Bike Check: Jackson Goldstone's Trek Session 9.9 - Nines 2019

Sep 14, 2019
by Samantha Saskia Dugon  

With a new frame just in time for the Audi Nines event, Jackson talks us through his dream bike.

"The bike I'm riding here is a Trek Session 9.9 size small. I've got Fox suspension front and rear and I think I'm running about 170 in the back and 85 in the front, so pretty hard for riding jumps. I've got Enve wheels with Maxxis Assegai tires and I'm running about 35psi in the front and 40 in the back. I've also got Enve bars along with Shimano Saint brakes, shifter and drivetrain and Chris King hubs."

Rider Name // Jackson Goldstone
Age: 15
Hometown: Squamish, BC
Instagram: @JacksonGoldstone

bigquotesIt's been my dream bike for a long time and it just, yeah it looks so good and rides so good! Jackson Goldstone

Enve wheels and Saint drivetrain.

Saint brakes and Chris King hubs.

27.5" Maxxis Assegai tires, STFU chainslap silencer, OneUp chainring.


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 I like a lot of Trek bikes but look at that bike and then the new Gambler... The Session looks 5 years old.
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 And it looks like a session
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 @VPS13: looks like a gambler
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 Looks like an early Operator.
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 @jclnv Thanks for your feedback, glad to hear the Gambler may be the new visual benchmark today in horst link design!
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 @qreative-bicycle: No problem. Now add 15mm of reach, and 67.5/74.5 the 100mm Spark please. I need a new XC bike ????
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 look like an old glory to me....
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 Rad bike, I love the Red Trek does on their pro frames. However whoever built it up was lazy as shit, and couldnt muster the energy to route the cables through the frame. Trek has such clean lines on a bike and then the builder just zipties the damn brake line around the downtube...LOL
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 That’s not the biggest gripe for me, the orange forks look awful against the red! I understand they are the ‘Pro’ edition but surely colour coordination would be more ‘pro’!
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If you're actually racing external lines can be a necessity.
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 His mechanic (aka Dad) is too busy pushing up Jackson's bike. Who has time to run internal cables after walking miles in the blistering sun and tending to your little boy's every need??
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 Rumor has it that he might have snapped his headtube during the hip session. He started of with a silver frame and then suddenly continued on a red one
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 Classic trek. @shr3d:
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 Whoever first decided to run hydraulic hoses through the frame needs to suffer in purgatory for eternity, it makes it exponentially more difficult to get a good bleed off, as well as requiring some patience to install.
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 @McArdle: truly vile,and punishable by...Sram
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 Also, doesn’t know how to trim a zip-tie.
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 Cable ties to hold the hoses down? If only someone would invent an easier way to attach cables/hoses to a frame, that doesn't involve disconnecting them...
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 Internally routed rear brake hose is one if my pet hates on a bike too!
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 I far prefer the Canyon way: externally routed with an easily removable cover.
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 Wow that really really looks like a Trek.
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you make a great case for spending the $30.
Zip ties? No way....Just get a piece of string and BOOM, you got a tie.
Chains? way too expensive, just get a sheet of steel and cut out a bunch of links, then pin them together with steel studs, BOOM! you got yourself a chain.
Bicycle frame?Sheeeah, just get some aluminum tubing, and weld them together, BOOM, you got a frame.
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 Ummm.... doesn't he have a gray one??? IN multiple videos recently including a recent "Jackson Goldstone's Bike Park Tips" as well of a video by someone else of him riding that grey one AT Audi Nines!!! I'm so confused
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 Gray one was a custom 26" XS frame. He probably grew a bunch in the last year. He is also a trek sponsored rider, not exactly unusual to get a new bike every year. As for riding it at nines he probably wasn't dialed on the new one right away.
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 There was something in an Audi Nines video about a head tube snapping, and he swapped bikes mid way through the comp.
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 Probably cracked like all sessions do!
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 They grow up so fast.
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 Hack cable routing.
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 Why is the rear brake ziptied to the downtube?
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 Because internal routing is pain in the ass to work on.
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 @Vulhelm: oh im sorry the $15000 session doesnt deserve some attention to detail because "its hard"?
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 WTF is the STFU and do I need it?
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flag nickfranko (Sep 14, 2019 at 19:38) (Below Threshold)
 If you want a $30 ripoff, yes. Otherwise, you could just buy some rubber pieces (a solid block and a loop) and rubber cement them together. Or buy PVC, notch it to fit on the frame, cut another piece so it allows the chain to run through (use a heat gun to soften and reform it for an oval shape if you need the extension through the full 12 speeds), and drill holes for zip ties. Glue in a bit of rubber around the inner perimeter, boom. Paint it whatever color you want for bonus points. Couple of dollars of parts, boom.
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 @nicktee89: that sounds like more of an investment than 30$
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 @nicktee89: Didn't know Elon Musk was on Pinkbike
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 @Jimmy0: and will look hoodie AF 99 out of 100 times...
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 @Jimmy0: but don’t you see the benefit of spending four hours making some shoddy copy so you can save $9.50? lol
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 A 10 foot roll of rubber automotive weatherstripping is only like $10. Put a foot of that on top of your chain stay to make it nice and quiet. Have 9 feet left over to quiet down all your buddies bikes also.
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 No top guide only that stfu thing ? Jackson is livin' the dream, good on him.
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 looks like a RideWrap ShuttleArmor on the down tube?
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 Damn I remember Jackson on a push bike at crankworks 2009? Or was it 2010? and PB selected it as VOD. Coldplay viva la vida was the soundtrack lol
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 Well deserved. Wow 40 psi!
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 I was thinking 40 psi is pretty stiff for a little guy. He must really rail those lips for the psi setup.
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 Good looking bike! Jackson has really progressed over the years! Keep up the hard work. You’re living the dream life Big Grin
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 Been a pleasure watching you ride all these years!
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 Stfu is like 2 rings that the chain goes through to quiet chain slap
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 Is niiiice....
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 How tall is he?
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 Looks like a session
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