Bas Van Steenbergen Takes On 10,000 Calorie Challenge to Raise Money for Canada's Food Banks on April 28th

Apr 27, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

Follow along tomorrow as the points leader in the battle for King of Crankworx challenges himself to burn 10,000 calories in a day to raise money for Food Banks Canada.

bigquotesI'm raising money to benefit Food Banks Canada. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, putting strains on families across the country, food banks are on the front lines, helping to ensure that vulnerable Canadians are still receiving vital food support during this difficult time.

Any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause!
Bas Van Steenbergen

Van Steenbergen has a big day planned, waking up before dawn for a first 3-hour workout and finishing off with a 6-8 hour ride. He will posting Instagram stories documenting the day throughout.

Bas has also teamed up with his friends and sponsors so that every $5 donated gives you 1 entry into a raffle to win some really cool prizes including signed jerseys by Tom Van Steenbergen, Casey Brown, Vaea Verbeeck, Brett Rheeder and Bas Van Steenbergen himself. Support the Canada Food Bank here.

Bas Van Steenbergen may not have the bag of tricks possessed by most of the field yet made it through qualifying.
Good luck Bas!


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 I got excited because I thought he was going to eat 10,000 calories in a day.....
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 I can tackle that one for you if needed.
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 I think that challenge may actually be harder.
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 When you burn 10,000 calories in one day you eat some serious food in the next 48 hours I'm sure.
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 @MonsterTruck: Save some for the homeless geez!!
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 @MonsterTruck: I'm glad someone named monstertruck is answering the call
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 @BiNARYBiKE: only 3 1/2 pints of ben and jerry's, 3 meals and a snack!
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 @mikelevy 10000 calories donut challenge...
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 Michael Phelps anyone? The guy ate something like 8k to 10k cal per day during his Olympic training.
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 @warmerdamj: Can confirm, I rode the Marji Gesick 50 miler last year, burning just under 10k calories according to Strava. It messed up my body in a lot of ways, one of which was having an absolutely insatiable appetite for the following week. For reference I weigh about 175 lbs and finished in ~11 hours.
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 @Jimmy0: I did a 5,000 calorie ride last week per Strava; on my Trailforks ride log. I’ve definitely been eating more since that ride. But I could eat more if it were for a good cause Wink
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 @MonsterTruck: Yeah me too! Being out of work has seen my Strava stats go through the roof. I did my first 4000 and 5000 cal days this month, first 60+ hour month, first Everest month, forst five-hour ride, longest ride in Strava, longest run, longest walk, first half marathon. Getting furloughed is sweet!

I don't think I could do 10,000 cals though. 5000 was hard enough.
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 @jaame: the last 5 hours of my 10k calorie race was mostly just pain and cramps, I don't recommend for anything other than a dumb race every once in a really long while.
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 @OpeSorryAbootThat: it sounds truly awful. You must literally have to exercise all day.
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 @jaame: I definitely would not have finished if I wasn't riding with a friend. Marji is an absolutely brutal race but features some of the best singletrack I've ridden. Walked most the uphills by the end but there was plenty of type 1 fun on the downhills. I was dumb enough to sign up again, I'm hoping to pace better and not get dehydrated which I naively blame for most of the pain. I did a road century the year before as the dumb event for the year which was way worse since there wasn't any sort of payoff, just more pedaling. I think at least one really dumb ride or race per year is a good carrot to keep the fitness up and get out more.
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 @OpeSorryAbootThat: Just 54 miles in 9 hours. It must have been a torture!
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 I burnt 12,000 calories yesterday. I left the brownies in the oven.
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 Sorry to hear that mate, feel for you.
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 just gonna leave this here..
We don't need food banks, we need to get the food we already have in overflowing storage to the people in need..
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 Same issue in USA. Farmers are plowing over fields and letting food destined for restaurants rot rather than getting to the grocers or food banks. Major fail by Sonny Perdue's leadership at USDA
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 That only works if you can afford to move the food, which is your single largest cost.

So yeah, it’s always been a joke when people muse about the starving masses in other parts of the world.

When I was living in West Africa, I saw this kid wearing a Boy Scouts Jersey, so I asked him how he got it: “I bought it from a used clothing vendor”.

The story is that to afford to ship donated goods, they have to sell them on country.

So it turns out, sending free donations to other countries ain’t so free.
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 Oh my god... I love it
You have made my day, and made a great point.
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 @nurseben: Very interesting... Kinda hurts that they're charging the exact people who they are trying to 'help' with 'free donations' from us.
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 @bhastey: yup, blew me away at the time, now I understand it but I just don’t like it.

Kudos to folks trying to make a difference, still better to act locally,
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 same world over, dairy farmers here are pouring milk into slurry tanks, (source radio4)
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 than go raise money for that, instead of wining about it in Pinkbike comments. I know this isn't the only issue we're facing but I'm just trying to do something good here.
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 @nurseben: it's not donated goods donated for people in Africa, its waste goods that can't be shifted at thrift shops or at normal retailers. They sell it to waste companies, who ship it to Africa. People buy it by the kg, then sell it on at markets. With fast fashion increasing the amount of clothing, it's becoming a big issue with over supply.
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 @bhastey: That's precisely why I never give money to charity.
Visit a poor country and put the money into people's hands. That is the only way to be sure it's getting there.

"Poor people in rich countries make rich people in poor countries."
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 Kudos to him, though it's a little ironic that he's going to have to consume a bunch of food to replenish those 10,000 calories...
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 Yeah, let's burn a bunch of gas to raise money for people who can't buy gas... I don't get it either.
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 @leeatard: come on guys, it’s not like it’s a 1:1 trade... Unless only a couple people contribute?
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 Quick math question, honestly just pointing this out: How much did he spend on food to feed for the challenge vs how much money is he raising to feed others? Did you even look before charging at your keyboard? Using a platform to do greater good than the man himself could do alone. Negative comments can get out the window.
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 @leeatard: I bought $200 worth of groceries, and have raised $5000 so far, this is also not about a shortage of food, but rather about getting the food to people who need it, 2 completely different things.
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 @Basvansteenbergen: Don't let 'em get you down. It's easy to criticize. History honors those who take positive action, not those who simply point out problems.
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 @Basvansteenbergen: Yeah I should have thought a little harder before posting that. Props to you man.
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 Meant as a light-hearted joke, not as a hater thing! I think it's great.
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 So a little back if the napkin calorie burning calculation:

He ain’t gonna git her done in eleven hours (3hr workout +eight hour ride), he’ll need more time, even a professional athlete can’t sustain a high enough intensity to burn 1kcal an hour for ten hours.

An ultra marathoner would take 15-20 hrs to burn that amount of energy
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 A large pro road racer MIGHT be able to do it, but this guy isn't that. 1kcal an hour = 270w. That's something many pros could do for 6hrs. Alexander Kristoff won Gent-Wevelgem last year, averaging 345w for 5:26, which works out to about 6800 Calories. That is a truly monstrous effort.
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 @LeDuke: I agree, I remember reading Ranulph Fiennes autobiography (brilliant btw) and he recorded the record at the time (they took the equipment to experiment en route) calories burnt in a day of 11,000 whilst heading towards the South Pole.

However, considering the cause we should probably give the dude a break. It's going to be a pretty hard day!
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 It's definitely possible on a road bike, GCN did a 10,000kcal single ride last year and from memory it took around 11hrs 45min to get to 10,000. I'd have thought based on that you could do the same thing on Zwift. Not sure if its possible in the time frame he's talking about, but I'm interested to see!
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 @euan91m: Yes, averaging above 200W for the entire time.
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 I burn 6k on a normal day. This ‘challenge’ seems backwards. How about fasting for a day or two instead to spotlight the hunger issue?
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 What is a normal day that you burn 6000 calories from?
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 Sure you do buddy.
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 Why are some of you criticizing him? All you're doing is whining on pinkbike. If you have a problem with the cause that he's raising money for then start your own fundraiser.
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 I think he should do it by riding the Slope-Duro-Cross Course. Or at least training for it with a Rocky video montage
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 I was assuming that Bas was going to stay all serious and Cam would post a video of him only reading the headline and saying "Pff, I can do that!" and proceed to eat... 19 Big Macs in waaaaaaay less than a whole day.
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 Nice move Bas! All the luck!

Burning 10k calories isn't to hard... did this several times Wink :
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 Danny Hart is doing that !
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 That 8 hour ride needs to be on the Grim Donut. Make it happen Pinkbike!
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 Calories? How much does it count in miles per galon inch² ?
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 4.1868 joules.
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