Bike Check: Comparing Claudio Caluori & Nino Schurter's 'Neverresting' eMTBs

Oct 8, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Ahead of their huge 'Neverresting' challenge Claudio Caluori and Nino Schurter shared a few details about the bikes they will be using. A course that features a 12-minute climb and a World Cup DH track as the descent is a tough challenge already, but with a route that does the loop 25 times, Claudio and Nino will be looking to have their setups sorted before kicking off the race. So let's take a look at how Claudio and Nino choose to run their bikes and the differences between their setups.

Claudio Caluori's Specialized Kenevo
Instagram @claudiocaluori

Bike Details
Fork Rockshox Zeb Ultimate
Shock: Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate
Drivetrain: SRAM GX AXS
Brakes: SRAM Code RSC
Wheels: Crankborthers Synthesis Carbon
Tires: Vittoria Martello 2.35 (or Mazza 2.4 depending on conditions)

Nino Schurter's Scott e-Ransom
Instagram: @nschurter

Bike Details
Fork: Rockshox Zeb Ultimate
Shock: Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate
Drivetrain: SRAM X01 AXS
Brakes: SRAM Code RSC
Wheels: Syncros Revelstoke 1.0
Tires: Maxxis Assegai

Nino's build includes all of his usual equipment from the likes of Scott, SRAM, Syncros, Maxxis and HT. But, as he is using an eMTB he also gets to run the Bosch Motor that he became an ambassador for back in April.

While they may be on different bikes for the challenge, Claudio and Nino have opted for the same Rockshox Zeb fork and Super Deluxe shock. Apart from the drivetrain, this is where the similarities between setup end.


Claudio and Nino have electrified their drivetrains as well, although they have gone for slightly different setups. Claudio is running the more affordable GX AXS, while Nino has the lighter X01 AXS groupset.

For his latest challenge, Claudio chose Crankborthers' Synthesis carbon wheels with Vittoria tires. Depending on the conditions, he will be running the Martello 2.35 tire or the gripper Mazza 2.4 offering. The choice on tires will be saved until the last minute as he is going to want the optimum setup to take on the World Champ. Nino Schurter has gone for a very aggressive tire pairing with a Maxxis Assegai front and rear.

Nino may be on an eMTB, but he keeps the integrated bar and stem setup seen on his XC race bikes. Claudio hasn't opted for a fancy lightweight one-piece cockpit and instead is running a standard bar and stem.

To add some extra fun to Claudio's bike, All Mountain Style came up with specially designed frame protection stickers. The stickers and some exclusive grips will be available for purchase soon with part of the profits going to Pump for Peace.

With plenty of mud out on the trails, the bikes won't be looking fresh for long.

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 Way back when Claudio was doing a course preview of the Fort William track, he followed one of the local trail builders down the track. I'd be willing to bet that trail builder is faster than 90% of PB readers. Claudio got bored with how slow he was going so he PASSED him on the DH and left him in the midge-cloud (no dust in Scotland).

In another video, Claudio followed Shurter down some of his local trails, Claudio on his Kenevo, Shurter on his Spark with no dropper. Claudio struggled to keep up.

The point is, I'm sick of hearing pb users say "If XC guys focused on DH skills and used longer travel bikes they'd have faster lap times"
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 Nino is a monster, I love watching videos with him shredding singletrack with others. Looks like he's having an absolutely blast.
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flag RadBartTaylor (Oct 8, 2021 at 12:58) (Below Threshold)
 I don't know if I have heard that, are they saying the top XC guys should practice training on longer travel bikes? There is def a specific skill descending on an XC bike, I don't think a top EWS dude could descent faster than Nino on a XC course on a XC bike.....but I also don't think Nino can hold a candle to any EWS racer on an enduro bike on a proper EWS course...

Really depends on the track - there are limitations with XC bikes that just can't be overcome by fitness or skill..
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 In my area (Santa Cruz area), some of the top guys on Strava have the fastest times on the downhills as the uphills. Their downhill times are definitely fast, but the uphill times are what surprises me the most. Their times on uphills look like ebike times. Lol.
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Problem is Nino was already in an EWS race, 2013 Finale Liqure. His official placement was 171 out 311 finishers. However that was with a 6min penalty. Take the 6min penalty off and he's 2:24 behind the leader which lands him 40/311. That's holding a candle over 271 EWS racers, not bad for 1st ever and only EWS race.
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 I really really miss the WC track previews Claudio used to do.
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 @hamncheez "The point is, I'm sick of hearing pb users say "If XC guys focused on DH skills and used longer travel bikes they'd have faster lap times""

Well.... Nino was THE pioneer of XC downhill skills that only a coupe of other riders have caught up with, and he's been racing a custom 120mm travel bike for several seasons. So looking at it another way you could say Nino is living proof of the statement that XC guys should focus on skills and use longer travel bikes Wink
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 @zephxiii: I don't disagree he's a good rider but EWS has come a long way since 2013....back then the super fit dudes that were great tech riders did great...not the same in today's world.
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 Point being; Nino shreds hard. I've seen it myself in person at a Scott test camp. A lot of XC racers do actually.
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 @dirtyburger: My absolute fave was the Redbull Rampage preview he did in 2016 I think. I ran into him at the event afterward and he was the coolest guy ever....we laughed a bunch about his preview and he seemed genuinely giddy that he survived it :-)
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 @wingguy: touche
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 @RadBartTaylor: few years back Nino did race a super enduro it was at the Time before the ews and I believe he finished in the top 15… so nino would be able to hold his own I top rider will always make it happen
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 "opted for RockShox..." They didn't opt for shit. That's what their sponsors offer for these kinds of bikes. Period.
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 They opted for the same fork… I think what they were saying is that there are other options I.e lyric maybe
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 Yeah, the spesh at least is rated for DH forks, interesting to see no boxxer
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 No mention of the wire on Nino's rear mech? No suspension settings, no mention of what motor mode they'll use, or how many batteries they think they might need. Not even travel numbers. This isn't a bike check, it's a bunch of pictures with the bare minimum of info tacked on. Info that is obvious from the pics alone.
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 That's called a Pinkbike Pro Bike Check. No info. Just pics slightly fancier than you'd find on the rider's Instagram.
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 These bike checks are a joke! How about the travel on that Zeb fork? Or how about what size tire Nino is running on his bike? Looks like 190mm and 2.6’s? If your going to do bike checks, give the specifics or just show pics.
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 Is it a bike? Check
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 Is Nino using an unreleased wired AXS derailleur?
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 E-bike specific AXS with charging integrated to big battery would make a lot of sense. They already run things like 12V lights on commuters.
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 It took courage to rewire wireless technology.
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 I was confused about this too
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 For some reason I thought the race was between Nino on non ebike vs Claudio on an ebike. I though that’s a good race, no so sure anymore.
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 So who won? There was a live feed and a big hoo har about it but no follow up article?
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 Nino has the tire choice on lock
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 Shew....this one has more power, more range, and looks sexier for probably less money...

Are there any links to honest interviews with Nino with his views on eMTB? I'm curious what his take is on the sport.
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 that isn't a pedal bike...
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 @imnotdanny:'re correct
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 @campstreet2011: But that SuperSport 950 S is cheaper than an S-Works Kenevo here in Australia, so I see your point...
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 That's a Levo isnt it?
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 I doubt it, but honestly, I'm not sure I can tell the difference between the Levo and the Kenevo in alloy, especially if there's a single crown fork on it. I have a feeling you were thinking of the Kenevo SL, which looks like an Enduro, when you asked your question, but the regualr Kenevo looks more like a stumpy with the asymmetric cross member. Given the nature of the ride and the fact that there's a Zeb on it, it seems far more likely that the article is correct about this being the Kenevo.
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 I am sure its a levo, not a kenovo
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 @haricot: are you sure it's not an evil kenevo? bueller> dadjokes>
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 It's the older Kenevo, before they redesigned it to look like the new Enduro.
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 Nino by a lap
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 LOL at Crankborthers
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