Behind-the-Scenes from 'Into 'im, Chile' with Captions by Iago Garay, Josh Lewis, Romain Paulhan & Mitch Ropelato

Apr 2, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

Photos by Adrian Marcoux

'Into 'im Chile' is about hanging out with friends and celebrating every minute of the day together. We put together a selection of photos from the shoot and asked Iago Garay, Josh Lewis, Romain Paulhan, Mitch Ropelato and photographer Adrian Marcoux to caption them. You can watch the full video here.

bigquotesAnytime you are with this crew and you are waiting to start the day, anything can become an obstacle to jib with. When you are in Huilo Huilo and there is a sick asphalt pump track the session scales quickly! Perfect way to warm up for a long day of volcano shredding!Iago Garay


bigquotesOur opening version to “Any Given Sunday”.Mitch Ropelato

bigquotesThis was probably the sickest riding experience. As a mountain biker if you don’t race 4X you rarely get to ride your bike side by side other riders. Being able to ride full speed, getting totally sideways down the Huilo Huilo Volcano was insane. We were all screaming down the hill as our wheels almost hit each other. Definitely a must do. The views weren’t too bad either…Iago Garay

bigquotesRiding this terrain was best enjoyed side by side, looking at this photo reminds me of the screams coming out of us - swapping order constantly. You didn't need brakes, if you wanted to speed up you just had to miss a couple carves out and you picked up enough momentum to get in front of whoever was leading then get back into slapping and the process would repeat.Josh Lewis

bigquotesThey just started yelling about a synchronized interpretive dance they put together, then suddenly appeared over the ridge like a herd of hyper dressage horses.Adrian Marcoux


bigquotesI was crying I was laughing so hard. This is Josh and I trying to mountain goat our way up the glacier like Romain. We were less successful as you can see. The Go Pro footage is amazing.Mitch Ropelato

bigquotesThe footprints you can see on top of the image are Paulhette’s. It took him around 30 seconds to climb that snowbank. It probably took Loose 10 minutes, the moment he slipped and started laughing neither him or Mitch were able to stay up. Watching it all develop was one of the funniest moments of the trip. If you have ever hung out with Loose, you know he has a highly contagious laugh.Iago Garay

bigquotesThis laughing fit turned me into noodle man. I tried following Paulhette's line thinking I would climb the snow with the same finesse that he demonstrated When I found myself getting closer to the top, I would break traction and slip back down to the bottom making me laugh harder every time, subsequently making me more noodle man-ish adding to the struggle. If you look closely you can probably see a bit of wee coming out.Josh Lewis

bigquotesSometimes asking for “another” can be difficult… This could go down as one of the most comical moments of the trip. Loose on multiple attempts at gaining the shoulder. Laughter was at fault.Adrian Marcoux


bigquotesKeeping the horse watered.Josh Lewis

bigquotesPool+Bike +Loose+Santa Cruz’s lifetime bearing replacement policy = Jib, bath, bike wash, entertainment, training etc. No down days.Adrian Marcoux


bigquotesThis bank on the way to “Garganta del Diablo” had been perfectly shaped by the wind. We were certain it would look epic on a photo so Loose went all in to get that pic but his front wheel sunk in the sand and ejected him leaving a perfect dive into the sand. Don’t worry, he didn’t hurt himself and after he stopped laughing he mentioned how warm and nice the sand was…Iago Garay

bigquotesThe thought of being able to ride this sand dune with a flat run in was better than the reality, clearly.Josh Lewis

bigquotesJIBSKID. Copyright LooseAdrian Marcoux


bigquotesChose your breath's wisely... haha. The dust was real.Josh Lewis

bigquotesDust tunnels require absolute trust in the lead dog, this was the start of the “Earth Fart Trail” in Nevados de Chillan and it carried on as such for a few thousand feet. Loose and the ‘Silent Assassin’, Romain Paulhan.Adrian Marcoux


bigquotesNevados de Chillan has been one of my favorite places on earth to ride ever since we raced the EWS in 2014. The feeling of riding on top of almost half a meter of dust down some beautifully flowy trails can only be compared to a perfect day of pow skiing.Mitch Ropelato

bigquotesNo added force required, this was status quo of simple corners in Nevados de Chillan. Iago fighting of the dust waves.Adrian Marcoux


bigquotesThe Silent Assassin.Adrian Marcoux


bigquotesThe finish line: after road tripping through half of the country and racing for 5 days the Andes Pacifico at the end of our trip we finally got to swim in the freezing waters of the Pacific. pair it with some beer and Pisco and you get the perfect end to the trip.Iago Garay

bigquotesThis is a moment you cherish. We had all survived the trip and all that lay ahead was beers, chills and good food. Saying that, I was taken down by a rock garden split seconds after this photo and had a cut foot to dance the night away with.Josh Lewis

bigquotesMa Dawgs. A plunge to wash away their sins because it’s sacrilegious to be that talented.Adrian Marcoux


bigquotesThis babe went through 20 days of riding and racing through Chile. One of the roughest terrain in the world and the Santa Cruz Megatower (size medium) survived perfectly through all, only needing a fresh set of tires for the race. Not a single mechanical and best of times riding throughout Chile and then racing the Andes Pacifico. It felt as if this bike was designed for the Chilean mountains.Iago Garay


bigquotesThe horse did well, no mechanicals or punctures despite everything that was thrown at it over the duration of our time in Chile. Here she is in race mode: spares strapped on, Bottle cage, DH tyres. Santa Cruz Bronson CC (size medium) with Reserve 30 wheels, Industry9 hubs and dripped in SRAM and Rockshox parts.Josh Lewis


bigquotesThe Romain Paulhan’s (aka Silent Assassin or Steel Baguette) rig. Size XL Santa Cruz Bronson CC with Reserve 30 wheels and SRAM and Rockshox parts. Despite being a thoroughbred racer from France, Romain prefers 27.5-inch wheels and flat pedals. Go figure.Adrian Marcoux

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 first matt walker running a medium frame at 6´0" and now a racer prefering 27,5" wheels? the world must be coming to an end
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 some people are just freaking jibby, man
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 Chile is so awesome for MTB and still has so many more sick places with infinite potential for great riding!
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 Viva Chile Mierda!
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 He won on them 27.5s as well. Tall boi.
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 must be fake news as we all know other wheelsize than 29 are unrideable
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 the red tide colourway of the bronson is not matching with the red lyrik imo. on the other hand the olive green colour is superb with the red lyrik.
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 Great story! the video is fantastic!!! Santa Cruz makes some of the sickest videos, thank you boyz, great chemistry there.
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 I like the Michelin Tyres!

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