Bike Check: Kaos Seagrave's Canyon Sender - Red Bull Hardline 2021

Jul 25, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

The last time we were at Hardline Kaos laid down one of the most memorable runs in the history of the event. This year he will definitely be looking for a cleaner run, but we hope it will be just as wild. Before the racing kicked off we caught up with Kaos to get the details on his bright pink Canyon Sender.

Canyon Sender Details

Frame: Canyon Sender // Size: Large
Fork: Fox 40 // 95psi // 5 Volume Spacers // 6 HSR, 7 LSR, 6 HSC and 7 LSC
Shock: Fox DHX2 // 500lb Spring // 5 HSR, 13 LSR, 7 HSC, 8 LSC
Wheels: DT Swiss
Tires: Schwalbe Magic Mary // 28psi Front and 30psi Rear // A 40psi Procore in the Rear Tire
Drivetrain: Shimano Saint
Pedals: Crankbrothers Mallet DH
Brakes: Shimano XTR
Bar/Stem: Renthal
More info: Canyon

Currently, the Canyon Sender is set up as a mullet for Kaos and with this, he has also decided to run the bike in its longest setting giving him a chainstay length of 450mm.

Kaos is running Shimano's XTR brakes instead of the normal Saint options that we see on most racers' bikes. A lot of riders will use Shimano's XTR levers but it is interesting on a track like Hardline that Kaos is running the matching calipers as well.

Kaos' Sender is definitely hard to miss.


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 The colour is magnificent !
  • 12 0
 Why do they never mention tire widths? Are those 2.6 or 2.35 magic marrys?
  • 2 0
 Agreed! Would like to know particulars like that too.
  • 3 0
 I suspect its because none, or virtually none of the pros use tyres wider than 2.5 They would be 2.35s for sure.
  • 2 1
 @bthomson84: 2.35 Magic marys are about the same as 2.5 minions
  • 2 0
 @donpinpon29: They used to be but I heard they got way narrower for 2019. I don't know about the 2021 version with the super casings. Would be nice to know how the actual width of those compare to maxxis and the old magic marrys.
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 @ninini11: I get my tyres from the bin at the bikeparks. So they should be pretty old
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 Suprised to see him using procore. No one seems to use it despite it being lighter than an insert and probably similar level of protection if using a high pressure. Don't know why it didn't catch on
  • 4 1
 Probably he's sponsored by Schwalbe, so he could not use anything else. Procore is dead, I am surprised they still produce it.
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 @lkubica: just because he's sponsored by Schwalbe doesn't mean he couldn't use a cushcore or something and just not mention it. Happens all the time. Looks at trek and specialized riders not using their sponsors tyres
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 procore can do a few things no other insert can do.... like make it completly impossible to burp or similar.
from the function perspective, procore is unbeaten by any other insert. It is the trouble you constantly have with it, that "killed" it. The 2-position valve gets clogged all the time, the liner becomes one with the tire (making it SUPERHARD to get the ****ig thing of the rim) you can flat your inner tire and a few other unpleasant things.
But for an event like the hardline it may be the best choice, if you can go for it.
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 Procore has worked for me 5 years, no flats, no burbs, no dents. The best protection on the market.
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 @lkubica: probably because most rim manufacturers forbidd the high pressure you need. Your spokes get lose by that much pressure you need too. Need to tension them again..
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 @Serpentras: Not an issue on well built wheels. But if your spoke-tension is to low from the start, you will see this effect. (cheap robot built wheels)
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 @Keepiru: even a well build wheel lose some tension. I didn't talk about a wobbly/floppy wheel.
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 Most appropriately named bike at Hardline
  • 4 0
 What DT wheelset? What size tires? How much different from DH race setup?
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 Without knowing his height and weight the suspension pressure and geometry adjustments don't mean much? It would make sense to see that info with every bike check.
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 Which is the weight of the rider and total weight system ?
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 Appropriately named machine for 99.9% of Hardline features.
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 Does anyone know how tall is Kaos?
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 I think hes under to much pressure at the moment Or his tire ate him as he went to check
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 Maybe this has been covered before, but is Kaos his real given name? If so he has fulfilled his potential.
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 Absolutely gorgeous bike
  • 2 0
 Did it break yet?
  • 1 0
 Thats a slender Sender looks rad
  • 1 0
 large but mullet on a sender. wonder if hes running a custom link or not
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 That fork needed some pink decals.
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 Looks like a Raleigh Chopper in reverse.
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 Cute bike !
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 Looks like DEMO
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