2024 BC Bike Race Route Announced

Nov 20, 2023
by BC Bike Race  


BC Bike Race the “Ultimate Singletrack Experience” is excited to announce the finalization of the 2024 route, its 18th year in the making.

New for 2024 the BC Bike Race returns to Victoria after a 17-year hiatus. From the provincial capital, the racers will meander up the Vancouver Island Coast to Cumberland. Along the way, the participants will visit the legendary trails of Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo, Cumberland, and Campbell River, with some new routes being set and some classics remaining.

bigquotes“We want to give our racers the best possible experience, so we work hard to improve each year. Based on racer feedback, we’ve created some new options and brought back some old favourites for 2024.”BCBR President, Dean Payne

Victoria's Hartland Mountain Bike Park

Victoria was the host for the original 2007 BC Bike Race and returns to the fold with nearly two decades’ worth of trail development managed by SIMBS (South Island Mountain Bike Society). Victoria as a third basecamp will add both a new riding area to the route and enable the participants to enjoy this historic Canadian town before beginning the journey of a lifetime.

Island Views.
Some Tech Gnar.

Victoria has deep history of producing amazing world class athletes: from home growns such as Andreas Hestler and Ryder Hesjedal to the mass migration of talent including Catharine Pendrel, Geoff Kabush, Max Plaxton, Seamus McGrath, Lesley Tomlinson, Andrew L’Esperance, Hailey Smith, Carter Nieuwesteeg and Peter Disera. It’s no question the quality of the singletrack will be equal to the calibre of athletes who have honed their world class skills, and tuned their engines here.

bigquotes“We’re over the moon to showcase the incredible trails and land we get to call home here. From technical descents to flowy single-track, arbutus bluffs to rocky terrain, switchbacked smooth climbs to tricky punches, riders are really in for a little bit of everything and a lot of fun!”SIMBS President, Brendon Earl

Nanaimo serves up a magical buffet of subtle flavours

The Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo, Cumberland, and Campbell River all return as mainstays in the second annual Vancouver Island edition. With trail inventories measuring in the hundreds of kilometers per community, balancing a week’s worth of daily adventures will be a pleasure and a privilege for the BCBR course directors. Distances, elevations, and other details will be coming soon.

Cowichan Valley Arbutus Trees
Maple Mountian Amazing woodwork

Cumberland singletrack
Campbell River inside the Green Room.

Each year with small changes, a new community or a new signature trail, the overall course seeks to balance a smorgasbord of experiences. It is each year’s unique combination of communities that creates that season’s flavour and like the Tour de France that flavour is only experienced by the participants of that year’s event.

The 7-day Journey:

July 1: Ride Victoria – Registration & Prologue
July 2: Ride Victoria
July 3: Ride Cowichan Valley
July 4: Ride Nanaimo
July 5: Ride Cumberland
July 6: Ride Campbell River
July 7: Ride Cumberland

We will have 3 basecamps this year: Victoria, Crofton and Cumberland.

Vancouver Island and stage locations.

Crofton Base Camp in the Cowichan Valley.
Good Vibes
The Main Street of Cumberland comes alive.

Achievement complete.


Visit VictoriaSIMBS (South Island Mountain Bike Society)
Cowichan Valley, CroftonCTSS (Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society)
NanaimoNMBC (Nanaimo Mountain Bike Club)
Cumberland (Comox Valley) – UROC (United Riders of Cumberland)
Campbell River - RCCC (River City Cycle Club)

Vancouver Island and stage locations.


BC Bike Race, the ‘Ultimate Singletrack Experience’ is a seven(7) day mountain bike stage race that has been fondly referred to as "My best week on a Bike". Taking place in the legendary mountain bike destination of British Columbia. For 18 years this event, whether race or ride has hosted annually 33 different countries to a Mountain Bike Extravaganza. - British Columbia has the largest inventory of purpose built singletrack in the world - come and enjoy this amazing experience.


Stay tuned for the distance and elevation details, as the next few weeks unfold – plan your ‘Big Adventure’ for 2024, come join the BC Bike Race.

Photo Credit: Dave Silver /Margus Riga / Jens Klett / BC Bike Race

BC Bike Race 2018 Day 1 - Cowichan Valley


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 BC bike race coming to Cumberland is a great opportunity for us as a trail building community to showcase our amazing creations to the visitors and trail using public of Vancouver Island and far afield. It’s crazy when people take ownership of our trails and start keyboard wars over folks having a good time.
I manage and work on the United Riders of Cumberland trail crew and have done for five years and I can honestly say the effect the BC bike race has on our trails is nothing more than minimal, the trails are still awesome, hardly an issue and this year’s post-race repairs list comprised of one bridge on Grunt and Grind! Cumberland has seen an ex potential rise in users over the last years while the trails are holding up strong and honestly just keep getting better. A mere 600 people enjoying the trails in one race weekend is no different to any other summer day in Cumberland and or any of the surrounding networks on the Island. Think Hornby Island for a minute!
Cumberland hosts a variety of over 14 Trail events annually while seeing upwards of 220,000 uses in the network a year. We’re very familiar with high traffic multiuse of our trails. Those numbers are not going away, and our trail network is still world class, standing up to high traffic, major weather events and while the trail builders continue to welcome everyone, including the ‘out of towners’ our trails continue to be a bunch of fun.
Many community members enter the wide variety of events we host annually as well as marquee bike races like BC bike race, which I might add, all those events are very generous contributors to the network for the privilege of using the trails. Mosaic Forest Management and Manulife Forest Management are the main landowners around the Village of Cumberland’s community forest, and they have year on year shown great support for non-motorized recreation on their land, this privilege allows for the management, new trail development, and maintenance our trail network. It also allows us to hold events and gives open access for non-motorized recreation to all the folks wanting to enjoy the trails. That’s pretty special for the existence of the trails and should not be taken for granted.
We achieved a lot of trail preparation with the support of BC bike race funds, and we developed a lot of new aspects to the trail network prior to race and the many events we host, this continues to give us a robust, exciting, stand-up trail network to showcase all year long.
Having marquee events like the Cumby Running race, Dodge City Triathlon, the Devils Ladder Ultra, the Momar, The Perseverance Trail run and races like BC bike race also presents our club the means to seek support for new trail development and on-going maintenance programs. Last year we were able to install four new trails with the support of 4VI (Vancouver Island Tourism) to our network. Blue square trails - New Vanilla & Funky Vanilla, and Black diamond trails Felicia, and the recently finished phase one of Mumbo Jumbo. The continued support that our volunteer trail builder’s give to our network prior to the busy events season in regular maintenance gave us the complete rebuild of Potluck, Thirsty beaver, (both trails are largely cedar bridging which doesn’t erode) Off Broadway, Vanilla, Teapot, Blueprint, and the installation of a brand new climbing trail up to the peak of Nikkei mountain, not forgetting several other great trail improvements and new trails in the network. The trail builders would rather see a busy summer event when the trails are solid and dry as opposed to soft, wet, weather beaten or volatile… believe me, when I say, there’s always a ton more repairs to do to trails when they are repeatedly bashed by inclement weather and high-volume trail use. So, summer events are good for the trails and good to keep us trail building fanatics highly stoked and busy with the sweat equity. After two days of BC Bike race the trail crew, volunteers and local trail builders were flat out celebrating how well our trials held up and it made us proud how revered our trail creations were by the racing contestants. I challenge the keyboard warriors to take that moment away from us.
I’m also the founder and builder of Vancouver Islands worst kept secret of a small trail network in mid island, which is kept off the map and has been for many years. I built and rode that network by myself for some 5yrs before it was discovered by the masses and when they came, the network started to see youtubers get paid large and upwards of 25,000 people ripping my trail creations each year. The trails have hardly changed, but the stoke and the excitement remains consistent of how awesome the trails are. So, again I contest the keyboard warriors how our trail work does not stand up to a one busy weekend and I challenge those not allowing us trail builders the opportunity to showcase our work, hear hoots and hollers in the forest and feel a bit of love for the hard yards and beloved sweat equity that us trail builders give to you in our trail creations.
I look forward to reading the comments and I’m really looking forward to seeing the BC bike race back in Cumberland in 2024.
Thanks for your support and ride on.
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 In my experience races are generally a net positive for trail development and maintenance. Continuing with the same maintenance schedules, on the other hand, with vastly increasing ridership, is a part of the recipe why some local trail networks are starting to look so worn. Blaring sun for 3 straight months immediately followed by torrential rain doesn't help either
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 Glad to see that BCBR will fund a trail crew or put money back into the trails for these locations...wait nope that's not the case. Maybe make a donation to the local trail organization to fund build crews to work on trails...wait nope. Oh well I am sure everyone will have a great time and the volunteers will do what they always do and fix things so BCBR can come back and hammer the trails again next year.
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 Hey PeterK31, BCBR works closely with all the clubs we partner with and the communities we travel through and stay in. We do make a per-head, per-day contribution that is agreed upon between the clubs and the event. Add to that, we have a local course director on the ground in each community who works with the clubs, to brush trails, maintain, and fix bridges as part of the preparation for the event. Following the event we are in communication with the clubs to ensure that all i's are dotted and t's are crossed per the agreement to allow for a positive experience and ensure we are welcome back. BCBR is a small business that employs 5 full-time people who are involved ourselves in our own communities. We are all mountain bikers and care deeply about the trails we ride and the impact we have.
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 @BCBR: Using a public community resource on a money making venture for people coming from mostly outside the community, you really should leave the trails better than you found them ... which is not the case.

Maybe the money you make could be put back into hiring a professional trail crew? Cuz, ya know, the locals ain't get the resources to clean up other people's messes.

Just saying.
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 Cumberland trails took a noticeable beating. That blown out dirt just doesn’t come back for good riding without a shit ton of work and time. Not sure giving the “rich, experience driven crowd” an opportunity to trample our trails is worth anything the village or trail system gets back in return?
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 We have a similar problem here when the Pisgah Stage Race comes through every year, the trails would handle the traffic fine (and did during earlier years), but the racers seem to prefer skipping every root/rock/bump on the trail and ride around it, widening the trail. Some technical features mysteriously disappear in the days leading up to it, also (like roots that have been there for years being removed). There are trails here that end up with different lines every time they come through, some of which have become permanently altered, it's really irritating. This has been going on for years. If people stuck to the trail and established lines rather than riding off into the woods, this would be a non-issue.

I don't mind racing in theory, but don't sign up for a race then brag about how you finished when you rode around every feature on the trail.
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 “Race route announced”….

  • 9 1
 I hope the racers enjoy Mindbender at Hartland
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 Just ride your dam bike and help with trail maintenance when you can.
  • 20 19
 Two days in Cumberland at the beginning of summer to blow out the trails for the rest of the season. The trails in Cumberland didn’t recover from BCBR until we got rain two months later this year.
  • 17 20
 It's just about $$ bro. They don't care.
  • 6 4
 It’s all those kooks everywhere.
  • 14 5
 @lukemech: Don't the folks at BCBR put $$ back into the communities and help to provide funds to build trail?
  • 11 0
 I was thinking that while I was riding Cumberland this summer but the locals said they get so much traffic anyway that there wasn’t that much of a difference anyway. Especially with the lack of rain we had in BC all year.
  • 16 7
 What stopped you from repairing them?
  • 7 17
flag lukemech (Nov 20, 2023 at 23:48) (Below Threshold)
 @PivotMach: they do, but obviously they destroy more than they repair, that's the business model of any of these bigger races. Capitalism is fun.
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 oh please, we have a similar race in the Breck Epic here in Breckenridge and yeah, the trails take a bit of wear but it's nothing that doesn't recover itself over some time. Not to mention you're in BC, the vast amounts of other trails you can ride is endless. You're just one of those whiny folks who hates XC racing. The vibes of the race and the increase for local businesses are great.
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 Nimby, isn't tourism the biggest driver of your economy?
  • 2 1
 @napguy: Vancouver Island is mostly Forestry, Fishing and Hi Tech, Tourism is big but not the biggest. Tech companies alone do 2 billion a year just out of Victoria.
  • 6 0
 @CarbonShmarbon: Not saying I agree with Cumby hosting the BCBR or not. But it does happen at a time when the summer dust bowl has just kicked in and there's really no opportunity to properly repair the trails (aside from a raking) until the rains come back.

So it's a fact that it does push 600 riders, all at once, into the trail network who are not just riding the trails, but racing them. The trails do get beat pretty hard with little opportunity for repair until much later.

Same thing happens but to a much lesser degree when the Island Cup Enduro and XC series' comes through the various island spots, but those races tend to be in the spring and fall. Also just a third of the riders vs BCBR and mostly locals who are also usually paying their local membership fees and/or volunteer for dig days pre and/or post vs a mass of tourists that come in, mash the trails for a few days and leave.

I don't know what the answer to this is, or if anything can be done about it... and if in the long run, it's still better for the area to host this race... but it does have a significant impact.
  • 6 1
 @CarbonShmarbon: An event that profits thousand of dollars and pushes 600 riders through the local trails, twice, should probably be the ones out there repairing the course for a week after the event. Its cool having BCBR in Cumberland, but the effect two days had on our trail system was very noticeable... it'd be nice for it to be only one day and maybe at a time of year where we would expect a little rain to give the trail system some relief.
  • 4 1
 @lukemech: @PivotMach: Money is not what it's about (unless you're the organizer). When it comes to maintenance of trails, it's the labor and time that are hard to come by locally, which is why the organizers should organize and fund a professional trail crew to fix the wear and tear.

This ^ is what I'd support, if I were to consider riding in this event.
  • 5 1
 The event destroying trails is flat out not true, the trails were in great shape this year, as with every year, and having the bike race did not wear the trails any more than a typical busy summer weekend in Cumberland. Cumberland is a high volume, world class trail network and the life cycle of a trail is not determined by one weekend of use. Trails evolve and change all the time, which is part of the trails charm, they get maintained and continue to provide good times what ever the day. Most, if not all trails will outlive you and I and they will be just as rad tomorrow as they are today.
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 @Bomadics: Sure in downtown Victoria but not Cumberland. Fishing is also tourism.
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 When did BC bike race become Vancouver island bike race?
  • 25 0
 Since Vancouver Island became part of BC.
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  • 9 2
 The very first BC Bike race was hosted on Vancouver Island (as well as the follow 6 years if I'm not mistaken, 2007- 2013) and often included a day or two on the North Shore. The BC Bike race has always highlighted a portion of BC, be it Northern BC, the Kootenays, the North Shore/Sea to Sky, Vancouver Island. It has never encompassed the whole of BC in a single event.
Trans BC and other stage race events use a similar format.
Turns out Vancouver Island is the original location of the BC Bike race, and is indeed a part of BC.
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 @gnarnaimo: the first few years it actually started on the island crossed over the Sunshine Coast, then sea to sky and finished in whistler
  • 3 0
 Any word on why the Quebec Singletrack experience is on pause?
  • 5 0
 This is one of my bucket list race to do
  • 3 0
 Two days in Victoria. Bold move! Mmmmmm the dump.
  • 2 1
 Pay hundreds to ride short trails uphill both ways! Shame they are skipping the actually fun trails in Langford. No disrespect to the Hartland builders, they've done great within the narrow constraints afforded to them.
  • 2 1
 I have a credit to the race to sell if anyone on here's thinking of racing it.
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 Is this announced earlier this year than last?
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