Video: Behind the Scenes - Making Danny MacAskill's The Ridge

Dec 17, 2014
by rasoulution  
Danny MacAskills clip 'The Ridge' was one of the biggest surprises of the year. With almost 26 million views the Scottish biker’s ride along a ridge in his home, the Isle of Skye, is now one of the most popular bike clips ever. But what may look easy and playful in the video was the outcome of hard work, trial and errors and imagination. Four brand new ‘making-of clips’ show how much time, sweat and passion was put into the edit.

Danny MacAskill - The Ridge

With his bike on the back “Inaccessible Pinnacle“ shows Danny’s ascend to the top of the mountain:

Always pushing the limits of his riding, “The Frontflip” clip shows Danny’s attempts at nailing the first ever bump front flip on a big bike:

“The Ledge” portraits the dangers of climbing in the pouring rain for a location check along a path, that didn’t leave any space for mistakes:

And the fourth clip, “The Gap” shows the difficulties of the boulder gap - a stunt, which required full concentration and maximum strength to do on a full suspension bike:

Danny’s skill and inspiration was matched only by the incredible filming talent of Cut Media. The outcome was one of a kind and for Danny probably one of the coolest things he’s ever done.

Danny MacAskill - The Ridge

Mentions: @MTBcut @redbullbike @danny-macaskill

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 My grandfather was a mountain rescue ranger on the Cuillins for much of his young life and he participated in many gruesome body recoveries and rescues, showing him this film nearly brought him to tears. Epic riding and cinematography!
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 Why would you do that to your grandfather you sick puppy!

JK but really, he cried? I'd feel so bad afterward... although I nearly cried watching this the first time, its so nutty.
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 Ha, yeah it did upset me seeing him like that, but they were more feelings of joy for all his good memories of Skye and successful rescues, not sadness for the unsuccessful. For example him and a few mates once held the record for the fastest ever non-stop traverse of the ridge. It was awesome to be able to show him such fantastic footage of somewhere that played such a huge part in his life given that he'll more than likely never get a chance to go back. The feelings of sadness soon dissipated when he realised what insane riding he'd just witnessed courtesy of Danny, now he's telling all his mates to go watch it too.
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 right here is why I joined pb
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 I cringed every time those Enve's smashed down on that boulder gap... But wow Danny is the man.
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 yeah, they most definitely aren't meant for anything near that type of drop to hard ass flat
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 For Sale: Santa Cruz Bronson C with Enve wheels. Only a few rides on it!
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 For sure, it's a demo bike. Barely ridden.
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 For Sale: Nearly new joke, barely used. Only a few times in every pinkbike article involving harsh riding. Almost as new as the enduro joke also for sale here.
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 I am interested in these barely used jokes you are selling. My joke material looks like it's Session'd out... Smile
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 Looks like a session.
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 Danny MacGotSkills!
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 Danny Mega-skills
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 I think you mean mcgoatmcgoatskills!
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 Danny who are one of the most individual and best technically people to ever sit on a bike.
Absolutely amazing :o
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 The sound that bike makes when he lands the gap jump! Wow.
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 Hugely insane balls of steel!
Or is it
insanely huge balls of steel actually.
you can only pull this kind of sh*t if you have Real Riding Skills. Most puny humans will never even get close enough to dream them.

OTOH, as a reflection: the "making" of vids just show what these rides really are. Sequence of unconnected shots, carefully crafted and assembled in one nice smooth and flowy "ride" which never was.
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 I AM surprised he has not been up there before, Having been up there and know how it affected me makes it even more impressive Danny your a legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 "What may have looked easy" never crossed my mind!
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 What an amazing cool dude.
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 The front flip video @ 0:45. KTM bicycle. who woulda knew...
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 Well... This is Danny... What else can I say ?!
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 so good! cant believe this is the first time I've seen this video
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 Ok,you have balls,big balls,Extra large big balls.You are the man
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