom Kilcoyne, Thomas Genon, Tomas Lemoine, Loek Quadflieg, Guille Lyon and Elie Robert.

Follow the crew as they wander around the city of Barcelona in search of unique rideable features and have a session at La Poma Bikepark in the process. This one is simply beautiful, hit play!


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 ahh its sick to see a few riders still doing street who aren't just trial riders. Awesome guys Smile
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 No helmet... no respect.
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 Talk to the guys that ride BMX :-)
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 Are people actually upset about this on here? Who cares?
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 @DH-Angel: Hahahaha - oh wait you're serious? ...Let me laugh even harder - HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
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 @Larkey1: Assuming someone has NO BRAINS = NO BRAINS.
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 Please SHUT UP. That's a ridiculous thing to say. People don't have to wear helmets. Get over it.
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 Looks like the city was built for street riders. #visitbarca.
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 Sam Pilgrim did a POV tour of a bunch of spots a few weeks back. It looks like the best place for street spots to ride in a small area.
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 Pretty cool! Almost like an old school skate video. Barcelona looks like a street riders paradise!!!
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 DUUUDDDEEE soon as the suicide boys kicked on with the slow mo off the first lip in dirt... goosebumps Best edit I've seen in a while, this video encompasses everything I love about bmx.
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 Yeah man same here !!!!!
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flag oevets4130 (Mar 8, 2018 at 14:36) (Below Threshold)
 That video has NOTHING to do with BMX.
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 @oevets4130: BMX is a style of riding, not a bike. And there have been 26" wheel BMX bikes, and even suspension since the 70's. It's just marketing that's tricked you into thinking this is a separate activity in order to sell you more expensive bikes.
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 I know there are some idiots here shouting about how people shouldn't have to wear helmets. The fact of the matter though is that they should. Helmets can save your life. Head injuries suck and nobody wants to have to deal with a brain injury or any sort of paralysis caused by a head injury.

There are still plenty of pro-riders (not as bad as BMX of course and thankfully it seems to be confined to street) who think it's ok to not wear a helmet so it really is unto the bike industry to push for change here. Stop posting videos of people riding without helmets. Stop sponsoring riders who choose to ride without helmets.

If everyone leads by example and everyone wears a helmet then riding is safer for everyone. This isn't about sanitising the sport but if the most exciting element of your riding is not wearing a helmet then you need to man up and try some bigger trails and tricks.
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 BOYS you guys are friggin raddddd! What bars are you all running?! I'm struggling so hard to find tall/wide bars and mine are about to cause me some hurt.
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 NS District
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 Whats the name of that track? can't find
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 @Smilicito: thx dude!
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 @Smilicito: pouya sucks ass!! I cant take anything he says seriously because he looks like an anorexic midget bum not a gang banger and whats up with the fat chick hes always hanging with his name may be Nick but he looks more like a Nicole lol
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 Can't watch it in work, but it's probably La Poma.
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 La Poma bike park,, 20 min from the center of Barcelona, its where the Lacondeguy brothers grow up.
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 @mhoshal: Yeah I don't like Pouya either, but $UICIDEBOY$ are killin' it !!!
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 @PabloUB: @DarrellW: He's asking about that song, not where is La Poma - Barcelona - Spain etc etc Big Grin Which is also written in the description here on PB Big Grin
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 Seems like there needs to be name when BMX street riding is being done on a slightly bigger bike like this vid. I would propose this style of riding/video be called MTBMX.

Whos in?!
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 Ahem... Psbmx Plus Size BMX, already a thing
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 Doesn't Pinkbike have a helmet policy?
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 $UICIDEBOY$ YEAH !!!!!!!!!
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 Runn'in through 7th street homie!
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 @ 4:33 beats?
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 Lil Xan for life bro thats Lil xan sling shot
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