Bike Check - Conor Macfarlane's Secret Weapon

Feb 5, 2018
by Jay French  
Custom homemade Frame. Enve Rims on Chris King Hubs Tubes tyres 60PSI Fox 36 Forks.

Conor Macfarlane is a bit of a hometown hero at the Farm Jam - the lanky freerider is often spotted riding around these parts. Conor was aboard a bike with a custom frame that was welded up by a friend (at least that's what he said... it sure looks like a stock Spank Tweet Tweet frame to us), and then tricked out with his choice of goodies.

And how about those wheels? Carbon rims aren't a common sight on a dirt jump bike, but Conor's bucking the trend by rolling on a set of Enve's M90 downhill wheels. The tires are pumped up to 60psi, and a Fox 36 takes care of the front suspension.
Conor Macfarlane

Custom Wideopen Top Cap
Custom Wideopen top cap
ODI Grips. FSA K-Force Brake and Carbon brake lever
ODI Grips. FSA K-Force brake and carbon brake lever

Gravity Gradient Bar and Stem. 7 spins worth of cable
Gravity Gradient bar and stem, with seven spins worth of cable

FSA Chain Ring 32T Front 14 on the back
FSA chain ring, 32-tooth front, 14 on the back
FSA Cranks Diety Pedals
FSA Cranks, Deity pedals

SDG Seat and Seat Post
SDG seat and post
Cut up tyre crank stopper for mad-as no footer tricks.
Cut up tire crank stopper for all those no-footer tricks.


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 I know all those parts are from his sponsors and they need publicity but all I'm really interested in here, is the frame. So, can we have a photo gallery of the frame, tube by tube and weld by weld? Please and thank you.
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 exactly what I want to know - STEEL IS REAL!!!!
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 Isn't that the secret bit? Pinkbike could tell us about it but then they'd have to kill us. Would make for quite a massacre. I usually try to steer clear of these secrets.
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 @vinay: As @bikebike69 pointed out, it's a Spank Tweet Tweet frame. Not so 'secret'
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 If you look closely you can see the Spank star logo in the chainstay gusset by the BB (see bottom right photo)
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 It's defo a spank tweet tweet, I assume he doesn't have a frame sponsor so is looking for one rather than admitting he's riding a spank frame
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 @Joebohobo: Ya. I too stripped the paint off my Transition Bank in hopes of finding a sponsor..... I'm still waiting...
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 @Joebohobo: he does have a frame sponsor, they dont have any hardtails or slope bikes in their catalogue though
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 @wako29: Then what is the secret. It says in the title, "secret weapon". There is at least something they should keep secret then, shouldn't they?
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 @Joebohobo: No, he's on intense still and they don't have a dirt jumper.. derp
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 Yeah, spank tweet tweet. mine looked the same after a cleared the purple Color/Coat. turns out it almost is like nickle plated steel.
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 Ummmm.....the frame is a Spank Tweet Tweet!
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 Spot on. Do a Google Image search - the star at the chainstay/BB area, the tube shapes, head tube - they all line up. This dude is just trying to make some internet buzz, and he succeeded!
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 @bikebike69, it sure looks like it. Conor's "friend" must work in the Spank factory...
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 @mikekazimer: yeah, dropouts were a dead giveaway along with the other bits. not so secret!
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 @mikekazimer Maybe he didn't want to credit the factory that his "friend" works at because that factory doesn't pay him to advertise for them?

Just a thought, maybe don't hand out free advertising if Conor didn't want to?
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 @shredteds: “free advertising” come on man
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 Thank you pinkbike for making this article on request ! Awesome lookin dirt jumper, more of these !
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 Basically he's sponsored by intense, they don't have a jump bike so he's got a spank frame and stripped it so he can ride it. But now everyone knows it has kind of defeated the object ha ha
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 60 PSI?? No wonder most DJ frames are steel. My ankles hurt just thinking about it
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 needs to be for the compression on the lip, you'll fold tires otherwise
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 @captaintyingknots: it's more of a preference you don't have to run 60+. Your tires don't automatically fold at 40
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 @loganflores: Yes they do actually. Its more on landings than anything though.
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 @zyx8910: to each their own I guess but I never had trouble at 40 even doing urban freeride. I'm light on my bike though I used to ride the bmx with pretty low pressure too.
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 Pretty tubes and welds
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 Quick question, could Levi Sherwood be the frame builder?
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 . .
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 Wow M90s and a what looks to be a 100mm Fox 36. No. Flex. Ever.
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 That is one sexy bike.....
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 I thought it was a ti frame.
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 Looks like a PBJ...

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 totally a spank frame
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 Looks like a 29er or was it 28.99er?!
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 M90 wheels on a DJ bike. seriously
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 Since DJ is about stiffness, I'm not exactly surprised...
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 he's sponsored by enve too
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flag RedBurn (Feb 5, 2018 at 12:21) (Below Threshold)
 @sosburn: idk. DH wheels are meant to be super strong, soo it may be not needed for DJ. Off course its hard to find lighter Big Grin
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