Video: It's Not About DH or All Mountain, It's About All Style

May 14, 2015
by Easton Cycling  
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Bas van Steenbergen rips on his local trails to local music. If this doesn't make you want to shred, you may be dead.

Artist: Devon Coyote
Song: Always in the Grey

MENTIONS: @EASTONcycling / @Basvansteenbergen


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 If anyone's interested, it took me a while to find it, but you can buy the song and more of his music here:

First time listening to this guy, automatically like his stuff!
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flag RedBurn (May 14, 2015 at 12:06) (Below Threshold)
 We aren't used for this kind of music in a Bas van steez edit Big Grin
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 Guy needs to get on amazon music!
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 Song is mint. If definatly listen to this guy. Loved the fast pace of the edit too didnt have to watch a minute of riding slowed down to three
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 Buy music? What is this the 90's?
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 That made me very excited for the May long weekend!! Time to ride bikes! Awesome vid!
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 May you have a shred filled weekend. Too Kamloops with Bros, Bikes and Beers!
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 A Bas Van Steenbergen video!!!!!
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 We're can I find more of his videos?
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 Type his name in 'Bas van steenbergen' in to the video section of pinkbike Smile he is my all time favorite rider.
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 Jakecallcut 100% agree with you he's hands down my favourite rider
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 i might as well be dead
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 DH bike still looks like more fun
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 This is a very honest advertisement for Easton wheels. They're light and stiff and you'll need a fucking truck to get up the hill because you lunched your rear hub after a month of riding.
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 I thought that was so sick, not as steezy as normal for a Van edit. But it was awesome seeing him shred two different bikes hard like that; I miss seeing the single crown all mountain, enduro, whatever name you want to call it these days ridden like a g.
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 Just became a Devon Coyote fan!
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 Sick TR500 color scheme
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 1st step : add to fav videos
2nd step:watch the video
3rd step: get the music
4th step:play the music before riding and get excited that you can ride like Bas
5th step:repeat last two steps untill new edit comes up,then repat all the steps
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 6th step: dream about being able to afford the tr500
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 Transition is the most legit bike MFG, I've had 2 Coverts, aluminum and now carbon, best bikes I have ever ridden. Fly high..... And Bas is a cool cat, so is his brother, Tom. They're good people, and fearless riders!!
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 cool edit ... but compared to what we are used to see from him it's not as mind-blowing as usual. But don't get me wrong , it's still full gassssssss
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 Gotta love when the sick bike like that tr500 is worth more than the truck carrying it
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 I quadruple the price of my shitty van when I put my bike in it haha. She still does the job though!
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 "Well, well, well... So I can die easy."
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 Off topic...does anyone know what bike carrier that was at the beginning scene?
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 Using my eyes to look at the sticker, I'd say it's a Swagman.
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 swagman "we garuntee it will break in two days of regular use or your money back"

source: I broke two racks both within two days of regular use.
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 How is it off topic @Ctk11 , still bike related haha.
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 @LukeTrek85 , true, but I was considering the riding itself the topic of the vid. Perhaps the rack was a sub topic. I don't pay attention enough in English class to really know anyway.
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 sooo sick i always enjoy Bas van edits Big Grin
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 If only ads on TV were like this...
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 Van Steezebergen
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 sick little edit
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 iframe width='489' height='275' src='' allowfullscreen frameborder='0'>/iframe>
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 How are Transitions?They look like affordable good bikes.
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 didnt know 5k was affordable.....
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 yeah not exactly affordable lol
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 Loved my Transition Blindside that I owned a few years back. They aren't exactly an affordable bike though anymore Big Grin
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flag xCri (May 14, 2015 at 22:58) (Below Threshold)
 If you loved your blindside you should try out the new huffys...
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 Highly doubt a new Huffy would do the two summers my Blindside did in Whistler bike park, plus all the trails I rode back in Australia. Good try though!
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 Does anyone else randomly have issues with pb videos loading?
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 Is the trail bike the patrol or scout, I couldn't make up my mind?
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 Who gives a f**k what it's all about now just get out and ride.
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 Ahhhhh, every edit reminds me that my bike won't arrovenfor another 7 weeks!!!!!!! :-(
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 1:33 yyooooooooooo
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 1:35 so gooooood
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 Didn't look as Stezzy as usual... bigger wheels to blame??
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