Big Bear Mountain Resort Announces eMTBs Now Permitted

Jun 30, 2020
by Snow Summit  
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PRESS RELEASE: Big Bear Mountain Resort

E-Bikes are now allowed on select trails at Big Bear Mountain Resort's Summit Bike Park. Per the U.S. Forest Service, the Summit Bike Park is now open to class 1 pedal-assist electric mountain bikes. Class 2 and 3 e-bikes are prohibited and all bikes will be inspected prior to loading on chairlifts.

The Forest Service approval does not apply to the entire extended Summit Bike Park trail system. Several trails that route through (or extend beyond) the resort property will remain off-limits to e-bikes.

E-bikes are not allowed on non-motorized USFS trails in the Big Bear valley but are permitted on all roads and trails that are open to motor vehicles. Motor vehicle use map for the region available here


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 I’m so confused on why anyone would care if e-bikes would be allowed at lift access trails...or why you would bother with lift access if you had an ebike...also why does apple autocorrect rrect ebikes to evils???
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 I live in Big Bear and it pisses me off that when people do come up here and don't care about social distancing or the proper etiquette in regards to this pandemic. I've made trips down the hill and it seems that it is taken more seriously down there.
In regards to Ebikes being allowed. So how is SS going to get the message out that no other trail(not fireroads) are closed to Ebikes? I'd say a good majority of the riders riding the bike park do venture out and ride the surrounding trails ie: Fall line and Lower Skyline and Fern, which Ebikes aren't allowed.
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 Haha, last year when I went they were doing E-bike demos and some geniuses were riding up Westridge. So dumb.

As for Masks, same rule goes for the rest of life. Don't be dick to others. Please wear one around others. If y'all would be responsible and step up on your own, these mandatory mask "laws" wouldn't be necessary.
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 Well if all CA parks are going to let them in, I'm losing reasons to keep a second steed...
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 I work for CA State Parks, they are not allowed on paved or dirt trails.
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 @BIGJoe29: thx for the Intel. I meant bike parks, not state parks.
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 Now if they’d only allow people to also use their brains to wear masks while standing in lift lines.
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flag mtboaxaca (Jun 30, 2020 at 18:25) (Below Threshold)
 U must be wearing a mask in your home to post this, stop watching tv and research about masks on your own
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 @mtboaxaca: but the herd says wear a mask...and the herd can’t be wrong...or scientifically uninformed...
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 I don't understand what you're trying to talk about. Are you trying to say they don't allow masks? Are you really this desperate to find something to be mad about?

This took me less than two minutes to find on the Big Bear website.

"Please wear a face mask/covering throughout your visit."

"Practice social distancing by maintaining at least 6 feet of space from others at all times."
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 @JacobKmtb: you’re right. I should clarify. I was trying to riff off the article title and wasn’t clear. Snow Summit recommends mask wearing and distancing. The problem is that almost nobody does either, and it made for a frustrating experience.

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