Best of Rampage: POV Runs - Red Bull Rampage 2017

Nov 1, 2017
by Red Bull Bike  
Carson Storch

Antoine Bizet

Kyle Strait

Logan Binggeli

Andreu Lacondeguy

Vincent Tupin

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 Watching Bizet's POD run, I concur that he should have placed higher.
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 Every one of these riders deserves a FATASS STACK OF DOLLA BILLS!!$$$$$$$

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 I looked for Bizet, but only found some chap called Bizzett. He too was underscored.
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flag anotherstoneinthewoods (Nov 1, 2017 at 9:25) (Below Threshold)
 Too many straight airs. He didn't trick or style every jump like a bunch of other riders.
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 @WolfStoneD: and his line was way less risky and lacked the overall size of features of the other top runs.
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: exactly, he did trick a lot of features, but just look at how much room for error he has on a lot of them compared to some of the lines on Sorge, zink or strait. I think the problem is in years where everyone gets a run you have to try and split hairs on what is crazier, when all of it is truly bat shit insane. I don't envy the do you decide what should score higher when the runs have become so diverse interpretation of the terrain, and the event.

TBH if anyone is getting scored to low, I'd say its all the guys hitting the ridge with the "green goblin" on it, that whole ridge is insanely exposed and has no room for error whatsoever.

at the end of the day we are lucky to have had such perfect weather to watch all of our favorite riders get to the bottom and stomp sweet runs. I could really care less who wins this, I am just stoked to watch these guys push the envelope every year. the guy in last place deserves just as much respect from any of us weekend(and keyboard) warriors.
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: Yep. The trails at the local bike park are narrower than what he was riding.
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flag djfloorfiller74 (Nov 1, 2017 at 11:40) (Below Threshold)
 I said the same thing in the last thread and i got -6 likes on The Like-O-Meter...WTF...his run was sik Wink
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 @djfloorfiller74: But you may have received +50 in addition to the -57. I doubt it, since by then SnowshoeRider had intervened to remind us of the judging criteria. The people will be the people, but underscored is not equal to podium.
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 Wonder if Bizet's run was just to "Tricky" to judge properly lol.
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 Love the down votes for saying he has too many straight airs 6 straight airs. 1 tweak and 4 flips. Two single back, one single front, and a double. Also variety in contests usually scores better. His tricks were all flips with hands and feet on. Two back flips in a row and he did the same run last year and just added a front flip.
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 Watching Bizet's POV run, I concur that he placed where he should have because those jumps were smaller, with much wider and less risky landings and overall he took down a weaker line than everyone else (no fault of his own since his 40ft. drop's takeoff collapsed). This isn't slopestyle, guys. It never has been.
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 @WolfStoneD: Love the part where you said '' ... and just added a front flip. ''
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 They all deserve a pat on the back and a case of beer. Also, Vincent Tupin could use some chain lube as a consolation prize. Haha!
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 @scott-townes: Agreed, watching Kyle's run after his just shows you how much "easier" Bizet's run ctually was.

BTW, those are some noisey bikes Razz
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 @richierocket: it's his bos suspension Razz
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 Damn. Binggeli's was super exposed. Didn't notice that from the live feed.
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 Always love the racers take on ramapge, bummer brendog f'ed his leg up. Thought vinny t's line was dope too, he got so loose on the chute and extended his run with a great flowy jump section in the middle. Basically everyone but sorge got robbed haha, these runs are legendary.
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 yea I wasn't that impressed on the live feed but I have a whole new respect for it. and he was so fast down it.
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 Only one I watched more than once, no tricks just speed, style and massive hits - awesome
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: agreed, wasn't chuffed on the live feed, the huge transfer at the end too, what a boss!
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 IMHO we have just witnessed one of the best Rampage edition if not the best one! So much building up and expectations through out the year and even more for the last few weeks, that they have been paid off well in exceed!
Regardless the controversy with the judges or not, I can only be thankful to the Riders, diggers and RB (commentary booth specially) for bringing us such an amazing and rowdy event!

If 2017 has had this extraordinary level of comp. how is it gonna be 2018???...........already I am counting down!!...
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 This year was great, but still missing a few top riders. ( # Kelly Mcgarry )
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 @whistlerbound: Plus Aggy, Doerfling and Fairclough. But the guys that showed up put on one hell of a show! I agree with Toofastnotfurious, one of the best Rempages ever. Plus, no major injuries!
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 Missing riders, bad commentary, judging issues and even technical broadcasting issues still beat Mother Nature winning Rampage (via weather or rider injuries).
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 Riders don't get enough credit for how big their balls are... Man even with the ''GoPro'' effect these lines are so gnarly. Glad everyone this year went home safe. Please raise their prices pool. Damn !
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 The chute down the middle looked ridiculous enough on the RB footage. The POV stuff has me taking bites out of my seat.
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 @gibbon-on-an-orange: Agree. I would like to see it live. I wouldn't even stand on top of it.
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 Has Kyle Strait gone all trials ridery and poured Coke on his brakes? I thought my headphones were broken.
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 The judging was excellent.
The panel is formed from our heros and peers so why is there so much post angst I will never figure out. No one is getting rich here and I bet Red Bull lost money after adding up the bills. Also winning the event does not catapult anyone into "stardom" as there is no such thing in Dirtbag Mountain Biking. Just a bunch of amazing people riding their bikes and getting no credit for their accomplishments. The general public views this as a joke because of the risk/reward factor and we all know the responses we get from family and close friends when we try and show them the amazing talent carving down that Utah hills.
We the mountain bikers are the only people who can truly appreciate what was done last month.
To all the diggers out there keep doing what you do it is inspirational for us all.

Massive respect to anyone taking part and to the dedicated audience.
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 Kyle's roll in was absolutely terrifying to watch...absolutely amazing that these guys can ride at this level so consistently...I am so relieved that everyone finished their runs this year and they weren't pushing things due to wind
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 Whaaaat!? No comments?! Where’d everyone go?? Well, for starters, the Frenchies got burned...and Vinnie T’s too rad to lube his steed.
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 We're all too busy sulking in shame at our inadequate biking abilities!
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 I'd probably crash on the first little drop off the rock that everyone does at the start :-(
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 Kurt Sorge's winning run POV here
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 Such a good run. I jumped out of my seat on that massive flip during the broadcast.
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 @DHDH: That blind step down flip was HUGE. The risk in sending that was off the charts. I also thought Andreu was underscored - him and sorge runs were so fast and smooth - their airs were monstrous.
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 Love it. Thanks for posting. That confirms my opinion that that wasn't the winning run though.
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 @stylishskier: Totally. We saw what happened last year on that feature with Aggy's 3.
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 I loved Sorge's run but after seeing Kyle's POV vs Sorge's, I wonder about Zink's score coming from the shared line. Kyle and Cam's line was NUTS. The POV was BIG mountain riding with a balance of tricks.
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 After seeing the POV videos I can see why the runs were scored the way they were. I agree that Bizet's run was awesome but it definitely lacked the steep, raw, techy stuff that the top runs had. Respect to all of them though! I'm not man enough to ride any of that.
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 this is where you appreciate each riders run , all these guys are world class , exceptional dudes
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 What if every rider had a live stream from a GoPro that the judges should be required to watch after the run, but before posting their scores? Plus it would give the viewers an extra angle to watch for a replay during the feed with some scale and perspective while the run is still fresh in their minds? It's a lot harder to realize the exposure, blind takeoffs, and speed until watching these POV runs.
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 The exposure is something that even though I KNOW the camera does not do justice... still so it is enough to scare me a lot. I can not imagine, how is this for real! It must be extremely nerve-racking for sure. These guys are the closest to superheroes we will ever see!
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 Bizetsrun was awesome, however other FREERIDERS did more to entertain the judges and crowd all the way down. I mean I did not see him nose bonk, any super stylish whips, hands or feet coming off the bars, especially did not see him making the run look super fun.
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 Logan's run has to be one of the hardest lines. Though he didn't trick much
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 OMG you really can't tell how crazy it is just watching from the bottom of the runs! These guys should create their own Virtual Reality experience or video game with these videos - or sell them to Vegas or Facebook VR! Nicely done! And yay Kurt! Hometown Nelson boy done good!
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 It's ridiculous to use as an excuse that Bizet's line was more of a "slopestyle" run - yeah, and the rest weren't (!). There's so much adrenaline and style in his run. He got really robbed. I am not saying that he could win the Rampage (why not?) but a 12th position? This is insulting. All the riders are top with huge balls, with no any exception. Personally, I am supporting Kyle but I do not think that his run was so that good in relation to Bizet's. Let's be honest. Also, what made Rampage quite bad this year was the shooting. You were missing almost the half runs of all the riders. You expect, in 2017, a much better coverage with all this technology around. It's good that the riders are not risking as much as they did in the past (if you can say that) - I don't see the point of doing so for such a lame prize, that is if you put on scale your life vs money. Congrats to all the riders. They're AWESOME!
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 Enough with the Bizet, the judges gave there score, it was not a first place one.
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 Sure! But it wasnt a 12th place run neither !
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 Lets all take a moment to appreciate the onboard stabilization of Lacondeguy's GoPro.
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 Flash plugin needed for the videos, really? Get with the times, Red Bull! At least I'm not getting distracted at work, this way :-)
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 It’s so hard to choose a favorite run. The poor judges. What a difficult and noble job they have. Hopefully they get something else besides a red bull visor and a night out w a red bull groupy
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 Strait had my heart stopping with that No Hander... that was a winning run right there... only could have docked him for that very slow start, then again, to balance like that takes a tonne of skill...
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 How much did the stop to cheer the crowd of andreu, after the superman flat spin costed him?
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 What's up with Bearclaw's helmet cam?
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 What is that whistling noise on Vinny´s bike? Suspension?
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 i think is in camera
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 Pretty sure its a dust seal or bearing. Noticed it in the IG videos as well. Super annoying because I had the same incurable issue on my DH bike a while ago.
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 sqweeky seal, stoke-meter peakin
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 it's probably his BOS suspension which is making that noise
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 The space-time continuum being challenged? Looks like he got that thing up to 88.
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 GoPro, please teach riders (except Andreu) how to use Protune and color correction.
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 What brakes is Strait running? I want them.
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 sounds like Saint metallic pads. One set of my 2007 XTRs mated to Saint callipers sound just like that with ice tech 180
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 kyle strait.. that run gave me vertigo
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 Straits gap at 0:33 is probably one of the scariest things I've ever seen.
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 its obvious there's no reward for being a caveman. No way the judges want to promote madness. Tom Van S is an animal.
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 Damn lots of high consequence on the upper lines,you guys are nuts!
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 So SICK! Love it!
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