Video: Amaury Pierron At Home in Brioud, France in 'Between the Races'

May 10, 2019
by Aspect Media  

Amaury Pierron is here to stay. The 2018 UCI DH World Cup champion has his sights set on the top spot and we’re along for the ride. We go behind the scenes with Amaury in his hometown in Brioud, France in between the first two stops of the World Cup in the first episode of ‘Between the Races.’

Exploding out of nowhere last season to be crowned champion after dominant performances throughout the year, the young Frenchman chalked up 3 back-to-back wins in 2018; an unbelievable feat for such a competitive sport. The overall win was a dream come true for the young athlete, who was working as a bike mechanic in his local bike shop a little over 2 years ago.

“I want to win again to prove that, you know, it was not a fluke”- The French native is confident in his skills and willing to put in the time and effort to prove his worth.

Stoked assss
Pierron taking the WC overall last season. Will 2019 be as strong?


  • + 38
 That was a pleasant video, nice way to start the weekend!
  • + 19
 Nice to see a chill video from monster, go Momo ! Also we need an mx showdown between the WC DH riders
  • + 29
 "And we ride bikes!" In epic agreement here.
  • + 25
 The Frenchies.. I can watch the young Frenchies explain things in english for hours... Just like Loic and Loris
  • + 4
 Totally! There is something very fun, cool, and relaxing about listening to them.
  • + 14
 Met him and he's a nice guy, humble. He Reminds me of Steve smith.
  • + 10
 Yep, always friendly and cool every time I've met him too.
  • + 5
 ....and seemed very evident in the vid...A legit nice Dude. Speaking of Stevie...ever since that day...I get real nervous when I see clips of our favourite WCDH'ers ride Moto's
  • + 1
 @bretttippie: second that, Amaury is awesome on and off the bike!
  • + 1
 Yes, totally, it's the humbleness and the appreciation for what he's got.
  • + 9
 Amaury is the man!!! He makes you want to ride bikes !
  • + 5
 An awful lot of prep goes into less than 4 minutes of showtime. Amaury, all the best! Give them hell this year!
  • + 4
 Amaury = young Jerry Seinfeld
  • + 1
 Yeah kid. Can't argue with that attitude. Seems to have a great perspective on life. He's one of the few frenchies I like. Speaking of the French. Where's Bizet?
  • + 3
 Hey Pinkbike, It's BRIOUDE.
  • + 7
 Yes, I noticed that as well, but you know, the Hamairikeuns are like that ;-)
  • + 1
 @Franzzz: mega lol
  • + 3
 What a great Video! Awesome!
  • + 2
 name me one fast french rider that isn't fast..
  • + 2
 great attitude, nice dude.
  • + 1
 Love the attitude. Balance! Fun and bikes but training hard and shredding fast. Right on Amaury
  • + 1
 Wyn was spot on with the "Jean Girard/Talladega nights" snap.
  • + 1
 The way this dude blows up a berm is... different. Pure power

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