Bike Check: Adam Brayton's Nukeproof Dissent 297 - Red Bull Hardline 2021

Jul 25, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Adam Brayton joins quite a few other riders in running a mullet setup for Hardline this year, but his race bike features a unique build with a mixture of parts from Hope, SRAM and Renthal. Before the racing got underway, we caught up with Adam to get the details on his Nukeproof Dissent 297. Despite the huge hits and relentless technicality of the Hardline course, Adam apparently hasn't made too many changes from his regular World Cup set up, instead preferring the consistency of a familiar feeling bike.


Nukeproof Dissent Details

Frame: Nukeproof Dissent 297 // Size: Medium
Fork: Fox 40
Shock: Fox DHX2 // 500lb Spring
Wheels: Hope Fortus 30 Rims with Hope Pro 4 DH Hubs
Tires: Maxxis Assegai and DHR II // 25 psi Front and 28psi Rear // Cushcore Front & Rear
Drivetrain: Sram GX Mech, Sram X0 Shifter, Hope 7-Speed Cassette and 165mm Hope Evo Cranks
Pedals: Crankbrothers Mallet DH
Brakes: Hope V4 brakes // 200mm Rotors
Bar/Stem: 31.8mm Renthal Fat Bars 760mm and 50mm Integra stem
More info: Nukeproof

Adam Brayton's build on his Dissent features plenty of parts from the UK with a complete Renthal cockpit and Hope brakes, cranks, wheels and cassette.


For the huge features on the Hardline course Adam opted to go for a 500lb spring on his bike.



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 Can pinkbike just title these articles “pictures of _______’s bike” not a bike check. I learned absolutely nothing about how to set up my bike from this. A true bike check has some info and reasons why the athlete prefers x over y. In turn then an average joe can go try tweaking their bike to see if it helps them. It’s a cool bike and I love the pictures.
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 You dont want to be setting up your bike like a hardline rider
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flag nvranka (Jul 25, 2021 at 13:22) (Below Threshold)
 @zyoungson: oooo big guy had to chime in telling someone they don’t need to glean from hardline riders.

Stfu honestly, a bike check should include setup not just a list of parts and a few pictures.

If you’re some pleb who doesn’t benefit from knowledge about what the best are doing, please keep your opinion to yourself. It is adding no value, that we know definitively.

And from a takeaways perspective...Let’s take air pressure in tires for example. Many may think when it’s said that these guys run HIGH pressures, that it means actually high pressures...but no, because they are nice enough to list the pressures, we can see they are running high end of regular pressures.
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 @nvranka: Calm down man. The truth is, even if we had pressures, sag, etc that it is meaningless to us. You think they are on the same tune/shim stack as a off the shelf 40/boxxer? Guarantee none of these top wc guys are.
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flag nvranka (Jul 25, 2021 at 13:54) (Below Threshold)

Forget it’re right, hur dur they’re shimmed differently hur dur we just need pictures...literally clueless. There is no “us” here, you are speaking for yourself, let’s be clear.

“These top wc guys” tf are you even on about....

I’m disappointed in myself for even engaging with you fools.

Should have just ignored this and left for my shuttle sesh, but wanted to finish my coffee. Cya
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 @nvranka: Having the set up of one bike is irrelevant to most other people.
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 @nvranka: JC you're a POS
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 @nvranka: kalm yo titz!
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 @nvranka: even if the shim setup is stock, the oil viscosity differs...tyre compound is different too...difficult to find guidance from those numbers.
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 @mtnbiker831: think you'd find the majority are on the same shim stack/ tune as an off the shelf fork tbh.
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 @mtnbiker831: well, why not include that in the article? They don’t have have to say how they’ve modded it but if their running custom off what I’d get in a bike store, it should be mentioned.
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 I always look for what size the bikes are and how tall the riders are... Sometimes they state the frame size, but almost never rider hight, so then it's kind of useless information. and no, google doesnt work on my computer, so there is no way for me to find out ....
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 Dumbest comment ever haha. No one person sets their bike up the same
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 Just because one person's of bike set up is irrelevant to most people, it doesn't mean there's not chance to learn something or see something to try for yourself.
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 @iian: If he's asking them kind of questions he wont be hitting 60ft drops. A million vids on YouTube for setting up a bike including Ben Cathro's Pink bike ones...
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 @nvranka: Gotta love how pinkbike clowns assume because you're not "pro" you don't ride at a high level. I've given up on this place.
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 Thankfully everyone has a DHF copy by today, otherwise they could get confused with this new Assegai.
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 Ain't no Assgai tire, DHF & DHR it is.
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 Only the low low cost of $9.99 per month to see the actual bikecheck! Until you have paid, enjoy these pictures and incorrect spec list, free from your friends at Outside+
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 Lol, PinkBike “bike checks”; here’s some pics, figure it all out for yourselves!
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 How about tire sizes when you do these bike checks? We can all pretty much tell which tires they run from the pics, but I personally would like to know if he is running 2.6 or 2.4 rear tire or 2.5 or 2.6 front etc…
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 Was Hopeing for a pic of that cassette Toothfully
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 Update !
more info: Nukeproof
not so much on Braytons Hardline Dissent
But, they dooo have cookies!! Beer
and they’re re FREE!!
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 Nice bike grandad!
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 forgot O-chain
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 Wasn't Elliot running a carbon version of the same frame? If so, why is Adam choosing/given the Alu one?
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 Nobody talking about that 700mm handlebar? wild dude!

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