Bike Check: Catharine Pendrel's Orbea Oiz - Nove Mesto World Cup XC

May 22, 2015
by Richard Cunningham  
Catherine Pendrel s Orbea Oiz
Canada's two-time World Champion XC racer has been lucky on the Orbea Oiz. The 2015 version is a ground up redesign that can be had with either 29 or 27.5-inch wheels. Pendrel's races 27.5's. The Luna Chix rider uses a Shimano Di2 one-by-eleven drivetrain. Her Fox iCD shock and fork are also electronically controlled.

Catherine Pendrel s Orbea Oiz
Pendrel's mechanic must have been in a hurry to get her Shimano Di2 rear derailleur installed. This is not the wiring one would expect to see on a World Champion's bike.
Catherine Pendrel s Orbea Oiz
Her Shimano XTR one-by has a 32-tooth chainring. The titanium tooth profile is said to resist derailing, but we have yet to see pros run one without a guide. This is an e*thirteen XCX.

Catherine Pendrel s Orbea Oiz
Catherine Pendrel s Orbea Oiz
Up close look at the Fox iCD shock. Fox uses the same e-tube wiring and electronics as Shimano, but as yet, there is no app to pair the two systems. Pendrel puts the Fox control alongside the right-side shifter.

Catherine Pendrel s Orbea Oiz
Shimano XTR rims begin as super thin aluminum extrusions, which are then hand-overlaid with carbon. The spoke reinforcements are a half-dozen layers the size of postage stamps.
Catherine Pendrel s Orbea Oiz
Tires are Maxxis Pace 2.1 inch. The book says they weigh 575 grams, but that seems heavy for Pro XC. Do the team get factory tires?

Catherine Pendrel s Orbea Oiz
Shimano's XC racing M9000 brake lever has no mechanical servo, so it is lighter weight and has a much slimmer profile. The lever is carbon fiber.
Catherine Pendrel s Orbea Oiz
Orbea's Oiz uses flex in the rear triangle in lieu of heavier pivots. The 140mm rotors are ICE tech, but there are no finned brake pads - too much weight.

See more of Matt Delorme's race photos.

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