Big Mountain Enduro 2022 Schedule Announcement

Oct 13, 2021
by BigMtn Enduro  

Coming off a successful year of racing in the U.S., the Big Mountain Enduro (BME) has put together another incredible event calendar for 2022 and the buzz around the series couldn’t be any hotter. This past race season included 5 sold-out events at diverse venues across the country encompassing every mix of riding you could imagine, along with some of the most technical tracks the U.S. gravity race scene has witnessed in decades. Richie Rude of Yeti Cycles took the overall series win for the pro men, and it was Kera Linn of Cannondale who won the pro women’s division. Full 2021 results can be found HERE.

With the number of youth participants steadily increasing each year, the 2022 BME will continue to bring more young riders into the sport of Enduro, while keeping the challenging and unique terrain that BME events are known for to develop top racers across amateur and pro categories alike.

Next season’s 5-stop national tour kicks off in Ironton, MO in May and will then head to the big mountains and steep descents at Big Sky, MT in late June. In mid July, BME returns to the Rocky Mountain high alpine in Durango Purgatory, CO, followed by Brian Head, UT in August. The September Finals will culminate at a new and exciting west coast venue in Bend / Mt. Bachelor, OR. There racers can expect a big day of backcountry racing and some of the best downhill tracks that Mt. Bachelor Bike Park has to offer. All 2022 events will be two-day races, which will maximize the rider experience and showcase the great trails at each host destination.

Online registration will open on January 1st via the BME website. Events will sell out quickly, so those interested in competing in the top North American series should bookmark the date and secure their entries early. Full details on race categories (with some new additions) will be available online in November, along with information for the points and rankings system, lodging discounts for racers and teams, and more.

BME 2022 Schedule

Ironton, MO: May 14th & 15th
Big Sky, MT: June 25th & 26th
Durango Purgatory, CO: July 16th & 17th
Brian Head, UT: August 27th & 28th
Bend / Mt. Bachelor, OR: September 17th & 18th

For more information visit

Photos by Eddie Clark and James Stokoe
Visit their websites for full 2021 BME racer galleries.

Cody Kelley 2nd Place Overall Series


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 No 1-day races and nothing within easy driving distance of the Colorado Front Range. It’s cool that BME is trying to go national. Just wish they had something on the schedule a bit closer to their roots (meaning closer and easier for me).
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 Durango is absolutely within driving distance of the Front Range. It's a long drive but worth it if you like riding and racing sick trails
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 It feels like Revolution Enduro has taken over the CO space that BME cultivated for years.
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 @yetirich: now they just need to ditch eagle and steamboat (3+ years with the same exact stages gets old) and head to Crested Butte and other locations that are better.
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 Yeah, how is a weekend race possible if the drive isn't easy? Gosh, can you imagine driving 4 or even 9 hours for a race!?

If you really want to do it, you'll find a way to do it... or you'll just complain about it on Pinkbike.
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 @scott-townes: haha right?! I used to drive 12-17 hours each way to get to BME and Scott Enduro Cup races when I was living in Montana and wanted to race against the big dogs. Not to say it was easy, it sucked, but I love hearing the complaints from people who can't fathom a day's drive to get to a sick event.
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 @wilsonians: with the growth and profit that ski areas see from daily users they are not motivated to close bike park trails so race can happen. New venues are tuff to get these days. Both BME and REV are doing amazing work! give them both props for even providing racing opportunities! And if you get a chance check out one of the Team Trail Party formats, its still racing just a way more chill vibe and you can do laps with your Bro's and Bra's
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 It would be cool to see more local enduro series, kind of what Winter Park does for XC on the weekends and what places like Summit County and Vail Rec has midweek. If we want to see some growth in American talent in gravity racing, we need to have some regular local events without a ton of traveling. The advantage of enduro vs DH is you can just race on your trail bike and cuts down on cost of entry. If travel was cut down, you’d have a lot more people into it. That said, BME is great for creating an American based feeder for the EWS now that it’s spread it’s wings outside of Colorado.
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 @rbsnyder333: 17 hours is rough. Back when Oregon had their Super D series, I would make the weekend drive up to Bend, Hood River and Sandy Ridge from Utah because I wanted to race. Its all about priorities. I also see a lot of people saying "we need this!" however none of them put any effort into organizing a local race. They just hope someone does it for them. Posting on a forum will not change anything, its time people realize that.
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 @scott-townes: Exactly Scott, thanks for that! Very few understand the amount of work, dedication and organization that goes into these major events, the finances, time and staff required to deliver a major series, the support from the bike industry, and blood sweat and tears behind the scenes; year round. We do our very best to make everyone happy, to be creative with our venues/trails each season and try to deliver the best racing in North America. That was us in the early 2000's running those Oregon events, back when things were much simpler and there was no social media. Internet trolls and lazy people are always gonna hate, so thanks again for touching on this and much respect to you.
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 Ya if they want to attempt a national enduro series they're going to need to make a lot of improvements
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 @scott-townes: Ya imagine having to use at least 10 vacation days to pursue a series.... at least 5 Friday's and Monday's minimum to drive to and from, and that's not even getting you there in time for any practice.... hahaha that's going to limit the "full series participation" where people go to each round and really take the legitimacy away from a championship lol
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 @rideitall-bmx-dh-road-unicycle: LOL no you don't, you know how I know? Because I held a full time job but still traveled to races in Oregon and Utah for two full race seasons, on top of training during the week outside of that full time job. It sucked, it was really tough and I couldn't do it beyond two seasons. Aside from myself, I personally know a few privateers who resort to living in a crappy van to do national level series races and EWS qualifiers. Welcome to the real world. That's why there's a big difference from the best in the country vs. the best at your local bike park.

What takes away legitimacy is holding a national-level series in one state to appease local recreational weekend warriors. You want something local? Well, there are a number of other people on PB who clearly feel the same way so get to organizing and stop complaining.
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 @scott-townes: Hey, I did my part: I made a comment on Pinkbike. My job here is done.
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 @scott-townes: dude does anyone like you at all as a human? you're just always in the comments talking down to people. Shut the f*ck up dude. You need 10 vacation days at least to pursue that series don't say that's not obvious.
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 @rideitall-bmx-dh-road-unicycle: Brah, you're the one complaining and talking negatively about the race series. Its not my fault you're upset the series doesn't focus on weekend warriors and not those seriously attempting to pursue a race career.
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 @scott-townes: you'd think they'd care about both.... and by your typo you just said the series isn't for weekend warriors or those pursuing a race career .... which I'll agree with lol.
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 @scott-townes: regardless I see you being a prick in every single comment section on this site.... gtfo lol
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 BTW if anyone raced BME Durango this year i have a photo gallery from the race! I went for the masses, so if you weren't in Expert or Pro theres a good chance i got you. I did end up shooting all categories though.
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 I suspect the comments on Missouri are going to be a bit different than they were when this announcement was made last year Smile
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 to describe that race in 3 words would be: rowdy, rowdy, rowdy. make sure to bring spare wheels and tires!
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 @TylerG96: Chunk, Sketchy, Slick. When I heard Richie say "Wow this reminds me of home" I knew it was something special. See yall down there.
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 Yeah, I don’t have to google where/ what that venue is this year, lol.
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 Super sick, but I wish that the races weren't $200+. As a privateer, that adds up so quick. Considering parts, travel, potential lodging, food, multiple days pre-riding, etc.. Each race is like $1000+ if you don't happen to live near one of the stops.
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 Start saving those pennies.
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 Its what I love about the ESC now that I am out east. 1 day races, run on Sunday so you dont have to take time off work (looking at you BME for hosting 1 day races on Saturday...). Races are at MOST $100 which includes 2 lift tickets. AND all the venues (11 of them!!!!) are all within 5 hr drive of Boston, with at least half of them being within 3 hrs drive.
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 Better get on that social media game to get those sponsoredshap pointies.
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 well if you complete the simple task of going faster than richie rude, cody kelley, etc you can cut your losses a bit with a paltry $1000 lmao.
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flag BigBrownBunny (Oct 13, 2021 at 21:56) (Below Threshold)
 @ryanandrewrogers: dude you have node what it costs to put on an event so do us all favor and STFU!!
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 I am not saying $200 is nothing, but after being behind the scenes a little bit last year, it is beyond reasonable for what goes into making these happen — not just in work hours, but in money that has to be spent by BME on all the stuff. No one is getting rich off BME.
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 @BigBrownBunny: chillout dude. its mountain biking no-one got into it to make money. there isnt a mtb race on earth with a cash prize worth the work racers put in, thank goodness riding bikes is reward enough.
  • 1 0
 @BigBrownBunny: you can be the 4th fastest on the day or days out of hundreds of racers and get nothing. . . . . .
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 yep you need to make 100k a year and have at least 10-15 vacation days to burn for the series.... bit excessive for the average Joe to pursue the entire series.
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 2 Days in MO!!

2021 Vital RAW footage for yer viewing pleasure.,38868/sspomer,2
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 After doing many BMEs when I lived in Colorado and now living in Central Oregon I'm so stoked to see the Bachelor round. Not sure how they're gonna make two days there but stoked to see what they open up for the race.
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 Yeah it's not hard at all to ride everything in Bachelor in a day. Maybe they'll pick up some of the old Oregon Enduro Series segments down in Wanoga for day 2? On the other hand, that series did 2 days on Bachelor in 2016, and there's been a few trails added since then...
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 @tbmaddux: Ah I didn't know they did a 2 day in 2016 at Bachelor. There's a good amount of trails but 2 days at the bike park only would be a surprise. Can't wait to see what they plan. After reading through again they say they have backcountry trails planned. I wouldn't call Wanoga backcountry at all. I wonder if they have something planned that's a bit of drive from Bend.
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 I went back up and read this: "Bend / Mt. Bachelor, OR. There racers can expect a big day of backcountry racing and some of the best downhill tracks that Mt. Bachelor Bike Park has to offer", which makes me think of a couple things:

1) It says "Bend / Mt Bachelor" which suggests some riding outside the park.

2) It says backcountry. This also suggests some of the higher-elevation trails well away from the typical Phil's stuff. Maybe not even Wanoga, but instead things like Edison-Lava, Met-Win (Todd Lake), or even Upper Flagline?
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 I'd love to hit a couple of these with my son. However, it seems like they are largely run on bike park trails? When we do an exit survey of pro athletes for our enduro, the most common comment is "no more bike park", as they seem to prefer the variety of natural trails and more line choice available. Also, how much climbing are in the liaison to each stages, or are they mostly lift-assist, being basically a day of lift access 5-stage DH? Our Canadian series generally run between 1,500 and 1,900 m (5,000 - 6,000') of liaison climbing in a day, even if some stages are on bike park tracks.
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 Not sure about these days, but at the one in Keystone a few years ago there was only like 2500 ft of pedaling, everything else was lift access. Saw a guy racing with a session. I think it varies a lot depending on what is available at the venue.
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 You might like the one in Missouri then. No lift access. Yes, it's a bike park, but 6/8 stages are either super chunky or "we blew the leaves off and cleared the brush," -- Going to be about 2400 ft of climbing/descending each day.
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 I cannot imagine what a cash cow this series is for the promoters.... $200 per head per race and all of the event expenses plus extra are paid by the sponsors. If this isn't the case, the promoter needs to figure it out....... Tony is very unprofessional in my experience.
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 No Trestle Bike Park?? Winter Park is a big loss to the season!
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 i was hoping theyd race it! bummed out they arent.. that would be the 3rd closest race i could attend, they are all so far away from me
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 with mountain goat decommissioned, cuts out a big chunk of the trails that are cool to race for an enduro type event?
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 Trestle is horrible as are the newest trails they built. Good riddance!
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 The same 3-4 trails get raced every single timeand have been for the last 4-5 years. It was run for so long because Yeti is the title sponsor on BME and the factory team would show up and mop up the podium as a 'home' race. Time for new stuff, i think its good they are expanding.
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flag mikepal (Oct 13, 2021 at 14:26) (Below Threshold)
 @davec113: Yay, one less person riding there. "Good riddance!"
  • 2 0
 really, a "big loss" I'd say more of a loss of convenience!
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 "North American Enduro Series of America of the World" (*note United States events only - sorry Canada and Mexico)
  • 4 0
 Surely you guys can start up your own Enduro league. I’m pulling for you!
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 Bachelor may have shit trails but I'M stoked to have it cus it's 3 hours from my house!
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 Stoked to see southern Utah here - day trip from LA, i'm in
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