Behind the Scenes Filming Bellingham's Big Hits with Luca Cometti, Jaxson Riddle & Kelend Hawks

May 9, 2019
by Tannus Tires  
Tannus Employee Sterling Peterson trailing Jaxson at the bike park.

Words by Tannus

Tannus took to Bellingham to shoot our latest video, featuring Luca Cometti, Jaxson Riddle and Kelend Hawks. Our photographer Scott Osborn quietly made his way around the video crew and took some absolute bangers. Screenshot for wallpaper as you'd like.

Jaxson Riddle hiking the bike to the top of the pro line at the Cedar Dust dirt jump park to get warmed up. We’d quickly learn that Jaxson’s definition of “warming up” is different than most.

Skye Schillhammer, our lead videographer and Bellingham local.

The Bellingham locals had just dialed these jumps a few weeks prior to our arrival. Perfect timing for Jaxson to throw down what we were told was the first flip this jump has seen.

Ladd Davis and Skye Schillhammer, talking game plans and angles for the next run.

Foot out, flat out.

Storm a-brewin'.

Bikes loaded, time to go meet up with Luca Cometti and Kelend Hawks.

We're pretty sure Kelend was born with a shovel and a rake in his hands.
Sorry Kelend, we couldn't not include this one.

Luca getting started on his solo section.

As a photographer, Lucas ability to turn a rock into a step down made my job easy.

The initial cable cam setup was too low and would have clotheslined Luca but he’s both tall and a part time tree climber, so he made quick work to raise the cable a couple feet.

All smiles from Kelend. Wrapping up day one of filming.

The whole crew scoping out Kelends mossy rock slab line to open up day 2 of filming. If only pictures/video did this feature a justice. We can't tell you the name of the trail, but we can say that it does include the word death.

Our main concern was maintaining good contact and grip with the soaked, mossy rock slab. But after one run at 10psi, Kelend said it wasn’t an issue and gave it a few more rounds.

These trails were far from the Utah deserts that Jaxson is used to riding.

All the guys dropping the 30 footer. Kelend, as the resident local, guinea pigged the drop while the other two busted out some tricks.

Nobody's hit this jump in years? Sure, I'll trick it.

The wildman himself.

After two full days of filming we booked it over to the Cedar Dust jumps for a sunset jump session with a bunch of the locals. It was the perfect way to end the day. Thanks to the Bellingham trails crew and other locals for putting together such a rad local jump spot.

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  • 17 1
 10 psi & no pinchy snakebite at the bottom of the slab? Good testimony for those foam inserts.
  • 4 0
 I was pretty unsure of these. Ran them for a race and hit my rim hard 3 times. No pinch flats. They're the real deal.
  • 2 0
 @jstoup111: Thats what we like to hear!!
  • 7 0
 Shoutout to all the boys! Especially Sterling for working countless hours in his mom's basement getting Tannus Armor to the masses. Scott, Skye, Ladd, Coleman...great work as well for the exposure! Luca, Keland, and Jaxson, thanks for taking them all out on a hot, steamy man-dates.
  • 8 0
 You guys killed it, Scott and Skye!
  • 7 0
 Luca is a cool dude and I'm glad to see him getting the support of Tan-Anus and their perv-asive marketing.
  • 7 1
 You had the opportunity to say perv-ass-ive and you blew it
  • 7 0
 Super impressive riding and filming on this one duders! Well done!
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  • 2 0
 Bellingham is a great place to ride and visit, and in the past few years trail usage has increased. Here are some requests for riding in Bellingham:
1. Pick up your dog poop. If you see someone who doesn’t please remind them of karmactic retribution for being an a-hole.
2. The riding culture here is awesomely hospitable. Keep it that way by honoring riding etiquette and respecting other users.
3. Support WMBC, other trail crews, and the sponsors of the trails you ride.
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 That NWT3K jersey is fresh.
  • 5 0
 @OzzyPhoto you killed it these photos turned out amazing!
  • 4 0
 Best edit in a LONG time.
  • 1 0
 Thanks!! The crew really came together on this one.
  • 3 0
 I like how Kelend was smashing it on a trail bike other bros dh bikes way to go Kelend super sick
  • 3 0
 more jump lines in clearcut landings....all over the PNW!
  • 3 0
 Scott - These pics are unreal! Great job capturing these moments!
  • 2 0
 Thanks T-swift! Now we need to get together to do your Sports Illustrated swimsuit photoshoot!
  • 1 0
 @OzzyPhoto: Perfect. Now the question is do I shave or just let my natural man shine through from my speedo?
  • 2 0
 @Taylorholtby110: NEVER GO FULL XC. Let your natural shine through!
  • 2 0
 @OzzyPhoto: I'm beautiful as I am. I'm not crying, you're crying!
  • 1 0
 Love this behind the scenes look. Man that drop looks absolutely insane! Can't believe Jaxson just threw a sui off that thing.
  • 3 0
 Luca with the sui! Rad!
  • 1 0
 Amazing work @OzzyPhoto!!
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