Beech Mountain DHSE Race Moves to Windrock

Jun 25, 2020
by Daniel Sapp  

After updated and lengthened Phase 2 restrictions in North Carolina due to COVID, the call has been made to move the second race of the Downhill Southeast series, scheduled for July 11-12th a couple hours west to Windrock Bike Park in Tennessee. The race will be run on two new courses. Participants are all asked to have a face mask.

Much of the pro field from the East coast of the US will be racing and Pinkbike will be providing race coverage all weekend.

bigquotesThe second race in our series scheduled for Beech Mountain, July 11-12th will be moved to Windrock Bike Park due to updated restrictions in NC. Windrock will have two new racecourses and is allowing us to operate the race under the TN state guidelines. We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Our goal is to put on a great bike race while following all local rules and guidelines.Neko Mulally

Seth races the GNCC eMTB series and is always a consitent threat this weekend he is in the Single Crown class this weekend.


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 I'm all for racing, but moving locations doesn't mean that COVID is gone. . .
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flag preridedump (Jun 25, 2020 at 12:52) (Below Threshold)
 The man cant hold us down man, c'mon man. This is a dumbass move.
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 What is Covid?
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 @devinyourface: the race will be better at THE ROCK anyways.. we all know that
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 The stay at home order was to prevent the health system from getting overburdened, not to prevent people from getting it at all. The health systems in the us are nowhere near capacity and as a result the restrictions are no longer needed.
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 @roadrunner1212: I am currently an RN working full time and this is exactly right. Here in Asheville, nurses have been furloughed because there is not enough work for them at the local hospital.
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 I live just an hour from windrock. It’s the same at our local hospital. RNs have been sent home and doctors losing tons of money (not that that’s a big deal). Whole sections of the hospital have been temporarily closed. All due to a dramatic decrease in demand. I’m sure it’s a big deal in some areas but it’s just not here. I don’t know how this fact plays Into the bigger picture of travel and events but it certainly explains why we have less restrictions.
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 Same here. For three months, 3 hospitals in our system got shut down. We were at 30% capacity throughout the system.
Over 4000 people got furloughed that includes many docs.
There’s a spike in confirmed cases NOT hospitalizations! There is a huge line of cars that forms each day at the main hospital just to get tested. (Drive by test). Most are asymptotic, they just want the test.
The ER docs are testing everyone. Man falls and hurts his arm...covid test.
IF this is as virulent as they say...who knows...CDC and the WHO can’t seem to give straight answers, then everyone will get it. It’s inevitable. Mask..no mask...you will get it. Just depends how the virus effects your body...or how your body responds to the infection.
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 @roadrunner1212: Good point, and that’s unacceptable.... So let’s hold gatherings and events until restrictions ARE needed and get that healthcare system up to capacity and doing its job.
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 @ridesmoothbro: Thank you for your services sir!
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 @roadrunner1212: I think it depends on what section of the hospital you're talking about. ELECTIVE surgeries are way down, because people (pretty understandably) don't want to go to a hospital right now. However, in Asheville, the critical care section that cares for Covid patients was close to capacity just a week ago. So just because the orthopedic wing is almost empty doesn't mean anything about how many folks are on the (limited) number of respirators or occupying the (limited) number of doctors with pulminary expertise.
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 @Lokirides: Not talking elective. My ER was dead for three months. Apparently covid cured strokes and cord compressions.
These patients were so scared to seek medical care that there are some with permanent damage. We are seeing a surge of these pts. That is what is truly sad.
Covid unit....bed size? We had a covid dedicated hospital that at its peak had 20 pts. That hospital due to no pts shut down till recently.
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 Stoked to see what the new racecourses are for this one - everything there is pretty gnarly. Anything goes in Sequatchie valley... Nuclear power, mining, dumping whatever you want down in the holler, they couldn't care less about some folks out riding bikes with "the covid goin on". Props to Neko and the crew for doing this, and trying their best to do it safely.
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 Hate to be that guy, but Sequatchie Valley is the south west of Wind Rock on the opposite side of Walden Ridge. Are you thinking of TTC? You are right, anything goes in Sequatchie Valley!
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 @cmix85: You right!
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 Beech sure didn't give a shit a couple weekends ago when the lift lines were 200 yards long!!!!
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 No they had a 15 yard gap between the massive lines..lol
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 @Pisgah4life: I don't do good waiting in lines.Thank god for edibles and beer that day.
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 We can't exactly prevent a lot of riders showing up. And yes, we do care, have some respect. Every employee wore a mask, we can't ask strangers to ride together to increase loading efficiency, food and beverage is served according to regulations, and our entire facility is decontaminated periodically. If at any point you were uncomfortable with the people around you then you were free to leave. I would have happily granted you a rain check. Saturdays are busy...Try Thursday, Friday, or even Sunday if a lift line bothers you. Regarding the DHSE race, Gov Cooper extended Phase 2 so we are unable to hold the event. If you decide to race at Windrock there will be a line there as well. Just like our staff, Neko and his crew will do everything in their ability to provide a safe and efficient event. Maybe you should thank their staff for doing everything they can so you can ride bikes, it would go a long way trust me.
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 @Pisgah4life: Try not riding on a Saturday? No lift lines on Thursday or Friday. Sundays are busy but not as busy as Saturdays. All bike parks are experiencing large turnouts. Stick to the forest on Saturdays or expect to wait in line.
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 @Sugarbrad: Not throwing anything at beech. I don’t care if peeps are around me.
I was hoping everyone was afraid to come out and I’d have the place to myself...mostly.
I was wrong. Lol! Plus it was opening day.
That’s great for Thursday’s!! I didn’t know the place was open then. Definitely be hitting that upSmile
And I just figured out the gap.....for riders coming through. Apparently I’m alittle dense..... geez...little slow on the uptake I guess.
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 NC cases have risen, because of more testing. What else would you expect? The death rate has not risen.
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 Sucks! I was looking forward to it at beech. Oh well ????
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 Tennessee, the volunteer covid state! Stoke that still, Skeeter!
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 We are being "hoodwinked"!!!!!
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