Bike Check: Kirt Voreis' Niner Prototype - Crankworx Les Gets 2018

Jun 22, 2018
by Richard Cunningham  

Kirt Voreis races Dual Speed & Style on the 140mm travel prototype Niner that PB debuted at the Sea Otter Classic earlier this year. It's the first dedicated 27.5-inch-wheel bike from the first name in 29ers, and Kirt has nothing but praise for the new design. Voreis told PB photographer Matt Delorme that he runs pretty much the same setup as he does for trail riding with Maxxis Minion DHF tires on both ends (pumped up to 40psi for Slopestyle events). Suspension? RockShox with his Lyrik fork at 110psi and Super Deluxe shock at 250psi.

A customized headset top cap keeps the front brake line out of the way.

SRAM Guide Ultimate brakes. Rotors: 180mm F, 160mm R.

SRAM XO cranks with a big, 36-tooth Eagle chainring. The shock is a RockShox Super Deluxe RCT pumped up to 250psi.

Crankbrothers Stamp pedals.
RockShox Lyrik fork, pressurized to 110psi.

Adult-store male adornment device. Okay, then, moving along...

SRAM XO 11-speed drivetrain with close-ratio cassette.

MENTIONS: @NinerBikes, @SramMedia


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 Kirt was kind enough to tow my friend Ryan and I through Crab Apple Hits a few years ago in Whistler right before he got the Niner deal. I was 42 and stoked! He did it on a trail bike. Can't thank him enough....super rad guy. Thanks Kirt! Keep sending it!
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 Hope to see you guys up there again this year!!
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 @Voreis: Actually both Ryan and I will be there during Crankworx
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 This stem is about 9 years old. It is looks like TRUVATIV 2009 HUSSEFELT
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 Was thinking the same thing. Sure he has endless bins of parts he can use depending on the occasion.
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 they still make them. beefy as fuck and cheap
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 Still have one on my hard tail. They are bombproof and about half the cost of most newer equivalents.
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 In an age of bling, that stem kicks ass. Antibling.
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 I'm sure someone like Kirt has been around long enough to know what works and what works for him. Props to him for keeping it real.
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 My Sram box with new parts didn’t make it to my house before I left for Europe. Srams stems are so legit you can use them forever!!
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 @q232: Nine years? I've got two of these, over eleven and twelve years old!
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 I have one in black. Perfect condition and heavy as anything
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 A stem is a stem is a stem, yo
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 "Adult-store male adornment device. Okay, then, moving along..."

"Bueller, Bueller?

Man, I know it's Friday and all but not one comment on this?
You guys are slacking.
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 Life moves pretty fast.... If you don't look around every once in a while you could miss it...... Next virtual round on me
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 I like his style!
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 It helps keep his seatpost up.
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 Ha, it’s a dog collar! Supposed to be under stem to get rid of shimstack goose neck, didn’t have time to trim to fit before I left for Europe. But I’m comfortable with whatever you foo’s think, hahaa!
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 @Voreis: don't worry your riding speaks for you..... However there is nothing wrong with being a little kinky. Wink
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 They'll call it a 29 minus.
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 "Customized 40mm Truvativ stem eliminates the need for a Rotor system". A gyro or rotor is for back brakes, this is his front like and old Potts.
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 I know, right?! How obtuse is this comment? What about the back brake line, people?!!
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 Just remove the internally routed rear brake, shifter and dropper post cables before you go for the barry. Simples.
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 Specialized is returning to a Demo 9 style bike. Niner is making 27.5 bikes that look like the Demo 7. Anything is possible.
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 How are the returning to Demo 9 style??
A big heavy bike for gigantic drop and monstrous freeride??
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 Sponsor correct and yet it's still a hodgepodge of different generations and build kits. Love it. Kurt is the everyday rider's hero.
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 Loving this, it's great to see a bike not absolutely tricked out to the nines with immaculate kit and paint job, reminds me of 'slap it together' custom builds of 10-15 years ago.
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 tricked out to the nineR*
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 Is that not a 7speed dh drivetrain?
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 It is. X01 DH 7-speed. 11-speed spacing though I suppose.
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 Not much enduroing going down on this bike with that ratio.... hmmm, senduroring on the other hand ...!
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 Kirt, Shaun palmer and Randy Lawrence made DH cool, and it still is, thanks guys for riding flat pedals and mx gear and going balls out.
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 I wonder what their name is going to be now?
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 Cockring cycles
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 Looks like a bike I would actually buy if they end up making it in a long enough reach for my tall self. Hopefully it happens and the price is good.
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 Man 120-140mm for a mountain bike is just so much fun. Stoked to see the new options here.
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 Glad to see you on the front page of PB Kirt!! Looks like you are having a great year. Hope to see you in Jamaica again next year
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 Customized headset.....hahaha!

Give me a drill and a 3/8 bit and booom, consider yourself customized
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 Finally a bike with no dropper seatpost.
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 Isn't 140mm of travel a lot for slopestyle??
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 Depends on what you call slopestyle, as he was sending it on this thing at The FEST series a few weeks ago.
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 @nofear259: Wasn't he on a 160mm 29er at fest??
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 @cdmbmw: you're right, It was.
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 How much doez it way? Not that I care because I dont mind pedaling a 35 pounder up hill, just wondering what a pro rides.
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 Hell yeah Kirt! Thing is sick!
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 When everybody make a 29er enduro... Niner goes 27half...
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 OK, one comment, apologies to @dirtbeard
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 What grips are those?
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 black ones
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 @COnovicerider: phew, that's what I thought wasn't sure though.
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 @Voreis: black ones too
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 If Huffy made an airplane, would you fly in it ?
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 I would
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 Dude that seatpost trail kit is ‘cougar ready’. Strong move mang.
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 Nondriveside shot preeez
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 Front hose routing says B spins.. On a niner.........
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 Looks like it came straight from the mid to late 2000s
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 Sneaky Giant seatpost on that build @Voreis
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 Coming soon to a Sevener dealer near you.
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 MTB hero. that dude is rad.
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 The YT stumpjumper.
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 I only see a sram / rs hidden ad here, no pictures commentiong on bike
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