Ryan Nyquist Basecamp Chronicles: First Ever Trail Ride - Video

Aug 19, 2017
by Haro-MTB  
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 I smiled through the entire vid.
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 Same here Big Grin
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 @pakleni: Me three!

Loved it. A Stacey Kohut cameo in there too, what a star that man is! He's been shredding harder than me on four wheels since the beginning! As a matter of fact, a photo of him doing a suicide on one of those jumps in a magazine was my first inspiration to let go of the bars. Pair of utter legends, great to see their paths cross and hope they share a beer one evening to spread the Stoke!

Mass respect to anyone who had involvement in the video. I would buy a Haro MTB (have had them before and loved them) again after seeing this. Off to EBay I go....
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 Best video I've seen in months. Thanks to everyone involved.
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 A million hours of watching mtb video with huge air and super slow mo and none have come close to the warm fuzzy high five to the soul this one has.
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 Who sent him a bike without a dropper?
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 So, where exactly in the riding you saw do you think he really needed a dropper seatpost?

I do feel sorry for him though that they sent him a bike but no one explained him how to install a PM brake caliper. That said, I like to see him riding and absolutely loving it. I like that combo.
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 @vinay: I use my dropper on mellow trails all the time. It just makes it more fun and you can rail turns faster with a lower center of gravity.
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 @Levelheadsteve: Sorry, I still don't get it. Of course the saddle needs to be low. The question is, where in the riding we saw there would it have made sense to be able to raise the saddle on the fly?
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He is riding whistler bike park buddy. No need for a dropper.
Need to know how to setup suspension though..
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 So enjoyable to hear a legend like Nyquist enjoying a trail as basic as B-line. That's what it's all about
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 I hate to say, way back in my bmx days, nyquist was one of my least favorite riders to watch, just all tricks, and not much for style. Now days, I find myself rooting harder for him than anyone else. Just a dude that loves riding bikes, and just seems pretty stoked on life. So much admiration for everything he has done in his career. And watching his first day in the bike park reminded me a lot of mine. Not really sure where to go, what you are doing, but still cant wipe the smile off your face.
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 Remember thinking it was kind of odd for him riding Bontrager in Ride BMX mag profile way back in -97 maybe? Coming full circle with the mtb thing i guess...

It should be known Nyquist took a dirt finals run as an honorary swede at the BMX Worlds in Köln wearing a team Sweden track top.

Obviously a legend but above all a really nice dude!
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 So true. I used to be a bit elitist/"underground" in my bmx days, hating on nyquist, mirra etc. Seeing the guy having fun on his bike without any form of pretence makes me regret that attitude.

Would be quite interesting to see what guys like aitken or chase hawk would do on a big bike.. Ruben alcantara and mat roe seem to get along with it..
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 The whole time watching this I couldn't help but feel Ryan proved a lot of dudes wrong. For one, Keith Terra was FULL of hate for yrs on Ryan's supposed un-trails style during the Posh/push early years. Granted, Ryan's never been confused with Stauffer or Aiken, but holy Hannah, insane skill on everything.

Plus, something Terra could use a lesson on - Ryan's a good dude, fun to ride with and just good for bukes
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 Come on Haro: get this guy a proper DH rig!
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 they dont got one to give him Frown
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 It doesn't have to say Haro on the downtube. @dhmtbr777:
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 @unrooted: yea that never stopped em for years, the old m1.uzzi combo that King, Hannah, and Minnaar rode
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 So stoked on this. When a legend like him can get that type of satisfaction off the simple stuff, that's why I ride. Epic.
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 You've put my thoughts to words too! How ace was that video! Makes you wanna invite him to your normal trails and know he'll have a sweet time! :-) #Ryanrules!!!
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 Decides to not ride a-line and get on something easier for his first ride...ducks a fence and ends up riding a-line without knowing it. Amazing, feel the stoke!
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 How has he not done this before? He's been on BMX too long I guess, his stoke level was high, fun to watch
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 Was super excited to be the guy that handed him the hacksaw and answered a few questions about the bike park. One of the nicest people you could ever meet, and a hand shake I won't forget.
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 Totally agree Ryan is the real deal. Down to earth, a friendly smile and some chit chat, a genuine interest in his fans and a handshake. Met him back at Interbike '06 and he was the most approachable of his BMX peers. If you ever have a chance to meet him do it !
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 Love that he gave Evolution some exposure. Best bike shop in Whis!!
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 "Should be fun... should be really fun." He has no idea what is about to happen, but his baseline attitude is f*ck it, let's have a good time. Semenuk/Rheeder/everyone else might be amazing riders but this type of person is who should be the face of the sport, inviting people to participate.

Sidenote- I was a hard Nyquist hater in my BMX days for his *wack style* and full peg setup, and I really regret that now. Little did I know he was just the coolest, nicest guy out there doing what he wanted, and with more finesse than anyone. I mean who the hell is doing suicide no-hander 3's and spinning bars the way he does?
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 So next year EWS for Ryan Nyguist?
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 I was thinking pretty much the same thing. Stomps FMB then get's into EWS or DH straight up.
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 MFW the guy on the quad bike came out and showed him how its done :O
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 What a humble man.
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 Please give the Legend a shorter stem and a dropper post!!
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 he deserves a better bike
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 One of the best riders on the planet having a blast, what's not to like!
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 It's incredible that Haro doesn't have a better built bike. Its Ryan Nyquist please! Some respect!
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 Had me smiling the whole video. So sick to see a legend hit trail the first time (and not to knock Haro, but on a bike most PBers would scoff at), the joy is real and the community is amazing, got a little tingly when he followed Stacy down, that was some special improv. Nyquist is so killer, dude had more elation after his joyride runs than most of the young guys, the energy is contagious!
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 So he's not robot. Glad to see such a badass finding Something new and exciting. Last year he was afraid Of getting hurt. Glad u got a lap in Ryan.
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 Whether he "needs" it or not, he should be hooked up with some top shelf kit being the legend he is: modern cockpit set up, a dropper, and whatever else. Maybe riding entry level gear is a good way to cross market to BMXers so they are not put off by the cost of MTB. Doesn't matter, really, as this was a great video in any case. Stoke on!
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 Good point! Another thing that might be a good idea is for them to redesign their site. Finding and understand what bikes are for what is pretty difficult.
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 Such a good attitude. I want that Dave Mirra video game again, game was fun, a modern phone could probably play it. Man I want to be like him, I'm 28, was supposed to mow the lawn today, basically just walked around hammered, Ryan Nyquist does not have a chill bone in his body, and I may sound like a cop out to kids, but honestly as you get older, even what Ryan Nyquist did in that video would be a HUGE accomplishment for most people, and it's water off his back.
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 This blew my mind... Next time I watch a slope style comp and think to myself "man I wish I could ride a bike like that guy" I'll then wonder "maybe he wishes he could ride a trail bike like me?" haha! Then I'll realize that nope, he doesn't wish to be me...
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 So cool So real He wasn't afraid to show us how much of a rookie he is on trails. I could relate to the pure joy of RIDING
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 Such a feel good movie, awesome stuff!
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 Kohut -- you got to ride with Nyquist!
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 My First Trail Ride Ever: Part 1


He wants to do DJ he tells me!

Sorry, it was also my first test of my Session-5
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 So much positive energy comes from Nyquist. Just the happiness shown when riding what many would not admit to having fun on as its not "extreme" enough..
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 Amazing video. So much stoke!
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 What a run he did !!!!!
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 like ... like Smile
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 Nyquist -- you got to ride with Kohut!
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 Is he serious? Can't be that hard to ride whistler trails if he's killing the boneyard!
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 I was thinking the same thing. Get's 3rd at joyride and is supper sketch on the blue trails. That's funny.
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 Nyquist is awesome, but this has gotta be a joke, right?
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 That was great! Cheers Ryan.
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 If I saw Ryan riding solo around Whistler, I'd see if he wanted a trail tour. Such a nice dude.
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 I love when BMX'ers come to the dark side!
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 This video made me want to ride so bad. Dope vid
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 so stoked on that vid, smiled the whole way threw
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 yes ryan! still the nicest dude on 2 wheels after all these years!
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 No truck drivers though?
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 Never knew haro did a sweet mid travel bike
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 Funnier than Claudio
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 Damn..those bars look like they're about 12" wide
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 What a great dude.....awesome!
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 anyone else think bob burnquist when they see nyquist?
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 I think this was also the first time buddy fixed his own brakes.
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 I wonder who was more stoked on that? Ryan or Stacy?
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 Hell yes, love seeing these kinds of videos! Gets you so pumped!
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 Whaaat, no barspins!?

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