Berrecloth Signs With Canyon

Oct 12, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  
Last week Specialized and Darren Berrecloth announced that they would be parting ways after 13 years. A sneaky instagram video we posted reveals that Darren will now be riding for Canyon. Stay tuned to the site as we will reveal full details of Darren's new Rampage whip later today.

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 Soooo is Rampage seriously going to be the first time he'll be riding his new bike? That's not sketchy at all...
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 Dude, its the Claw.
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 they're both horst link
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 "New Rampage whip" doesn't mean he doesn't get to ride it until the day of Rampage lol

Kids and their lack of reading comprehension these days...
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 I hope this means canyon bikes will be sold in the US like what happened when YT signed zink.
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 That would make me so rediculously happy
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 @Donodh - I know this website is 99% mountain bikes but Canyon's Aeroad road bike would be my next road bike if I could buy them in the USA.
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 not only that, he said

"In need of some diggers for rampage.

My crew bailed on me last minute.

If anybody's here holler at me"

seems like everyone is bailing on the Claw!
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flag nosoeawe (Oct 12, 2015 at 17:43) (Below Threshold)
 Yes but Claw is notorious for taking all the easiest lines down the mountain. It's basically just a flow trail of you put it together right. Should be fine. Wink
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 That's the problem with kids these days. If a run doesn't contain a massive "Canyon gap" it's the "easy line. " Kids need to learn themselves something. Claw does some gnarly technical raw mountain lines.
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 It's not him riding a new bike but the bike been ridden a new way, it should be worry about itself now.
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 guys, this didn't just happen right now. You don't pick up a sponsor in 3 days, this was probably being planned for at least a couple weeks, therefore he has probably gotten a feel for the Canyon.
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 He did it in '03 I think with a borrowed Bullit and his infamous superman seatgrab, which pretty much changed everything.
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 If I could get away from work for a week I'd dig for the Claw!
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 I was hoping it would be Knolly honestly!
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 That would’ve been too good to be true...still, that he’s signing with Canyon remains cool. The Torque is, like, the opposite of the new Demo and it seems like he’s glad to be with them. Happy days.
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 how is the torque the opposite of the demo?
  • 18 2
 Well, one is a race bike and one screams freeride, yo.
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 One costs two legs and an arm and the other leaves you with just enough limbs to ride your fucking bike.
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 and you don't have to worry about selling kidneys either. plus the torque looks fucking epic, incredible spec you wouldn't have to touch for a freeride bike. even with the SWorks demo i'd still fiddle around with some shit, high end parts, yeah sure, but they don't really all do what i'd like to do.
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 also isn't the torque still 26" if so, i'll be snatching one of those bad boys up as soon as they're available. they have either 195 or 210mm of travel and 26 inch wheels. FR heaven.
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 exactly, sick freeride bike
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 Yep, Torque is still 26". DB will probably be there to develop a new DH monster, probably in 650B (like Barel did on the Enduro side).
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 Either way, The Claw shreds!
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 This is a Huge blow to CCM!
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 Can't blame him for wanting real money over Canadian Tire money
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 I gather Canyon wants to break into the North American Market now, so signing a big name like Darren Bearclaw into the mix will be like YT signing Cam Zink, and will enable them to set up shop with an entrepreneur similar to Zink who will play part in distribution and advertisement. Good to see Darren with a fresh start none the less.
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 shreds down canyons while riding a canyon?
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 I hope his deal included wheels and a seat.
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 the claw taking care of the freeride and Barel as DH team manager, Canyon seems to be going on the right track.
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 Canyon will run a DH team on the World Cup circuit next year?
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 that would be awesome !marthon champion enduro team champion ironman champion... dam canyon has some good athletes
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 neh, it was just speculation which was created on another article, it might turn true, it might just turn into rumors, it would be sweet though.

Luneec, they are doing great on their hirings but i still think their AM bikes are too heavy, I need to purchase the top of the line strive or sprectral to have a bike that weights a mid price stumpjumper/enduro, that's why I havent pulled the trigger on one. Fabien is a big R&D guy, hopefully he brings this to the table and fix it.
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 Special-ed is so last century Razz
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 If Canyon is looking to get into the North American DH market, This is a good way to do it. Great rider, hopefully great bike too.
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 I did a little googling and found this article from bike mag about Canyon coming to the states. Back from August but still valid?
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 read the same thing about the canyon strive in mountain bike action magazine
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 Pinkbike - Do you get verbal agreement on these sneaky shots and info? Things like this, and bike part stuff, etc.?

I don't care either way, just wondering how it goes out there.
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 probably RC? He is best friends with half the industry...
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 I am 47 and have been following the claw since he arrived on the scene....I think he's gonna step his game on the canyon bike...kill it buddy! shit specialized!
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 10 years, 13 years, 12 years... Same thing right?
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 This better be Canyon's step into NA - been holding off for a Strive!
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 Stoked to see DB on board with Canyon- now lets' see him tweak the strive platform to be more SX! Don't get too anxious about a North American debut. The strong dollar will make it hard to justify.
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 I really hope it's the begginning of Canyon on the North America market Smile
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 r u sure he's not sponsored by tequila?
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 Smart move. Spec's business model is going to be destroyed by direct-to-consumer sales in the next decade, lol.
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 You think they don't know what's up? They have so much capital they could go direct and undercut the shit out of Canyon just to put them out of business.
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 I'm not so sure about that, I have seen the wizard behind the curtain.

First, they nearly went bankrupt in the early 2000's so they certainly don't have billions in cash stockpiled.

Secondly, I really don't believe the quality of revenue or so called 'capital' is truly there. Internally they are very hesitant to discuss financials, which is a red flag. Also they are private so are not held to stringent GAAP accounting standards. So-called capital is likely tied up in overvalued assets that are being depreciated unnecessarily long, overvalued obsolete inventory, etc. Have you ever talked to someone that has been employed there before? Are their salaries competitive? Is investment in IT infrastructure up-to-date?

Third, radical changes in business climates also exacerbate financial issues and tend to cull the herd.

To these last two points, yes, you and others may laugh that "oh no that could NEVER happen..." and its seems unlikely. However relatively recent business history would show otherwise. Investors and customers of Bernie Madoff, WorldCom, Enron, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac for example would have thought it unthinkable for public multi-billion dollar firms to flounder, but they weren't laughing when they went bankrupt nearly overnight.

Third, Specialized core values would make it very difficult to just 'go direct and undercut the shit out of Canyon'. Especially with such a weak and unfocused CEO. Do you see how much shit Trek is getting for not even doing anything very different by allowing customers to click & ship to a local shop? There would be bike industry anarchy if Specialized just up and announced "we're going direct."

Fourth, Specialized business model, infrastructure, and investments would make it very difficult to shift their focus so quickly. Canyon and YT are the fast movers because they aren't tied to hundreds employees, entrenched distribution channels, committed assets, etc. To reference business outside of the industry again, GM is a prime example of an obese organization with huge financial problems once there was a disruption in the economy, markets, and industry.

Change is a-comin' to the bike industry. Hell, even some small parts I ordered off of Amazon are being shipped direct from factory in China! The problem is that the transition to adapt will be very difficult and risky for Specialized with great leadership and solid business practices. Unfortunately they have neither - weak unfocused leadership, incredible turnover, and extreme under-investment in key areas...
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 ^^^^ Spot on, that there
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 Do you really think Specialized are clueless to the direct sales model? I'm sure they've been planning for it for years.

Sure the switch is going to cause major upheaval in the bike industry, but it's already happened in many other industries already and it's inevitable. They have huge R&D investment, they make some of the best tires, shoes, saddles, clothing etc on the market. I bet the sales of those alone ecipse Canyons total sales. They'll probably buyout a percentage of their dealers as concept stores and offer subsidized servicing for Specialized bikes. They'll no doubt have permanent Demo bikes and the ability to try bikes for size.

The direct sales model will look very limited when you have those kind of options.
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 Canyon Bike for Canyon Riding
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 All Americans "become" European:
-Cam Zink - Darren B - Kyle Strait...
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 It's really cool because now this old video makes sense. They both ride for Canyon now. Smile
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 Why hello canyon, good to see your playing with the big guns.
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 Good move
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 Strive's are coming for 2016?!?!
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 He'll have enough torque to flip that canyon gap now.
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 But what about Norbs?
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flag Motoracer31 (Oct 12, 2015 at 15:02) (Below Threshold)
 bet they dropped darren for norbs.
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 An article on NSMB seemed to suggest he might be remaining on Specialized.
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 Awesome !
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 Barel as team manager?
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 does this mean we will get Canyons on the USA soon?
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 so i might actually be able to get the stiched 720
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 Congrats to the new set of wheels Claw.
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 So they are sponsoring a Canadian athlete hey they Dont ship to Canada? The f*ck
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 I think the point of singing the claw is so they could expand their market to North America
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 even if they dont, I am pretty sure Darren can sell a few bikes on the old continent.
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 new age start
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