Bernard Kerr's Winning Run: Red Bull Hardline - Video

Sep 19, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  

Full results here.

MENTIONS: @redbullbike


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 Bernards run just about starts to show how hard this track is, it combines a bit of everything in 1 track, with the emphasis being on speed this time an not tricks. Props to all the riders for just getting down the track, and to those who got broken; healing vibes.
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 Bernie, Wyn Masters and Ratboy are the only athletes I follow on FB. Always cool stuff to see from them. Ok ok... I follow Emily Batty too...
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Did Kerr just become the best DH bike handling guy in the world?!?
I'd think so.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I would watch that, she may get the police on to you...
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 now that redbull has blocked this video, where can we go to see this?
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 @horselips12: thank you sir.
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 that track is pure filth, mental to get down that fast. also shout out to Brannigans dab
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 That dab was brilliant! Totally did not see that one coming. Anyway, props to the guys for risking it all the way down!
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 "Filth". Superb choice of adjective!. Obscene might be another
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 I fucking wish my bike was set up like that, my boxxer is the least cushy thing in the Milky Way. It's like there's a giant boner connecting my head tune and front wheel
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 avalanche cartridge
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 @catweasel: what's that? their website looks like a circa 1998 geocities masterpiece
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 @anchoricex: LMAO thats the perfect description for their website, their products are amazing though. Had my boxxer and my van rc rebuilt by them. I now have more mid stroke support and small bump sensitivity, proper vodoo stuff I tell you.
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 @catweasel: holy shit i may just keep my bike after all if it gives small bump sensitivity. That is the biggest beef I have with my boxxer, I literally have noodle arms after a day at the park
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 Anyone know where I can see Bernard Kerr's Val di Sole run where he got 5th?
That dude has always been sick, glad to see he is getting some results!
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 Google is your friend Smile
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 Watching this run alone has desensitised me to how mad that track is. Who's up for the Leith Hill Hardline? Its a lot tamer but involves National Trust Tea and Cake.
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 Ah I miss the Tea and Cake on Leith Hill
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 Redbull wtf?
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 i wish red bull would show his practise run- apparently he nose mannied the whole course after that first step up.
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 Besides the how Kerr made this look so dam easy, did you notice all the camera angles that over a regular WC DH race with perhaps more viewership?
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 even if we had three or four more camera angles on a wc race it would make a huge difference!
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 UCI not involved... that should tell you something.
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 It was looking quite slow and tame....then he would hit up something massive. Then you realise he is just riding so smooth and fast. But damn the bottom 50% of that is just big nasty!
Good skills. Big balls
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 So happy for Kerr. It's his time. Atherton gave a boost to his career 2 weeks in a row. Keep up the fitness in the off season and we will see you in the top five next year. Keep it up. Great job
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 good grief he burnt that whole thing down.
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 imagine how good he would be if he lived in Canada, Europe or USA where they have chairlifts etc, the highest hill where he is from takes about 20-30 seconds to ride down. UK rules downhill (with the exception of A Gwin)
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 They are very special little hills though - Fairclough, Reynolds and Kerr are all locals!

Must be something in the mud?....
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 Well he does spend winter in Queenstown, which is becoming whistler of the southern hemisphere
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 He doesn't live in Europe? So you are saying he lives in Asia, South America or Oceania? Or perhaps you have forgotten that the UK is part of the continent known as Europe...
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 @SintraFreeride: I think it's pretty clear what he means and the word continent was not mentioned anywhere in his post. Canada and USA are part of the same continent and land mass but have been mentioned separately, the UK is a different group of islands than mainland Europe where the Alps and many chairlift/gondola assisted bike/ski resorts are. Pedant.
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 @DirtyDee: I got understood what he meant even if I felt he expressed it incorrectly. I find it bizarre when people from the UK say Europe as if the UK wasn't part of it. It is like saying animals and humans or men and people. One is a subset of the other.
The UK is out of the European Union but it will always be part of the same continent (until tectonic plates cause it to move away). By the way there are many countries within Europe without chairlifts other than the UK.
You called me a "pedant" as if was a negative thing... it is not, not in this day and age...
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 @SintraFreeride: Yay, let's get pedantic. The UK are not yet out of the European Union.
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 @SintraFreeride: I wouldn't read too much into it mate. It's geographical, short-hand for European mainland.
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 Well deserved for a super talented, and well liked Rider. Pimp
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 I would have serious problem to walk this track......
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 All I saw was a ball sac on two wheels !!
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 Gonna point out the obvious, again: that was sick!
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 Incredible riding! Great to see him on top of the podium
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 That was absolutely fantastic! Man that course is GNARLY! Damn.
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 Damn that track is crazy, "hard line" is correct.
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 The amount of control he has is breathtaking. I've never seen anything like it.
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 Curious -- did the winners get cash prizes?
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 20% off an uplift pass at Revolution
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 Insane, that was insane.
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 Killer run!!
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 Winning a world cup race is harder
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