Bespoked Becomes the Latest Show Postponed Due to COVID-19

Mar 6, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Britain's Bespoked Show is the latest to be postponed due to the spread of COVID-19. The show was initially scheduled to be run 3-5 May but will now be pushed back to mid-October.

Bespoked is a small show that focusses on handbuilt frames, similar to NAHBS that was also postponed earlier this week.

bigquotesBespoked is a celebration of our global community and under the shadow of the Coronavirus it feels this celebration will be severely compromised. The show attracts exhibitors, visitors and press from around the world and with travel being restricted and concerns about the spread of the virus, the May show would not be the enjoyable event for which it is renown. The safety and enjoyment of all who attend Bespoked is paramount. Taking into account current information and guidelines from the World Health Organisation, NHS and the UK Government and listening to the concerns of our exhibitors the decision has been made to postpone the show to mid-October.

Bespoked will be held 15th – 18th October at the same venue of Brunel’s Old Station and Engine Shed, Bristol. Exhibitors spaces will be carried over to the new dates.

The organisers also confirmed that any tickets bought for the May dates will also be valid in October but customers can also request a refund, here.


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 I have always hated the act of shaking hands so my hope is this virus will put an end to this silly custom and just adopt the fist bump once and for all.
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 No thanks. I don’t know where your knuckles have been.
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 or the more subtle "man nod"

(or as applicable to your prefered gender / non gender bias).
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 @fartymarty: Just do the elbow bump, then everyone wins.
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 Jumping chest bump seems like the most practical solution.
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 "The handshake is believed by some to have originated as a gesture of peace by demonstrating that the hand holds no weapon." ...but they didn't know about germs back then
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 we could just adopt a non-contact greeting, throw a shaka
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 I say we invoke the ancient way's of Rex Kwan Do and bow.
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 Fist bumping is great for 8 year old kids.
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 Bespoked is now Bespooked.
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 They should have all the exhibitors ship their stuff for setup and have a fleet of drones that people can rent for an hour at a time to fly around the exhibition from anywhere in the world.
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 I think there's a market for that right now.
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 FYI - Prova, the brand of bikes in the header image of this story, makes some of the most beautiful bikes ever made. The guy is an ex-aerospace engineer and on some bikes uses steel, titanium and carbon to create the best ride feel he can. He's a beast. Go visit his site or IG:

Also - not affiliated, he just makes rad stuff.
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 I still can't believe how beautiful that anodized frame looks
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 Oh my, although I dont like road bikes, I might touch myself tonight.
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 "Would we cancel our event in a particularly bad flu year?"

^^that's the question organizers should ask themselves, rather than panic cancel. If the answer is yes, cancel. If no, don't cancel.
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 Exactly. LA's famous Dr. DREW made this point today.
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 A HIPSTER is claiming to have contracted the small-batch artisanal coronavirus strain COVID-18.

Thom Logan of Bristol believes he picked up the virus in Berlin’s Berghain nightclub last year and admits that while the symptons are similar to COVID-19, it is a much more exclusive virus that has gone under the radar of the mass media.

He said: “Yeah, I think I got it when this girl I was in a poly relationship with got it off her girlfriend who’s a Tokyo tech house DJ. So it’s from Japan, not China, which is way cooler.

“Some people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, including my doctor who’s such a normie she thought it was ordinary flu, but it’s the ’18 alright. The cognoscenti can tell."

“Unfortunately I can’t take time off from my job as a cold brew coffee consultant because it’s a vital public service, so it may have been passed on to a very select few in Shoreditch and Brighton, But the general public isn’t at risk. There is absolutely no way they’d get this. I mean... Come on... Have you met them?”

(Purely posted for satirical purpose - source "the daily mash")
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 I guess we will be spared the gloriousness of the sustainable bamboo bike projects then. Damn!
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 Weaponized hysteria...suckers
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 I’ll likely contract the Modelo virus on Sunday.
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 This is bs. How can they cancel this yet I still have to go stupid crufts we the wife. Not fair
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 They rather have it in the middle of the flu season
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 Postponed until the start of the next flu season!? Wtf
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 Why isn’t Crankworx cancelled ? Why not Sedona? Cancel all or none !
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 Sedona doesn't tend to have much of an Asian bike industry presence and COVID-19 hasn't reached Arizona yet. There is such a thing as a risk assessment. Sea Otter was cancelled because it has a ton of Asian industry presence and NorCal is hotbed right now for COVID.
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 That doesn’t sound racist at all@gus6464:
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 @THE-GUNT: How is that racist? Sea Otter tends to have a lot of Asian vendors who won't be able to attend now because of quarantine requirements. Also, the majority of COVID cases in California right now are in NorCal which is also a fact so fear of contagion is higher.

I think you are trying to imply that I was blaming COVID spreading on Asians when that's not what I meant.
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 @THE-GUNT: Was speaking strictly from a monetary perspective from the festival. If a big chunk of your vendors can't make it then it's best to postpone until they can.
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