Big Mountain Enduro Announces 5 Round Schedule for 2021

Nov 23, 2020
by BigMtn Enduro  

After coming off one of the most unique years in racing history due to the global pandemic, the team at BME has pushed through the challenges and is moving full steam ahead into 2021. The complete BME calendar is locked in and plans are in place to grow the series and improve the trail quality and the overall event experience at each host venue.

The Yeti Cycles Big Mountain Enduro presented by Maxxis series will include two brand new locations and a 5-stop national tour that racers will not want to miss. The season will kick off in Ironton, MO on May 2nd, where racers can expect brand new trails crafted by Jagged Axe Trail Designs; also the mastermind behind the infamous trails at Glorieta Camps, NM. This new venue and single day race will showcase 5 stages, all pedal transitions, and 3,000 vertical feet of descending throughout some of the most unique and rocky terrain in the Midwest. Next on the tour will be Santa Fe, NM, a long-time staple of the BME tour, taking place on May 29th-30th at the aforementioned Glorieta Camps, where racers can expect fresh course changes and a hefty two days of racing and festivities.

Looking ahead after a safe and successful event this year in the midst of COVID, BME will be returning to Big Sky, MT in 2021 as stop number 3, and it’s sure to be one of the highlights of the year. Collective teams are already working on new trail improvements, more vertical and mind-blowing trails that have never been raced before. Think BIG, for the Big Sky event, as racers won’t want to miss the surprises that BME and Big Sky teams have in store for next year.

As the BME tour hits the homestretch, with a Colorado signature stop, Winter Park Resort/Trestle Bike Park will host round 4 on the tour. This Rocky Mountain venue consistently ranks as one of the top bike parks in North America and always provides some burly stages for racers. For the Finals, BME is proud to announce a new venue – Brian Head Resort in Southwest Utah. This progressive mountain is positioned to provide big technical descents, creative trail building that you don’t see in too many places in the States and some fresh cut trail to keep even the best of riders on their toes.

BME 2021 Schedule:

Ironton, MO: May 2 (Sun)
Santa Fe, NM: May 29-30 (Sat/Sun)
Big Sky, MT: July 24-25 (Sat/Sun)
Winter Park, CO: Aug 14 (Sat)
Brian Head, UT: September 18-19 (Sat/Sun)

All 2021 BME events will be capped at 300 racers, unless local protocols enforce otherwise. With 5 stops on the tour, 3 of the 5 races will count towards series points and rankings. Race categories will be slightly adjusted for 2021, including e-bikes, and those updates are highlighted below and on the BME website.

Online registration will open on January 1st, including season pass options, so bookmark the date and keep an eye out for more details as it relates to the 2021 BME race series, COVID protocols, sponsors, lodging and BME Rides.

Men Categories:
Pro Open, Expert Open, U21 (17-20), Master 40+, Amateur Open, Youth “Groms” (10-16), Beginner Open, E-Bike Open

Women Categories:
Pro Open, U21 (17-20), Amateur 21+, Beginner Open, E-Bike Open

More information on BME website www.bigmountainenduro.com

Photos by Eddie Clark Media


  • 61 0
 Google Maps engineers are suddenly scratching their heads as to why Ironton, MO is trending with people that have Pinkbike cookies.
  • 7 2
 Folks are going to fall in love with that place.
  • 4 0
 hahaha... so true! I just did that exact same thing!
  • 5 1
 @ksilvey10: Having in-laws in MO just got way cooler!
  • 11 0
 And immediately switching to satellite view.
  • 8 0
 Shepherd Mountain Bike Park is what to follow on FB and Instagram
  • 21 0
 Enduro comes back to Utah! Hell yeah!
  • 6 0
 About time!
  • 3 0
 a stage down Blowhard would be sick. Logistics might be difficult though.
  • 4 0
 @haybine: Imagine a Utah Enduro that has Bunker Creek, Dark Hollow, and Blowhard.
  • 3 0
 Definitely gonna have to hit that, any excuse to get down to Brianhead. Logistics would probably be too difficult with Blowhard or Dark Hollow, but Brianhead could line up some great runs with Wildflower, Lil Gritty and Timberline. Or just do 3 runs of Wildflower, ha ha.
  • 2 0
 @Ajorda: That would be cool, but doubt that will happen. I suspect all the stages will be within Brianhead Ski Resort.
  • 15 0
 BME = Big Missouri Enduro??
  • 17 1
 Missouri has mountains?
  • 5 0
 @Ajorda: Just a few, but this one is definitely one of the biggest. As far as I can tell, it's #2 in the state for vertical rise
  • 1 0
 @ksilvey10: Cool to see what people are doing with "flat" states. Better than a Kansas enduro I'm willing to bet.
  • 14 0
 @Ajorda: maybe just a little lol. But this mountain is 600+ft of vert and the trails are full of some seriously chunky granite and big rock features. Gets super steep and technical as well. It's definitely a shock to the system if you're only used to Midwest/NWA flow trails.
But you know, I did an enduro in Kansas City a few years ago at a park, and it was super fun and unique with plenty of tech and wasn't just a pedal-fest on the stages. If you have a dedicated community, it's amazing what can be built.
  • 12 1
 Nice to see BME branch out from the Rocky Mountain region. The Missouri stop will be most welcome! The new Jagged Axe trails in Ironton Missouri are indeed awesome! Should be a great event.
  • 7 0
 Can confirm Jagged Axe has been doing great work at Glorieta. Stoked the BME will be back to the Fe in 2021!
  • 3 0
 They are also building everything in Ironton!
  • 5 0
 For those of you curious about Missouri, Shepherd Mountain Bike Park is what you're looking for on all the socials.
  • 5 0
 Holy cow Missouri has tech?
  • 7 0
 Not quite yet, but Jagged Axe is building the trails and they make some of the best stuff anywhere. They built Glorieta in NM and Passion Play (most underrated and best place to ride in NWA) in Eureka spring, Arkansas.
  • 4 1
 It does now. I promise. This place will not disappoint.
  • 3 0
 The Ironton Trails are the real deal. Cant wait for this in MO!!
  • 2 0
 Bet you Revolution Enduro does one in Indiana now
  • 1 0
 Awesome looking schedule for next year, stoked!
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  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 Shepherd Mountain Bike Park on FB and Insta
  • 5 5
 Nothing says Big Mountain quiet like Missouri...
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  • 4 6
 Whoever planned on this to be in Missouri in May has never been in Missouri in May.
  • 3 6
 Misery in May is what it sounds like.
  • 2 0
 We raced an enduro in Missouri in March last year. It'll be OK.
  • 3 0
 I guess May is better than August humidity-wise, but the Colorado bros are not well-suited to the damp air.
  • 4 0
 You get the poison ivy! You get the poison ivy! Everybody gets the poison ivy!
  • 3 0
 @FranklinHaith: Joke's on you because the last time I got poison Ivy it was in January! You can get it year-round! But for real these trails are sick and it's a cool little town that has been extremely supportive of this bike park. Humidity in May is NBD, just enjoy the fact that there is plenty of air to breathe Smile
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 You must know Nitro

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