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BC Bike Race 2024 Day 7: A Dramatic Grand Finale in Cumberland

Jul 8, 2024
by BC Bike Race  

BC Bike Race returns to Victoria

BC Bike Race is seven days for a reason. All seven days matter. Anything can happen in stage racing, on any day. From Geoff Kabush’s flat tire in the Prologue to the wild drama of Stage 7, being at the top of a podium after a week racing on technical B.C. singletrack requires a rare mix of skill, endurance and, to be honest, a bit of luck.

Sunday's grand finale returned to Cumberland and the classic BCBR venue delivered drama befitting the thrilling week of racing it concluded. Multiple flat tires and crashes in the top 10 alone saw lead's threatened, podiums shift and change and new winners emerge. The Ultimate Singletrack Experience is a test of bodies and bikes and few roll through the week unscathed.

Max McCulloch putting style back into XC.

Sean Fincham takes the win.
Podium time!

Sean Fincham clinched the final stage win from the pro men's field and, with that, sealed the overall victory ahead of his teammate Andrew L'Esperance by a razor-thin 38 seconds. A strong final day on the attack saw Tyler Clark move back ahead of Peter Disera and back into third place overall.

bigquotes“It was a good week. A hard week for sure. L’Espy didn’t make it easy. Every day we just pushed each other to the limit. There was just nothing into it the whole week. I managed to get a couple seconds here or there, but it felt like we were so evenly matched so it was kind of cool to battle all the way to the last day.”.Sean Fincham

The women's finale was thrown into chaos on Sunday. After leading for the majority of the stage, women's leader Maghalie Rochette had a catastrophic flat tire in the last few kilometres. With the race for positions keeping the pressure on throughout the field, there was no time to run it out to the finish. When this happened in Nanaimo on Day 5, Rochette had to watch the leader's jersey slip away.

While Haley Smith rolled by to take the win, followed by a resurgent Katerina Nash and, landing her first BCBR podium, Hannah Simms, Evelyn Dong was no where to be seen. The Juliana racer finished 90 seconds back, fighting valiantly against a unfortunately-timed bout of food poisoning the night before.

Maghalie Rochette did just enough to hold onto the leader's jersey, reclaiming a title she won 10 years ago in the team competition with Catharine Pendrel. Evelyn Dong earns a hard-fought second place overall. Haley Smith, finishes third.

bigquotes““To me, I loved the riding, I enjoyed the challenge of fighting for this overall spot with Evelyn all week. At the end of the week, that’s all that counts. It was a really fun battle and a really fun race.”Maghalie Rochette

These are just some of the stories from a wild final day of the 2024 BC Bike Race. See the full race report for a breakdown of everything that happened in Cumberland on Day 7.

If you want to be here with us creating your own story next year, don’t hesitate. Registration for the 2025 BC Bike Race opens Tuesday, July 9 at Noon PST.

Day 7 Stage Results

Elite Women:

1st. Haley Smith 1:49:25.9
2nd. Katerina Nash 1:50:06.9 (0:41.0)
3rd. Hannah Simms 1:51:22.5 (+1:56.6)
4th. Maghalie Rochette 1:51:50.7 (+2:24.Cool
5th. Evelyn Dong 1:53:25.7 (+3:59.Cool

Elite Men:

1st. Sean Fincham 1:29:20.3
2nd. Andrew L’Esperance 1:29:26.2 (+0:05.9)
3rd. Tyler Clark 1:29:27.4 (+0:07.1)
4th. Peter Disera 1:30:06.7 (+0:46.4)
5th. Geoff Kabush 1:32:13.0 (+2:52.7)

2024 BC Bike Race Overall Results

Elite Women:

1st. Maghalie Rochette 13:02:51.1
2nd. Evelyn Dong 13:05:54.7 (+3:03.6)
3rd. Haley Smith 13:14:41.7 (+11:50.6)
4th. Katerina Nash 13:19:57.0 (+17:05.9)
5th. Catharine Pendrel 13:44:27.6 (+41:36.5)

Elite Men:

1st. Sean Fincham 10:41:53.8
2nd. Andrew L’Esperance 10:42:32.1 (+0:38.3)
3rd. Peter Disera 10:54:05.4 (+12:11.6)
4th. Tyler Clark 10:54:39.4 (+12:45.6)
5th. Quinton Disera 11:10:30.1 (+28:36.3)

Fox Timed Descent Winners

Elite Women

1st. Catharine Pendrel

Elite Men:

1st. Max McCulloch

MENTIONS: Deniz Merdano/ Jens Klett / BC Bike Race

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 Seing Geoff Kabush still up there after all these years is inspiring
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 Go Max!
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 Sick photo of Max.
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 Rochette and Dong certainly have the coolest times of the day, at least.
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 38 seconds between the top two men over 7 days. That is some good racing!
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 Thanks for the incredible week of racing, BCBR team! Unforgettable. FYI your link to the full results at the bottom just goes to the prologue results.
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 Vancouver Island. The real place. (COF notyoubentonville COF)
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 Did I live under a rock the past week or were days 1-6 reports skipped??
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