Big in Bavaria Videos by Ryys

Aug 17, 2010
by Tyler Maine  
Ryys just uploaded his BMX and MTB video edits from this year's Big in Bavaria contest, so here they are for your enjoyment.

2 videos inside,
BMX Edit:

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MTB Edit:

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 i respect bmx although it is easier to do tricks on them and that is why they go bigger
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 imo , its sketch to go big.
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 DARKSTAR63 who's that bmxr who flaired off a curb height drop again... anyway suspension makes bad landings hurt less, but it doesnt make you faster lol, it takes away some of your pump slowing you down.
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 craig mast
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 thanks brule for spreading the news Smile
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 superb videos!!
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 bavaria+bikes+beer=VERY HAPPY TO THE 4TH POWER Smile Smile Smile Smile
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 and a flip drop landed smooth wouldn't be any different to just doing a drop, so the rigid point doesn't add up
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 oranges are better than apples....except when apples are sliced cuz then theyre almost the same except different.
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 lol minus an x-up and bar spin the BMX's didnt even trick the drop while in the mtb comp there were flips, twists and whips going off on it. Funny that
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 funny that a BMX is about half as large as a 26" MTB with zero instead of 100mm travel Wink so if you bail the drop because of doing tricks'n'stuff, you're less f*cked when riding a 26" MTB.. Big Grin

so show respect to the BMX'rs, they're going insanely big on their childrens' bikes! Big Grin
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 people on BMX probably go bigger than most MTB's
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 Yeah man, come on flip drop on a bmx? Carry speed into that first double? Dirtrebel is right, you have no suspension and 20 inch wheels on a bmx bike. You need to flow, you cant be caseing stuff or landing hard or you wont make it over those monster doubles.
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 Dj fixes everything wroung with Dmx.
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 WOW! I love his films. I think noone knows that Ryys is The Best in Poland from Poland
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 Wow! Ryys is The Best in Poland!

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